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1:58 AM
@KevinB Yes it certainly makes a difference which fonts you use, and what your screen resolution is. Here's yours screenshot compared to mine. Apparently they didn't change the fonts for Android, so things stayed as they were.
from home
here the font looks a lot thinner in general
Still not good, fuzzy.
Why did they change it in the first place again?
Needed to fill a quota of "changes the community gave no input on"?
we don't really know
I read a claim that it was so they didn't have to load fonts over the network, but isn't that what CDNs are for? For the same reason that they don't need to serve jquery themselves...
2:01 AM
i mean
we still load jquery
doubt that's the real reason
Yeah but from Google, not from SE.
Exactly. Sounds like an excuse (or someone who misunderstood website optimization).
just a valid reason
The increase in font size that's coming is more irritating to me. Already SE's fonts are larger than on most websites.
> "Arial was first created in 1982, and has served the web well for decades. But technology moves on. Modern system typefaces look better on both new high DPI screens, and old screens alike. Apple’s San Francisco and Microsoft’s Segoe both look great on retina displays, have more expressive weights, and improve readability across all contexts. With more weights, we can have better hierarchy. We can also get more expressive.".
So we all have Retina displays? Because they look worse on mine.
Thankfully I use Linux 99.95% of the time...
2:07 AM
i have just a 24" 1080p
my normal monitor is a 19
normal SO browsing*
MathJax is great.
I just forget the keywords needed for various symbols half the time.
Like \phi and \bigoplus are easy to remember, but not so much \ell.
1 hour later…
3:18 AM
@forestdistrustsStackExchange Actually - I've the opposite issue, I would like bigger fonts and more width
(I actually am pondering asking a question about custom stylesheets, which might solve both our issues)
I'm not quite sure if its a good fit for meta 😅 though
3:31 AM
Q: Custom Fonts User Script: Revert or Improve the Font Updates

Redwolf ProgramsRecently, Stack Exchange decided to switch to system fonts. For those of you who prefered the old appearance, or would like a different font to appear in code blocks or across the site as a whole, Custom Fonts is a user script I wrote this morning to allow just that. Features Custom Fonts allows ...

@Rob oh, preferring a stylesheet here since I want to make a bunch of specific changes on the fly - the current stylus one I am using is 'ok' other than a bunch of other things
4:13 AM
I'm not really happy with a 'teach me to fish' question, but its better than a "gimme a fish" question :D
@JourneymanGeek based on my attempt on Android.SE Chat Material Design, it's basically.... trial and error ._.
@MetaAndrewT. I'd love to give SE a headache over chat at some point :D
Also eh I would need to know more to trial and error :D
need CSS selector tool in the first place, e.g.
Q: How can I get the CSS Selector in Chrome?

kaleI want to be able to select/highlight an element on the page and find its selector like this: div.firstRow div.priceAvail>div>div.PriceCompare>div.BodyS I know you can see the selection on the bottom after doing an inspect element, but how can I copy this path to the clipboard? In Firebug...

@Feeds coin-cidence?
@JourneymanGeek I now have a hankering for making a poster that says "teach me to give" with Buddha or Gandhi in the background
5:08 AM
@M.A.R. fish me a fish
@JourneymanGeek feels more like a SA question
5:29 AM
@Mithical South Asian? Can confirm
@M.A.R. Angry evil Civ Ghandi?
@Mithical stackapps?
@JourneymanGeek he was giving to the world as well. Why not
5:48 AM
@JourneymanGeek yeah
6:13 AM
I kinda know MSE better + I figure I could ask to have it migrated if so.
(not do it myself, its a conflict of interest :D )
1 hour later…
7:15 AM
@JourneymanGeek just to let you know, I VTC'd your question about a stylesheet as not about the tools that power the network
To me your question reads more like a software development question
7:28 AM
@Luuklag No issue with that
I do see it as a vaguely backdoor accessibility tool, and well - something of interest now
I'll get someone to review if it should be migrated later. I'm out getting a new mouse. 😁
1 hour later…
8:36 AM
@Luuklag k
Benefit of working from home: can take shower in the middle of the day. :D
then water is cheaper then? ;)
@Luuklag lol no, but I have more time to sleep, as normally I shower before going to bed. ;)
9:23 AM
There was once upon a time a site that shall not be named where Experts could Exchange answers. Jeff really liked it, so much that he wanted to create his own version.
That site had an awesome feature: answers were invisible and you had to pay to see them... or maybe not, since apparently they were just hidden under a big pile of ads you had to scroll down.
After many years Jeff dream of having his personal version of that site is finally done, and we too love to hide SO content under a "find the hidden link to access the question, everything else will take you to advertisement" homepage.
@JourneymanGeek That's how my Review turned out, the other votes were for OT; so if the Banner lumps me in, don't blame me.
@Rob I'm not going to overrule the community cause its my post. There's no blame for civic duty
besides, If I really wanted to monkeywrench a closure I'd just bounty it when possible :D
9:50 AM
Funny. Is everyone just as apologetic when closing questions that aren't Geek's? :D
Hopefully? :D
Normally we're a Q&A Format but with the (so-called) answers are feedback on the Announcement (question); so your Question isn't OT, because it's reasonable to ask on MSE (and we're barely far enough after the Announcement to post a new question), but most of all it's probably better suited for another site (StackApps, request) - or your Question is a comment on the Feedback link you showed me previously,
I figured if I was asking about getting a script or wrote a script, stackapps would work
If it was documenting the stuff you needed to do a user style...
But I'm not infallible. :D
... but there's no 'move question to comment on another answer' button.
Programming questions about 'fixing fonts/layout/readability etc.' are accepted on MSO: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/283852/3648282 meta.stackoverflow.com/search?q=user+style+font+
10:06 AM
Other than I've nowhere near the skills to give a MVCE
10:17 AM
@JourneymanGeek flags for closure spitefully
@JourneymanGeek The Firefox desktop browser has quite a few settings for font style and size that might help: support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/… - probably there are similar settings under Accessibility for most browsers if you're not using FF.
@Rob I'm pretty fixed on vivaldi.
10:37 AM
@Tinkeringbell spelling error, remove one "e". It is just "Gek".
@JourneymanGeek Vivaldi is fairly good, here you go:
Not so much "apologetic" but if there's a fair review question (why does your review not agree with the majority) that's politely asked (or looming) I'm not opposed to clarify any misunderstanding or attempts to derail the conversation:
in Discussion on question by Franck Dernoncourt: How can I sort users by how many of my questions they close voted?, Jul 25 '20 at 1:46, by Rob
Since I've been pointed out as a frequent close voter: My closes are for dupes: 1, 2, 3, etc., more a case of stalking the Queue and not Franck (save for his ability to spot dupes and avoid such closures) - Franck has also offered thank you comments.
Yikes, just what we asked for ☹️ - Banner ADs for HNQs: meta.stackexchange.com/q/364556/282094
10:53 AM
@Rob though they won't be "hot" any more :)
and they don't need to be banners either :)
it could be that what comes out of the discussion around this post is an agreement by all parties that maybe those "hot" questions shouldn't be on banners unless they're on the same site, for instance
could be that banners are reserved for same-site ads instead :)
it almost feels like that should be spun out into its own question :D
Yes, it's just that a couple of days ago (and often in the past) people spend their time griping about HNQs. - The return of Community ADs is excellent.
@JourneymanGeek can be answers there too, though? Just to keep things in one place. Obviously if it becomes too convoluted and hard to follow a separate one might be better, but starting with keeping it all there would be preferable :)
for me, at least :P
@JNat Well, up to you. I might be thinking of a certain unwealdy monolithic question your poor design team needs to deal with :D
11:10 AM
Can't just have a third Question Featured ...
Banner ads aren't shown to users with a bit more rep, or? I think that might be a problem for this use case
11:20 AM
@MadScientist 200 reps, but they can re-enable it if they want
11:49 AM
What was the purpose of putting a cap of 2 on featured posts?
@EkadhSingh Its proooobaby somewhere on meta
Thank you :)
12:11 PM
> Finally, ads can not be promoting products or soliciting programmer time or resources for knowledge sharing projects that are competitive to Stack Overflow, broadly construed.
Wonder what prompted that...
@Mithical technically there's an ad for topanswers too
Yeah but that's not the top voted answer there.
12:31 PM
yeah give me some karma
great if its organic
Man... I love Flack Overstow...
gets the giant hose and hoses the bears down
Would it be usefull to make the community user a bit more violent? For example a person posts a first post, has no other linked accounts, and that post is nuked as spam, the account itself also gets nuked
@Luuklag but of a risk of false positives
12:49 PM
How high would that risk be? 1% maybe 2%
Still, destroying isn't really something we can 'undo', so better not have the risk.
@Luuklag as high as SD's false positive on auto-flags?
@MetaAndrewT. which would be?
@Luuklag Smokey's autoflagging TP rate currently sits at 99.41%
I'll note that a few recent autoflagged FPs have taken that number down slightly only very recently, but it's still pretty darn accurate.
@Spevacus nuking is still quite destructive
12:57 PM
Yeah I'm not advocating for that change, just showcasing the Smokey stat atm.
@JourneymanGeek would that leave their email useless?
@Luuklag ah.
they can recreate and get suspended
But I have/had a proposal to do email blocklists to stop spam and that didn't get anywhere
Some sort of rate limiting when a brand new user gets their answer deleted via R/A flags would be nice though.
@Spevacus I believe there's already that though
Too many times have we nuked a post with rude flags only for that same user to go and post the same, or worse, answer to another question.
Repeat until natural rate limit is hit >_>
1:02 PM
Hard to explain more without spilling the mod's tool...
I won't say a word ;)
Kidding, I trust you if you say so.
instead, I use the already spilled one
> and also if the user gets a certain amount of offensive flags which get validated, then the user gets an IP block.
So in the cases I was in, they just didn't hit the requisite number of flags to get smacked with a block.
The block extending network-wide is nice, though.
No prob!
@Luuklag I wasn't the first to think of this:
Q: Automatically destroy unregistered users when their only post gets the red flag treatment

badpUnregistered (operative word #1) users with only one post (operative word #2) that got deleted by Community (operative word #3) after spam or offensive flags should be deleted/destroyed automatically. These posts are typically made by: hit and run trolls who'll never come back, and just waste...

Wow, anyone remembers me ranting about my time reporting yesterday
I thought I'd open the console today to see what happens.
on page load there are 268 POST calls done to the DB
taking 26355 ms
or over 26 seconds
1:25 PM
Is it a microservice architecture?
New cool thing. Netflix does it so it must be awesome.
Are those 268 calls to fetch the 268 fields that are on the page?
This probably is way older. It's by Exact
@rene yeah that appears to be the case
and guess what, their all 0, except for 1 column
1:28 PM
And every time I enter a single value, they make a call as well
But they don't save the changes untill I acutally press the submit button
Pfff, they problably try to have a live Viewmodel for all users. And the submit is to record the actual state change of the system/page .... :facepalm:
@rene which makes 0 sense to have, since there might only be 1 other person watching my values
and they have no use in them untill they are submitted
Maybe that is advertized as: No data loss when the network connection breaks.
1:51 PM
haha, submitting the data makes the same calls again, taking the same time :/
@SilentKiller @BabaYaga and all the rest living in India, are you all OK? Just saw what hit you...
India is quite a bit bigger than that one spot ;) How do you know it hit them?
@Tinkeringbell well "hit your country"
They might be in the range, or not, hopefully not. :)
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard That was my point ;)
@Tinkeringbell .
2:02 PM
Thanks. I like my point :)
Small, but useful.
2:16 PM
You both have a .
i mean, it's a big storm
Yup in those things, size do matter. :/
Shadow, i saw a vid claiming israeli air defence fighting against hamas. but then i saw a fighterjet. I dont think Hamas even has jets right
@Luuklag correct
They have "only" rockets.
It's not a full scale battle between countries, it's more like big scale guerilla fighting. In the past, it ended in IDF entering on foot and causing LOTS more victims, so we try to avoid that if possible.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard yeah it aint pretty either way
well time to go pick up the kids
another day spent on meetings that could've been emails \o/
2:30 PM
Think I found something that might help to explain... when a terrorist attack people, be it with a knife, gun, bomb, etc....it's only one person attacking whole nation. It's not like he can take over that nation. Just cause damage. He still must be stopped, and if damage already done, the nation should do its best to prevent others from following same path.
That's how it is here. Each rocket launched on place with innocent people is act of terror.
@Luuklag yeah, typical. :D
@Luuklag kids today are with new babysitter, who is active volleyball player in Israel's top league. lol
Since they earn almost nothing, he look for any source of income.
@Luuklag in a symmetric war... hamas wouldn't last very long
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard I would not say volleyball is huge in the netherlands but a top player can probably be a full time athelete and have a decent income.
@rene yeah, here they can't. Or he's just being greedy, which I doubt, as babysitting isn't that fun.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard I guess games and training is kinda hard in the time of covid?
@JourneymanGeek it's already behind us, sports are all back to full activity.
But yeah, he had a rough year, so maybe still leaking the financial wounds.
And now time to go spend some money in the super market. Cya! :D
2:45 PM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard bring something to snack. I'm hungry.
^^ He already pays more than 2x for his food.
3:07 PM
@EkadhSingh There has been three before; could still fit.
3:36 PM
@rene here you go!
3:58 PM
Ooohhh, yummy
Also a reminder that thanks to some "haterworkthatdidntneedtoexist", I will forever need to be quite specific if I am looking for a picture of a mlp themed cupcake.
Y'all are making me hungry.
4:42 PM
@SPArcheon Some of those have mod diamonds on them!
5:40 PM
@Mithical Regarding your answer here: the team has opened up a new product discovery thread about it, in the first message of mine above
Til. You get messages when your question is opened or closed 😁
Yeah I did the reopen thing. I think it's fine here, upon reflection and reading the comments posted by others. Initially I was on the fence.
1 hour later…
6:57 PM
@JourneymanGeek You do! It's (relatively) new.
7:40 PM
@Catija in terms of the complaint, I'm always open to discussion (to the extent that I have time available!).
8:18 PM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard that was on South western part of the country, Mumbai region
@Tinkeringbell so big that the cyclone isn't even on the Top 10 news of the day lmao
8:41 PM
i saw it on one of my feeds
9:36 PM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog TL did read but didn't understand
Who exactly is being sacrificed?
9:55 PM
@Spevacus often to the same question, too!
10:15 PM
@RyanM That feel when the question is automatically protected before the block sets in :(
10:56 PM
@Spevacus Turns out that the protection privilege is available to users above 15k or below 10 :-p
11:11 PM

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