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12:30 AM
Also moved from Nebraska to the show-me state.
> The City of Gladstone has the advantage of being located only 10 minutes from downtown Kansas City, and 10 minutes from Kansas City International Airport. -- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gladstone,_Missouri
Sounds spammy.
Let's see their talk page...
> Categories: Low-importance Missouri articles ... Unknown-importance Kansas City articles
I have sitting on my desk the first volume of the Journal of the Geological Society - bound and published in 1845 - My neighbour was getting all her books tipped at the rubbish dump today - I'm rescuing over 300 of them
12:53 AM
I did this sort of thing in 200x as a graduate student... manage to send many of them away where they may be used, still have some shelves left. No journals, though.
@YvetteColomb It's digitized but behind a paywall. Apparently, 170 years is not enough for science to become public...
@Alex wow I can read it to you over skype LOLOL
I might be able to read it when on campus, using institutional subscription.
One of things I like about American Math Society journals is that the default option is to revert content to public domain after 28 years. (And typically, access becomes free before that)
@Alex yep that makes sense
12:58 AM
it's awesome to be in the presence of something that was created 172 years ago
Just checked: out of 5 papers published with the AMS, 4 are already in free access. The last one will probably be in 2020.
Of course it's just math, nobody needs it to extract oil or whatever...
2:59 AM
using google to search stackoverflow question is seriously bad sometimes
this is the 2nd time I found an answer, then when I try to search for it again later, nothing useful is returned
3:49 AM
@Shog9 sorry for bothering you, but I have a request. I flagged this deleted question to request for it to be migrated to meta.so. The flag was marked as helpful, but it wasn't migrated. Was this intentional? If so, why wasn't it migrated? If not, please migrate it. Thanks
dammit, stop editing
@JohnMiliter here
Nice, thank you!
@Shog9 Oh and one more thing. Please delete the comments saying it belongs on MSO. Thanks
something reminds me of potato salad here ...
4:22 AM
DAG is an American sitcom that aired from November 2000 to May 2001 on NBC. It was named after its star, David Alan Grier, who stars as United States Secret Service agent Jerome Daggett. Daggett's name, in turn, is a back-formation. The show also stars Delta Burke as the First Lady of the United States of America. == Synopsis == After making a mistake during a failed assassination attempt on the President (David Rasche), Agent Daggett is reassigned to protect the First Lady. Agent Daggett encounters problems with the First Lady who treats him like a servant instead of her body guard. He also has...
Was cancelled after one season.
here, watch this
most educating video on youtube </trollololo>
Delta Burke was pretty great
But, this is easily one of the best videos:
Note to self: find a way to post a question about keeping a plane level on Aviation
4:26 AM
my prograndma chicken must be at least a FF
@Shog9 get a drone and you will understand
unless automated, it's bloody hard in the wind
but a chicken will find it easy ... not saying chickens are smarter or anything ...
5:17 AM
@ShadowWizard got half day off
1 hour later…
6:46 AM
21 messages moved to Chimney
@JourneymanGeek you mean night... ;)
@Telkitty 我不懂中文
@ShadowWizard it's an education film about women's breasts by comparing them to animals
but from seeing the cover, don't think men in shorts and... bra (?)... can educate much. :D
like D cup are the weight and size of two small bunnies
@Telkitty oh. So at least they could show women and real breasts then. For educational purpose only, you know. :P
7:16 AM
you can't buy 2 real breasts but you can get 2 bunnies, you know ... have to be realistic ...
@ShadowWizard the speaker is Japanese though :p
@Telkitty I can appreciate the cuteness of those animals :3
@Inc. blame Google, it detected the title as Chinese... D:
The title and caption is in Chinese, so it's correct though...
@Inc. animals are more fluffy than, well, breasts. :D
@Inc. oh, so there's a Japanese speaker speaking Chinese?
8:03 AM
@Telkitty chickens have had a somewhat longer development time
8:24 AM
20K windows10 meta.stackexchange.com/questions/299113/… /cc @ShadowWizard @bart @tra
8:37 AM
one down, one still needs one more vote
Wonder where @Tra is, maybe Traveling? ;)
in Shadow's Den, 14 mins ago, by Moosebot
> @Kenny died while being forced to watch MLP.
BTW @rene keep in mind that "short" pings (e.g. Tra) won't work when the pingee wasn't around for 2 days. Only full form pings will work then. :)
@SagarV yeah @Mooseman put it loooooooooooooooonga go when @SPA was still around. :D
@ShadowWizard he was answering on Meta an hour ago so I assumed @TravisJ is around and alive and kicking ... and once he decided to run for mod I'm the first to keep him to his duties, network wide ;)
@rene sure, he's pingable as Tra now, just said for future reference. ;)
Well, it won't hurt to tickle him a bit ...
8:43 AM
tickling a future mod... good idea! tickling @Yve
Don't cry if that puts us on their users to be suspended once I get elected list ...
It's my party ...
Tickle party?
8:58 AM
You would cry too if it happened to you.
You know the lyrics by heart, right?
9:14 AM
You can cry if you want to
@rene showing my age, am I?
9:34 AM
Golden oldies ...
@rene oh yes an oldie but a goodie
@rene @ShadowWizard's been on my list for a loooong time - he's viral - we cannot get rid of him
@Oded da da da du
@YvetteColomb achoo
@gnat 1995 The year!! A legend Born
10:17 AM
@SagarV you?
May 5 '16 at 12:19, by Shadow Wizard
Did it ever work? lol
@ShadowWizard ah you said it
@ShadowWizard I wish it worked :/
@Smokey ??
hmm... well, technically Smokey can scrape the events, and based on that give time left until an event. Question is, who is up for the programming of that? @ProgramFOX @rene @hichris123
10:29 AM
I don't know if that's such a useful feature for a spam-detecting bot, tbh
@ProgramFOX well, it's doing it for winterbash... what's the difference? :)
Just another "fun" aspect.
Winterbash date is hardcoded
also... HATS!
huh, good point. Pointy.
Winterbash code is probably just a few lines long (I haven't checked)
But this...
Instead of constant just extract it from screen scraping, doesn't sound too complicated :)
10:32 AM
I disagree
The event page should just change the format slightly and the code is broken
You also need more error handing for failing requests
I mean, if you want to code it, I won't stop you. :P But I can't tell if it would be approved anyway
I'm so out of the loop regarding Smokey development
@ProgramFOX oh. So who is in the loop?
@ShadowWizard Ask in Charcoal HQ... But still, I personally am convinced that an "event watcher" is too complicated to put in a bot whose goal is catching spam.
We should create a new bot, Bartender
forking Smokey
10:39 AM
yanno, that's illegal in over a dozen planets...
what's illegal? To fork Smokey?
make it Bart-ender then
nah, we don't want to end @Bart
10:42 AM
@jadarnel27 indeed!
(searched for past mentions of Bart ender, found this ;))
> Sep 30 '13
@Oded so you read the books by now? ;)
@ProgramFOX so? Time isn't a factor for me. :D
@ShadowWizard nope, hadn't had a chance yet.
@Oded 6-8 weeks?
Sounds about right.
10:44 AM
My reading got.... stuck. Can't really explain it. :(
6-8 years
Got stuck with the second book of GoT.
6-8 books in waiting list...
13 messages moved to Chimney
@ShadowWizard difficult books to get through. Too many characters.
@Oded not really, since many get killed every chapter we're left with only few. ;)
You watch season 7 these days?
10:57 AM
But of course.
Think my issue is/was that I saw the TV show before reading. It kind of ruins things.
It would. Right now - happy with the TV show, as it has gone way past the books. I don't know what's going to happen :P
Though some of the things in the books never came to the TV show.
@Oded in the TV show? Easy! Winter will come, everyone will die. :P
You know nothing, Shadow Wizard
@Oded as with all books that turned into TV shows or movies... not possible to have it all. :)
11:00 AM
True enough. Some disappointments though. Like LOTR - no Tom Bombadil.
Oded, the company info saying that Jeff and Joel started the company but the user accounts user/2 and user/3 are created at the same time when user/1 (jeff) and user/4 (joel)'s accounts created and they are also developers. why then mentioning only 2
We don't mention Geoff and Jarrod @SagarV. Not since they have been moved to what's referred to as "the basement".
I'd appreciate it if you'd stop bringing this up
@Oded I read recently that the books writer doesn't really agree with the directions the TV show chose... :/
@Bart bringing up what?
They get plenty of food and water. No need to be concerned. They're happy down there for as far as we know.
11:04 AM
@ShadowWizard which is one reason I am waiting for the next book, see where it goes :P
@SagarV managers vs. "only" developers
So my question is did Geoff and Jarrod joined later or hired by Joel and Jeff?
@SagarV why do you think that the time a user was created in a production database has anything to do with when they started working for the company?
that's my question
@Bart not "the cage"?
11:05 AM
whether they joined later?
That's a privilege @ShadowWizard
@Oded 6-8 years... maybe when you'll read Ender's Shadow books.... :P
I believe they got hired as contractors first, to help Jeff, later became fully fledged employees.
@ShadowWizard ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Bart yes, but surely @Nick can choose who to put in that cage. He got the keys. Which he stole from Tim. :D
Jeff Atwood on January 06, 2009

I am pleased to announce that Stack Overflow just added another team member in an officially paid capacity: Jarrod Dixon.

Jarrod and I met on the job in 2002, and became fast friends. Here was the rare programmer who loved to code every bit as much as I did. It was our calling, and we recognized that in each other almost immediately.

I wasn’t sure exactly why we got along so well, until we went to one of those corporate teambuilding events that Paul Graham loves so much. During the event, the moderator had everyone go to a corner of the room, depending on whether you were.. …

@Sag ^
They got accounts in Jeff's blog which turned into Stack Overflow, and were fully hired few months after SO was created.
11:13 AM
@JourneymanGeek but of course! :D
Well, I'm glad they both sticked around even when Jeff is long gone, along with most of his vision of SO. :)
@ShadowWizard Jeff left so quickly
(e.g. as @Alex mentioned before, 180 degrees spin in the way SO treat emails)
Well, that's not the sort of thing you announce way ahead of time
@SagarV he left when he realized he can't do it alone anymore, probably.
@ShadowWizard or just wanted to do something new
that said, those were a pretty big pair of shoes to fill
11:17 AM
@ShadowWizard or he may tired of seeing some questions
Not that many geeky sorts can actually hold a (virtual) room like that
(and SE really hasn't had a face man, or woman with the same amount of... well whatever the heck he did ;p)
@JourneymanGeek well, nobody fill them to this day. There's nobody in Jeff position.
@ShadowWizard Well, most internet/computer folks are introverts by default
11:34 AM
@rene "I just read the shortest book ever, really weird, it said "Once upon a time," and that was it" "You didn't read the lines after it?" "Ah ... right".
is there any place I can get safari for windows 10?
@SagarV emulator?
I thought they put it out of our misery years ago
@ShadowWizard not emulator. exe. not exist in apple's site
@JourneymanGeek hmm can't find a link in official site
But years ago I remember I used it in my win 7.
11:38 AM
apparently killed off in 2012
I have one installed but that one migrated with me from Windows Vista into Windows 10.
need the latest one to test my projects
No you don't
mac image is not available in VMware
@ShadowWizard your den is under attack
11:40 AM
did that version support HTML5
I dunno
found a post in ask different apple.stackexchange.com/q/68836/246410
no luck
@rene so send him the .exe :)
@rene thanks for that test result. downloaded 5.1
11:45 AM
from the link mentioned in the post in ask different
the jokes were expected
@rene thanks, answer posted. :D
12:04 PM
@JourneymanGeek is this definitely something SU don't want to have: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/354146/…, because of this suggestion: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/354146/… don't be confused though
12:44 PM
probably more appropriate for The Bridge, but...
the fans will get the joke
1:02 PM
(or at leas @JNat probably will)
That's a delicious maki...
actually, that is a sushi-Roll
(yes, it is a pretty lame joke but try to understand... Megaman fans have been waiting for a new game for years, it is only natural that they are starting losing their minds)
Considering that I actually played Rock Mega Man 8, I understand :p
Megaman 8.... back when they were actually trying to tie up the loose ends between MM and MMX
1:34 PM
@rene 4eh. I think software rec?
1 hour later…
2:40 PM
@JourneymanGeek that sounds as an advice ...
@rene software recommendations are off topic for us
which was probably why it was closed
yeah, fair point. To be honest I don't think SR will take it either. It stays deleted then ... \o/
3:21 PM
Pets are looking for yet another pro tem mod.
Yay, something I suggested got implemented.
Not enough BOLD ALL CAPS but it's okay.
@Alex <blink>?
the search results have instances of blink actually blink
I've been party to several discussions ending in "blacklists don't work". And here we are, years on. Doesn't look like not using blacklists is working either. It doesn't have to be perfect, just pragmatic about nixing the lowest hanging fruit (there are pills for that). I just couldn't believe that "male enhancement" was a phrase that's still getting by spam blockers in 2017. — Oli 4 hours ago
3:36 PM
I wonder if Oli holds the record for spam handling outside of SO... has been moderating AU for awfully long.
what if it's a question specifically asking about how to block spam?
are we talking auto-flag, auto-delete, auto-block?
Asking about "spam" is much different than asking about "male enhancement". One shouldn't ever appear on a technical site and be on topic.
They can't provide sample phrases in the content of their question?
So eager to feed your killbots, andy...
There is a ton of domains that appear in spam posts and spam posts only.
3:45 PM
There is no legitimate reason to link to israelbigmarket or such
Problem is, the block that SE has amounts to telling the OP "please obscure this a bit before posting".
Which in turn makes Smokey's life harder.
SE is loathe to throw real roadblocks in front of askers.
URL-only title from a 1-rep user should result in the user being blocked and the post silently vanishing.
It'll be interesting to see what DAG comes up with from that pinned meta post. The top 3 of the 5 positive answers deal with question quality.
3:48 PM
"Have a problem with question quality? Man the review queues."
Providing quality answers isn't enough. You must also be a janitor!
@canon "Don't like bad questions? Have a look at 50-100 more bad questions every day." Thanks, but no thanks.
@Alex exactly
level of imagination of creator of this facebook post. lol
4:05 PM
David Robinson on August 01, 2017

Last week, Adobe announced that they would stop supporting Flash by 2020. In some ways this is surprising: I still sometimes run into pages that require Flash, and you can still find a few defenders of the platform in the software development community.

But in other ways it was a long time coming. You can often see the decline of a technology in advance, by examining data on its usage in the software development community. One notable source of such data is in our Stack Overflow Trends tool, which shows questions about Flash have been declining in frequency since 2010. …

@Feeds Why did you skip podcast 114? It's in your feed
2020 is also EOL of Python 2, right?
@Alex Yes
"Surely if it were possible to run out of questions about Javascript, we would have done so already." apart from questions about new ECMAScript features, we did. The rest are all duplicates, imo.
4:20 PM
A university I used to work at had Vision 2020... just checked, they still do but the part about becoming one of top 20 public universities in the U.S. vanished. They decided to "refocus efforts toward achievable ..."
@ScottK.Fraley This is real life complicated... I'm on a sleeper bus from HCMC to Dalat. Bathroom exists but is confirmed locked/out of order. Do I pray to all the gods or suck it up and piss in a bottle? (I'm female) — gloomy.penguin 3 mins ago
@M.A.R. "[...] piss in a bottle? (I'm female)" I don't believe you.
The regex \d+\.\d+|\.\d+|\d+ could be simpler: \d*\.?\d+
Also, if you write numbers between 0 and 1 as .25, I hate you.
I suppose a bus with nonfunctioning restroom would have made more frequent stops along the way, but I haven't had the experience myself.
4:39 PM
There's a pretty convenient sleeper bus from Alextown to New York City: leave late at night, arrive early in the morning, back in the evening, no hotel stay. 5-6 hours each way.
4:57 PM
5 messages moved to Chimney
Q: Sunsetting Documentation

Jon Ericson We will stop accepting contributions to Documentation on August 8 On behalf of everyone who worked on Documentation, I want to thank all 15,451 users who contributed. We particularly want to acknowledge the 294 people who tested the private beta and the 2,361 who pounded on the public beta in ...

Heh, a spammer bumped up another spam post that wasn't noticed before (since July 8!)
What happens to the Documentation PM?
@Alex I was just wondering that too. Hopefully they are reassigned
Does anyone want to take a tour of per-site metas answering all the "Will (our site) have Documentation?"
5:10 PM
So, a feature is as good as the number of new users it brings.
By that measure, the mobile apps... you know.
The company timeline stackoverflow.com/company might need a revision in its 2016 entry.
On the plus side, Community Team should get a boost from Jon's return from overseeing Documentations day-to-day.
5:27 PM
@Alex what is it about? Medium seems to be blocked here
Nothing major, just the idea that answering questions once in a while is good for self-esteem among other things.
5:42 PM
Ahh cool
lol, docs rep is hanging around.
Is there any reason not to dump Documentation Examples to a GitHub repo (or separate gists?) and change the links accordingly?
GitHub has an API, and migration of stuff to them isn't unprecedented.
@Alex Isn't most of docs just garbage copied from other online documentation? During my brief exploration of the project, that's all I saw. Plus, you know, "examples". It was a mess... but I'd love to see an exemplary contribution worth keeping.
Surely there are good original examples there. Also consider that those being linked to from Q&A are probably more useful than randomly chosen examples.
5:50 PM
So, amended version: export the linked examples to GH, the rest stays in some data dump.
Meh. I'm not a Docs fan, but there is good stuff there. Some users I know spent time writing it.
Are docs available through the SEDE?
@canon No.
5:58 PM
@Alex We have plenty of need for her. (But that was my first concern too. Vasudha has been wonderful to work with.)
@Alex That's one of the possibilities we considered. I don't think there are any blockers to doing that other than working out how it will work out.
6:13 PM
BoltClock is Daniel Tan? So weird that we can't comment under our SO accounts on the SO blog.
or log into the SEDE with an SE account
The blog commenting situation is certainly messy.
SO will have two new mods in about 1.5 hours...
@ShadowWizard You guys are just too fast for me :P
@rene I don't mind the pings, I try to get them when I see them, but often I just barely miss the deletion window
6:30 PM
@JeremyBanks ah, yes... that's right. I'm still waiting on the facebook provider implementation (post from 2012).
6:42 PM
@TravisJ no problem, I try to keep you in the loop as you are one of the users with 20K and can be pinged here.
If I see an open post I cast teh vote
Area 51 Winter Potpourri ... build in July 2017 ... Hats are early or late this year ...
7:17 PM
Do you guys think socopolitical should be a word? A combo of social, cultural, and political.
@bjb568 sociopolitical, maybe?
I'm not parsing "cultural" out of it in either form.
Adjective: sociopolitical (not comparable)
  1. Alternative spelling of socio-political
How come it's not comparable. More sociopolitical, the most sociopolitical. Easy.
If you really have to cram all three in, "sociopolicultural" would be easier to parse.
7:31 PM
At least python-3.x overtook python-2.7 last year, although for many questions with those tags the version doesn't matter.
The way Twitter (and especially Tweetdeck) attaches GitHub user avatars is ridiculous...
It's not even a direct GH link, but duty calls.
8:15 PM
Q: 2017 Community Moderator Election RESULTS

Shog9Well, it's been a crazy month but July has finally come to a close and with it Stack Overflow's 9th moderator election has also concluded. They said it was impossible, but 30 thousand or so voters were able to pick the best two moderators from among many worthy candidates, namely: They'll be...

#1 and #2 in primaries have never failed to be elected, so...
8:29 PM
Not visible here, but the number of voters was at all-time high despite it being summer.
Same as the % of eligible voters
With all this excitement, the poor Augur site missed the Tuesday launch window again.
9:04 PM
What's blue vs purple?
@Alex Aug! Ur! (Gotta read that out loud for full effect.)
mod vs employee?
@bjb568 ^ that
@JonEricson Do you mean someone forgot to push the red Launch button?
@Alex Actually that someone was on vacation and so was the backup. Augur will just need to wait another week.
9:12 PM
@MonicaCellio Great question. Yes, DAG serves the entire network. In fact, we are currently working on updating the header and footer across the networks (should roll out this month). However, in reviewing the outstanding asks, many of the features and the themes that seem most critical are massive-scale problems that affect SO much more than almost all other sites, so meta.so seemed to be the right location for the post. — Joe Friend ♦ 2 hours ago
Yay new footer
Not so sure about the other thing.
I too am sick of header updates. :-P
Will the real estate vacated by Documentation be shared among the rest, or given to Channels?
My money is on Channels, but that's a guess.
9:21 PM
My guess is no one knows
@JonEricson - I know that Docs was measured by new users, but did you ever examine total views in the feature as a function of time? While user contribution may have slowed (which in my opinion is related to the fact that there is only a finite amount of canonical available to document), did visits of the feature also slow down?
@TravisJ It fluctuated a bit. The top bar redesign really helped. We probably could have pushed Google to find the links, which is how almost all traffic comes to Q&A. We weren't seeing much organic traffic at all.
I am going to miss Docs. Is it just too expensive to leave on?
I guess not in terms of servers and such. It really comes down to knowing a lot more about what we'd need to do to make a really great feature and counting the cost.
The last couple of months was really great in terms of learning about documentation and what drives people to make it better. Ironically, that knowledge was part of why we ended the project today and not a few months down the road. For that, I'm grateful.
I've worked on zombie projects and it's not fulfilling.
9:39 PM
So mostly cost then? Is there a post somewhere for revenue generating ideas?
As an aside, Enterprise is a weird development. We used to turn people away saying it wouldn't work for companies less than $magic_number. Turns out we were spectacularly wrong there too.
Not only are companies buying it, they're using it too.
Well, also it turns out there are a lot of companies with tons of employees willing to throw gobs of money at a communications problem.
What if SO (this would work with other exchanges on the network as well) partnered with Amazon to show an advertisement for a book on Amazon with every question, where the book was the first result of tags.Join(" ") + title? This may have a decent amount of throughput.
Lesson learned: when someone is throwing gobs of money in your direction, maybe don't tell them to get lost.
That always kinda left me at a loss for words; I'd send someone my carefully-tailored "you don't need this and you can't afford it" response, and they'd come back with, "oh, money's no object, who do we make the check out to?"
9:44 PM
I like the idea of channels, and many companies try to roll their own Q&A comms style thing
@TravisJ we already do affiliate links if you include Amazon links in a post.
Yeah, through rads.so, I've seen that.
I mean on every post though. I tested with 10 prior to writing that comment and it gave rather relevant suggestions due to the preface of the tag name
Also, to note, book suggestions are some of the highest voted posts... perhaps playing into that with an automated suggested ad could work.
Or at least they tend to be when they aren't keelled with fire.
@rene hats? Area 51? Something doesn't match...
I didn't see any change there.
and not a single bug/request marked completed.
@TravisJ I feel like this might not be true for a lot of ruby questions
A sidebar ad with Amazon affiliate link looks like pretty low space/revenue ratio.
9:50 PM
That is actually a programming book though
@ShadowWizard Probably internal requests by Robert.
May be worth trying on sites like Math. Traffic, no ads, relevant content on Amazon.
yeah, I see a canitize custom scope booleans section :P
@Shog9 that's.... spammy
retracts finger second before it hit flag button
@Alex wonder if there's a list?
Hm, the #1 voted ruby question doesn't have any good matches :(
Q: How to write a switch statement in Ruby

ReadonlyHow do I write a switch statement in Ruby?

Or at least, not by using amazon's search
Using google: site:amazon.com books ruby switch-statement conditional How to write a switch statement in Ruby returns Ruby Pocket Reference: Instant Help for Ruby Programmers 2nd Edition
9:57 PM
@Alex I meant low revenue/space ratio. The reciprocal fraction...
That's almost certainly true
If memory serves, the total revenue from all affiliate links is maaaaybe enough to cover one developer salary (but probably not tax or benefits)
Given the founding statement for SO was literally "Programmers seem to have stopped reading books", probably too much to hope they're gonna see an ad and... start.
Yeah, that is probably because the click through rate is rather low overall. However, books are something that developers do mostly purchase, and will at the very least look at while waiting for someone to action their question.
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