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12:27 AM
@MartinJames Germans are crazy for English breakfast ?!
That needs to be discussed >:-)
So... what then?
Germans are... sensibly delighted for English breakfast?
I think it's more the diversity of breakfast. Coffee and tea, jam and bread and muesli and cheese and pork tec.
Wikipedia says something about Baked Beans and Hash Browns....I don't think German taste accept that.
At least not at breakfast.
At least not for some Germans.
I saw that the new draft is up and already discussed.
1 hour later…
1:46 AM
so I think y'all fubar'd chat login on other sites, I keep getting redirected to the StackOverflow "Add a login" page every time I try and login on the chat.stackexchange.com sites for things like Ask Ubuntu's chat
or the other Moderator-only chat rooms because i'm a diamond mod over on Ask Ubuntu
Yeah, it's been broken for a while
You need to login at *.stackexchange.com (for example, meta.stackexchange.com)
i did that?
and i keep getting redirected without it accepting my login
while I have a Google and an SE Local credential tied to my account.
happens for both
If you go to meta.stackexchange.com, does it show you logged in?
@Rob i think i should clarify:
I'm already seen as logged on on [Insert Site URL Here]
chat.stackexchange.com no matter what access vector I use doesn't log me in.
Except on my cell phone, but there's no logical reason for that
it's a minor miracle I ended up being able to get in here
Hmm. Well, it sounds the same as the issues I (and a few other people were facing)
Just to be entirely sure, try log out of everything. Don't visit chat.stackexchange.com - go straight to meta.stackexchange.com and login
If that doesn't fix it, it's a different issue
1:51 AM
that seems to have helped, but I think there's a bigger problem if we can't get to our sites' own chat rooms the 'normal way', I'm sure everyone would appreciate a fix being rolled out as soon as possible.
It was raised here and a couple of other places
2 hours later…
4:02 AM
4:18 AM
Could anyone please help me get a rank list here in SEDE?
Like, a new column with name "Rank", that displays 1 for the top answerer, 2 for the second top answerer, and so on for all the five hundred ranks
is this even possible in SEDE?
Off the top of my head, wouldn't it be some flavor of order by?
@Shog9 Another IE-related bug, likely to get stuck in the mud again for the same reason as the last one: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/312895/…
4:51 AM
@JourneymanGeek I think you might be able to contribute here: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/311669/…
5:16 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog no hand-drawn circles? :-(
Q: How to generate sequential row number in tsql?

manjuvreddyI have a requirement in a report to show alternate colors in row and for this I need to generate sequential numbers in a SQL Select statement (see example below) to use later while displaying rows. I am trying row_number and some other techniques its not working. This should not be done using sc...

@ThomasWard which browser?
the new CoC draft is much better then the old one
5:47 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog errr
Not sure what I can add?
@Magisch sadly the reference is probably lost on most but I have this mental image of Tim sitting with a large quill, mumbling to himself, then showing copies to everyone the first time...
then collecting all of them again cause "this is better"
.... this is better.
> We take your reports seriously. Those who don’t follow the Code of Conduct in good faith may face repercussions deemed appropriate by our moderation team. This is how moderators generally handle reported issues:
... that looks pretty much perfect...
I do think giving examples of how better to ask someone about something is a nice touch
(I'm getting reminded of this episode of B5 ;p )
6:07 AM
@JourneymanGeek Eh. Most of what I'd took as invitations to rule lawyer have been removed, and the rest is uncontroversial for me.
this is better ...
@Magisch oh that was totally a compliment
Won't change anything for most people, as they're already not in the habit of denigrating people for giggles
Yeah, so I fell asleep (at 1am) discussing about CoC and other policy..
6:09 AM
If I wanted to continue, it was about "using CoC as a shield to other current policies" like "friendly" comment removal/post revision
I feel like it has to be made clear somewhere that removing them is not being unwelcoming unfriendly.
More as a tool to act as a shield for people
both CoC and Comment privilege will meet at "short answer posted as comment"
6:52 AM
@Shog9 thanks, I was searching for it, but on meta.SE instead :/
@SomewhatMemorableName perfect, thanks!
7:05 AM
Would somebody more experienced with autologin be able to say what might possibly help here: Why does MathOverflow keep logging me out?
Basically all I was able to find is summarized here: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/9369/2018/7/4
1 hour later…
8:13 AM
do we have a canonical reference about how to handle meta questions that ask how something works at the time the question is asked?
Basically: 6-8 years ago someone asked "how this works?". Now, I suspect something changed and want an updated answer. What should I do? Is there an agreed upon procedure?
All the "guidance" I can find are about how to handle a technical that has become obsolete / wrong, but that is an SE-centric approach.
I'd go with a new question pointing out it dosen't work the old way.
I don't know if something changed, that is the reason I want to ask in the first place. I notices some minor changes that may indicate something bigger changed.
but I can't be sure.
which is also fine
as long as you point out the old question and the behaviours in question
That said, If I ask a new question - yet another question that only the staff can answer (which is another Meta.SE common problem) I can totally see someone voting to close or even dupehammer closing the question as a dupe of the old - possibly obsolete - one.
hence linking the old one so its clear you have read the new one, and "these things are different"
8:27 AM
Could try. But I foresee it still getting closed with someone suggesting me to open a bounty on the old version.
9:17 AM
@ThorstenS. Visit any 'international business' hotel, in Berlin/Frankfurt/wherever, eg. one near an airport. or commercial/tech parks, and sit in the breakfast bar. Observe who is eating what. I sit there with my dark malt bread, cheese, ham, salami and pickles, while the groups of German guests shovel in what can only be described as 'English Breakfasts'.
It's almost like some kind of guilty pleasure. If you video them eating. and then threaten to send the clip to their family/friends, you could probably blackmail them: get your hotel bar bill paid, maybe:)
@MartinJames I'm sure finding you in germany would be interesting
@Magisch I should state, for the record, that the 'breakfast video' suggestion was only a hypothetical, and I don't, as a rule, film hotel guests and then blackmail them:)
sure but I imagine you as a mildly grumpy english type guy
@Magisch Possibly, normally, but after 10 pints of hefeweizen, things change:)
shoot me a message next time you're in frankfurt, I live like 30 minutes from that place
9:34 AM
@Magisch OK, but it's been a while. I've been to the Automechanika show a couple times.
9:48 AM
What's the etiquette for people who answer FAQ posts on Meta.SO in hopes of changing the FAQ consensus?
@YvetteColomb foal play is abound!
Disclaimer: Yep, I know, this may sound a little negative and biased.
Do anyone here know if there are some chat rooms interested in programming related discussion? Not question and answers, not I-am-right-you-are-wrong arguments, just plain "I have experienced this while doing that, I wonder what other people real world experiences are"
@Magisch galloping out of control
9:54 AM
Foals should be smaller, rounder, have bigger eyes and... not so dully colored?
Have you considered painting the foal pink / orange / yellow?
Look at the photo. The poor thing is clearly depressed.
Surrounded by lame brownish horses.
Even the grass is dull.
You should really do something to improve grass brightness and/or saturation.
@Derpy Upset by with their colour - a hue and cry? :)
@Derpy this is what the paddock looked like
@YvetteColomb When developing your photos, remind to do that inside the dark room. And close the door, I guess :P
10:04 AM
ah. I see. I would love to hear that was intentional, but I fear I already know it was not.
@Derpy that's smoke! the paddock was on fire. I was waiting for the fire brigade. So yes it is dull. the grass is burnt out, it's the middle of winter, there's a lot of slashed and dead grass that looks dull and all my horses are either black, brown or bay (except for one chestnut). Our state is in the worst drought in 100 years - although it's been raining where we are. So please don't say such horrible things
@YvetteColomb ah... not just the brumbies that are wild:(
@YvetteColomb yep, as I just said - sorry. I didn't realize it was smoke. I though you had altered the photo so that the colors were wrong. Wouldn't have said that if I knew there was a fire.
I've been concerned about wildfires here, too. The fields round us are brown/white instead of green. It's a bit safer now since the farmer has cut the straw, but still risky:(
10:07 AM
I was trying to put it out.
I was keeping the horses calm.
I acutally wasn't going to mention the fire, but noone puts baby my horses in a corner ;)
@MartinJames yep, grass fires are bad/ fast and it spread 5 metres while I was waiting for the firebrigade
@YvetteColomb Again, it wasn't my intention to mock you - that was just supposed to be a joke about the obvious difference between real world grass and horses colors and the over-saturated MLP colors (or to be fair, most animated shows)
Didn't expect to hit you at a bad time like this.
@Derpy that's ok. It was coming into twilight and the colour saturation was as it was in the paddock. I was probably a bit oversensitive, as we have a lot of grass compared to most of the state. And livestock are dying. Farmers are selling off horses at low prices and feed prices are going through the roof. I buy hay that's transported approx 2000 km
10:12 AM
Most people in NSW would love to have that green. :/
@YvetteColomb that smoke :(
@JourneymanGeek the horses were so good. I was teaching them not to panic. When I arrived they were up the hill. Nice and safe and came down when they saw me.
@YvetteColomb cleaver horses.
So I taught them not panic and the fire brigade came and people in shiny suits and a hose and I taught them not to panic. Keeping horses calm is vital to help prevent injuries to them and humans
@YvetteColomb I have multiple relatives living in what would be defined "countryside" here. But here even the countryside 90% of the time has a fire-police station in no more than 60' distance - often a lot less. Food isn't a problem either.
10:17 AM
@JourneymanGeek yep my lead horse is so good. She's a good girl and looks after them
It is just water than can become problematic in summer
@Derpy australia is huge
and that is mostly because we are very well trained in wasting it
read: golf clubs. Or never-turn-off-this fountains.
@Derpy yep well our state is in the worst drought in 100 years. The entire state is brown, except right on the coast. No feed. Hay is so expensive and other feeds are becoming scarce. So farmers have no pasture for the animals to graze and it's superexpensive buying feed
this is the horses coming up when I arrived
10:27 AM
THe fire was in the paddock?
@YvetteColomb yes, that is a pretty hard situation, I get it. Which is why it becomes so more frustrating to see that our country can't even manage much less serious crises. We are just lucky we don't get anything so serious.
I mean.... every year we have multiple incidents (and some time even deaths) caused by "heavy rains"
trust me....
@JourneymanGeek yep and it was burning at the fence line
our heavy rains are what many other countries would consider low-to-normal
@Derpy where arr yiu?
10:31 AM
@Derpy we get extremes, flood, fire, droughts
all in the same place
@YvetteColomb somewhere in Europe. Sorry if I am not more specific, but I am not really fond of my country to be completely sincere, so I am somehow used to avoid mentioning it.
Don't worry. We won't hold you accountable for the actions of your government.
@Derpy that's truly sad. I'm sorry to hear that. I've very lucky. I love where I live and wouldn't change it for the world
Especially when our government seems more akin to the W.W.E. than an actual government
by which I means that round tables often end up in an insult throwing match.
10:38 AM
our parliament is like that when sitting. They're covered by parliamentary privilege and use it as a free for all. Disgusting
My country is actually quite popular in Europe's eyes - except that the migrants don't like it here, and somehow it's our fault.
@JohnDvorak please oh, please, don't mention the immigration problem. Aka "how to turn a problem into political propaganda". Here, it has been turned in a powerful weapon.
@JohnDvorak sounds like SO
With a little sprinkling of racism and fear, immigration management is day after day used to try to win votes.
and trust me, they mostly don't care a lot about the actual issue it presents.
10:45 AM
totally agree
welcome to every politician ever in the history of history
@Magisch well, I think someone suggested to put MINES in the water to stop "clandestine ships"
So what, do they just want to outright murder the people trying to migrate?
I somehow doubt murdering asylum seekers jives with the geneva convention
but yep, in my country the official site of a political party managed to keep for a very long time a little "remake" of a song on the front page.
The remake replaced the original words... with other that were something similar to... "take a gun and shoot the [insert immigrant race here]"
the world is harsh. human beings can be a nasty species at times. we have such a range, it's hard to reconcile that we're all the same animal
10:49 AM
From my perspective I genuinely don't get all the hate. Hating stuff is work. Emotional energy is very limited. Why?
IIUC, the current interpretation of the Geneva convention is that you have to accept each and every asylum seeker ... but only if they make it onto your territory alive.
@JohnDvorak I thought you have to entertain each and everyone
Meaning you have to hear their case and adjudicate it
So, how many spare - and not too seasick or claustrophobic - lawyers does Italy have at hand?
Blowing up asylum seekers is barbaric. They might be economic migrants, but there for the grace of $insert deity, so would we.
We're a stroke of sheer dumb luck away from being right in their stead. Worth remembering when you're talking about all the leeches coming to take your money.
On one hand, sinking ships full of people is barbaric, but then so is loading a ship full of people and throwing it into somebody else's hand to cradle and save.
10:53 AM
Sure. Human traffickers are pretty bad. The solution would entail helping out the countries in question in a manner that doesn't convince millions of their own people risking their lives on a gamble like illegal immigration
I've heard they were boarding at gunpoint
@JohnDvorak AFAIK, there is no current 'legal' solution save declaring war, (in which case the 'invaders', with no recognized uniform, can then be shot as spies).
Ok, that's kind of a low solution
The legal solution would be to start fixing the countries people come from so the poverty there isn't so horrendous as to convince people to try this
@JohnDvorak Well, someone needs to come up with a higher solution before something so disastrous happens. No, I got nothing:(
10:56 AM
I believe basic human rights shouldn't be curtailed or discarded because they become inconvenient or problematic for nation states.
How about "welcome, foreigners, to our soil. You may stay for as long as you wish. Unfortunately, we can't afford to provide any housing or food to you and the soil on this island has been ruined by decades of erosion. Also, we're seizing that ship you've just arrived on."
And anyone seriously entertaining just murdering immigrants as a deterrent needs to be excised from public debate posthaste
@Magisch so true. I'm constantly drained, so don't cope that well with conflict if I get worked up. If I stay calm it's fine. There's no room for unnecessary anger in my life
@Magisch Trust me. I have the feeling that many countries have people that advocated ideas that should alone be a good reason to remove them from any government-related position.
@JohnDvorak There seems to be an endless supply of barely-floating death traps for use as overloaded people-carriers. The mob has their money up-front, so why bother with anything else? Leaks normal, sufficient fuel optional :(
11:01 AM
It seems we're at an impasse. There exist no good options, and if you propose one of the bad ones, Mag ensures you have a public execution.
what is also very funny is that we don't even seem to get the problem at all in the first place.
they just talk about "immigrants"
@Magisch its the best, but also the hardest.
You can't depose and fix up every failed state
In my view the problem is that the countries these people immigrate from suck so badly and the living conditions there are so bad that a large swath of people feels the need to do this
Unless we solve that, everything else will be bandaid only
OK, but how do you solve it?
11:05 AM
only recently they started to discriminate between "refugee", "illegal immigrant", "criminals" etc. Which btw it is just oversimplifying thing again in order to try to win votes and also keep a moralistic view
anyways, it is also very "funny"
The Geneva convention does not cover the problem, and governments are more interested in votes than people. I fear that the situation will just get further out-of-hand, local vigilantes with assault-rifles patroling beaches and ports, and other such civil unrest and illegal actions:(
since we do manage to give asylum to "criminal refugees" (trad: "I escaped because I have done multiple illegal things in my country, so I came here to avoid prison") and manage to leave the actual "My country is at war and I came here not to die" waiting at the door.
The issue is that of numbers
@Derpy You obviously cannot, and those with the most to lose, (murderers, rapists etc), are most likely to choose a leaky scow and 'I lost my ID papers' over local justice.
@MartinJames that was supposed to continue my message above but was split in two part because chat:P. I meant we aren't even able to see the real issues with immigration and just focus on the propaganda ones (like "they will steal our jobs!")
11:13 AM
It also depends on what "local justice" means. If it's a comfy bed and three meals a day, people are less likely to run away than if it means "blanket on the floor, and food's served by lowering a pot of wet sawdust on a chain"
@JohnDvorak Such places are often at war, or close enough to it that you can't tell the difference. 9mm justice is common, and much cheaper than prisons.
@JourneymanGeek Singapore's 400 PSI...
@SomewhatMemorableName That's a lot of pressure. Has Singapore sunk into the ocean?
The pressure at the bottom of the Mariana trench is 15.75 kPSI.
Yup. Kilo-pounds per square inch. You're gonna butcher my units, I'm going to butcher yours.
11:31 AM
@SomewhatMemorableName I am pretty sure it only hit 300+?
@MartinJames pollution standards index
@JourneymanGeek Ah... is 400 high?
@MartinJames the chart goes up to 300 ,,,,
The Pollutant Standards Index, or PSI, is a type of air quality index, which is a number used to indicate the level of pollutants in air. Initially PSI was based on five air pollutants, but since 1 April 2014 it has also included fine particulate matter (PM2.5). In addition to the PSI derived by averaging data collected for the past 24 hours, Singapore also publishes a 3h-PSI based on PM2.5 concentrations for the past 3 hours. 1-hr PM2.5 concentrations are also published every hour.Besides Singapore, some other countries also use air quality indices. However, the calculations used to derive their...
@JourneymanGeek Oh.....
@JourneymanGeek apparently it was 324
does 400 PSI mean free gas masks for everyone?
11:33 AM
wiki says 401
@JohnDvorak sadly only N95 masks
Looked up N95, found a cellphone, wondered how to turn it into a gas mask.
huh, ok, now that's confusing .. because Wikipedia also says 341
@JohnDvorak Yeah - it's off my 'vacation spots' list, for sure.
Definitely off my vacation list
11:36 AM
it was... "fun" while it began rising? was monitoring the PSI graph the whole day at office
(and hoped for official leaves... but alas...)
official leave from a clean building into the smog outside?
Oh look, it's a suicide to leave this building right now. I guess I just have to let you.
@JohnDvorak Cuts down on the salary bill without incurring severance payments.
But also employee retention
11:58 AM
On the upshot, with enough smoke, you won't get diseased, but cured instead.
12:29 PM
There's an actual region in Pakistan called "Punjab"
Taking a jab at our many puns, I see pakistan
Also lurking g3rv4 is lurking :P
@Magisch and one in india too.
The british were roughly as good at drawing borders in the 40s and 50s as they were making cars in the 70s.
@JourneymanGeek jab people with the puns
A pun jab in punjab so you can go to punjab to jab puns
12:49 PM
@JourneymanGeek What? We did a stand-up job with India, Pakistan, Kashmir. No problems at all...
...after all, while they are threatening each other with nuclear weapons, they are not threatening Britain.
@Shog9 Firefox, Chrome, Internet Exploiter Exploder Explorer, Edge.
though, finally got able to get in but I had to hit logout about 8 times to log out of everywhere, before I was able to login to meta.se (it kept thinking I was logged in, so the logout mechanism is also busted it seems)
@ThomasWard You misspelt 'Exploder'
no I didn't :P
@MartinJames and much of the middle east
@JourneymanGeek .. and Ireland. All mgnificent examples of international cooperation and harmony.
12:55 PM
@ThomasWard Can confirm for Latest Firefox w/ Windows 10
@JourneymanGeek I forgot Cyprus for a moment.
@Magisch it extends into india too, because partition
@Mgetz Yeah - it was the British alternative to 'divide and conquer'. One the conquering was no longer permitted/acceptable/possible, we resorted to 'divide and cause so much local trouble that Britain's colonial misrule was forgotten about and replaced with local strife, new conflicts and civil wars'.
@MartinJames In the ostensible interests of preventing conflict we'll cause one!
@Mgetz Of course - but 'somewhere else' :)
@Mgetz Of course, it also helps if Britain's former colonial contacts can be used to sell arms to both sides.
1:30 PM
@Mgetz that's where we started
@JourneymanGeek That whole area is incredibly complex and vibrant, I wonder how much they get annoyed with the whole India/Pakistan thing
or if they do
1:47 PM
@Mgetz maaan
inter religious/caste/cultural issues in the subcontinent are... complex
2:05 PM
one single test method.
arrange section is 250 lines long
no test method. no QA
@Derpy so I work in a system where code coverage percentages are required, I've seen 2kloc files that are nothing but i++
2:41 PM
@Mgetz the arrange part for a single test of a single method is 250 lines long. It setups mocks for about.. 10 different services, 30 different methods, all with sequence call support and such.
Trust me: there are two problems there:
a) we use moq, which is basically entry level mocking framework. Can be sufficient if you are in a 100% SOLID codebase. But this is not.
b) follow up of a) - This method/class does too much
would be a lot easier to test if the code was split on multiple related subservice - or at least we used Just Mock (which we even have licenses for) but.... No
@Derpy are you testing anything but moq
@Mgetz that I am wondering too.
My experience is that in those cases you're testing the mocking framework not the code
3:16 PM
on an unrelated notice... have been considering buying a new android smartphone...
so now I am browsing the net...
To see which brands has the fewer "YAY! Your new phone was infected at factory level" incidents reports
3:43 PM
77 messages moved to Chimney
@Derpy that sounds ... depressing ....
Do I want to know the outcome?
the second one is an older report, but has a nice list.
Galaxy Note 2
Galaxy S7
Galaxy S4
Galaxy Note 4
Galaxy Note 5
Xiaomi Mi 4i
Galaxy A5
ZTE x500
Galaxy Note 3
Galaxy Note Edge
Galaxy Tab S2
Galaxy Tab 2
Oppo N3
Vivo X6 plus
Nexus 5
Nexus 5X
Asus Zenfone 2
OppoR7 plus
Xiaomi Redmi
Lenovo A850
I see Nexus 5. I am happy.
all of these had a free included virus in each bag. Even better than your average chips bag
@SomewhatMemorableName you own one?
I have a Nokia. It is not an android phone ...
3:47 PM
@Derpy yeah, from Nexus 4 to Nexus 5.
Still happy with the performance, and I dunno what virus, but Google (and Lineage OS) publishes montly security fixes now.
what can I say. It seems that it was a factory level attack. So it is even possible that not all the phones were modified with the preinstalled spyware (or cryptominer or other malware based on the specific case)
you could be lucky and have a clean model.
Still, it is very worrisome to think that even a brand new phone could be already be compromised.
Nothing new too, since it happened with computer too (cough cough Lenovo cough cough)
4:18 PM
@[186472] beer?
@πάνταῥεῖ I assume that ^ didn't ping you?
@rene It didn't. My User ID is different
1413395 it is
But I'll appreciate a beer if you got one for me ;)
@πάνταῥεῖ your chat userid is 186472
Ah, I didn't notice that difference
@πάνταῥεῖ I've a Grolsch Beugel fles
Ice cold I hope :)
4:24 PM
you bet
So cheers!
4:40 PM
Just stick to the plan. Yes, that includes you, SQL Server ...
@rene it never does, it's so stubborn
I know ...
why doesnt USA have better workers' rights laws :(
4:55 PM
Because you chose to elect the wrong "president"
@πάνταῥεῖ Meh... Things were already that way and have been for years... Also, how do you know what Dragontage voted for?
In a democracy you never elect wrong. It is just the day to day astonishment and amazement now and then that makes you wonder what you voted for....
I didn't say they personally did vote like that. Every people deserve the government they actually have. It's no better here :-/
@πάνταῥεῖ Sorry. It's just a very polarizing form of making such a statement, and I tend to overreact to those... :)
i dont think that the laws have gotten significantly worse under Trump, and they didnt get significantly better under Obama, and they have been bad for a long time
5:14 PM
@Dragonrage some parts are really not understandable, sometimes I wish our system didn't offer as many securities as it does though... But I guess that's mostly jealousy
Hmm, Unities for the rescue :3
Never worked well for me as an engineer ...
Oh boy:
5:30 PM
@Dragonrage because the US' mode of governance is corporatism
@πάνταῥεῖ I'm trying to get a dupe list on that post that makes sense. If you feel I missed one feel free to offer a suggestion
@rene Not much more at hand than you found already :-/
I'm curious whether a meta question (from a stack's meta site, not MSE) ever hit HNQ.
5:45 PM
Meta questions are exempt from HNQ.
@AnneDaunted they get their own list for being popular, which is the Hot Meta Questions section which is localized for each site
@Dragonrage That's true. I had forgotten about that.
2 hours later…
7:41 PM
Is there a specific reason why for posts with posttypeid = 6 (mod nomination posts) no votes rows are present in SEDE?
I wanted to answer this but no can do ...
7:53 PM
wasnt voting functionality removed from such posts?
well, score is still there in the posts table and the score in SEDE matches with what I find on the election page
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