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12:29 AM
@Catija Have you tried cakes from Amy's Ice Creams? Do you like them?
@bro Is there an SEDE query to get the list of questions that are closed as duplicates of any of my own questions?
@SmokeDetector tpu-
12:45 AM
@SonicWizard I have not.
How about their ice cream, overall?
Only 3 for me.
Seven for me.
Under my old account, I proposed an FR to allow users to choose to be notified whenever anyone's question is closed as a duplicate of one's own, but that was very unpopular (it was deleted with my account, back when negatively-voted posts were deleted on meta sites).
@SonicWizard Heavy. I can't usually eat much of it. It's good... I just can't eat a lot at once.
12:54 AM
@Catija Yeah, I agree too...I usually order their tiny size.
But their cakes are very nice
1 hour later…
2:17 AM
@SonicWizard Didn't you ask some version of this: meta.stackexchange.com/q/309401/284336
2:34 AM
Looking at all those sensors on autonomous cars, I have been thinking (which you are probably aware all your life) that we don't have visual sense behind us (unless we turn the head)
so in a sense, we never know what's happening behind us all our lives
which is never any problem unless you think about it
I guess I missed the "drupal drama" while I was sleeping
and, oh.. mornin'
3:04 AM
That opinion that moderators only should answer meta questions.....
I answer plenty of other questions when I can
unless you mean only mods
and I can give some great counter examples
@Catija No, I didn't
My birthday cake, vanilla cookie from Amy's Ice Creams
Looks great! :D Happy birthday!
Belated Happy Birthday
3:20 AM
It was absolutely scrumptious, but it was very expensive, at $25
Well, it was all worth it, as everyone loved it.
@Catija @TelKitty Thanks for the wishes!
@TelKitty To be honest, I prefer that cars be manually operated. It forces the operator to pay attention, while with more automation people will tend to lose sight of things. (I'm looking at you, Tesla.)
3:37 AM
Problem: autonomous cars are still not safe due to unexpected events
Solution: remove the unexpected events by forcing all users to use autonomous cars and external causes
Conclusion: everyone becomes a robot
autonomous car technology is not mature yet
We have to take everyone's freewill from breaking the law.
good idea if you are dictator, btw law is not for fairness but only works as a guideline to how people are supposed to behave
that's what my law lecturer told us
4:02 AM
this was a fun little glitch
Not sure if it was my browser getting confused by my monitor waking up and the scaling or, the user script /extension I use
@JourneymanGeek The notion that only mods should respond when there is something posted as support or discussion on meta. Also only people concerned with the graduation of the site i.e., CM team should answer on discussion meta posted on meta and not other users.
4:27 AM
> It's bad enough that we have a bunch of opinionated jackasses on these sites writing official-sounding answers meta.stackexchange.com/questions/299167/…
> washing bottles to prevent the spread of listeria
Making love not war! Instead of fighting, you should tongue kiss your enemy - but only when you have a deadly flu!
@NogShine that's dumb
mods are at best the first amongst equals, but there's many normal community members who get things well enough to post on meta
heck, by that arguement I should not post on MSE at all ;p
By that argument, MSE should not exist.
MSE is kinda a different beast, beaster than per-site meta.
4:40 AM
lol. my occational popping into hinduism meta...
i popped into hinduism meta just now, but nothing critical (for now)...
> I think the people who will grant graduation are the only persons suitable to this answer this one not anyone else.. all others can just speculate
@JourneymanGeek Sounds like a good plan... You stop posting on MSE so I can catch up.
@Catija heh, one of the nice things about my current job is unless all hell breaks loose...
That enthralling, huh?
4:54 AM
@JourneymanGeek Sounds like fire brigade's job
@Catija well, so far.... "enthralling"
but it keeps me employed and paid and the folks I work with are cool
Isn't "Getting paid to SE" the best job there is, though?
It's the closest anyone is getting any time soon.
@Catija ya, maybe some day ;p
Well, true
but the place has no internet access but what you bring with you ;p
and I think I need a better data plan
4:57 AM
:/ No internet?
My condolences.
ya, I just need to see how much I used in april and look at getting more data
or if using a prepaid card for just data makes more sense
best job is the one I create useful things that could benefit billions of people </day_dreaming>
also I need to lug around a work laptop (which is a bit naff) and a personal one so...
4:59 AM
@JourneymanGeek government?
Basically all government agencies did that "for security reasons"
5:31 AM
ok, that's a little obnoxious
someone had been selecting and deselecting my answer as the 'correct' one... 3 times over 3 days
1 hour later…
@JourneymanGeek do you also have a red and green network cable on your desk?
@SonicWizard not sure, looks like things were different in the past, e.g. you had to visit your profile to get the bonus... these days it's not required anymore and it's not mentioned in the faq as far as I can see.
If anything, that old question is feature request which has been completed at some point.
@ShadowWizard It's tagged
8:03 AM
Q: Should we use the number "110 reputation" more widely with regards to the amount of rep needed to answer protected questions?

Sonic WizardPlease note: This is not a request to do anything. I'd like to obtain a general consensus before filing specific requests for specific changes. We apparently get quite a bit of confusion from users about being able to answer protected questions. This is despite the very obvious guidance "must ha...

@SonicWizard what is sexist about ot?
@rene That the man is the one working. The question applies equally to a woman working, and her wanting to bring her husband and kids...and don't even get me started on non-straight couples.
The OP asks from their perspective and it is their wife apparently.
Maybe the answer differs if you're a woman and bring your man.
@rene SE questions are intended to help the entire audience of the web, and not just the OP.
I bloody well know how SE works but thanks for reminding me
8:15 AM
@rene Judging from the answers, it doesn't appear to differ. Also, I think that posting a separate question with "wife" replaced with "husband" would still be a duplicate.
I didn't bother to read the Q/A. All I know is I hate it when relatives / kids show up on work.
8:58 AM
@SonicWizard I don't get it either. Why is it sexist to mention a gender in a personal problem?
@SonicWizard I believe you can help improving IPS.SE by removing any mentioned gender on the post /s
9:26 AM
@SmokeDetector that q/a is weird on its own Smokey, still the answer is SPAM
@SonicWizard this is not sexist. And abusing the "sexist" accusation like this only diminish its value and cause the real sexist stuff to go unnoticed. It is welcome to improve posts by making them gender neutral all over SE, but that's about it.
9:51 AM
@ShadowWizard yep
10:07 AM
@PrincessLuna rep
@ShadowWizard wep
@PrincessLuna nap
10:25 AM
@rene rap
@ShadowWizard RUP
10:37 AM
@IamnotsurewhomshouldIbutlet'severyone pep
@rene RIP
@ShadowWizard Ruby
@PrincessLuna Dragon
@ShadowWizard :o
@PrincessLuna o:
10:53 AM
@rene we do not discriminate here :p
also I go take a nap, and BOOM word association
@TelKitty Oy! Leave my cousin alone!
@JourneymanGeek boo hoo
2 hours later…
12:36 PM
I went go for a jog and did my 10km daily exercise despite still coughing. My mum said I should go out and scare people with my flu and my friend could tell that I had a cold from my first sentence on the phone :/
12:46 PM
s/should/should not/
2:10 PM
Sorry about that, a load balancer trip inadvertently put a web server undergoing a rebuild into rotation early as soon as it lit up healthy. Despite recent rumors, we are not shutting down due to GDPR. We were only thinking hard about it.
Would be interesting Twitter News if they were shutting down due to GDPR...
"Exclusively toxic site pwned by GDPR!"
I'm actually half curious if they'll raise the minimum age cause of that. But I'll never be 13 again so whatever.
Cats have over one hundred vocal sounds, while dogs have about ten! 🐦
2:50 PM
plenty of this kind of birds running around near Sydney, but they were mainly quiet when I was close
3:41 PM
not a typical cv request but meta.stackexchange.com/questions/309435/… I kinda think this is SO specific + an attempt to get around local mods
@JourneymanGeek I left you a comment ...
in that case "contact us" link?
or no. it looks like a lost case
also shouldn't recreating an account from deletion autosuspend?
Based on the mod message I have an idea who suspended. I don't expect much to change.
3:44 PM
Oh well, if I knew anything, I couldn't talk about it
but I see this kinda thing a loty
yeah, I can't rule out that some users might have the feeling with this SE is evil trend they are in for a weaker/passionate response.
And they might succeed, if they choose the right wording.
1-year, good luck, OP
I don't think that include I did nothing wrong and Someone made a mistake but YMMV
ugh, these bananas rip themselves out...
Wow, you're good! ... as if I didn't know ...
3:52 PM
was it yesterday, a user posted on meta (SO?) and the first comment repl by OP was kind of "I know SO is toxic, but [...]"...
@hey I think those comments can be seen daily now.
And, yes, I'm not helping the case either ...
Yeah, thanks to April's tweets that gave an encouragement to "minorities" to speak out
4:05 PM
Hi, I'm your new meteorologist and a former software developer. Hey, when we say 12pm, does that mean the hour from 12pm to 1pm, or the hour centered on 12pm? Or is it a snapshot at 12:00 exactly? Because our 24-hour forecast has midnight at both ends, and I'm worried we have an off-by-one error.
4:34 PM
@Feeds That's why "overqualified" is a thing
5:23 PM
May be anyone wants to tell them what went wrong (I can't):
in deutschsprachiger Raum on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, yesterday, by Md Ayquassar
As for me, the worst thing I said about other users is that other folks (of course, I meant https://german.meta.stackexchange.com/users/28897/%cf%80%ce%ac%ce%bd%cf%84%ce%b1‌​-%e1%bf%a5%ce%b5%e1%bf%96 ) might be trying to hide their incompetence behind bashing others. Note that I did not claim that they are indeed incompetent or that they are indeed bashing others. It was simply my reaction to their comments, which were, well, by all means below any criticism.
sd tpu-
5:39 PM
You are short sighted. I didn't make an account to get out of a ban, I made an account because a mod deleted my account. And, it is very easy to make a new account with open-id. — Pheo 2 hours ago
Thank god open-id is being nuked
@SterlingArcher yes, that might be a winner.
the long con lol
@rene btw i.sstatic.net/D3bJs.png some more evidence you may enjoy :P
Pffff, tiresome individual
it becomes entertaining after a while, then tiresome, then back to entertaining
1 hour later…
7:00 PM
@SmokeDetector tpu-
@SmokeDetector delete
@SmokeDetector tpu-
7:22 PM
sd tp-
7:51 PM
@AdamLear just noticed your avatar doesn't contain your cat, think for the first time ever since I remember.... hope it doesn't mean the cat is.. gone? :/
Skysong is the cat always in your avatar, no?
> Or look at @stackoverflow, a web site where you can ask questions or post answers. If a user asks to be forgotten, are their questions deleted? What about the related answers? Plus, you can edit questions & answers - are your edits deleted? -- Brent Ozar at 12:47 PM - 25 Apr 2018
Nah, I've had cat-less avatars before.
And yes, that's Skysong
She's fine. :)
@AdamLear really?? Don't remember such thing. It's like I'll have.. avatar without my children... oh wait...
And how's Jasper? @Adam
@bro TL;DR for those who prefer to not go over tons of tweets?
(looks like another twitter discussion of some kind?)
@ShadowWizard Also fine. he's really into nature documentaries on TV these days
@ShadowWizard TL;DR: the EU passed an extremely broad law intended to give individuals more control over what data on them is retained. Complying with the law will be expensive, disruptive and error-prone. There is a good chance that many small companies / individuals will choose instead to not do business in the EU.
7:58 PM
@AdamLear heh, lol... my baby daughter is addicted to cats, whenever we visit my mother she (the baby) demands we go out and see the cats, there are about 15 cats outside. Most of them aren't baby safe so I don't let her too near, but so far she's happy with just seeing them and make strange noises towards them. :)
@AdamLear Cats make good dragons.
Quite true
@Shog9 oh, think I heard something about it in our media at some point. Privacy sucks sometiems, no doubt. So SE might block users who identifies themselves as living in/coming from the EU?
@ShadowWizard That's adorable. Bennett loves them, too... we let him see a Nature documentary on Cats and he was enthralled.
> GDPR meeting: "No Nick, we can't just ban all the European IPs" pic.twitter.com/pnI4lAZxjX -- Nick Craver at 6:00 PM - 11 Apr 2018
8:07 PM
@Catija hehe, well, Ella have a small book with many animals, she always open the page with the cat and make those strange noises... this is more efficient in calming her down than any pacifier. ;)
> Cold storage data for very rarely run simulations is now far, far more expensive to maintain. Still lobbying for that EU IP ban instead. -- Nick Craver at 2:28 PM - 17 Apr 2018
... and about 50% of recent Nick's tweets
@bro not IP... only users who put EU country in their Location field.
Same way SE deletes users who claim to be under 13 years old.
nobody can know for sure, but if they say so...
@ShadowWizard Not the same. Absent a user's disclosure, SE can reasonably claim being unaware of their age. Not so with IP-based geolocation.
@ShadowWizard These are feral or neighborhood cats, though? You don't have one as a pet?
8:15 PM
@bro IP isn't always reliable. Many use proxy, or their workplace connection with server located in different country, etc.
@Catija no pet... my wife is totally against it, and honestly I think it's too much effort too. You have pets?
Had. Haven't since December of 15.
We'll probably get a pair of kittens next year.
@Catija nice!
@Catija Seeing as you seem to be responding to questions about the association bonus quite a bit, what do you think of this proposal of mine?
@ShadowWizard Still more reliable than a user's statement in their profile.
Unfortunately, I'm allergic to cats, while my sister back home really wants one...
8:20 PM
So if either of two can be the basis for deletion, it's the IP.
What if someone's outside the EU, but uses an EU-based VPN so that they can avail the EU law?
@SonicWizard easy: she can move out and live on her own... :)
(unless she's too young?)
She's too young
oh lol
So why not living with your/her parents?
I think I said this before: I'm attending college about 1,200 miles away
8:30 PM
@bro not deletion, just block. No?
@SonicWizard and she's learning there as well?
No, she's back home. She's still in school
@Shog9 At least very soon that law will not apply to the UK
@SonicWizard ohhh..... you mean you still live with your parents, as is your sister, so she can't have cat because you're allergic... and these days you are temporarily away?
Back to privacy and EU... can the EU enforce the law on USA-based company at all? If so, how?
I mean, there's usually no visible symptoms if I just happen to be around a cat; I just can't be around them for long periods of time without constantly taking antihistamines
The U.S. state of California recently passed a similar law for minors
8:39 PM
@Shog9 as DPO of my company, this. It's ridiculous to which extent you have to go to avoid potentially up to $20m fines. For instance, if you have a magnetic tape backup you have to provide evidence and procedure that you'll also erase customer data from those when a request is made. And you have to plaster individual data protection notices everywhere to get anything to do anything. It's ridiculous in how broad and uncompliable it is. Feels like a law designed to allow a
regulatory agency to shut down small companies at will.
@ShadowWizard Any company that does any business is subject to the law and the EU has the vehicle of levying fines against their assets if they break the GDPR. The fines can go to $20M or 4% of yearly global income, whichever is higher.
That is per offence.
@user5389107 huh. So... looking for proper word
(Never mind, you haven't earned the correct Chaos Emerald for it)
@Sonic huh? You meant the -100 not applied when mod-flagged? Read only part.
@ShadowWizard Yes
Can you post the source for this being a bug again?
8:44 PM
my discipline in staying off this site sucks hard :(
oh wait... @Magi is this you?
lol :)
At least keep the avatar, if not name....
@user5389107 At least that law won't apply to the UK very soon
@user5389107 welcome to the club
@bro have you ever tried to stay away from SE/SO/chat??
8:51 PM
Yes, several times.
I believe there are 2 choices:
1. You get yourself into a big plastic bubble
2. Your sister has to keep her cat in a big plastic bubble
Be aware that cats are who rule this world, and you probably need to live in a plastic bubble for the rest of your lifetime!
"plastic bubble" = antihistamine
And you don't trust your medicine? Any too bad side effects? Doesn't work as promised?
I'd try to investigate about these obstacles right now, instead of restricting your sister to learn some of the essential things you gotta know about this world. @Journey might probably disagree about that point.
@ShadowWizard have you?
Whenever I do, I miss my own lame jokes
9:01 PM
Jon Skeet just receives upvotes for showing up anywhere. Just my 2¢ :3 — πάντα ῥεῖ 53 secs ago
@πάνταῥεῖ what can he buy with the two cents you gave him?
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ He's earning money writing books about SO already. My 2¢ were spent for the poor people in need to read these.
I'm conscious where my social welfare goes :-D ...
I can buy a single gum with two cents
Chewed too, prolly
9:14 PM
Dogdy drafted ...
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ And a probable misread: "I can buy a single gun with two cents"
@πάνταῥεῖ I can buy a single gun for free in some places
It might require some work, but worth the fun shooting birds afterwards
Bleh. I can gun a simple fee in some other places
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ "Buy for free" is economical nonsense (most of the time)
@πάνταῥεῖ well, this is the exception
Everything I say makes perfect sense
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ All those colored feathers in the air around me :-)
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ We don't know either one. Just join and admit it buddy!
sd tp-
9:32 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ haha yeah. I got one of those funny shotguns
The bird just blows up
Funny, but unfortunately bad for dinner
@user5389107 yeah, I... shudder to think of what damage it will do long-term.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Yeah, the're loaded with lead ...
... and there's rarely left something substantial.
@πάνταῥεῖ yeah that
I don't even know what I'm telling (regarding guns and birds), but my balls feel getting bigger now.
9:40 PM
you may wish to see a doctor
I did not have anything to do with that message
Slowly backing away
You're the one who brought up shotguns with birdshot...
the only logical output of that being balls embiggerment, of course
@Catija uh, nooo
9:42 PM
@Shog9 It's not that bad. I'm trying to be funny and sarcastic as usual. Any harm done so far?
Further stepping back
To bed
I donno... better take some iodine pills just to be safe
I gotta sleep before I'd be the perpetrator of making this even weirder
... for some reason googling urban TMI also returned lipstick ads
Good 2 a.m.
9:43 PM
@Shog9 That's bad medicine, too much side effects. I'll stich to my own selection if you don't mind.
9:59 PM
@YvetteColomb Awww
@πάνταῥεῖ I know he's so darn cute
@Shog9 ^^ pic of that heavily pregnant horse - I showed you when she wasn't doing so well - she's going much better
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Just that!
10:03 PM
@YvetteColomb that really where you live? this is absolutely gorgeous.
@Shog9 I'm perfectly sane!
@πάνταῥεῖ ;)
@YvetteColomb sleek!
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I love 3 km from the paddocks and yes. it's on the coast - stones throw to the beaches. We're extremely lucky - crocodiles, snakes, spiders must scare people away :)
I am totally scared of all of these
I much prefer -40 celsius in february
10:06 PM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I hate the cold
I took these pics an hour ago - eating their brekkie
@felix When shooting parrots, you might get that extra bonus of seeing a "fireworks" of colored feathers flying around you. I'm sane in my vision, no jodide needed. Seriously not!
they're getting less scared as the days pass. They were trapped from the wild
10:11 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ you see, that's the thing, my supply of parrots is dangerously low these days
... oh but I could print some and glue feathers on 'em. on that note, it's let's get out of here o'clock.
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Mine either. I don't know where @Shog9 was distracted. May be they've got triggers to react about big balls. :-P (@π ducks away ...)
<= Waves hands! @Shog9
waits for navta to start jumping up and down
@YvetteColomb As I was "traappd from the wild" here one day, that post might come in subtle,
@Shog9 What do you think of this wording change? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/309408/…
10:21 PM
Why "meh"?
I don't have many thoughts
interested to hear others' though
1. Get my avatar and nick correct please when pinging. 2. If you have a slightest sense of sarcasm you should get everything right what I said. 3. I'm aware of jodite, and possible deficiencies of that stuff well known here locally. Though that's certainly not the _"disease"_ I'm suffering about, if there's anyone at all.
I am not shooting birds to feel my balls getting bigger, If the **b---s word is triggering you, I'll be happy to see you remove everything regarding that, and chat ban me for using that word at all. Otherwise I'd appreciate you understand wht I'm trying to say, and maybe
@Shog9 Read, think!
"grain of salt"... is that an iodine joke?
10:32 PM
@Shog9 NO!
because you know that salt tastes better without it, right?
@Shog9 I'm not insisting about my "balls", you probably should read between the lines.
what's between the lines?
Puffing parrots just leaves you with colored feathers flying around!
balls on the lines, parrots between them...
10:36 PM
@Shog9 What were your concerns?
at the moment, this weird thing
@Shog9 touché
Are you a nerd? @Shog9
too old for that
Might make up easier ways for communication.
You can be too old to be a nerd?
10:41 PM
@Shog9 Really? I'am going to get 54 this year, and ever was a nerd (noticed myself at an age of 9 or so)
Noun: nerd (plural nerds)
  1. (slang, sometimes derogatory) A person who is intellectual but generally introverted
  2. 1953 Advertisement for "Businessman's Lunch", a play by Micheal Quinn, in Patricia Brown, Gloria Mundi
  3. (informal, sometimes derogatory) One who has an intense, obsessive interest in something.
  4. Synonyms: geek, otaku
  5. (slang, always derogatory) An unattractive, socially awkward, annoying, undesirable, and/or boring, person; a dork.
  6. Synonyms: dag (Australian), doofus, dork, dweeb, geek, goober, loser...
It forgot the small candies.
Low expectations to cover that universe I meant.
I used to be amused by the dork-nerd-geek spectrum.
And then pour "sarcasm" as sauce! I am not surprised about the confusion.
:-D @Shog9
To reply in shouting letters:
10:51 PM
@bro how does that cover the "regular" and occasional "genius"?
@Shog9 Some serious misses about formatting correctly :-P
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