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12:00 AM
@mootinator a = 0 == 1 ? 1 : 0; would have a rather strange result if that wasn't so
12:55 AM
1:14 AM
The subjectiveness of "too subjective" or "not constructive" is starting to grate on me
Q: you can pick only one Javascript book to get you from novice to sensei, which one?

jcollumThere are many javascript books out there but finding the right one isn't easy and they aren't cheap. So, if you had to pick exactly one book to get you from novice to sensei (yellow to black belt), which book would it be? I'd like to get to Jon Skeet levels of expertise here and I'm looking fo...

i thought that might get closed, but I feel like asking any question that is even close to subjective is a waste of my time
so maybe you guys can suggest a place to go and get subjective questions answered...
I miss the community wiki days
Subjective isn't really the problem there; it's a poll. You might find this useful:
Q: Where can I find interesting programming discussions?

Peter HorneI have noticed a lot of discussion type 'questions' that are asked on SO that get closed have some really interesting replies. I understand why these types of questions get closed and completely agree with the reasoning behind doing so. Being someone that is interested by the discussion that is g...

Ahh, thanks, you know reddit is probably the right place for that question
1:58 AM
@Shog9 In Groovy it would evaluate to false instead of false? :P
I guess my problem is that I habitually bracketed the boolean expression of the ternary operator in order to avoid thinking about it.
@mootinator - Hi
@Moshe Hello
I learned a lot about iOS stuff today.
@mootinator 1 evaluates to false in Groovy?
0 == (1?1:0) evaluates to false.
2:06 AM
@mootinator oh... right. Bad example :-P
@mootinator - If you have time/patience, I'd like some feedback on my hackery.
@Shog9 Course, it would really be false instead of 0, which would matter if you actually needed a number.
@Moshe What do yo uneed?
Just want to know if you have any ideas as how to improve on what I did, or just some other feedback.
Ok, I'm out for now.
Gotta run.
@Moshe blob usually = Binary Large OBject. Probably a local cache of the image.
Interesting anyhow. I don't really have any interesting suggestions though.
@mootinator I know that. Except each blob is identical to the next.
2:16 AM
It's caching things but seems to be ignoring the cache.
I gotta run now.
Applying for something. ;-)
3 hours later…
4:52 AM
Application complete. (For once, not the digital kind.)
What'd you apply for?
5:54 AM
Heh, it took me several seconds to figure out WTF was referring to.
6:29 AM
@mos - for your trip? :P
@Lix, no although I need to finish up some paperwork.
Chat just read my mind!
@TimStone Ill email you if you want to know, don't want to broadcast this.
6:48 AM
Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Proposed Q&A site for anyone who believes or fears one day humans will become infected with an unknown disease with only the desire to feed on uninfected humans.

Currently in definition.

Is he being serious?
I think that disease is called social media a la Facebook.
@timstone, but you'll have to give me your email. I don't have it.
7:15 AM
> The query processor ran out of internal resources and could not produce a query plan. This is a rare event and only expected for extremely complex queries or queries that reference a very large number of tables or partitions. Please simplify the query. If you believe you have received this message in error, contact Customer Support Services for more information.
Data explorer query returned that error, but it didn't seem complex enough to justify it:
  q.Id as [Post Link],
  u.Id as [User Link],

  Posts q
  inner join Users u
  on q.OwnerUserId = u.Id

  u.Reputation > 10000
  and q.PostTypeId = 1 -- a Question
  and q.AcceptedAnswerId is not null
Although I mean to say is null...
A slightly modified version just worked. Maybe the server is just stressed.
Please vote for my tag edit: stackoverflow.com/tags/zend-studio/info
5 hours later…
12:20 PM
@TwilightSparkle Hmm...
I was complaining about it yesterday, but Google really did think of everything when they left that huge block of whitespace on my page.
1:20 PM
Yayz, auto-updates are back on SO's tag pages!
I think it's strange that downloaded files in Chrome open with a single click.
These are thoughts, from your friendly neighborhood fake-Josh.
@jadarnel morning.
Top o' the marnin' to ya, @Moshe.
@TimStone got an email addy I can reach you at?
@jadarnel seen my hacking of Draw Something?
(shameless plug)
puts on StackExchange tee and finds socks
1:36 PM
@Moshe I did see that, but haven't really read through it yet.
Heh, yea it's a bit heavy on the technical side. If only I could get it to work with a middleman, I'd be good.
I certainly don't mind technical =) I just didn't get your ping until last night, when I as about to go to sleep.
Ah, ok.
Well, then it's certainly interesting.
And if anyone knows anything:
Q: Man in the Middle Network Proxy for iOS that supports SSL?

MosheI'm trying to do examine some apps and what kind of network traffic they're using on my iPhone. I've set up Charles (including SSL certificates & provisioning profiles). Then, I tethered my laptop to my iPad to get a connection, and then shared that internet with my iPhone via WiFi. For s...

good afternoon to all the tavern goers...
This guy =)
@TimStone: "Your reputation changed, but it has no effect" "Your reputation was eaten by a Grue" "Nothing to look at here" "0-Damage dealt to your reputation" "Reputation changes were reflected by the magic shield" "Hi, I slipped and accidentally deleted some records from the database, but everything should be fine now, you won't miss this reputation" — Bobby 20 mins ago
waves hand This is not the reputation data you are looking for.
2:22 PM
How are you doing today, @Lix?
@jad - all good hey... only worked a half day today... how bout u?
Hi. Is it normal I haven't been noticed for an answer of mine having been deleted?
Or did I miss the notification?
(I noticed it due to new activity on the post)
Is @random around here so he can explain?
@Lix Oh, that's pretty sweet! I am well. I have ramped up my SO participation a bit because things are slow at the office =D
@St├ęphaneGimenez You actually don't get a notification about answer deletion automatically. Only if a mod messages you about it specifically.
Thats quite interesting... I had no idea there was no notification... oh.. .well... I guess the notification you get is in the reputation...
@jad - I'm trying to get back to Stack Overflow now... well.. I'm pretty sure I'll stay in the tavern... but no more intense meta rep farming :P
2:46 PM
@Lix I never considered your participation on meta rep-whoring =) You actually do make very useful posts.
with as many insider jokes and over formatting ;)
but thanks :P
In a related note, my most upvoted answer on any SE site is now a picture of an xkcd comic.
Thanks, Meta Stack Overflow!
hehehe - yes I saw that :P
At least its a good one :P
Did you see my trolling profile bio? ^_^
2:49 PM
That was fantastic.
I asked here for a way to communicate with @random. meta.stackoverflow.com/q/129068/167500
Q: Clone, Licensee from 1.0 or something else?

MosheI've noticed the WireShark support site looks exactly like, drumroll, you guessed it: StackOverflow. What's the deal with this? Did they purchase a StackExchange 1.0 license and refuse to give it up?

I wonder how many people fell for it :P
@ste - the explanation for question deletion is in the faq... I don't think you'll get more reason than what is stated there..
Q: What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean?

jjnguyI was wondering what circumstances can cause a question or answer to be deleted, and what that actually means: How can a post be deleted? When can't I delete my own post? How can I undelete one of my posts? What does deletion mean for a post? What else should I know about deleted posts? Retur...

@Lix Fell for what?
Typing a comment on my profile
2:54 PM
@ Lix Whoops, just tagged a post matzah by mistake.
Time for breakfast.
@Lix I know how this works, deleting answers myself (or flaging for it). In this case the FAQ do not apply.
It was a real answer even if you need to think for 2 seconds about it.
Well I'd have to see the answer to discuss it further... although not yet 10K...
@mos - hehe, I'm in the middle of one right now :P
No tag wiki....
3:52 PM
Mathematicians and humor. (read the comments)
heh... well they killed it :P lol
@balpha Mwahahahaha!
Dear mathematicians, I'm amused by your amusement. Signed, an amused non-mathmatician.
4:10 PM
@Lix: I was talking about feedback to the mod.
also here - the correct action would to be exactly what you are doing - posting on meta...
or flagging your post
At first I would like it remain private. But I found it was not possible.
well it looks like you know your way around the SE network... so you know that there is no such thing as private messages... I guess this falls into the realm of user->moderator interactions...
(Other mods will not disapprove one of their own publicly without a very good reason. So going public is not the solution.)
Mods can see your email too - so if they really want to contact you they can... However you can't force that mod to come out in the open... they usually will... but no one can "force" them...
4:13 PM
Yes that's why I though a comment with one ping would be good enough.
But it seems nobody cares :-)
you got to consider the time zones too though...
Times zones? In fact, I don't care if got a reply or not, I just want just give info to the mod so that he can appreciate by himself if he missed something and has to be more careful next time or not.
I mean that its a global place - random might be fast asleep :P
4:18 PM
Ah for the chat, right. That's why comment are more appropriate :)
yes and even for your post...
his meta profile says last seen 11 hours ago... so... he's probably offline..
@balpha Hahah. Also, I see Sam is causing trouble. :P
@Moshe I saw it before you deleted it, by the way, I just forgot to reply. >_>
4:38 PM
@TimStone Cool. I need to send in a project but I can't compress it below 170MB.
Shrinkinate! Shrinkinate I say!
waves hands ... ... ... nothing
1 hour later…
5:58 PM
@animuson Seen that, but clever.
6:22 PM
I can't seem to find the meta posts about not having your answer depend on an external link...
Q: Are answers that just contain links elsewhere really "good answers"?

romandasI have often wondered at the practice on SO, SF, and the other sites where someone will ask a question and an answer will come in that says 'Look here: http://link elsewhere". Rarely will the link have exactly the answer necessary--often it's an entire article--yet these answers get voted up. Wh...

@animuson awesome, thank you
you meta people are awesome, btw.
I stalk meta without participating much, and the awesomness factor is like... over 9000. (is that an acceptable joke here? too old? too lame?)
I love the new Whitespace+
So much potential.
All jokes are acceptable here.
Except the ones that aren't allowed. :P
6:26 PM
@animuson which are those?
I guess I'll put the kibosh on the extremely racist joke I was about to tell then.
Which is good, because I'd have to think of it first.
This makes me think of that Family Guy episode in the bar, Peter's about to tell a joke and he looks around to see if there would be offended people and there are, so he tells it anyways.
I guess "The Aristocrats" would have been an appropriate joke, as opposed to an extremely racist one.
Application submitted.
Upcoming events: tomorrow Meta Stack Overflow Happy Hour :)
6:43 PM
By the way, next jon skeet:
Richante, Manchester, United Kingdom
1.2k 1 12
I wanna stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun.
Now I have an unshakeable urge to tell a 45 minute long dirty joke.
@mootinator I assume you're currently typing it up?
Are all jon skeets from England :)s
@ThomasShields Sure, why not.
6:57 PM
@mootinator er, don't. I was joking. runs
SE friendly version. So a guy walks into a talent agent's office, [redacted acts of depravity], Talent agent: what on earth do you call and act like that? Guy: Jeff Atwood.
I wish I could downvote this database table. All the text in the address fields is in all caps.
Who does that?
I love when people commit project files they shouldn't then the next time I open my IDE, I get to see all the documents they had open.
7:08 PM
2 hours later…
9:20 PM
9:31 PM
I see there's a 10 hour version of that as well.
They should make a Do Not Email registry, you know like the Do Not Call registry. :P
Eduard Anatolyevich Khil (; born 4 September 1934) is a Russian baritone singer and a recipient of the People's Artist Award of the RSFSR. Biography Early life Eduard Khil was born on 4 September 1934 in Smolensk to Anatoly Vasilievich Khil, a mechanic, and Helena Pavlovna Kalugina, an accountant. Life as a child was hard on Khil, with his family breaking up; he was brought up by his mother. During the Great Patriotic War (WWII Eastern Front), his kindergarten was bombed, he was separated from his mother and evacuated to Bekovo, Penza Oblast where he ended up in a children's home, wh...

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