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5:45 AM
@JourneymanGeek Idc. I would be moar happy if someone's willing to write the examinations for me
6:18 AM
@i-- I'm sure you could find someone. Until you got caught ;p
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8:33 AM
sd k
8:53 AM
@Bart are you still a biscuit? Or was it only temporary?
9:51 AM
Aug 16 at 6:29, by Sha Wiz Dow Ard
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10:02 AM
@ShaWizDowArd It's windy here too ;-)
@user0042 just stick around, don't let the wind carry you away! :D
Suppose there will be more than 26 hurricanes in one year, how will they call the 27th?
Will it start with A again?
Hurricane Andrew the II
That said, hope everyone in Irma's way are and will be safe!
There was Katrina before
Tropical cyclones and subtropical cyclones are named by various warning centers to provide ease of communication between forecasters and the general public regarding forecasts, watches, and warnings. The names are intended to reduce confusion in the event of concurrent storms in the same basin. Generally once storms produce sustained wind speeds of more than 33 knots (61 km/h; 38 mph), names are assigned in order from predetermined lists depending on which basin they originate. However, standards vary from basin to basin: some tropical depressions are named in the Western Pacific, while tropical...
@ShaWizDowArd IIRC AA o.o
@Elias so?
@Elias TL;DR? ;)
> begin with the first letters A—W used, skipping Q and U, and alternating between male and female names. If all of the names on a list are used, storms are named after the letters of the Greek alphabet.
10:14 AM
@user0042 your avatar still stands out among all others, so many colors! :D
Take @M.A.R. for example, only yellow. :P
And black ಠ_ಠ
@ShaWizDowArd In fact I've chosen it after seeing many blank avatars. It turned out to be a problem with my browser, but I decided to keep it anyways :D
@M.A.R. black is almost not visilbe
@user0042 rofl!
And @JNat's avatar is simple: blue. :)
I suppose mine's dark blue,black and loads of tan ;p
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11:29 AM
@JourneymanGeek yours got no ruling color, as most avatars. Boring! :P
3 hours later…
2:49 PM
OK, who bought this car? @Bart I know it's you.
3:04 PM
@JonEricson But Channels are private, so if they are gone, nobody notices except channel users. No broken links, and the content doesn't have to be re-published as it wasn't public to begin with. Channel owners get a data dump and then it's only their headache if they want to do something about it.
6:14 PM
/timeline seems like it should be an easy URL to remember, but it's really not. My brain stops giving me recommendations after trying /history and /list.
well, for social media user: Facebook uses Timeline.
@Dukeling think of time, and a line.
line connecting events in time
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7:28 PM
Who broke site search on Math? math.stackexchange.com/search?tab=newest&q=is%3aq returns no questions from today.
Works normally on SO.
Broken on SU and apparently everywhere except SO.
Q: Search for new questions returns yesterday and older posts for localized sites

alexolutUsing search for a new questions returns yesterday and older posts only for localized sites. Tested for Stack Overflow... in Russian in Portuguese in Spanish in Japanese English Stack Overflow works fine. Possibly related to my previous bug report: Something wrong with tag view in the And...

apparently worse than what the title says
7:32 PM
Yes, I added a comment to that effect.
So, if anyone's wondering why I'm not answering any math questions since 2 days ago... that is why. OTOH it's nice to have a break.
7:44 PM
Wasn't there a Redis update on Friday?
Let's blame the theme music. Should have gone with Led Zeppelin IV.
@angussidney Apparently, that's what the post means -- I think this is not true, though. Opening the homepage of Android Enthusiasts right now, I see a post by a new user asked 3 minutes ago; surely it wasn't reviewed (there are 59 posts in their perpetually clogged First Posts review). — Michelle 3 mins ago
@Elias can probably confirm that AE homepage has fresh questions by new users all the time, reviewed or not.
@Michelle yes, AE has fresh questions no, newest is:q returns 2 days old
Yeah, right. :) Talking about the homepage though.
7:57 PM
but searching for other keywords returns fresh, and the homepage too
Anime.SE is also fresh
oh.... you're talking about the other meta post, I missed the comment. :S
Yes, it's about the flowchart. Correct for SO, but apparently not for other sites. There was never an announcement of limiting visibility of new unreviewed questions outside of SO.
@Elias what's that?
Meta Economics' favicon
Unless you see it right, mine's don't have the "EC" text :(
9:26 PM
Q: Site icon is an empty balloon in Mac browsers

GlorfindelOn Safari and Chrome on Mac OS X, the site icon is an empty balloon - the letters 'EC' are not visible. When disabling a CSS rule, the bug disappears: Normal: CSS rule disabled: Clearing the browser cache didn't solve the problem. As a heavy Mac user, I didn't realize this bug until I chec...

I see empty balloon when opening .ico file directly, but it's displayed normally next to page title otherwise.
Something with transparency?
Yeah, probably
That's not counting a retweet of drob's tweet with the same link.

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