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2:23 AM
@cVplZ ant
2 hours later…
4:33 AM
Morning... Happppppy Children's' day... May the Almighty help us to make this world
a safer place for the li’l ones! :)
@JasonC hard working
5:28 AM
@MysticMagic :O Its today :O
@MysticMagic morning! same to you :D
@MysticMagic me :P
5:44 AM
@DroidDev Mine
@MysticMagic ours
@DroidDev yours
@MysticMagic others
@DroidDev specific
6:00 AM
@MysticMagic particular
@DroidDev precise
@MysticMagic accurate
6:25 AM
@DroidDev possible
@MysticMagic im
@DroidDev un
@MysticMagic fun
@DroidDev game
@MysticMagic Battlefield
6:35 AM
@DroidDev war
that was quick :)
@MysticMagic torn
@DroidDev cloth
@MysticMagic wear
shifted to new machine temporarily ^_^
@DroidDev ware
@MysticMagic oh! that reminded me of my faulty mouse. Its not working since last one month. Its left click, to be precise
@MysticMagic alien
6:38 AM
@DroidDev planet
@DroidDev aah! I am going to get my senior's machine who left, so am told to test it first :P
@MysticMagic so you got promoted?
naah... :)
@MysticMagic earth
@DroidDev sky
@MysticMagic oh! and here I was thinking of party... :(
@MysticMagic blue
6:40 AM
@DroidDev :D
@DroidDev purple <3
@MysticMagic color
@DroidDev rainbow
@MysticMagic dash
@DroidDev hyphen
@MysticMagic minus
6:48 AM
@DroidDev multiply
@MysticMagic operation
@DroidDev doctor
@MysticMagic surgery
@DroidDev afraid
@MysticMagic dark
7:00 AM
@DroidDev night
@MysticMagic knight
@DroidDev sword
@MysticMagic of Stranger
@DroidDev friend
@MysticMagic best
seems only we two are around:/
@ShadowWizard must be enjoying weekend, no-one can predict @SPArchaeologist , @ProgramFOX and @FOX9000 must be at school, I don't know where is @Unihedron , maybe at school, @SilentKiller 's absence is quite shocking though, don't know why @JasonC is not here and @Frank must be asleep.
7:17 AM
@SilentKiller busy with work, I guess :(
@DroidDev SK :) (my bestie)
@MysticMagic ya, he has saturdays working. Things can't be any worse
@MysticMagic brother
@DroidDev caring
@DroidDev hmm. :(
@MysticMagic love
@DroidDev sacrifice
@MysticMagic life
7:21 AM
@DroidDev happiness
@MysticMagic sleep
@DroidDev dreams
@MysticMagic nightmares
@DroidDev losing someone :(
@MysticMagic break-up :(
7:23 AM
@DroidDev heart
@MysticMagic broken
@DroidDev glass
@MysticMagic mirror
@DroidDev reflection
@MysticMagic of Society
7:39 AM
@DroidDev status
@MysticMagic symbol
@DroidDev icon
@MysticMagic image
@DroidDev I've been super busy.
@DroidDev picture
@JasonC got new project to work on?
@JasonC avatar
7:47 AM
Sort of
More like I procrastinated too much on a particularly boring project, and now I'm paying the price hard.
@DroidDev user
@JasonC client
@JasonC oh! you could have outsourced it....
some people make money same way
@MysticMagic side
@DroidDev center
@MysticMagic circle
8:12 AM
@DroidDev square
@MysticMagic fair
@DroidDev & lovely :P
@MysticMagic attractive
@DroidDev personality
@MysticMagic famous
8:15 AM
@DroidDev I could have, but given that I'm the only subcontractor, working with a company of like 6 people, somebody would have noticed, lol.
Besides, it's pretty niche work, it's hard to outsource.
@DroidDev almost
@JasonC ya, that's hard to hide. Guess you'll just have to pay the price now :P
Oh I know, there's no way out of it. I have to make a site visit tomorrow, I'll be back Monday. So the next time I'm in here I'll either be insanely tired after a weekend of no sleep, or I'll just be completely shamed.
Either way, I brought it on myself, lol.
@JasonC trust me, we all do this. I am kind of doing it right now ;)
It's a hint that it's time for a nice long vacation.
@JasonC I only do these kind of things, when a project is complete and client comes back with weird modifications
8:19 AM
Oh god
That, and another tough one is like, when the rush is finished, the project is done, but then... oh yeah, don't forget that contractual obligation to write a full set of technical and maintenance documentation.
@JasonC documentation, lol, the only documentation I do is writing comments in my code
That's the worst. Especially when you have to somehow make "Troubleshooting Guide: All problems -> Reboot Computer -> If not fixed, call us, because you won't figure it out" look like a real document.
@JasonC hehe, I am lucky not to be in mobile app career then ;)
Mine is usually the opposite; generally I work alone, so the code docs are just for me, but the projects I work on usually require insane amounts of hardware and software documentation for the client afterwards.
I don't do mobile either, thank god.
Mostly I do desktop / server / embedded.
I'll do mobile development if I have to. I don't touch web front-end stuff at all.
@JasonC well, I am planning to move onto server, but just for web-services/apis
8:26 AM
Do you do front-end work now?
@JasonC I don't like mobile development much. Readymade sdks make me want to kill someone. But, no choince for now
@JasonC mobile apps are not that big, so yes, I have to do everything that is need on device side
Cool, you'll have a nice well-rounded skill set if you move on to web-services / back-end programming too.
Do you do any heavy database work?
@JasonC not heavy, but yes, we do. I enjoy that
@JasonC yes, I'll do it, once I move to freelancing completely.
I wish I had opportunities to do more db work, it's really fun.
I've only done one project that needed serious database design; but I was in waaaaay over my head on that part.
@JasonC although, I hesitate from working on joins etc, but then again, I am lead developer on the projects I am getting now, so I have to design everything in app. Like classes, packages, and database
8:32 AM
That's cool
@JasonC lead developer, but not in papers. I am just handling the responsibility. So, its cool, but if pay was better, it would be cooler ;)
General design and management work is way more fun than development, I think. I'm trying to move my own work more towards consulting and design and away from actual programming.
Ha ha well > pay = cooler is true for everything.
@JasonC haha
@JasonC well, coding is fun. Management is totally another domain. I don't want to go there for now
But, I am there, kind of. Still, I stick to coding, whenever I get a chance
I just really like writing emails, lol.
Ugh, OK, nice chatting, but I really have to get back to this shitty project. I have about 3 days of work to do before my flight leaves, which is in about 5 hours.
@JasonC ok, cya. Another time :)
8:36 AM
BTW last word was:
19 mins ago, by Jason C
@DroidDev almost
@JasonC 99%
8:55 AM
@DroidDev result
@MysticMagic marks
@DroidDev teacher
@MysticMagic Bad
@DroidDev worst
@MysticMagic worse
9:15 AM
@DroidDev better
@MysticMagic comparison
@DroidDev with self :)
@MysticMagic recursion
@DroidDev java
@MysticMagic complex
9:33 AM
@DroidDev simple
@MysticMagic straight
anyone saw @ShadowWizard?
@SPArchaeologist its friday. He is enjoying weekend
@DroidDev line
@MysticMagic Behind enemy
9:39 AM
@DroidDev border
@DroidDev a pitty. Wanted to show him a pmv but it will have to wait.
@SPArchaeologist yup, though he might be online, but that's a rare case
@MysticMagic LOC
9:53 AM
@DroidDev Kargil
@DroidDev Then it wil have to wait. Can't send a music video to the one without audio drivers, can I?
10:05 AM
! what a great opportunity!
@MysticMagic movie
no need to thank me, @DroidDev
10:19 AM
I was just finishing breakfast when @DroidDev pinged so decided to take a pic :-d
Sorry for not being responsive lately, no internet connection at home so can't run stats :(
Worst case will take the code to work and run it from there next week :)
@SPArchaeologist audio
this one ^
No need of knowing the show to appreciate the music, but it would become 20% better if you could grasp what the song is talking about.
10:40 AM
@ShadowWizard wave
@SPArchaeologist sea
@MysticMagic Fushigi no Umi no Nadia
^ also know as Nadia of the mysterious seas, Secret of blue water and so on...
@DroidDev alien enough? and not even pony related!
@SPArchaeologist oh! I now seriously hope that I had those drivers installed when they were building my system
@SPArchaeologist wow! thanks for the hint btw
@ShadowWizard don't worry, we all have chance to better our scores till then :)
10:56 AM
@DroidDev Depends, you like Gregorian style chanting? In that case, the above video can be pretty cool. As said, you don't need to watch the show to enjoy it
actually, knowing the show would make the whole song sadder. A lot.
11:12 AM
@SPArchaeologist Secret of Blue Water
11:23 AM
@DroidDev Nautilus
(Fushigi no Umi no Nadia contains many references to Verne books. Nautilus begin one)
@SPArchaeologist mollusc
@DroidDev Kraken
@SPArchaeologist evil
only two left.
last of them....
11:31 AM
means that I can officially declare that the Den is 50% mlp fans.
maybe I should call my bot, to bring that to 66%
...and 50% out of mind...
11:46 AM
let me do a test
@DroidDev You mean that the fact that I find the above image funny qualifies me as mad?
@SPArchaeologist nope, with term "out of mind" I was referring to myself :P
then you are wrong. 100% is more appropriate.
@SPArchaeologist are you sure, because, I'd be advertising about it in some time. Being 100% mad is relief.
@DroidDev could be sure for the Sugarcube. Or at least others will view you as so.
@DroidDev Reforming
@SPArchaeologist At-least in sugarcube, I am free...
@SPArchaeologist process
12:00 PM
@DroidDev Seem that freedom isn't appreciated.
you are still the only one that comes there.
@SPArchaeologist well....I guess other people don't know the meaning of freedom or their definitions differ
@DroidDev more like "no, I will lose my face if I show to like mlp:fim"
@SPArchaeologist well....that is not completely about "I will lose my face". I don't find it interesting from my point of view. I like some more action packed things. If I keep watching love stories or funny movies, it starts getting boring.
@DroidDev you don't have to watch ONLY mlp you know....
at the moment you have 3 26 episode seasons and one 13 episode seasons. Do your math and you will see that it isn't that long...
@SPArchaeologist ya, but I don't even get to watch what I want to, these days. I'll be able to watch it when I get some time, which is a luxury I can't afford for some time in near future.
@SPArchaeologist what's the duration of one episode?
12:14 PM
@DroidDev 22' more or less
@SPArchaeologist I can finish in two sittings. But, I really starts forwarding things, when they start boring me. Even Naruto
@DroidDev the word "Even" in a phrase that doesn't specifies if you include the "excellent" fillers is a little out of place :P
BTW, Naruto should end soon...
@SPArchaeologist Filler is a filler and everything not related to original story is a filler. No fun watching it.
@SPArchaeologist ya, "Shippuden" will end soon. But, Hokage is a long way....
@DroidDev there are good filler as the One Piece dragon island one, there are bad filler like most of Naruto ones and then there are DragonBall filler.
Will Goku be able to get a driving license? How interesting!
(actually, better than most other DBZ fillers. The insanity in Goku/Piccolo driving and turning the exam in a race with general destroying of random background object could be fun)
@SPArchaeologist Still, sometimes I think, they show the filler, because they know that show is popular and people will even watch the fillers and show is popular, because, somebody good at writing things, created it. I am not qualified enough to critique such a hit, because I've never done anything that good.
So, sometimes, rather than commenting about such things, I just quit watching the things, that I don't like in that.
12:24 PM
@DroidDev STOOOP. Most fillers AREN'T a way to make a show longer. They are a way to gain time.
You see, most time an anime starts when the manga is still running.
What would you do when your anime version reach the manga?
two options:
create a different story from the manga. Rare, very rare but some anime actually went down this road
or you have to add part that weren't in the original
In that second case most of the times the filler part isn't drawn/written by the original autor
@SPArchaeologist well...that ain't the case with naruto. Manga is more than one year ahead of anime
@DroidDev even in japan? (I admit that I don't follow Naruto very closely)
@SPArchaeologist exactly, so, "they make fillers to make more profit"
you could try with some "mini" series. You have the advantage that you would finish them sooner.
@DroidDev Evangelion, Psyco Pass, Gurren Lagan, Mazzinkaiser, etc...
12:50 PM
@SPArchaeologist But, I think they just delve into their imaginary words a little too much and being a researcher, I start thinking, what is this....which again makes it boring
@DroidDev Phoenix Wright
process could be interpreted as lawsuit, right..?
@SPArchaeologist Wright brothers
so something related to airplanes?
@DroidDev The Wind Rises
The Wind Rises (Japanese: 風立ちぬ, Hepburn: Kaze Tachinu) is a 2013 Japanese animated historical drama film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and animated by Studio Ghibli. It was released by Toho on July 20, 2013 in Japan, and by Touchstone Pictures in North America on February 21, 2014 and the UK on May 9, 2014. The Wind Rises is a fictionalized biopic of Jiro Horikoshi (1903–1982), designer of the Mitsubishi A5M and its successor, the Mitsubishi A6M Zero, used by the Empire of Japan during World War II. The film is adapted from Miyazaki's manga of the same name, which was in turn loosely based...
@SPArchaeologist storm
@DroidDev Hyuu
1:04 PM
@SPArchaeologist Hue (both sound same)
@DroidDev Actually...
her ^
@SPArchaeologist cartoon (Actually) :P
@DroidDev Colour
@SPArchaeologist last word was "Cartoon" if "Actually.." was a reply
If you could accept "actually" as a reply ok.
I was just pointing things out
1:29 PM
@DroidDev anyway, I will post a reply now.
So I get to chose the most obscure cartoon ever.
@SPArchaeologist ya go on. Sorry, a bit busy right now, so wasn't able to reply earlier
@DroidDev The Vision of Escaflowne
The Vision of Escaflowne (天空のエスカフローネ, Tenkū no Esukafurōne, lit. Escaflowne of the Heavens) is a 26-episode Japanese anime television series produced by Sunrise Studios and directed by Kazuki Akane. It premiered in Japan on April 2, 1996 on TV Tokyo, with the final episode airing on September 24, 1996. Sony's anime satellite channel, Animax also aired the series, both in Japan and on its various worldwide networks, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. The series is licensed for Region 1 release by Bandai Entertainment. The series follows a teenage high school girl named...
@DroidDev Actually, you were correct about me, I think...
1:51 PM
@DroidDev also, when I am not around, assume I am busy moving Nibiru. You know, Celestia and Luna already took the easier ones.
2:12 PM
Pretty slow day
@Frank ok, "I think..." is enough... :)
@SPArchaeologist Nibiru, Celestia, Luna.... nothing I am familiar with...and no time to google either
guys at server end decided to ignore my messages all day long
and when it was time to go home, they just showed up like, hey, we are working on your problems, please wait for us
and now I am stuck
@DroidDev time to build some speakers then
@SPArchaeologist lol, right away....
starts looking for empty cups
@DroidDev If you prefer, Equestria Daily posted some days ago a list of build sheets for some papercraft ponies.....
2:43 PM
going around the various chat boards. Seems that the problem isn't I haven't got users in the Sugarcube.... the problem is that there aren't much users at all
and I don't talk about mlp fans... just users.
3:40 PM
@SPArchaeologist tv
3:58 PM
I could reply in many way, but I know one that will make @DroidDev specially happy
@DroidDev movie
@DroidDev Yes, I was at school. Also, when it's vacation, don't expect me at the time you posted that message ;) I'm either still sleeping or having breakfest :)
new target: increase movie wag word count.
@ProgramFOX sleeping is awesomer than school, breakfast is also awesomer
@DroidDev And chatting and programming is even more awesome :D
Bot started with waiting time set to 20 seconds.
4:13 PM
@SPArchaeologist watching
@ProgramFOX arty
@FOX9000 art
@ProgramFOX painting
@FOX9000 divine
@SPArchaeologist rational
4:22 PM
@FOX9000 irrational
@SPArchaeologist action
@FOX9000 reaction
@SPArchaeologist emotional
@FOX9000 drama
ok, 10 words gone
No associated word found for dramma.
4:24 PM
I can return to the original target ^_^
@SPArchaeologist You can, use >>reply
@SPArchaeologist Not enough arguments.
>>reply recent
@SPArchaeologist declamation
4:30 PM
@FOX9000 acting
@SPArchaeologist information
give me something related to movies, bot :P
@SPArchaeologist pretending
@DroidDev fiction
@SPArchaeologist I can do that in one day :P
@SPArchaeologist science
4:32 PM
@DroidDev genre
@FOX9000 movie
the plan is going steadly
@SPArchaeologist script
forgive me.
@FOX9000 javascript
@SPArchaeologist jquery
No associated word found for javascript.
4:36 PM
@DroidDev remedy
@SPArchaeologist herbal
@FOX9000 natural
@DroidDev temperament
@FOX9000 temper
@DroidDev imperious
4:38 PM
@DroidDev resilient
@SPArchaeologist human
@FOX9000 Lyra
@SPArchaeologist muffled
@FOX9000 muffin
4:40 PM
>>reply recent
@SPArchaeologist 'recent' has a value of -1, which is not a valid message ID. Please provide an explicit ID.
@SPArchaeologist Why?
@DroidDev tea
@FOX9000 coffee
4:41 PM
@ProgramFOX brewing
@SPArchaeologist 'recent' only has a value when it fails to reply to a message.
@ProgramFOX I seemed to remember that for some strange motive the bot didn't initially recognize muffin, so I linked that to Derpy.
Probably was the opposite
and the reply was to make it reply faster, before others could act
@FOX9000 Pinkie Brew
@SPArchaeologist That won't work.
^ it is a song, search youtube
@SPArchaeologist pony (just a guess, but probably a valid one :P)
4:43 PM
@ProgramFOX oat
@FOX9000 milkshake
@SPArchaeologist chocolate
@FOX9000 egg
@SPArchaeologist chop
@FOX9000 log
4:51 PM
@SPArchaeologist notched
@FOX9000 Notch
@SPArchaeologist cut
No associated word found for HM01.
ya, all the best with bot with that kind of words @SPArchaeologist
4:55 PM
>>link HM01 Pokémon
@SPArchaeologist Command contains invalid characters.
>>link HM01 Pokemon
@SPArchaeologist Link added.
>>reply recent
@SPArchaeologist Pokemon
4:55 PM
and now I have to go
see you
@DroidDev You have the weekend, but I expect to have my story Monday.
2 hours later…
7:06 PM
Got to go now, shutting down bot.
sorry, bot
@ProgramFOX Bot terminated.
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