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12:00 AM
what's the opposite of a pseudonym?
I'm gonna go with "moniker"
I was expecting a serious answer.
that was mostly serious
this is less serious:
I always liked Bonobo, because it had monikers
COM had... some sort of friendly-name thing, but it was pretty dodgy and often unused. So you ended up referring to stuff by piles of GUIDs
I've always been fond of "sobriquet"
12:03 AM
that sounds french
Do you have an embargo against French words I wasn't aware of?
@SFTP I think the fundamental problem is - they don't really want to understand why things are how they are rather than change it
A tap under the chin...
...I'll take it!
If Charcoal can have a swag store, why can't SO?
12:06 AM
@Catija nearly no one gets that downvotes can be temporary
@SFTP they tried that once...
I think the current rationale (which I like) is to keep the swag more exclusive so it's a more valuable prize.
I am a sucker for things like that, so I approve.
(Which is easy for me to do since I already have like 15 of their shirts. :P)
You know, we only delete questions to make them more exclusive...
12:07 AM
@JonEricson And, apparently, international shipping.
@JeremyBanks heh, I think I have about 7-8 different ones
@JeremyBanks Eh... you can achieve that by making the swag different than the stuff you can buy in the store.
@Catija SE's shipped me as ton of stuff so far
I only have one shirt. :(
@Catija I think the last swag store ended in.... d00m.
12:09 AM
@JourneymanGeek Shipping free stuff usually doesn't take as much... bribery? as shipping product that's been bought and paid for.
Stack has nice swag inventory already, and they were handling logistics themselves. I can see why they'd rather not have that headache. Having somebody just print shirts on-demand with their logo would be easier.
@Catija and that's a good idea.
@Catija lets see, 2 standard SU shirts (black) one standard SU shirt (white) one SE shirt (black) AU shirt (white) SF shirt (black) SE shirt (black) SU windows 8 shirt (white), SO T shirt (grey heather), SR.SE shirt (blue heather) SU hoodie (grey)
I think there's a second SE shirt on its way (I hope!).
damn I want hoodie
@JeremyBanks the hoodie is apparently worse than the old staff hoodie.
12:10 AM
Yeah, the staff hoodie is apparently magic.
SE could up their hoodie game - the manufacturer Dneg used to work is brilliant.
@Catija and apparently hasn't been a thing for years
I did not have the fortune to get one.
The grey hoodie is pretty nice. The ... blue-ish ... hoodie runs small.
@Shog9 heh, mine's kinda tattered and worn out
and it isn't a plush as a proper hoodie
My SU hoodie has been through a lot, but I still wear it frequently
12:14 AM
My current one is made by these guys justhoodsbyawdis.com
really nice
justhoodsusa.com/product/jha003 one of these, black and red, with screen printing
looks comfy
yeah, I might buy one.
with some random company's logo I guess. ;)
@JeremyBanks oh there's a US store too apparently
(ya, yer canadian but...)
oh I linked the US store
I have an American forwarding address. :)
12:22 AM
and also a credit card at that address, for obnoxious US-only things.
12:34 AM
Does anyone know if not all SO posts showing up on the real-time tab is intentional? (to avoid flooding)
It seems to have been a thing for a while now and it's kind of annoying we have to work around it
Intentional. To avoid flooding.
Can we get a 1-questions-active endpoint? Probably not
Which ones do show up?
Random sample
@JeremyBanks Hopefully they're not one of those sites that only allows access based on IP.
@SFTP is there a meta post on this?
12:49 AM
No, I'm just remembering old chat discussions. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/realtime-questions
...oh sorry I didn't realize you were Normal
I was a little suspicious of your matter-of-fact air... :P
Well it's a nuisance that SO doesn't show up in full on 155 and it doesn't have its own endpoint
Otherwise we could subscribe to 155-questions-active and 1-questions-active and filter out the SO ones from 155
I hate polling the API :(
@quartata Is anyone on SE?
I capitalized it and yet the jokes still come
@quartata Posting a FR wouldn't hurt. If we don't ask, we don't get.
for shame
12:57 AM
The latter sentence is obviously false, as over the years we got a lot of things we didn't ask for.
Folks should really ask for new top bars more often
Sometimes you get what you need?
And new side bars
But no bottom bars, we don't do those
Chat has a bottom bar.
1:00 AM
@SFTP considering the FR for retracting flags has been up for a year and a half, I don't know what the odds of getting a response are
Especially since I don't really know of a solution. They probably don't want 1-questions-active because of scalability
@quartata For this reason, I put up an answer on how to get attention for old FRs and bug reports
The thing is that SO doesn't use the websocket, since if everyone looking at the homepage opened up a WS they'd get slammed
The other sites can get away with it I suppose
Q: How do I get attention for old, unfixed bug reports and feature requests without official responses here on Meta?

AnoI posted a question here on Meta Stack Exchange, or on a per-site meta, regarding a bug I found in the system. I got no comments, or a few comments stating that this is a legitimate bug (and not by design). However, it's been quite a long time, and no official response was ever posted there. Or,...

So really they don't have a reason to enable 1-questions-active other than to appease Charcoal
What do you think of it? Looking for feedback
1:02 AM
Letting SO onto the realtime tab fully is bad from the aforementioned usability perspective
@quartata Let that be the reason.
@Ano I mean it's good advice, but the trouble isn't that we can't get their attention... It has 102 upvotes and everyone and their dog knows about it
Pls enable 1-questions-active, and we'll flag spam quicker while hammering your API less.
@quartata Did you try the "last resort" option?
@Shog9 We get them anyway ;p
1:05 AM
But OTOH Smokey has to poll API for post bodies anyway, so is it necessarily a problem that they are not in websocket feed?
I can search the transcript for @Shog9 if you like. API dev is p much frozen is the thing
@quartata woof?
@SFTP it's a bit different though
@quartata half seriously - make a case for it being useful for channels teams or enterprise ;p
@quartata Why would you need that?
1:06 AM
Smokey currently ""handles""',</body>".exe SO by fetching the last 25 questions to supplement the list of IDs we've accumulated
@quartata what's a 1-questions-active endpoint?
Not only is that inevitably 2 calls it also can miss things, since we have to wait for at least 2 SO posts to hit the realtime tab at all
@SFTP you could print it on a hoodie. Or even a large loincloth.
@JourneymanGeek <site id>-questions-active is a stream of posts from a given site. SO is #1
A: How do the Stack Exchange WebSockets work? What are all the options you can send to them?

ManishearthWebsocket-endpoints (You can play with these on http://www.websocket.org/echo.html if you don't want to do it in JS) (wss://qa.sockets.stackexchange.com) <userid>-topbar: User topbar. <userid>-inbox: User inbox/achievements <siteid>-<userid>-reputation: User's rep on a site <siteid>-home-...

1:08 AM
But if you listen to it you'll get nothing but silence
Since the SO homepage doesn't update automatically
so essentially you want a firehose of all the SO questions?
@quartata The post says it's -home-active?
It doesn't need it
@SFTP I don't think that exists anymore
I'll check later
SO definitely does not use the websocket for that though, unlike other sites
It does have the other ones like review-dashboard-update though. That's fine since only logged in users are likely to be hitting those anyways
It's safe from the hoard of homepage traffic
Would like to get an employee's two cents before having to get struck down on mother Meta for some obvious reason
._. I managed to check who did a comment flag without looking it up. It seems the coffee has taken effect.
... not well enough, wrong room
1:14 AM
TL is across the street
in a filing cabinet, in a toilet with a burned out bulb at the bottom of the stairs in a diused office building once owned by the CIA....
"beware the leopard"
Although it's more like "beware the Art"
Clearly the coffee has not had enough of an effect
Literal hair of the dog moment
@quartata both the newest and active sockets are disabled on SO. Active and newest by tag are enabled. Adjusting the SE.com frequency is probably a bad idea. If we could get away with enabling newest on SO, I don't think it'd hurt anything... But I can't speak to the cost or feasibility.
If you post the request on meta, you might get an answer at least explaining why we can't.
1:29 AM
All right
Alternately, try subscribing to every tag used over the past 30 days.
Spam questions usually just use whatever the suggested ones are, which will probably just be noise
I did kinda forget about the tag sockets though
1:50 AM
Pretty sure Marc and Co would prefer it for SD to poll the API than to maintain thousands of websocket connections.
2:17 AM
I'm not saying they should enable SO automatically updating the home page
Just the backend part
I meant the tag subscription idea.
Well that's the beauty of the websocket
You don't need one socket per subscription
You can send multiple subscriptions
It can take quite a lot, they're very lightweight
For review-dashboard-update I send one per site; as long as you don't send them all it once it's fine with it
2:59 AM
A thing that's missing from the numerous SO survey posts is longitudinal analysis. How did the distribution of users by years of programming experience changed over time? Was SO only recently run over by amateurs, or was it always like that?
The fact that buckets change from year to year doesn't help. :( 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, and... I don't see older surveys.
Ah. And in 2017 the question was changed to "years since learning to code" and the numbers became totally different. Forget the longitudinal analysis.
@Shog9 I took the "dev" version of the survey before the official version of the survey was launched. Was my response counted?
@quartata well, if you can do 1.9K then you oughta have the tag suggestions covered
@Ano :shrug:
Did you get the badge?
@Shog9 No
3:10 AM
I did.
But I cheated to get it, 'cause I needed it quickly to test the process for removing it in case anyone asked for that.
Speaking of surveys, the 16 responses on my username poll are evenly split: four say I should stay "Ano", four say I should go back to "Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog", four say I should go back to "gparyani", and the other four are either go back to "damryfbfnetsi" or do something else.
And then I tested that, so now I don't have the badge.
Also, no one ever asked for it.
So, that was time well-spent.
I could've probably taken the survey in that time.
That's why SE doesn't allow poll-type questions.
There's one on Web Apps that irritates me from time to time: will Amazon let you finish watching a rented movie if it expires during the time you are watching.
Everyone posts with "yay, it ran to the end" or "nope, it got interrupted", and all versions of either under various conditions.
3:15 AM
So, after reading all the answers one still has no idea.
So, the answer is "it depends"?
You never can tell with bees Amazon
Soon I'll be a wizard
@SFTP apparently it's not just me! I only found the workaround by adding any 1 meta site like this filter
I like "Bob". Go with "Bob".
Bob is a good name. And a palindrome.
Easier for people who browse the site via a reflection.
And when someone says "Bob's your uncle", it raises many interesting questions about the relevant family tree.
3:23 AM
3 mins ago, by Ano
Soon I'll be a wizard
@Shog9 we literally have a meta question of excessive bobs.
@HTTP Posted: Filters sporadically come up empty by SFTP on meta.stackexchange.com
How often does the scheduled task that updates chat profiles' usernames run?
Q: How long does it take for chat profiles to update?

cweiskeFollowing scenario: user registers, has 1 point user visits chat, notes he cannot post because of only 1 point and needs 20 user goes back to SO, answers a question. gets enough points to chat user goes back to chat, but his profile still shows 1 point Now my questions: How long does it tak...

@Shog9 Can you trigger a refresh please?
3:31 AM
@Ano waiting is half the fun
for certain values of fun
What's Rebecca up to now? stackoverflow.com/cv/rebeccachernoff
Hm, Her profile suggests she was both a CM and a dev at the same time.
@SFTP well, there probably wasn't much of a seperation in the early days
wasn't she literally one of the earliest employees/first batch of CMs?
@JourneymanGeek Jeff Atwood "did the work of three employees"
@Ano who were explicitly listed later
and Atwood was pretty much indisputably community managing, blogging and developing so...
There's a reason he still has a bit of an aura with old timers years after he left.
(also, took no shit from anyone, and seemed to be everywhere in a much smaller set of sites ;p)
3:37 AM
Another former employee, Emmett, became a CTO-cofounder of Airtable which landed 62.6M in funding so far, compared to Stack Overflow's 70M.
They also managed to not hire 100+ salespeople in the process.
@SFTP heh, I suppose the difference is though, SE's core product is 'free'
100+ sales people? I donno, we do not know what's the rationale, or what they were thinking. Armchair quarterbacking is easy.
Very different businesses bviously. Their basic stuff is also free though. airtable.com/pricing
It could be literally as simple as "this is working, lets keep scaling horizontally?" "Wait, why has it stopped growing?"
I actually think a good comparison is twitter.
You have a core product that's too important to fail.
but profitability dosen't depend on the core product - it depends on advertising and addons.
@SFTP upvoted, but now I'm not sure to put the workaround as the comment or answer because the filter is now working well (forever? still temporary?)
jinx, it's so Schrodinger's filter
3:46 AM
transient bugs best bugs.
Discourse has a nice team page
they do, but they probably didn't have the same issues with privacy for new ex employees SE did
A non-stop remote toga party.
and one guy with a glorious mane.
3:49 AM
> Discourse is technically groundbreaking (we were a JavaScript app before it was cool)
Was it ever?
(sorry @JeremyBanks ;p)
@HTTP posted it as a comment instead since the question asking for general case~
anyway, in progress of securing myself...
My sad life - spending the good part of last few days defending my dollars. Firstly, extra tax has been waived. Now the bank transaction issue has been mostly solved, attended court this morning for a speeding ticket and trimmed loss by about $250 (original ticket $389 dollars). Hopefully there is no demerit either ...
I would much prefer using my life in designing and making useful things
@TelKitty old master once say "Never be caught speeding - unless police take "You will never take me alive!" too seriously"
4:01 AM
fixed speed camera at a intersection, I was driving 59km/h at a normally 60km/h road, except it's school zone at the time, so speed limit was 40km/h, I didn't know that
so court decided that I should only pay $55, but I am not sure whether there are other chargers
@JourneymanGeek shakes fist
@JeremyBanks to my defence essential things shouldn't be cool, they just need to work quietly and unobtrusively.
Like bridges.
4:27 AM
brb building a cool bridge
bridge, with portal!
yes, need more bridges for homeless troll with high speed internet connection
4:51 AM
The Millennium Bridge, officially known as the London Millennium Footbridge, is a steel suspension bridge for pedestrians crossing the River Thames in London, linking Bankside with the City of London. It is located between Southwark Bridge and Blackfriars Railway Bridge. It is owned and maintained by Bridge House Estates, a charitable trust overseen by the City of London Corporation. Construction began in 1998, and it initially opened in June 2000. Londoners nicknamed the bridge the "Wobbly Bridge" after pedestrians felt unexpected swaying motion. The bridge was closed later on opening day, and...
cool bridge? ;p
If I remembered it correctly, I have walked across that bridge a few times. It's between my accommodation and my work place when I was in London for 3 months.
There are quite a few bridges on Thames river
Phew. That turned into one of my best Fornite games yet. (A low bar.) Heart still pounding.
5:00 AM
Clearly sir, you are a software engineer as opposed to a structural engineer.
hey, this isn't minecraft
in fortnite, at least one piece needs to be touching the ground or it will collapse.
that's much more realistic.
"more realistic"
definitely going to have to get into fortnite one of these days
from what I've seen it boldly distances itself from PUBG in that you can actually run it on normal settings on most computers without them catching fire
5:16 AM
yes, that was its most impressive feature.
free, able to run on most platforms and hardware, re-using an existing game engine to avoid the development time of designing a new one.
they're in a really good spot.
@SmokeDetector tpu-
6:26 AM
You can also divide by $2$ in a similar fashion: Multiply by $216$ and then divide by $432$. :-) — Asaf Karagila 13 hours ago
@JourneymanGeek how it's made
I got Adobe Premiere so I could speed up/slow down these dumb videos.
> This weird math trick invented by a child works, why?
^^ a way to get a few hundred rep on Math.
6:37 AM
"this one weird trick discovered by a suburban kid"
@SFTP IIRC that's the second question that got into HNQ, after the multiplication question?
or was it subtraction?
I don't keep track, but a prominent example from the past is My son's Sum of Some is beautiful! But what is the proof or explanation?
both from grade/year 3
cue socks, or parents of the same child
why is it okey for strangers peoples butts to touch each other on crowded train/bus and other public transports but not else where usually?
Indeed why not. Another less-virus-spreading alternative to handshake, like fist bump.
6:51 AM
but... immunity
Just imagine a handshake as an ambassador exchange program for your microflora
7:08 AM
But ceremonial handshakes of heads of state are getting old. Butt bump would liven things up, although they'd have to do it several times for all the photographers.
Our latest president would then proceed to faceplant into the case holding some trinkets that have existed since the 14th century at least, damaging them in the process.
@TelKitty it swings a bit awkward when you're walking over it, at least that is what I remember from it.
7:53 AM
20K .bib meta.stackexchange.com/questions/308232/… /cc @Bart @ShadowWizard @JourneymanGeek @Glorfindel
8:08 AM
@JeremyBanks You can do it on YouTube itself
@rene ha, I even managed to choose the wrong off-topic reason. I might get shogged for that...
@Glorfindel Oh!
@Glorfindel I won't leak that ... trust me ...
How did that end-up on the starboard?
@rene out of context...
@Glorfindel TBH I was about to point that out myself, but I didn't want you guys to get Shogged either
@JourneymanGeek What do you think of this name?
What's up @JNat ?
And hello @HTTPS !
8:33 AM
I think I fat fingered the keyboard shortcut this time.
8:44 AM
I don't know if it's the place to ask it (i prefer to talk it on a chat rather than creating an useless question), but i have an issue creating grid inside spoilers
@Kepotx use one of the answers here and try what you have, so we can understand what you need and help you / guide you
@Kepotx if by grid, you mean table using characters, then probably multi-line spoiler can help
i have a pipe-separated grid of values. they work when i indent them by four spaces outsides spoilers but not inside
@Kepotx probably this one can help
ugh tables
there's no dumb question about tables in markdown. ;p
8:53 AM
thank you, i will try to do it, but tables and HTML...
umm, save yourself by putting the table as an image instead ;p
HTML support in SE flavoured markdown is... spotty.
Somebody ping Peter Mortensen and tell him that reCAPTCHA Mailhide will not be supported after V1 is shut down
9:10 AM
@SonicWizard why don't you send him an email while it still works?
Why did meta.stackexchange.com/review/low-quality-posts/56948 require two Looks OK reviews to be dequeued? Does MSE require two reviews, or are NAA flags also counted? According to the flowchart post by Taryn, it requires site-set value plus number of VLQ flags, but one can't VLQ flag since it has a positive score.
Are NAA flags also counted in addition to the VLQ flags?
2 hours later…
10:44 AM
@JeremyBanks where my floating sky island base at though
Any way to suggest this year April fool to the staff?
(without spoiling it on the chat, that is...)
Pretty simple, shouldn't require much work, should bring a lot of nice rants and dramma...
@Derpy Contact SE
@Derpy I think.. I know what it is :S
11:03 AM
@Derpy A system user named Amy Rose that keeps flirting with me?
11:37 AM
@SonicWizard yes, probably
12:16 PM
@rene Maybe you can lend him a petal
Meh, he'll be fine
I know I was just looking to make a flower joke
In this wasteland of meta flower jokes are nice
I don't think Hans and I match or at least I don't think he appreciates how I take on moderation
@SFTP I just tried browsing Meta IPS while having a dinner. My appetite has gone...
SE's own lose weight program: Meta IPS
We can spam that across the network ...
12:20 PM
For some unknown reason I picture a really mellow dutch guy when reading your messages @rene
Compared to Bart?
@Magisch I allow myself to explode in anger twice a year, so yeah, mellow most of the time ...
@rene Are you one of those plants that shoots its seeds?
Do we have stats on this:
Is there a (perceived/significant) difference in quality between SO.en and the localized sites? — rene 19 mins ago
@Magisch I seed in all possible ways ...
wondering if the day has arrived where Tavern is naughtier than Den :P
12:26 PM
@rene no stat, but I think the amount of answers for a same problem could already tell.
@HTTPS you can achieve the same by browsing Health.SE (main)
0 or 1 on localized vs 5 on enSO
Also, no Jon Skeet there
Can't be
He's everywhere
@HTTPS but if that one answer is awesome, is that a problem?
@ShadowWizard in your mind, yes.
12:36 PM
@ShadowWizard I have more rep than Jon Skeet!
Just not on SO
@rene thats seedy
you can be the fake jon skeet sock
you know, those counterfeit socks ...
12:51 PM
huh. @iBot nuked... its owner suspended.
@ShadowWizard not too surprised
What he did did kinda cross a line
What was that I always said...
always check before doing something that might be stupid ;p
@rene yeah, actually, there's no serious problem about localized SO
@SonicWizard I don't think they really want us to use the "Contact us" link for such things
@HTTPS Unicorn avatar replacement was already done.
@Derpy new top bar! On the left. Oh wait...
12:58 PM
@SonicWizard something similar... yet different.
@Derpy I thought it was "Balse!", then the whole SE server goes down...
1:14 PM
@Derpy They said they're OK with people contacting them with requests to give official responses to old, unresolved bug reports and feature requests. I think it would be OK.
@Derpy also, I sent an enquiry on how to buy hats on the last WinterBash. They didn't reply me, but I wasn't suspended though.
1:39 PM
@HTTPS I think this year was the first one I didn't send one, using the link they placed on the WinterBash site.
@HTTPS Mellow is most definitely not how I'd describe myself, so yeah
So... probably Shog now thinks you are one of my socks. Or the opposite
@SonicWizard Is an "april fool idea" considered a feature request?
@Derpy But you just said you didn't want it to be public...yes, I believe so.
I will blame you for giving my this suggestion then.
Or they would just "lol, no." and suspended you for a day on April Fool's Day...
1:45 PM
@HTTPS I would somehow argue that depending on how irritating the prank will be this year, being suspended on that day may end up as a gift.
Only if they also make me forget for a day that chat.se exists
2:03 PM
..... Random idea of the day.
Out of there, in this strange new world there are users that spend their time watching "Let's Play" youtube videos. And people that manages to live and get paid by making these videos.
I wonder...
Would anyone be interested in watching daily "Let's Play SharePoint" videos?
You'll get more views with straight up SM :P
2:37 PM
@Derpy Lets play php
gunshots in the distance
2:58 PM
hunting season?
@rene fertilizer has to come from somewhere....
@Magisch I said that before... everyone by now knows this meme:
fewer know about this one:
3:19 PM
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