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11:00 PM
Upon reflection, I have to allow the possibility that some may consider me a 1953 advertisement for "Businessman's Lunch"
@Shog9 What's your year of birth? Not that should be even relevant, I am just curious if you allow so.
I'm allowed to use the site even under GDPR, if that's what you're after
... and have been for at least a decade, presumably....
so, on that triumphant note, I'm going to meet some friends for sushi
@Shog9 No, I've been asking for your age. I am 53 ATM, going to get 54 near end of june. Simple thing.
11:05 PM
ah... I believe there's an API for that
@Shog9 We don't want to get rid of you?
In the EU
@Shog9 Fine... just rub it in... Enjoy!
the wassabi? Yes, yes I will rub it into the tuna, but only in moderation!
I probably could find out using the API. But I'm just chatting with you elephant!
Also just leave me a note, whom to kill first from these EU politicians. I'll mention you in a letter claiming responsibility if that went successfully. /sarcasm off
naw, they'll suspect you right away. We gotta do that thing where we meet on a train and agree that each will kill the other's respective government
11:15 PM
@Shog9 I am ever open for improvement, and never were eager about parrot feathers fiteworks!
He did say he was going to get sushi...
I don't want to involve "killing" at any point! /sarcasm off
@Catija Yum!
@Shog9 "the wasabi" Well, yperite is banned as a weapon for reasons. I love horseradish to watercress for my personal use a lot. But that doesn't mean I'd not ban that kinda gases from gathering upon SE's business model.
sushi without wasabi is just a disappointment
11:40 PM
I can take it or leave it, but pickled Ginger is a necessity
...I'm not sure why my phone capitalized ginger
I'm sure Ginger Rogers appreciates your recognition.
@Shog9 Very good point. Pickled Ginger is essential with sushi!
Why does searching for "3000" redirect to https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/3000 ?
@Catija They'd tapping and rotating at their grave most probably :-P
Because the search decides that numbers are question numbers?
11:44 PM
Q: Why does search for a number redirect to the question with that post ID?

MartinAs you can try yourself, sometimes searching for a number redirects you directly to a question with that id: https://meta.stackexchange.com/search?q=129674 or https://meta.stackexchange.com/search?q=129093. But sometimes not: https://meta.stackexchange.com/search?q=129094 or https://meta.stackexc...

A: Let the search find questions by ID

Jeff AtwoodAlready exists. Searching for a specific question ID will take you to that question. Proof? Try searching for "43410" right now. This does not work for answers, however.

Huh I didn't know search even did this. I'm not sure why it does this. Seems like a fairly useless feature, especially if it's not consistent. — animuson ♦ Nov 24 '17 at 5:03
@AdamLear Can you close the above question as a duplicate, then?
@Shog9 You've enabled the SHOUTING MODE. Better find the property to set that back to normal ;-D
What if I want to search for posts containing "3000"?
@bro add some text
11:45 PM
Use quotes.
not sure if it's actually useful in practice, but it seems like we should just stick to returning a matching question as part of the search results rather than redirecting
Yes. Using quotes makes it look for the number.
@Catija Thanks, that works
disclaimer: that's me idly thinking out loud, not a commitment to any sort of implementation or campaigning for change internally :P
I think that feature should be removed. I'm not sure it has much utility these days, and for those who do want to access a post with that ID, one can simply manually access the URL for it.
11:49 PM
@AdamLear Seems like a ... more useful idea... I doubt many people memorize question IDs.
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