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2:52 AM
Neener neener
miggity miggity mack mack mack.
mack dad will make you... Jump Jump.
I can't ignore a random (1) appearing on a browser tab D:
3:07 AM
I can fully relate.
That's my whole evening so far. Facebook popped! Ooh, now Twitter! The excitement!
Haha. Same thing here, but with games on my phone. "So and so sent you a word!"
2 hours later…
4:54 AM
"42. I plan my work and work my plan." - Haha, that's just fabulous.
Devs: shiny shiny bounty!!!
Q: MathJax not loaded properly on review

Manishearth Related review loading issue: Format code as code in the review preview Could you reload MathJax on clicking the review question link in the review section? It sort of defeats the "stay on this page and review" purpose of the review section if you have to open the page in a new tab to review...

Ends in one day
step right up!
please? :/
Hahaha this entire page has been all "Strongly disagree" answers and then they throw in a "I've never stolen anything" and I almost click "Strongly disagree" again. I was like whoaaaaa wait a minute...
Why are there two brand-new Google proposals right next to each other?
5:16 AM
@animuson Which page?
@Manishearth: I was filling out a job application
One of those stupid surveys they make you take that's a gagillion questions long
Oh, whenever there are too many radio buttons, I script those :)
or something like that anyway
and then I throw some randomness :)
(of course, I've never applied for a job so I've not had to fill out a form seriously yet)
@Manishearth I love randomness =P
(that is one of my favorite answers of mine)
Oh, stuff like that is fun!
Make it flash and give people seizures!
(Once, in a VB class, I got bored after writing the program--so I poked around and made it seizure-style!)
That is a great suggestion.
5:21 AM
Favorite question (not asked by me, thankfully):physics.stackexchange.com/questions/770/…
@Manishearth Holy cow, man!
Yep, its long :)
THough Physics.SE doesn't seem to like long answers as much as they like answers with levitating frogs
Hahaha, I'm gonna have to start checking that site out.
I was rather taken aback when I got the "nice answer" badge for that one--most answers get maximum 5 upvotes on P.SE (sleepy community)
I only took two physics classes in college, but I did think they were interesting.
5:27 AM
There are some really great, not-too-complicated-to-understand questions here: physics.stackexchange.com/questions?sort=votes
@Manishearth I wonder how that feels to the frog. Like you're floating and it's awesome, or like your insides are being torn to pieces?
Oh, resnick&halliday had a bit on it
he feels as if he's swimming
1sec, direct quote time
Chapter 32, Resnick, Halliday,Walker 8th edition extended
Chapter main problem:
"THis is an overhead view of a frog that is being levitated in a magnetic field produced by a current in a vertical solenoid below the frog. The solenoid's upward magnetic force on the from balances the downward gravitational force on the frog. (The frog is not in discomfort; the sensation is like floating in water, which frogs like very much). However, a frog is not magnetic (it would not, for example, stick to a fridge door)
How, then, can there be a magnetic force on the frog?
And then there's a pic:
Except that it takes up half the page :)
Nice reference sir.
I guess if the frog were in discomfort, they would know because it would be freaking out?
I can't imagine how else they would know.
Pretty much]
Plus they know the physics behind it :)
The torn to pieces wouldn't happen---frogs aren't ferromagnetic
hi guys
5:39 AM
@Manishearth Oh, I picked up on that from your answer. I didn't mean it would be torn apart.
Ooooo, 79 rep to 10k on meta :o
@Lix Hi!
@jadarnel27 No, but the feeling would only happen if there was a repulsion between the little bits of frog
And that sort of repulsion is only there in ferromagnetic materials--since they get magnetized
@ani - HA.. .gladly :P
5:40 AM
Even then, not much
Since there's attraction as well
@Manishearth I just meant, if the force that's lifting it up isn't distributed completely evenly, then it might be uncomfortable for the frog. Because it would be like having different parts of you pulled in different directions, or with varying degrees of strength.
@man - have you turned everyone into a physicist? ;)
@Lix Yaay! I'm not a physicist myself :P
I'll never be a physicist. It goes in one ear and out the other.
@jadarnel27 Aah, I see what you mean
5:44 AM
@Manishearth Yeah, sorry. I have trouble typing quickly enough to effectively discuss things online sometimes =)
@jadarnel27 To me, it seems that the effect can be compared to a jet of air beneath the frog
@animuson I feel weird about voting to close questions like that. I did downvote it, though.
any irregularities will result in the frog re-aligning itself
Though vertical irregularities--- thinks more
The frog?
Yes, the frog
5:46 AM
@animuson Haha, we're discussing that frog picture from earlier in the chat. And the question Manish linked.
Oh, I did not see the picture. I was busy eating cheese.
Can I poke this frog with Rebecca's pointy stick?
@animuson Oy?
My dentist said I could resume normal eating habits. So I am eating everything in the house.
@jadarnel27 OK, it seems that the frog will feel a bit strange. His vertically higher parts will feel less repulsion than the lower ones. But frogs are squishy.
Hahaha, very well said. Frogs are squishy.
5:50 AM
All the more reason to poke them with a pointy stick!
You've earned the "Reversal" badge for Cannot use line break or code in comments. Editing help gives wrong information. See your profile.
:o a fancy meta gold badge!
@ani - reversal is awesome :)
I just got my first tag badge on SO proper.
5:59 AM
what tag?
@Lix What @animuson said =)
@animuson I almost have reversal for this. :D
haha thanks for that :P
I got my first meta tag badge the other day - was quite surprised :P haha
@Manishearth: I'd help you, but I already upvoted that answer previously.
6:02 AM
@Lix Nice.
I'm close on this answer as well.
@animuson Thanks anyway :)
@man - you already got my vote for that one...lol...
@Lix I have 9 votes to go for that one
I think that was the post where BoltClock tried to resign as a moderator because he didn't leave a comment first.
6:05 AM
@Lix: That is good reenactment of how everyone responded to that answer. xD
hahaha - just trying to fit in thats all ;)
what about bolt trying to resign?
Hey, is this expected behavior?:
The question does have a score of 18
Two upvotes and one downvote?
but the last upvote/downvote aside from today is two days ago
6:08 AM
@Lix: The answer got deleted (obviously). But ya...
oh the controversy...
Downvote on apr 10
upvote on apr 8 (and today)
@Manishearth: Gratz for being listed as top meta earner this month. :)
Basically that means I'm too bored to actually post on other sites :P
haha - hey - I'm on the first page too :P lol
6:11 AM
Meta is more fun. You get to talk about unicorns and pointy sticks and dragons
@animuson And frogs! :P
and feel like a mod when you answer ;)
@Lix Yep!
@Lix Since the other votes are days ago, is this expected functionality?
I always thought that its for recent events
How do you mean?
I don't really understand whats wrong with the +18
@Lix +10 today, -2 3 days ago, +10 5 days ago
normally the numbers are for recent events
If it was for all events, it would have shown...uhh.. +188
6:14 AM
Well that depends if you sorted the view by time...
Is that the drop-down thing? It combines past events together for some time. One or two weeks. I don't know the exact timeframe
@animuson One or two weeks?
That's alright then
though strange
It might be based on activity. Like if you get one event every day for 2 weeks, it will probably combine all the events together.
Because they were consecutive.
I honestly have no idea how it works though guessing
Lol 175 rep for the day? I've been done anything at all o.o
6:49 AM
You've earned the "Enlightened" badge for My mortarboard badge never awarded. See your profile.
It's like badges galore tonight.
@animuson Don't tempt me.. I shall release a flood of custom badges into the market :)
(Working towards the LIAR!!! badge)
7:06 AM
Hey! Today's friday! Concocts evil plan
Aah, nvm--once is good enough :P
8:07 AM
Manish's stupid programming mistake #432: initialize an array to zero after you add elements to it
and its javascript, so it doesn't complain
And here I am, thinking about JS scope and what it did to my array :P
8:20 AM
hates javascript scope to the core
My program contained an object that was slightly recursive. Each object would contain an array of sub-objects of the same type. Turned out that I have to add this. to EVERY DAMN LOCAL VARIABLE THAT I WANT TO USE IN A METHOD otherwise the variables are reused
But it works now :)
(atleast the part I was working on)
And now I wrote a method that cleans up all unnecessary properties from the object once its been created. Since I have a truckload of this.xyz but only four properties I want to keep. Forin loop ftw!!
9:08 AM
A: Tag synonym request [scroll] -> [scrolling]

abatishchevIndeed. I wanted to ask a new question, and found this.

sorry incorrect
Q: Tag synonym request [scroll] -> [scrolling]

Charles SprayberryI just submitted a tag wiki for scroll but noticed that there is a scrolling with an already established wiki that is a pretty good synonym for scroll. I don't have points in scroll yet but would like to suggest it as a synonym of scrolling.

9:35 AM
Why are posts deleted on meta?
Seems OK
Blatant promotion alert!
JOIN JOIN JOIN Chemistry.SE It's taking too long! 14 more commits required. Please? Pretty please? With sugar on top? :D
10:29 AM
@Manishearth "deleted by The Establishment, Popular Demand, Bobby 1 hour ago" at a score of -65
I guess they don't want dumb unconstructive drama junking up the site.
if both the establishment and the popular demand are pro-deletion, there can be no doubt
11:40 AM
If Data Explorer crashes I'm totally not responsible. :P
1 hour later…
12:41 PM
haha, let me try that again. Too wordy for a comment?
FYI, answers that are just links to other sites are frowned upon. See the faq - "Answers that do not fundamentally answer the question may be removed. This includes answers that are...barely more than a link to an external site". Also see these meta posts: Are answers that just contain links elswhere really good answers? and What is an acceptable answer?. — jadarnel27 3 mins ago
Does it fit within the comment character limit? :P
Then it's acceptably wordy!
A comment on an answer that's more descriptive and helpful than the answer itself. FTW.
12:45 PM
After I posted it, I thought it might be a bit TL;DR. That's why I asked =)
@David A large portion of that person's answers are of similar quality.
Q: Reference - What does this symbol mean in PHP?

anonWhat is this? This is a collection of questions that come up every now and then about syntax in PHP. This is also a Community Wiki, so everyone is invited to participate in maintaining this list. Why is this? StackOverflow does not allow searching for particular characters. As a consequence, ...

So, the problem with this post is that the links to each question is not inline
I'm thinking of writing a script to do that. The question is, would that large number of inline links still work?
I think the client-side preview has a limit
A: What limitations does converting question links to links with titles have?

balphaYou had to ask – well, here goes. The restrictions are currently as follows, but note that they do look a bit contrived, resulting from the fact that they have grown over time (from single site to cross-site, from "there are no subsites" to "facebook.SO", etc.), so it's not unlikely that w...

So, unlimited. Still, writing a script to do this could be annoying
1:10 PM
Q: Should we have a procedure duplicate for answers also?

TofeeqAhmadI have gone through these two questions answered by Mike and CommonsWare. Mike has just copied and pasted CommonsWare's answer as-is from another question. Answer by Mike and original Answer By CommonsWare. So should there be any option of duplicate vote. Or we can just refer that it duplicate...

@YiJiangsProble_ Well, you can just do the scanning Markdown does and then look for the [text][id] tokens to do the replace with. Why do you want to make them inline, though?
@TimStone Makes the post easier to update, and to ensure any future edits to these question titles will be reflected in the reference question
1:28 PM
Fair enough. I actually thought someone had made this script somewhere, but I can't find it at the moment...shouldn't be too difficult if you're really inclined, though.
That said, time to drive to the office...back in a bit.
I've done it. Anyway, there is a lot of questions on that list that have been closed as dupe
1:56 PM
That was weird. The rep count at the top of the SO showed I had about 350 points less than what I have actually have. When I refreshed the page, it went back to normal.
Or maybe I'm crazy.
2 hours later…
3:43 PM
Ugh, a lot of times SE sites seem to be stuck loading an analytical pixel from Quantcast
Seems to happen to another people. Your ISP should stop proxying your connection. |:
As far as I know, every ISP here does that
Or at least I assume that's what's happening, that pixel request returns 204, which seems to trip a lot of proxies up.
But how would it help in this case?
Oh, the 'no content' request?
3:45 PM
Yeah, that's what I see on Firebug
I think it sits around not knowing what to do because no body was returned.
But only occasionally. Sometimes if I reload the thing will work again
When a post receives that most magical of votes, the fifth reopen vote, does it get bumped? According to Jeff a year ago, the answer is yes, but I reopened an MSO post almost ten minutes ago that still isn't on the main page.
I'm giving you a -1 for reopening that question.
But to your question, I wouldn't think so...
3:55 PM
I needed a test case for my non-bumping suspicion, there hadn't been any activity on the main page in a while, that question already had four reopen votes and the comments made me doubt that the question deserved to be closed.
I will reduce my vote to a -0.5, because I suppose using it as a test case is acceptable.
It's very intentional that I said "doubt that the question deserved to be closed" rather than "believe that the question deserved to be reopened"; all the other factors were a tiebreaker, there.
I accept your -0.5 as a reasonable punishment.
The question is the same though, since it's talking about the fact that the server doesn't prevent that, which is . The fact that the mobile UI doesn't have client-side code to prevent submitting on a question closed while the answer was in-transit is a separate issue, I guess (but also ).
Hmm, I can see why it would make sense if reopening bumped questions, though...but not sure if it's actually supposed to (clearly it doesn't, at the moment)
@PopularDemand Hmm, the FAQ entry on this states that reopen votes don't bump, but that was written before Jeff answered.
4:31 PM
I say that bountied questions(on a site with <20 active bounties) should be bumped every hour.
(says the dissatisfied customer who has an expiring bounty that devs aren't listening to) ;-)
@Manishearth You should cancel your subscription. Once they start missing your monthly membership fee, they'll start listening!
The solution is to put bounties on Data Explorer requests, of course. Look at that speedy response!
goes to eat lunch
4:54 PM
Hey @PopularDemand, did you ever find that article about the dude writing an email to a company about bad grammar in one of their error pages?
I did not. I actually forgot about it... a lot of other stuff came up this week. But now I'm interested again.
I don't suppose you're here to tell me you found it?
@PopularDemand I guess that explains why you've been somewhat absent this week.
1 hour later…
6:18 PM
> It's also possible that your IPhone's internal crystal is slightly out of whack. In order to build a good tuner you need a reasonably good reference clock and the IPhone hardware has no particular reason to have one with a tightly controlled center frequency. - this answer
What is this crystal they're talking about?
@jadarnel27 I don't know what they're talking about, but I've installed a Kaiburr crystal in my iPhone. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…)
@David Have you noticed any significant enhancement to your iPhone's force powers since installing that?
@jadarnel27 I still can't choke people from across the room, so it's not as useful in meetings as I'd hoped.
@David Drat. TODO: Make an app that does that.
Awwww. :( I lost 125 rep from that deleted question. Lamezorz
6:33 PM
I would definitely buy an app that could force-choke insolent fools.
I'd certainly buy that for a dollar.
6:49 PM
I like how the "Community Bulletin" notice looks like a sticky note.
7:02 PM
Today, I noticed that the "x" you click to close the modal dialogs on these websites, is not an image, but actually just an x* with some neat styling.
*Not exactly an x. Some other ascii-character-x-looking-dealio.
yesterday, by jadarnel27
These are thoughts, from your friendly neighborhood fake-Josh.
@jadarnel27 ×
@TimStone Yeah. That little guy!
Multiply all the dialogs!
That would be a great April Fools joke. Clicking the × makes 2 more dialogs appear.
8:05 PM
Well played @animuson, reading my mind :P
Haha, this makes me think of the Geico commercial. "It's like we're connected."
Oh, seems that we were both equally wrong, then.
I wasn't aware that was the case...
My answer has a fallback ^_^
Yes, nicely done. Within the edit window, too!
Now lunboks beat me to a comment too, heh.
I did not bother looking into it because I figured someone else would do it.
8:53 PM

Proposed Q&A site for study lockpicking methods and ways to prevent it.

Currently in definition.

This amuses me.
Q: Design a Rube Goldberg machine to achieve the Fanatic badge

TheTXIBackground information: Rube Goldberg machine The Woot! Enthusiast and Fanatic badges are awarded to users who manage to log into one of the sites every day for 30 and 100 days straight, respectively. We have already seen that this is easy to accomplish, either through sheer user addiction or ...

This amuses me. (I'm much more straightforward than animuson.)
9:25 PM
13 friday and happy hour!
Lucky Lager is a beer that has a strong cult following on Vancouver Island. At one time Lucky was actually brewed on Vancouver Island in Victoria but in 1982 Labatt Breweries of Canada moved off the Island and proceeded to tear down the brewery to prevent any competition on the Island. Labatt now brews Lucky out of Edmonton, Alberta in the same brewery where they produce Budweiser for all of Western Canada. In 1995, Labatt was purchased by Belgian brewer Interbrew. Interbrew was then subsequently purchased by Brazilian brewing giant Ambev in 2004 and the company became Inbev. July 13, 200...
Me I am on local drink "RAKI"
Raki (Turkish: rakı, Ottoman Turkish: راقى, ) is a Turkish unsweetened, anise-flavored hard alcoholic drink that is popular in Turkey, Greece, Albania, Serbia, and other Balkan countries as an apéritif. It is often served with seafood or meze. It is similar to several other alcoholic beverages available around the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and in Colombia, e.g., pastis, ouzo, sambuca, arak, and aguardiente. In the Balkans, however, "raki" refers to a non-anise-flavored drink made from distilled pomace, similar to Italian grappa, Greek tsipouro, Cretan tsikoudia (which is also know...
Huh. I didn't know Labatt was affiliated with Budweiser. Or with Inbev, although that's no surprise in light of the former connection.
Good for singing :)
Once you got drunk enough of it, you sing like this :)
Oups I talked too much, one of side effect of it :P
9:43 PM
@Shog9 Heh. Local beer.
Had a roommate once who drank Labatt Blue by the case. Never understood why.
Do you have a such term "polish" for switching between drinks?
@moguzalpenel_hak No...
but that doesn't sound quite the same
> Chaser, a mild drink consumed immediately after a drink of hard liquor
I mean when you drink a lot votka you finish by beer
then you polish votka by beer for example
oh, maybe you do mean chaser then
There's also the classic,
> beer before liquor, you get sicker quicker; liquor before beer, you're in the clear
9:47 PM
aha right dictionary says polish ->chaser :)
@Shog9 exactly :)
@Shog9 The problem with that is that you can swap the pairings and the rhymes still work... just with weird cadence. Which can be hard to notice after drinking.
I've never been fond of chasers, apart from that in some regions it's traditional to offer them gratis with an order of strong drink
@PopularDemand Yes... which leads to the "classic" mistake ;-)
So important point not to chaser between, for example after a bottle of wine, beer is not good idea
See also: righty loosey lefty tighty
That one is no problem; one is a rhyme, the other a (short) alliteration.
9:50 PM
haha I feel myself at USA, learning special expressions :):)
Jun 27 '11 at 21:02, by badp's sockpuppet
So Italian has this awesome expression: "spannometrico". "Spanna" is a unit of measure determined by the farthest you can hold the tip of your thumb and the tip of your pinky away from each other. "Metrico" is meant as in "measure". The end result is "yeah, I measured it. Kinda sorta. Let's just say I measured it with my eye and I tend to get this stuff wrong too."
@PopularDemand Try it after you've been drinking liquor and beer all night
If you've decided to start using tools after drinking liquor and beer all night, you're already screwed.
@PopularDemand Well, that does tend to be the result either way
When you can't remove the top of your bottle anymore without a rhyme, it's time to quit.
Ah. I rarely if ever drink anything alcoholic that comes in a screw-top bottle.
9:53 PM
So what do you drink when you want to go melancholic? I know it is not beer then what else?
@moguzalpenel_hak water
@PopularDemand Never seen anyone try to unscrew a crimp-top?
When girl friend left then water!! maybe cold water :):)
@moguzalpenel_hak well, not to drink... But at that point, I would need even less help with the melancholy
gin to be happy, whiskey to be communicative, beer to be thoughtful, vodka to be somber, water to wake up
(wine to look classy, mixed drinks to keep folks guessing as to what I'm actually drinking)
@Shog9 People can try (and even succeed, with Yuengling) but that doesn't make the bottles screw-tops.
Entertaining to watch though.
10:00 PM
And for 13 friday happy hour which will start in one hour some Jimi:
By the way, @Shog, know any good sauces that involve the use of whiskey?
First tried this down in New Orleans, knocked my socks off
I'll also use bourbon, or failing that, canadian whiskey, when making a pan sauce for pork chops. Good stuff.
10:29 PM
Hi all
10:48 PM
Q: Philosophically, why can't markup be binary data? i.e. Why can't we compile HTML for the web?

MattGiven the vast efforts to make the web as efficient as possible, why can't HTML (and all the various other plain text files e.g. CSS, JavaScript) be compiled into a single resource and sent down the wire? (I'm aware of .chm files - these are along the lines so this concept). I understand the ope...

On topic? Yay or nay?
@animuson It'd be more on-topic without the "Philosophically" bit.
"Philosophically, can I really write-once, run anywhere?"
"Philosophically, why wasn't Chrome written in C#?"
It makes even a bad question worse
11:10 PM
Anyone know why I voted 43 times today on MSO?
@Benny OCD?
@Shog9 Sorry, what does OCD mean?
Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension, fear, or worry, by repetitive behaviors aimed at reducing the associated anxiety, or by a combination of such obsessions and compulsions. Symptoms of the disorder include excessive washing or cleaning; repeated checking; extreme hoarding; preoccupation with sexual, violent or religious thoughts; aversion to particular numbers; and nervous rituals, such as opening and closing a door a certain number of times before entering or leaving a room. These sympto...
(it's a joke)
11:34 PM
This chat is as boring as being on freenode :D
I think people see Happy Hour and think they're supposed to leave and go to Happy Hour.
Isn't Happy Hour in here though?
Yes, but it seems every Friday there's no one here anymore. :(
Yay, I've used all of my votes for questions/answers and comments. What can I upvote now? :P
11:53 PM
guys I need some help quickly.
A link to that castle made of [tag:]'s
Searching the MSO answers sorted by votes doesn't get me anywhere :(
A: <kbd> elements are way intrusive

Hilarious Comedy Pesto                                                 &nb...

Wasn't made of tags.
Was made by pesto
@Shog9 that's indeed not the one I'm looking for.
There was one made of SO tags soon after the feature was introduced.
A: Allow specifying sites for the new tag formatting (at least, to some degree)

KennyTM              discussion        discussion        discussion              interview-questions subjective possible-hom...

Probably that. I can't recall specifically.
only awesomer :/

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