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3:13 PM
and ya, it is
Figured I would ask here before I make a meta post: I can't seem to add a bounty to my post in skeptics.SE using IE 11. I can get the first pop-up asking to choose an amount of points, but then clicking NEXT does nothing. Is this a known issue?
@BradC I think support for IE is kinda...
Guess I can try from my iPhone, see if it works in Safari.
safari is supposedly even more problematic ._.
@JourneymanGeek Really? So... Chrome?
3:19 PM
chrome is a safe bet?
I might suggest bug reporting for IE anyway, since 11 has been the last supported version a while
is meta.stackexchange the right place for bug reports?
(that I would assume are not site-specific?)
its the right place in this case IMO
@JourneymanGeek Thanks
@alexolut she is not alone:
@BradC yes there's even tag.
But try a real browser like Chrome or Firefox, would surely be less buggy.
3:35 PM
Nothing beats Lynx the browser though...
"Lynx the Browser"... sounds like "Garfield the Cat"... ;)
@BradC cheers! Does IE11 have some error console? Can you check for client side errors?
Looks like it has
Most likely there's client side error there, IE does not follow standards, so when not using jQuery for something.... it usually breaks.
@ShadowWizard I've never used it, let me bang around and see if it shows anything relevant
90% sure it will.
3:43 PM
1 warning, not sure if its relevant or not:
"DOM7011: The code on this page disabled back and forward caching. For more information, see: (url) "
No errors, though
sad for being wrong
Debugger tab allows me to set watches and breakpoints, but I'm not going to dig that deep. I'm a DBA, not a web dev
Testing on Chrome, the browser called an AJAX request to show the bounty pop-up, but after that until posting the bounty, there's no network call. So I assume either the JS or CSS got broken somewhere
But I certainly could be wrong because I'm not a web dev either!
Hmm... is the browser accessibility (or whatever that feature on IE) on?
Nope, compatibility mode is off
3:47 PM
Wild guess, but can you try with it enabled?
@BradC well I can reproduce with a bit older version of IE, on Windows 7. @rene what about you? Can you start a bounty using IE?
Nevermind the compatibility mode, I'm an idiot
No problem. Let me just go set a bounty on my question to bring some more attention.... wait...
@SensibleAlexander no you're just an idot. (following senior manger from before... ;))
3:53 PM
I bet this is due to using a fancy CSS rule:
IE11 should support it, but being IE... it's probably broken.
wow, you can substract 353px from 50%...
Modern browsers can...
Saves the developer few lines of JS code.
@ShadowWizard What object is that an element of, though? And even if it was calculated wrong, why would it break the Next button?
@ShadowWizard checking ...
@BradC the bounty pop up. But noticed now it's also there for the first step, so not sure it's really the cause. Let's hope a developer will take a look soon.
Maybe if the content is changing, it breaks the dynamic position in IE.
pokes @rene to check faster
waving ice cream in front of @rene to make him work faster
4:00 PM
@ShadowWizard No such command 'icecream'.
!!/' foo
@ShadowWizard No such command ''.
no ice cream for @rene!
@ShadowWizard cancel also doesn't work in IE11, close does work
4:20 PM
(that's why debugging code in chat is not a good idea)
$("#start-bounty-popup a.cancel").click(function () {
    $('#start-bounty-popup .popup-close a').click();
"Next" and "cancel" uses JS, but not close (X)... so...
4:33 PM
"I wonder if the softwareengineering site is a suitable place to ask soft questions…"
and supposedly hardwareengineering site for hard questions...
@SensibleAlexander But I'm asking how you feel about that bug...
@SensibleAlexander yes it does, must use JS to close something.
Probably the binding is different though.
4:49 PM
@ShadowWizard could be... this is the JS that is added after clicking "start bounty" link... but I couldn't find when popup-close is set...
@SensibleAlexander in the stub.js
oh. weird.
yeah, it is weird.
5:07 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Eigenvalues broken in 11.2? by Prep Amigo on mathematica.SE
@SensibleAlexander that javascript doesn't seem to be executed once it gets loaded into the DOM.
Thanks a lot, Catija. (How do you pronounce the J in your userid?) I don't think the site I was thinking of is ready to graduate yet, but I was giving some thought today to how we get from Point A to Point B and I wanted to understand the rules better. // "A few sites, recently, have had problems finding users willing to stand up to moderate." About this -- we have two wonderful, relatively recently added moderators. We also have two that were appointed many years ago who are rarely active nowadays. I see several very active participants ... — aparente001 3 mins ago
So, apparently my username confuses everyone and I should just be ashamed and give up on it.
5:22 PM
Name shaming. :(
My RL name is impossible not only to pronounce, but also to spell correctly. At least one typo is required (it doesn't have to be the same one).
Yeah, my husband's middle name is "misspelled" from the traditional spelling of what's otherwise a common name.
5:36 PM
@Catija "Not sure, that's my best attempt to spell out the sound the last person asking about my name made when I thumped them with a cast iron skillet"
@TimPost I'm stealing that.
@SensibleAlexander got some more details: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/306723/…
Easier to deal with marketing calls, though. "Sorry, nobody whose name is pronounced that way lives here".
@if.... That's awesome, actually. :D
@SmokeDetector That.... was an interesting non-answer.
@alexolut "Manger" is French for "eat".
6:47 PM
Great, now there will be more meta posts about moderator aboose
How to correct a typo in the tag or wrongly created tag?
@SmokeDetector Nice profile pic!
@NogShine Remove wrong tag from any questions that have it. Add correct tags as needed.
Tags without questions are deleted in 24 hours.
@if.... The correction is making it plural to singular and system is not allowing it.
Should I wait for one more day?
7:29 PM
I guess that might work.
7:41 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad NS for domain in answer: Is Android based upon Linux? by Hashish Agarwal on android.SE
1 hour later…
8:51 PM
9:45 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Windows 10 lock screen slideshow not working by chrsmrtn on superuser.com
10:19 PM
Aug 1 '17 at 21:43, by Travis J
What if SO (this would work with other exchanges on the network as well) partnered with Amazon to show an advertisement for a book on Amazon with every question, where the book was the first result of tags.Join(" ") + title? This may have a decent amount of throughput.
Tavern is ahead of the curve: Affiliate Ads Are Coming To The Network
> If a site has less than 15k (average) daily visits, or fewer than roughly 50k combined total posts
Apparently visits are not countable, the way posts are.
Total posts (Q+A)? Strange measure. Questions translate to the number of content-filled pages that ads could go to. The additional ad room provided by N questions vs N answers isn't the same.
Also annoying because the /sites list doesn't have total posts.
10:25 PM
Should be floor(A/30) to account for additional pages of answers
The value of placing an ad on the 2nd page of answers is comparable to putting it in a tag wiki or something else that nobody ever sees.
Proposed tag synonym page.
naw, no ads on tag wikis
new money-making idea:
1. Index tag wikis
2. put ads on tag wikis
Isn't it all about in-game purchases these days?
"You've reached your question limit... buy another question for $$"
10:31 PM
that was the whole problem with ExpertsExchange's business model: you're asking people for money who don't control the budget
the folks who had money in the budget for things like books and training and website memberships were the folks answering the questions
Okay, can I buy some additional delete votes then?
@if.... Loot boxes. Give us $10 and you might get any number of things... will it be the right to ask another question? or read an answer? The possibilities are endless!
Took the Pluralsight JavaScript test.
Some of their answers are wrong. Several of the others are only relevant if you're following terrible practices.
Filed feedback with them.
10:44 PM
Their "correct" answer for "how do you do prototypical inheritance" hasn't been the recommend approach for more then five years.
I'd also nitpick their use of the term "IQ" for a measure that follows a roughly-linear distribution, instead of a roughly-Gaussian one.
I keep confusing Pluralsight with whatever that other test/cert website was back in the day... braintree? something like that.
I mean I'm still trying to get a nice score to put on my profile. :P
Maybe this will result in them getting enough feedback from Stack users to improve their outdated questionnaire.
10:50 PM
That was probably the entire reasoning in the first place... free test editing.
Stack integrates their results, and they implement a stack-like suggested edits system, how about?
Assuming they have a way to restrict edits to users with sufficient rep to prevent vandalization.
Users on their sites have scores, and most of the time they're linked to paid subscriptions. That's a potential basis for a privileged system.
Seems reasonable. :D
I do hear that there are a few different "standards" when it comes to programming... do these tests allow for that or do they not query that sort of thing?
A few of the questions are about terminology specific to, like, standards that were widely used 8 years ago and forgotten now.
10:57 PM
More of them are questions where JavaScript has added much better ways of doing things in the last 8 years, but they don't have those as available answers, so someone who learned JavaScript more recently won't know them (because they don't need to).
11:13 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: How to deal with minor cubicle vandalism by Jared on workplace.SE
I just got a Lenovo Yoga convertible laptop/tablet for work.
I was thinking it would be obnoxious to have the keys on the bottom when it's in tablet mode, but when you flip it back the keys automatically retract into the keyboard!
I guess this is probably standard now, but I've never used one of these and I thought that was very slick.
11:38 PM
@JeremyBanks I've got one of the older ones (Yoga13). The keys didn't retract - annoying for sure
Though at least, the keys are disabled while in tablet mode
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