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12:04 AM
@forestdistrustsStackExchange Its planned
@forestdistrustsStackExchange Even if they didn't, apparently there's some usability guidelines involving line width and such, designed by people with 720p screens
@forestdistrustsStackExchange on the bright side, once they're done, stylesheets supposedly get easier so you could whip one out that works for you if one is so inclined
That's unfortunate. I tested in CSS what it'd look like and god, it looks like it's meant for toddlers to read.
@forestdistrustsStackExchange or old people.
At the expense of young people? Why not just, you know, allow people to choose their font size?
and part of the point of this is to kinda clean up the CSS so... you can probably adjust it to your needs
@forestdistrustsStackExchange ah, I'm assuming you're looking at the repo?
I saw on the repo that they planned bumping it up by 1px.
Tried that in CSS in inspect element. Was horrible.
12:09 AM
Ah snap
there's a post asking if we could pick fonts
I just can't remember how to find it
I meant font size, not fonts. I'm on Linux so I don't get that awful Windows font.
Having font sizes large for "accessibility by default" is just silly since it makes it harder for people who speed read to get their information quickly. Accessibility should be an option.
@forestdistrustsStackExchange Its 1px - but I get ya
Or we could all switch to Simple English, ban all languages but Scratch, and enable text-to-speech. :P
@JourneymanGeek Given that I already find the fonts unacceptably large, 1px really adds up.
It's already larger than almost every other (non-SE) site I've been on.
12:12 AM
I distinctly remember there's a FR for picking stuff like font size and font.
Might be, but the problem is when it's changed by default.
Of course this is all a convoluted way of me saying "it breaks my speed reading, looks ugly, and it makes my OCD go off so I have to edit 500 posts so lines don't break in stupid ways" lol
But I really do think it'd be better just to have an "accessibility mode" instead of forcing it on everyone.
'Accessability mode' would be a usable size 20 font design ._.
My eyesight is perfectly fine by the way :D
So have that as an option.
Mine is too. Most programmers have decent eyesight.
Unrelated, but how can I tell how likely it is for my question to hit HNQ if there are no other questions on HNQ from the same site, and it already accumulated 4 upvotes?
I think there's a rough algorithm somewhere on meta
I remember seeing that. I don't remember if it explained what the change to the algorithm is when there are no other questions from the same site on HNQ.
12:20 AM
I would suspect it would have an advantage. Planning to post on a weekend for maximum exposure on mondays? :D
Nah, just want a good answer since I often have questions unanswered.
HNQ isn't really going to help there
I think it might, since it'll bring in people with more low-level systems experience than we have on Sec.SE (e.g. people from the hardware sites). I don't think we have any regulars on Sec.SE who deal with Windows kernel exploit mitigations.
It helps with exposure but if your SME's are in another castle on another site..
Q: How effective is Windows KDP for exploit mitigation in practice?

forestWindows Kernel Data Protection is a kernel security feature which appears to use Extended Page Tables (EPT, a hardware virtualization feature) to enforce read-only pages. How effective is this at protecting from kernel exploits in the real world? Is this an effective mitigation, or security theat...

It's a very specific topic. No one seems to know about Windows there.
12:24 AM
I had another question about Windows and got nothing of value.
(An even simpler question)
AH - less people in hardware sites, than people who do windows internals
and those sorta specialists are rare
I don't particularly think people like Rossanovich and Ionescu are on SE sadly
Well hardware was just an example. It's more about low-level kernel security.
I often find that there are some people on other sites who don't specialize in security but who have a very detailed knowledge of security-related features that are part of their domain knowledge.
yeah I get that
(Both I haven't kept track but Rossanovich is the system internals guy, Ionescu's a former reactos Dev, worked for sysinternals/ms, but no idea what he's doing now)
There was a hardware guy from Crypto.SE who answered a question on Sec.SE that involved him actually using a lab to test recovery of data from erased EEPROM. :D
A: Recovery of EEPROM data after bulk erase operation

b degnansummary If you decap the dies, you can. The pads exist but are not bonded but available. The reason that you can get the information is that the timers that are used to inject and tunnel the floating gates do not push the data hard against the voltage rails. If the hardware supported a "tunnel...

Very impressive.
> Now to the crux of it, and I can elaborate if someone wants me to. The caps seem to be 2fF in depletion, which means that's their maximum capacitance, by my measurement. This means that there's 1248 electrons per volt. Due to the debugging frame, I can set the gate voltage and measure the current through the drain of the fg-nFETs, and the lowest that I can see is 20fA.
> 100 electrons changes the gate voltage by 80mV which is about 1 decade of current in subthreshold (diffusion current). I found that by writing 0x5A, for a b'01011010, I could always read back a current that indicated the
"1248 electrons per volt" - it always amazes me when someone can measure on these scales.
12:34 AM
The tl;dr is "if someone wants to recover your USB flash drive or SED-erased hard drive, they can"
that perfect match of an onscure question and "OOOH! I CAN TALK ABOUT THE INSANELY ESOTERIC THING I DID" is.... a beautiful thing
Although it does have real repercussions in data security, since it implies that, unless special measures are taken, "ATA Secure Erase" using SED on modern drives is not sufficient against state actors, whereas a directly overwritten hard drive is (one overwrite is enough).
lemme put it this way - people still quote the guttman paper...
Yeah people who do that are idiots.
12:38 AM
despite him saying "Its not true for modern drives"
Guttman himsel- yeah.
Literally on the link to the paper
Yeah lol. Worked in theory for MFM drives. Not modern PRML/EPRML drives, or even RLL.
Of course, anyone who believes that probably has such bad opsec and data hygiene that any adversary in the "recovery of securely overwritten data" threat model could get them anyway, easily.
Or believes their (outdated) lecture notes and dosen't do their own research
I find it hilarious when people care about overwriting an entire drive. It's not the 80s. We have strong encryption. We can use it. It's easier to recover overwritten data than break 256-bit AES-XTS.
12:46 AM
Granted, I'm out of touch, but I figure its like riding a bike
@forestdistrustsStackExchange Its very much a peace of mind thing
a single wipe is fast though, the problem is when someone want to do over 9000000 passes 'in case'
(Actually funnily enough, 256-bit AES-XTS actually provides I think 384-bit security, since the underlying mode uses two keys and, unlike XEX, the keys are independent, giving 512 bits of key material, reduced to 384 only due to a meet-in-the-middle attack).
@JourneymanGeek Better to just overwrite your LUKS AF stripes once. Or a few times if you really care. That's like what, 256 kilobytes? All you need is to destroy about a hundred bits and the rest of the drive is unrecoverable, even if most of the AF stripes can be recovered.
@forestdistrustsStackExchange though...
I have one drive I wipe semi regularly cause it'll have corruption then work fine for years...
(and I'm wondering when it'll die)
What does SMART report?
Oh, that there's bad blocks
It was from a laptop and it was replaced :D
You do long test periodically? Or conveyance?
12:49 AM
Oh, IIRC was found during a short test
wiping and reformatting kinda lets the internal error correction stuff kick in
I don't think short test finds bad blocks (it might report them though)
Huh, weird.
I'll check when I remember where I put it :D
Pre 2013?
Yeah that drive is gonna die. Don't store anything sensitive on it!
And if you want to really screw with people, sell it on ebay as "like new", set the DCO to something really stupid, create a huge HPA, and enable ATA WRITE_READ_VERIFY.
12:52 AM
stores all the bitcoinz I own on it
Naw, its a 160 gig spinning rust with the label removed
I suspect I'd have trouble giving it away
Eh, more spinning rust
I have a few 120gb SSDs in use or spare
I like spinning rust. Cheaper than SSDs. Better data retention. Greater data density.
All from funny chinese companies, cause I threw them into old machines.
If you need speed, just get a lot of RAM for your page cache.
12:55 AM
@forestdistrustsStackExchange for boot disks, they're ok. I was throwing them into old C2Ds as a cheap upgrade
though my current PC is 2x NVMe drives and a ton of ram :D
I use them as my primary disks. Having 20 TiB is nice. I'd have to be a millionaire to afford that much if I was using solid-state media.
lets see 2 king dians (120 gb sata) - one's been 'stripped' to make it smaller cause of a poor choice I made
then one more NVMe that came with my new AMD box. Swapped it out for a spare samsung
I guess you don't have a lot of data to store.
For me, hard drives are indispensable. Rainbow tables, anime, data archives, anime, huge document repositories, anime, large virtual machines, H.265 anime...
1:05 AM
ah - I tier my storage
And tbh, I consider most media replacable
Not if you're using private torrent sites with strict ratio requirements!
That's to say unless its rare - I can DL it again
@forestdistrustsStackExchange lemme put it this way - and I actually have more work there...
between my password management and my notes, I can literally stand up a new system from bare OS in about 20-30 minutes
I use Gentoo and OpenBSD. Those don't install quick.
Well OpenBSD does but I customize mine too much.
I need to copy Jon about that - having installation notes on git
@forestdistrustsStackExchange hence saying "from bare OS"
Cause Gentoo probably takes half day just in compile time :D
And another half a day going through the install manual.
1:11 AM
But don't you love an OS where you mkfs.ext4 your own root?
My windows install is "Run script to install package manager" "Install software via package manager" "Use password manager (in browser for now) to get random passwords stored in it" "Log into all the things" "Copy in fonts and one config file"
You must have to reinstall a lot.
@forestdistrustsStackExchange Not really
Though there was a period when I ended up upgrading a good chunk of my personal machines for new ones
1:34 AM
You two need the Nimbus 3.5" SSD: nimbusdata.com/products/exadrive/specifications
Q: Linux 64-bit SSH port numbers?

Breaking not so badWhile there is usually no need for more than the 64k available ports, I am interested in the PoC that having a port number on 64 bits would mitigate the regular attacks on the access ports (ssh, vpn...). Having a 64b port makes it almost impossible to randomly attack a service, targeting either D...

Why do stupid questions hit HNQ so often? It's like half of them are really basic.
The rest are acidic so it's okay
quickly runs away
Ever slept so much the night before that you can't sleep but it's 6:07 a.m. and you know you're going to get in trouble in the midday?
@forestdistrustsStackExchange Its a HNQ not a GNQ
Point taken.
None of my really good posts get to HNQ. :(
1:49 AM
Then there's the FNQ:
Q: I uploaded my test questions to a website (so I could cheat), but then thought better of it and didn't use the answers. How to proceed?

lunabeanSo, I was taking my exam, and there were two questions I really had no clue on, and I was running out of time on. So I quickly went to a website and posted pictures of my exam questions and asked for answers. I immediately regretted doing so, and went to delete them, when I realized, it wasn’t po...

An "exam" and 2 questions, so 2 out of 50-100; 2-4% ...
3 hours later…
4:57 AM
@Rob Flying Network Questions?
> I immediately regretted doing so, and went to delete them, when I realized, it wasn’t possible. I then started freaking out, shaking, crying, etc. I know it was wrong, and I really don’t know why I did it. I just didn’t want to fail. They haven't seen it yet, and I hope they don’t ever, I didn’t even use it on the test, and was too frazzled to even fully finish the exam. I don’t know what to do, and my heart has been racing for 12 hours now, and I haven’t been able to sleep.
Wow. Fleeting Network Questions indeed
I made up my mind. It's a sophisticated troll.
I too have shaken and cried and haven't slept and got tachycardia when I was worried about the ethicality of my actions
There are these sentimental posts on Academia every once in a while when the student is worried about not having washed their hands before doing homework or Googling two phrases
5:45 AM
@Rob What a trainwreck XD
1 hour later…
6:49 AM
@Rob We need the nimbus 3000
@Luuklag fancy a round of Quidditch?
Nope! That really looks retarded if you cant fly
That's what the broom is for!
Why are you still using brooms? Roomba's are so much more comfy.
@Tinkeringbell and also retarded
Ours fails to find its docking station about half the time
6:58 AM
Well, that's sort-of expected. I can't parallel park in one go 9 times out of 10 either XD
@Tinkeringbell You are not guided in by radio waves ;)
LOL we even have a national quidditch team: quidditchnederland.nl/nl
@Luuklag I did get a vaccine...
@Tinkeringbell You finally managed to get it done, congrats!
My wife got her letter last week as well.
Nice! My dad can go too, he's from '64. So he'll be getting his first one next week as well.
Means we'll all be moderately protected against the covidiot.
7:11 AM
@Luuklag Doesn't look too different from korfbal :D
We have national teams for that too
My dad already had his two shots, my mom is from '61, so she's about to get hers as well
@Tinkeringbell an international tournament against ourselves?
Its fun time of the week again, booking my hours
with this horrifically slow Exact Synergy
@Luuklag Probably, if you look at what they're apparently winning: korfbal.nl/teamnlkorfbal :P
@Luuklag Ugh. I just did mine, it's not horribly slow but needlessly complicated, especially client-side: If I say I was working 4 hours and the absent the other 4, I need to switch to a special view and specify the times I was working/absent... but I only get to pick times between 8AM and 4:30PM XD
@Tinkeringbell I luckily can just enter hours. But we switched to this system this year, previously we had a dedicated system, that was way more friendly
I could just write the hours I worked, and if I was absent they just tallied that. If I compensated them the next week all was fine
Now I need to write holiday hours the first week, and then save up overtime the second week
which can then be used to take leave in a different week after that
At least I can always just fill in 8 hours, and if I work more one day I can work a bit less the next to level that out.
@Tinkeringbell Yeah I have about a dozen or so project in a week, so I enter a lot of half hours, etc.
LOL I hear my Roomba yelling error at me
7:24 AM
As long as it doesn't yell : Pay me! you should be fine ...
It tried to eat a slipper and got stuck
@Tinkeringbell Also it restricts me from booking hours on bank-holidays. So now I have to work 14 hours on last wednesday on paper :/
@Luuklag Ah yeah, that's a problem I know too :)
And 5th of May we had the same problem, whilst that wasn't an official day off in the first place
Okay, that's really bad XD
7:40 AM
I'm just plain hating this system
Its just sooooo slow
it has to query the entire database of projects every time I open my time booking sheet
I was going to say, its either a slow VPN, inefficient software or a potato grade server
We have about 100-150 projects a year. Projects as early as '16 have been entered into the system, so about 4,5 years worth of projects equals 575 projects
all have about 3-4 people working on them, and some have like 5 fases, so do that times 20
makes for a nice 11,5K DB rows, that all have to be queried every time
yay for optimalisation
If I want to move from this week to previous week, do the query
It even queries all projects that have already been closed
So horrible
[end of rant]
7:55 AM
@M.A.R. He is wearing a face mask to avoid catching the Zero/Sigma virus.
8:43 AM
@Luuklag that's very small amount, unless you perform complex queries it should all be instant.
In my company we deal with million of rows: software that collects data from machines, every second, sometimes hundreds of machines.
Luckily it's not my role. ;)
8:57 AM
@forestdistrustsStackExchange well for single words it always worked pretty well. It still fails for sentences, and long long years until we can even start to imagine it will have any success. It requires levels of AI that aren't technically possible yet.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard yeah that's what should be, but it isn't
I don't know what exactly they query, but I guess they just link too many tables
(at least for Hebrew, it's 100% impossible to know the meaning of some words without understanding the context in which they're being said.)
@Luuklag oh, you didn't mention lots of tables. If it's 5k rows in table A, 5k in table B, wrong query might mean go over all 5k rows of B for each row of A, making it already 25M iterations.
Add third one.... and you can reach billions.
@rene can help you optimize the queries. :)
My insurance company offered me 'free' covid 19 vaccine side effect insurance...
I've already had both of mine over a month ago :D
@JourneymanGeek let me guess, free for X months, then it costs $100 per month?
That's how many companies here make money.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard more like an opportunity to upsell.. I mean introduce you to their new and exciting products
9:06 AM
You have to give credit card details in advance "just to verify it's yours, we won't use it", and of course they'll auto charge it when the times comes, without any notification.
And in court, with the few people who bother to press charges against them, they'll show a tiny mention somewhere that says the customer allows them to do it all.
So personally I'll never even think to agree to anything of that sort. :D
@JourneymanGeek maybe, your country might have better people. ;)
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard or governments that are a little less understanding to non better people
@JourneymanGeek lol
Well it's all legal, so can't really do anything.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard Yeah I'm not sure. It's all a black box to us. If we want something we have to pay their consultant ofcourse to do extra reports etc.
9:14 AM
@JourneymanGeek I mean, if there are insurances vampire, zombies and so on attacks...
Furthermore, it is better than Italy who passed a law to pardon any civil level crime related to vaccine administration.
Basically, unless you can somehow prove they WANTED TO KILL YOU, any possible side effect, errors (like a girl who was vaccinated with a vial of vacine - 6 time the actual dosage), damage and so on... All pardoned.
9:34 AM
@SPArcheon I mean, if anything was to happen, its a leeetle late
@JourneymanGeek well, based on my informants, the girl is fine. Yet I wonder if the stupid error will have any consequence.
But you know, not the silliest thing done.
@SPArcheon I mean, I got vaccinated a month ago
@JourneymanGeek Oh, I was talking about the pardon there, not the insurance
@SPArcheon I think there was a mega dose here too
no real side effects
@JourneymanGeek Its just dna/rna what could go wrong
9:49 AM
@Luuklag Well, really bad gas
Or allergies
@JourneymanGeek if that were the case the dosage wouldn't really matter I guess
10:07 AM
@Luuklag better safe than sorry
2 hours later…
12:13 PM
@Luuklag I need the price of that drive, for a weekly paycheck.
the 3,5" one?
your getting paid in hardware these days?
Can mods are more than 5 tags to a question?
@EkadhSingh no
12:35 PM
Even developers can't with all their magic powers. :D
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard maybe they could and crash the DB in the proces ;)
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard if they wanted to they probably could, after all they have access to the code :)
@Luuklag yeah :D
@EkadhSingh as global change, sure, but not on specific question.. ;)
12:44 PM
@rene Ah it was Shog and the community user
1:02 PM
@EkadhSingh can mods are more? ._.
No, we can't add more than 5 tags. Nor do we generally need to.
@Luuklag yeah, happens due to mass-retags.
@rene interesting
yep, how nice. I can convert "LY1Ua.png" to "yQBnP.jpg" with some minor greasemonkey :P
And ... why would you want that?
1:20 PM
well, it all depends on which avatar LY1Ua would be. Taking precautions, in case someone reverts :P
@SPArcheon on a user profile that isn't yours?
@Luuklag context :P
@JourneymanGeek no just unicorns
1:30 PM
Unicorns are ponies, with horns.
1:53 PM
@SPArcheon Would I get the same link if I upload a new picture? :D
@Tinkeringbell then you would have to switch the picture every day to keep me off. And in the meantime, I would be resting after silently switching to detecting the username :P
2:09 PM
Cassidy Williams on May 17, 2021
There are a lot of opinions out there about how to improve and scale sites “beyond the Jamstack” by adding in features that use a Node server in addition to the pre-built pages. One of those features is called Incremental Static Regeneration. Some people call it “hybrid web development” (or “hybrid serverless + static”) but let’s talk a bit more about what that means.
2:31 PM
@SPArcheon There's just no defeating you, is there? I could probably write a script to change usernames and avatars tough... let's hear it for mod abuse! :D
@Luuklag That is model number EDDCS100, there is no Nimbus 3000; or 300, if your made up number is supposed to be 10x better.
3:03 PM
@rene Interesting, the Edit Reasons on some of those are: "added [http-post] to 337 questions - Shog9 (Id=811)", "added [android-music-player] to 275 questions - Shog9 (Id=811)", and "added [android] to 90 questions - Shog9 (Id=811)" - maybe a script that ignored the limits, but it shows that room is available; otherwise it would have crashed into the next field.
@Rob yeah, the only hard limit is the max char length of Post.Tags (250 chars) as that holds the concat of all tagnames + separators
Ah, I was going to ask if there's a way to query the number of fields, but it looks like 50+ tags are possible. 😲
3:31 PM
@Rob yeah, if you do short ones meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/405446/…
@rene With the size being 250 and the tag limit being six it looks like over 800 MB space is being wasted; if six tags were in use on every question.
That's based on 21M questions on Stack Overflow (main) only, plus way more space for everywhere else; and future questions.
@EkadhSingh planned epic failure.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard lol
Should this tag be removed? It looks like it was made on accident, but I’m not sure
3:51 PM
@Rob that is not how an nvarchar(250) columntype works in SQL Server. Had it been char(250) then, yes.
@rene Devs. Shog was a CM but he did it using dev tools. I can't do it, for example.
Hacker ... ;)
@EkadhSingh Tags without any questions will be automatically deleted at ~03:00 UTC every day. So, no need to worry, it'll be gone soon.
@Spevacus when I posted that chat message there was still one post, looks like it got fixed now by Catija :)
3:58 PM
Yeah the inline tag editor is occasionally finnicky
@EkadhSingh Yanno, I could delete it
@JourneymanGeek nooooo, we still have a chance of this getting fixed if it stays as status-planned, if you remove status planned the chance goes from really small to even smaller :D
Actually, that would bump it to the front page, so who knows, it might get more attention that was :)
@EkadhSingh I mean the post
why would you do that?
Why not?
4:03 PM
@EkadhSingh That's... not how it works.
@Catija my bad
how does it work then?
Also I don't know if old status-planned / reviewed posts are in Jira
new ones are, but I don't know if they hoovered up the old ones
We didn't.
then I guess it really isn’t status planned anymore is it
It was.
In the deep mists of time
Now - a clever/sneaky thing to do is to wait till there's something that touches that in the roadmap, and switch it back to status review
or to delete it so there's no dupe, and document the issue again
4:06 PM
Whether we ever actually tracked it internally is ... an open question. That long ago, it is likely Jarrod was just going to fix it and then lost it... and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
As much as I love to hate on Jira (and our particular instance at my day job more than most), there's something to be said for having a ticketing system :D
@JourneymanGeek there has to be some rule designed to prevent that blatant exploit... right?
@EkadhSingh deleting needs work
Documenting the issue also needs work
I mean, if you're going into all that effort to actually resurface a bug... maybe it kinda has earned some attention?
In theory the roomba might do that too
You need to be smart about it, of course.
Fair point, but IMO there should be a better way to do it than cheesing the system
@EkadhSingh Well - That's what we have now
4:10 PM
Fair enough :)
One of the 'issues' with SE is - we have a decade of history, and so much stuff that's undermaintained/under resourced that's looked at more recently
So there's so much stuff that slipped through the cracks that the underfloor is all stuff that slipped through cracks. And that has cracks...
Someone needs to go into the cellar ...
@DavidPostill It is dark, you are likely to be eaten by a grue.
@JourneymanGeek what’s a grue?
@EkadhSingh things that are likely to eat you in the dark, naturally
4:20 PM
@EkadhSingh It is bumped, but support was moved to MSO; so along with the declined it's also off the map.
@Rob Careers is fundamentally getting sunset anyway so...
He's talking about this, which isn't a careers related issue
4:33 PM
@JourneymanGeek That never had a tag, which is what was being discussed, and the post to which we referred to recently had the erroneous tag removed.
@Rob uh, you replied to a post where I was talking about the old old post...
And since both @EkadhSingh and I are in that conversation I am pretty sure I know what post we're talking about
I still remember how I basically made 24 submissions in one... and ended up with less votes than someone who poste a quote he liked :P
4:54 PM
Are there any privileges granted by rep that moderators do not have
@JourneymanGeek Lies.
For one, they don't automatically receive the 100k rep swag.
And that I call privilege :P
@SPArcheon CastleSpaceCowboy.gif
@SPArcheon I need to check but I think the mod swag is broadly similar?
Other than... THE HAT
also, there is the Pride privilege you get by getting close to Skeet. That is also not included with the diamond.
5:00 PM
@SPArcheon actually...
I have more rep than Skeet...
Just not on SO :D
@SPArcheon I got 100k swag and mod swag :)
@DavidPostill The new ones?
(I got/use the SU mug. Got the SO mug in storage ._.)
@JourneymanGeek Nah. Old ones. I broke my SU mug :/ The cup one, not the beer glass.
Oh I never got the beer glass
I don't drink beer so I've never used it ... it's in my bookcase as an ornament
5:04 PM
If I just got out of a Q-ban, if I ask a question and for whatever reason deleted it right after (before any votes were cast), the ban will restart, right?
yes, assuming you are on your one Q per 6 months allowance
@AnnZenat1YearAnniversary We don't know. The exact rules are secret and bans are automated.
@rene thanks
@DavidPostill thanks
@DavidPostill I thought that it was public that we only had one chance after a Q-ban to get out of it.
That bit is yes.
@DavidPostill the deleting question bit?
5:07 PM
@AnnZenat1YearAnniversary try to make it count And not be deleted
@JourneymanGeek thanks
@DavidPostill I used to use a cheap beer glass for water at the first site I worked at 😁
@AnnZenat1YearAnniversary You are allowed one question every 6 months when quality-banned. You're not out of the q-ban, you're given the chance to demonstrate you improved by asking one question. Whether it is worthwhile: time will tell. Worst case you have another 6 months to prep your next question.
I drink water from the spouty bottle things. I have 3 of them. Soon one will contain iced coffee every morning :)
@rene Oh. I thought a well-received question will remove the ban ^^"
5:21 PM
@JourneymanGeek yeah... and potentially more gold trophies on the PSN. Not sure that counts.
5:33 PM
Can moderators talk in gallery chat rooms where the room owner hasn’t allowed them to talk?
5:44 PM
Hover your mouse over the little diamond next to the lock icon on a gallery chat room. It'll say something along the lines of "Moderators have full access to this room."
6:35 PM
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