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9:14 AM
There used to be a room for SEDE associated with Meta Stack Exchange - it has now been frozen for some time: Data Explorer Discussions.

Data Explorer Discussions

Discussing Data Explorer Issues and Queries
There is also a room SEDE - Stack Exchange Data Explorer which is not frozen - but has very low activity.
Part of the reason that the latter has almost no visitors is that it is not shown in sidebar of any site. (Notice the link starting with rather than We discussed this briefly also with Tim Stone:
I think that occasionally some users have inquiries about SEDE and SEDE queries. So a room devoted to this might be useful. We will see whether this room will get noticed and whether there will be some activity here.
I have added a few users who appeared in the old room a few times to the room owners. I hope it's ok. (After all, if somebody does not wish to be a room owner, you can easily remove your name from that list.)

 SEDE - Stack Exchange Data Explorer

Discussion related to the usage of Stack Exchange's Data Explorer
Should some other users be added as room owners?
Just for comparison - the other rooms I've linked to show total of 900 messages (in about 600 days) and 620 messages (in cca 1600 days). Let's hope this room will be more active than that.
9:54 AM
room topic changed to Data Explorer (SEDE): For discussions related to SEDE queries and anything related to SEDE [data-explorer]
I've also updated the tag wiki to point to this room:
10:05 AM
in Tavern on the Meta, 7 mins ago, by rene
For SEDE specific questions we now have as well.
Thanks for doing that. Mentioning the room in other places might help some users to notice it.
Probably even the more important is whether there will be users who will have questions related to SEDE and who will post them here. (And also users willing to answer them here.)
Hi! rene sent me here.
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11:12 AM
In case somebody is willing to have look, this was asked in the "old room":
in SEDE - Stack Exchange Data Explorer on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Jun 19 at 22:24, by Joe W
Just wondering is there anyway to use the data explorer to get an overview of close votes cast on a site possibly by user?
I said what I was able to say over there: - but I guess it would be better to here from somebody more experienced with SEDE.
@kayess \o
11:37 AM
@Martin PendingFlags is maybe a candidate but beyond that you can only rely on posthistory with the rows of type 10: Close event. It has in the text the json with closevoters
> If PostHistoryTypeId in (10,11,12,13,14,15,19,20,35) this column will contain a JSON encoded string with all users who have voted for the PostHistoryTypeId
But to use this in some way, I have to download query results and then work with it locally, right?
I mean, in this way I cannot obtain the wanted information directly as results of SEDE query.
11:59 AM
Not if you apply the technique with JSON_VALUE I applied here:
I'll revisit that request from Joe W tonight and will see if I can come up with something that will come close ... I don't think a 100% fit is possible because we don't have reliable data on what was aged away
12:26 PM
Also deleted posts are not in SEDE.
beyond postswithdeleted not, that is correct.
I have run the query on the site where I have most close votes. According to the votes tab I have case 1699 close votes. Your query returns 1175.
yes, 1175 is actual closed questions by you that are still visible.
I'd guess that this is the difference which could be explained to a large extent by deleted posts. (A question which was closed is more likely to get deleted. Such questions are still counted in the votes tab.)
What you see in your votes tab is what you casted in total, even if that leads to a closed question or not. And deleted questions are still in that 1699 , correct.
12:31 PM
Yes. That count includes both questions that weren't closed. And also questions that have been deleted and no longer are in the table used in the query.
It seems we typed at the same time - just to say basically the same thing. :-)
Great minds .... yadayadayada ;)
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1:42 PM
I was curious how whether the results will be similar if we restrict this to duplicates, so I have modified your query a bit (basically just added the condition comment=101)…
2:02 PM
rene has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
rene has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
that was a bit too invasive
@Martin I have 1291 dup votes on MSE with that query, over 4604 total close votes on MSE
IIRC this happens where a new feed is added to any room. The first five messages are collected at the beginning. The new ones are added as they appear on the site.
BTW that is quite an interesting feed, I did not know that something like that exists:…
This is achieved using filters: ?
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4:34 PM
@Martin yes, I first had a feed for only MSE in mind but reckoned other meta's might have some SEDE stuff as well, I know at least MSO does. I do hope every meta site uses the [data-explorer] tag for SEDE otherwise we get some interesting but off-topic posts...
4:56 PM
Indeed, several local metas have (data-explorer) tag:…
5:23 PM
Some of them are visible among recent questions in the filter you have used:
I did not notice before that it is possible to create filter which follows the same tag on several sites.
I don't use it myself but I experimented with it when I answered some questions about filters on MSE, which is why I knew this could work
Just now I have seen this room in the sidebar for the first time.
It is at least good to know that this indeed works. As mentioned above, I creating the new room hoping that the room might have bigger chance to get noticed when it is shown in the sidebar.
6:18 PM
Yeah, we might need to come up with some ideas to keep it interesting
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8:44 PM
in Tavern on the Meta, 1 min ago, by Shadow Wizard
@rene oh. Well, major downside having it here is it requires 20 net MSE rep for people to take part.
@Martin are you aware of this? ^
(so you can't send people with, say, 20 or even 100 rep on SO alone)

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