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2:53 AM
@Luuklag, I was having tech issues earlier. Hi everyone, I'm Philippe :)
3:10 AM
Hello! o/
3:35 AM
2 hours later…
5:55 AM
@Philippe \o
hey guys long time no see
6:12 AM
Are you Reno the Professional?
2 hours later…
7:45 AM
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@Philippe yes, I can relate. This whole new "internet" thing is beyond what my acoustic modem can cope with ...
@Philippe Good to see you got that sorted now. Welcome!
The dutchies pinging Philippe in the middle of the night, hopefully he closed his browser by now. Or at least learned to mute the tab.
At least its meta with its gentle trill
not the BONG of the main chat server ;)
7:58 AM
@Spevacus Not direct affiliation - but the website only has 2 articles - was enough for me - the article was also crap
How is your exhaustion going @DavidPostill ? Or your age for that matter ;)
@JNat cross site spammer, starting a new backlog today!: stackexchange.com/users/20926492/thanbaicasino?tab=accounts
@DavidPostill I first read baLdly hahaha
8:14 AM
same ^
high five
@Luuklag That too :)
I see the front page won't be yaakoved for the next 6-8 weeks
more accurately 6 weeks, but still.
well deserved
I'm having today/tomorrow off, and my parents are gone till Monday. So it's highly likely I will be slouching on the couch instead of in front of a computer screen for the next 4 days (depending on whether/how many friends the covidiot decides to bring over). So I'm probably not around as much to chat/mod.
@Tinkeringbell Go outside, its good for you!
@rene yes. It does make me wonder if they don't do paid vacations like were used to here. His tweet reads like he didn't get much time off during his 7,5 years on the job...
8:21 AM
Nah, I have a treadmill to walk on, it's better for me!
@Tinkeringbell I was expecting you would more chat ....
Outside isn't safe.
If memory serves, you get 2 weeks off a year + since folks seem to work wierd hours, HR sometimes forces you to take time off
sabbatical's kinda 'special'
@JourneymanGeek yeah that ain't much. I usually have a week or 5
using part of my overtime hours
@rene Nah, chatting on mobile sucks. And I'm not moving the PC downstairs and connecting it to the TV, that sounds too much like work.
8:24 AM
@Luuklag oh, can't really consider 'european' standards elsewhere
@Tinkeringbell Been outside. There is this weird lamp in the sky that keeps shining in my eyes. And it's awfully drafty. Dirt everywhere. 2/5 would not recommend. But I saw a squirrel once.
I get 2 weeks off a year as a contractor. In theory as a FTE I get 1 week 'guarenteed' leave and 'unlimited' flexi leave which essentially boils down to "2 weeks"
I heard the graphics are nice too... But the total gameplay sucks ;)
They haven't fixed the balance issues.
@Tinkeringbell I hope you had your parents do some serious shopping before they left
8:25 AM
@Luuklag I'm just sending the covidiot ;)
Oh, and yesterday we had thuisbezorgd ;)
A what?
Ah, some food place, it seems.
thuisbezorgd is a meal delivery site
like deliveroo, uber eats etc.
@JourneymanGeek 5 weeks off a year, 3 extra days because I've been with this company for 5 years, and 2 extra days for 'floating holidays' that you can take if a client says you can't work for them that year. And I saved an extra week from last year, in case of moving to the new apartment ;)
pretty much
And if I really need to I can just take unpaid leave
ARGH stupid excel on mac, I can't insert a part hyperlink in a cell. I need the entire cell to be a hyperlink :/
8:36 AM
Doesn't this also how "normal" excel works?
I don't think I've tried adding part of a hyperlink in a cell.
@VLAZ nope, in normal excel that's perfectly valid
Now I'm going to end up with merging, and unmerging a bunch of cells to make it fit.
I'm vaguely convinced someone uploaded a huge file to our work git, and I'm having issues updating my repo cause the connection is garbage and its getting stuck on that file
@JourneymanGeek That happens all the time with our work file server
People find it "easy" to upload their 3gb movie in their project folder, instead of in the archive where they belong
Oh this is all 'work' stuff
I think one of the support folks did a big drop of docs
and we have it all on one repo for some inscrutable reason
8:55 AM
9:06 AM
@JourneymanGeek wasn't there somethng like Large File Support in the latest Git version? Or was that Yes, large files, but not that large
Depends on what they mean by "support".
Do partial usernames ping you on MSE as well?
@luu I guess?
First time I've seen this
Lets see if you get one on MSE now @journ
9:21 AM
@Luuklag Yes, anything that can uniquely identify your user works. I've been pinged by an @v several times.
I think there's a 3 letter minimum
In chat that notifies ALL USERS that start with this.
the bob problem
We have a Nick problem.
9:24 AM
Q: How do I ping the right bob?

Journeyman Geek We have two bobs at the moment. Bob (with the fox avatar) is a long time user, and bob, with the green avatar. I'd like to ping Bob, without bothering bob with my pings. I see two ways to do this - It's trivial for me to get the username - so could we have a way to ping a user by user id numbe...

Q: RFC: Better chat @mentions – A prototype

balphaStatus: 75% - We have a prototype to play with the UI Previous RFC: RFC: Better chat @mentions Problem Statement & Background Please see the previous RFC. Proposed solution The feedback to the solution I proposed in the original RFC was overwhelmingly positive. We now have a prototype of the chat...

It appears there is a working prototype
but implementation failed I guess
@Luuklag maybe but chat updates are at a standstill
and its not a 'small' thing so I'm kinda waiting for things to settle down before Its something I would push for
I just bountied it. Brings it back to the front page :)
Oh, there's a broader thing to consider - chat improvements are going to need to be substancial
Stuff like moving it to stacks, quality of life improvements...
@JourneymanGeek Meh better get an external chat library if your planning on such big changes I guess
9:36 AM
@Luuklag ewww
there's nothing fundamentally wrong with it
There also nothing right with it ;)
What's not right? :D
Its fairly reliable, and does what we need it to do
@JourneymanGeek @mentioning bob ;)
@Luuklag well that's actually probably a minorish fix
1 hour later…
10:49 AM
@Luuklag I got used to being pinged by Dutchies at Wikipedia. I also learned to ask for Stroopwafel as tribute. :)
Take one shaped like an easter egg
@Luuklag This is why you're my favorite.
I hope that applies to all Dutchies alike ;)
Sure, once they bring me stroopwafel
1 hour later…
12:04 PM
@DavidPostill Sounds good. Thanks :)
2 hours later…
1:36 PM
@JourneymanGeek is approve and edit no longer a thing?
@Luuklag would only work if there's space in the queue
the queue is full
@JourneymanGeek why's that if I have the full edit privilige
I wanted to approve and edit to get them singlehandedly out of the queue
I could fix up the images, post them here or as an answer to the meta post and you could do the edits?
1:38 PM
for one question yeah ;)
there's more?
Yeah, not trivial to automate
what I'm doing is just adding a white background and flattening
have at it ;)
1:54 PM
fixed them.
2 hours later…
3:58 PM
Random rants. Anyone here used Sendgrid for sending Email from a c# application?
What do you expect will happen if someone deletes the SendGrid Account on Azure and you don't know that?
a) you get an error as soon as you try to send a mail using a SendGrid api key for an account that no longer exists
b) a ghost tells you that the mail was sent but the mail will be forever stuck in the spirit realm.
Start voting....
Since you're asking, I don't see a more sensible thing than b)
4:25 PM
@Luuklag Escape time, less than 15 minutes.
4:45 PM
@Rob thats what you get for lacking a propper cage
Something like this
5:12 PM
@SPArcheon I vote A. It is A, right? It can only be A? It is A and you had an empty try {}catch{} over the call. Don't try to blame SendGrid for your neglect ...
@rene Look, I don't know what is Azure integration role in this, so it could be Azure. But there is a ghost, somewhere.
I'm sure an intern from MS implemented that empty catch because that sengrid call caused some many exceptions ....
5:28 PM
@rene I suppose you were thinking you were joking, right?
Jul 2 '15 at 14:12, by SPArchaeologist
user image
Just IgnoreMe
not related mind you, that one is from SharePoint.
still, demonstrating your theory isn't a joke but actually something quite probable.
A bit worrying that is in the EncryptionUtility. Sorry, we send this unencrypted, we faced an IgnoreMe exception
Take a deep breath and remember that programming sucks
5:53 PM
@rene and even better, that was something that I originally found while working with the Excel Service api.
but yep, back then SharePoint would everyday log a critical failure in the Windows event log because at about 9.00AM it would restart one of its services....
By killing the associated process.
And that was by design.
9:00 AM that is when I have my coffee. A good thing the service takes a break as well ...
6:35 PM
I always forget to ping you for some reason. Thanks :)
6:50 PM
In a bit you can ping me for that as well :)
Redistribute some of that rep this way pls
I just posted 2 bounties today ;)
Is this comment too harsh on Anita? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/267293/…
I think this answer only applies to a very limited part of the question. The OP specifically stated: " if the database limit for comments can't be increased, then [....]". Your answer doesn't even acknowledge that. — Luuklag 8 mins ago
Always forget thay it doesnt inline when youbput some text first
I think that's fine. I would remove the "even" part from the last bit, personally, though. "Your answer doesn't seem to acknowledge that part." sounds a bit nicer than "Your answer doesn't even acknowledge that" to me.
Yeah you're right
7:09 PM
@Luuklag Mine have easily pushed that open, making it little different than this:
Been a couple of years now since the last of our guinea pigs passed, but every now and then I still miss their sqweaks
8:01 PM
For the Dutch people:
Image upload keeps failing :(
Sorry, no joke today.
8:23 PM
@Luuklag That is precisely the cage that my pups and their mom live in.
We don't really do anything with those: meta.stackexchange.com/q/303746/369802
So unless they actually post something, there's no need to report. There's one edge case: sex worker profile spam with inappropriate profile pictures can be reported by flagging one of your own posts with a link to the profile
3 hours later…
11:37 PM
11:53 PM
that's amazing

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