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Q: Provide a permalink to a query with parameters

ivan_pozdeevI've noticed that sometimes, I get a "permalink" for a query, that includes the parameters that I gave. But this is very inconsistent, I failed to find out when it's provided and when it isn't. So I have to construct the necessary URL by hand if I need to share the query results. Which I don't e...

Q: How to download .csv or .xls data from Stack Overflow trends?

rainbowunicornIs it possible to download .csv or .xls files of the data from the Stack Overflow Trends tool? Or is there a particular query I need to use to do this in the Data Explorer tool? I'm particularly interested in acquiring the data used in this chart:

Q: Is Stack Exchange working on providing a GraphQL based API endpoint?

Abhishek SoniGitHub currently offers both REST API and a GraphQL endpoint to query its entire database. I was wondering if Stack Exchange (SE) is working on offering a GraphQL endpoint sometime soon. As a consumer of these APIs, and having just gotten started with GraphQL, I can say that GraphQL offers a uni...

Q: Is it possible to estimate the active reviewer population using the SEDE data?

E.P.My main site has, I think, a problem with a shrinking reviewer population, and I would like to use the SEDE data to estimate whether this is indeed the case and, if so, how bad it is and how it has evolved over time. As such, I would like to use the SEDE data to answer specific questions of the ...

Q: Can I have a dump of questions closed/deleted for various reasons?

sagInspiration: Can I have a dump of rude/abusive comments? I need a huge dump (thousands) of off-topic questions, spam questions, too broad questions, offensive questions, low-quality questions, high-quality questions, deleted questions etc. to make a "Will your question get closed?" web-app and t...

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