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12:17 AM
youtube recommended a whole bunch of chicken videos for me
@Telkitty I've got some tuna for you alternatively:
Q: i have an a question on object types implimentation i would like help on!

alvinMemphisn this assignment, we shall explore a way of representing rational numbers using Java objects. For each rational number, we shall represent/store the numerator and denominator as integers. We shall use an object like this: class Rational { int a; int b; } a . This declares a new type, Rational , ...

@Telkitty Like to chop that?
@πάνταῥεῖ like how to keep 1000 instead of 1
@Telkitty If we could have thousands of whatever yes ;-) ...
But it's strange anyways that "chicken seem to like dog food" :-P
12:35 AM
@JourneymanGeek There we go. Needs some polishing but on the right track.
@JasonC C'mon, that joke becomes lame :-P
Ahoy! Here be th' site ye be on. As ye can see, it ain't th' site fer yer riddle at all. Unfortunately yer post ain't on topic fer any o' th' sites in its current form. Paragraphs are yer scallywag, 'n even Stack O'erflow will nah do yer homework fer ye. If ye read this, ye'll see ye broke pretty much all o' th' rules. Avast! Next time, read th' help center first. — Jason C 1 min ago
Pirate talk is lame?
Ye, yes. Arrrr
I thought it was funny. :( Anyways we were talking about it last night.
Damn. I need something fresh. What else is there?
@JasonC Nothing more outdated than last nights talk ;-)
12:38 AM
It was sooo 1 AM.
@JasonC I dunno the actual time step point. But I has a weird night yesterday as well :-P
Are pirates generally considered rude people BTW?
I think they're generally considered AWESOME.
Valley speak?
"Like, is this like your homework? Its tooooootallllly Lame to do this"
@JasonC We call us ANTIFA nowadays (and yes, we're mostly gentle people)
@JourneymanGeek "Valley speak?" Can you enlighten me?
12:57 AM
> Hello. Oh my God! Here is like totally the site you are like on.
> Helo! Here = teh site U = on!!!! As U can see, it isn't teh site for yuor question at al!!!! Unfortunateley yuor post isn't on topic for aney of teh sites in its current form!!!! Paragraphs = yuor friend, and even Stack Overflow wil not do yuor homework for yuo!!!! If U read this, yuo'l see U broke prettey much al of teh rules!!!! Next time, read teh help centar first.
Hello. How are you gentlemen! Here is belong to the site you are on. As you can see, it isn't the site for great justice and your question at all.
These translators are so 2000.
@JasonC Definitely sounds better.
off-topic period. Probably no need to say anything more beyond down-/close-voting or flagging.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in body: Connect Monitors to PC Wirelessly? by SoSeriousSam on superuser.com
1:13 AM
Oh man I forgot all about this. There is at least 20 pages of entertainment here, lol... thewolfweb.com/message_topic.aspx?topic=180137&page=1
1:33 AM
SO had 638,240,640 pageviews in March, vs 541,313,920 last March. Growth rate: 18%
Math had 13,570,395 pageviews in March, vs 9,530,440 last March. Growth rate: 42%
Apparently, not quite saturated yet.
1:47 AM
Dec 31 '16 at 7:24, by zaq
Designers must be working on something big and important... when was the last time a site got a custom design?
Still there... The last time a site design went live: October 5, 2016. More than 6 months ago... That was Signal Processing.
what do you think about the tiny unicorn design @Gerry
splendid, isn't it?
2:06 AM
no need to hide from your inner demons @gerry, let's talk about it
2:59 AM
@Gerry I'd guess the so redesign but that is done
2 hours later…
5:46 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted username: How do I create my own commands? by Fuck you on gaming.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL in title, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, blacklisted website in title, pattern-matching website in body, +2 more: luxmuscle.com/alpha-testosterone-review/ by vafoz24 on graphicdesign.SE
6:19 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer, link at end of answer: How to share computer code? by تندخوانی on academia.SE
7:02 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user: Online Trading and Taxes by John Ftseman on money.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer: Boot partition full, failed upgrade prevents cleaning by Ian on askubuntu.com
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported question: Science freak assend by Loo on anime.SE
7:30 AM
@Elephant just off topic, think we should use Smokey only for spam. No?
(or offensive stuff)
@SmokeDetector fpu
@ShadowWizard Registered answer as false positive and whitelisted user.
@SmokeDetector f not spam
@ShadowWizard fair enough, just the text was copied from "some homework problem" on other site
@Elephant so? Still, if we'll report any crap/off topic question, we will clog Smokey up, and the real spam will get less attention. :)
Anyway, very few people here have enough rep to even downvote on that site, so nothing we can do.
@Gerry with one designer (at best, maybe he's not even full time employee) guess it takes months for each site, yeah.
Personal opinion: at some point Stack Exchange will shut down Area 51 and stop starting new sites. This is a heavy burden on them, which they can't handle forever.
8:19 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Mostly non-Latin answer: How can I view anonymous opinions on sayat.me? by AnwAr hoshan on webapps.SE
@ShadowWizard in a sense, its not scaling that well?
I'm just grumpy that I realised I am having trouble keeping track of who mods where.
@JourneymanGeek hmm? Didn't follow, sorry.... (better Reply if you had specific message in mind?)
you mean my rant about Area 51?
oh. What you mean not scaling well? New sites are not going very well?
8:28 AM
> "This is a heavy burden on them, which they can't handle forever."
@JourneymanGeek Yup. They need to assign CM for any new site, designer to make a design, more storage space as the network grows, and all of this with 0 income out of those sites.
@ShadowWizard I was thinking more the CM side and design ;p
And SE, after all, is a business.
and at some point I suspect sites start eating each other
@JourneymanGeek nah, that's less likely to happen.
8:32 AM
Area 51 is very strict about it, dupe sites aren't allowed to begin with. :)
I can think of lots of sites with partially or completely overlapping scopes.
@JourneymanGeek true, but good questions can sometimes exist in both, seen several such cases.
Done upgrading your servers? @Journeyman
8:34 AM
More or less
Still got the big one
Getting the dedi off F22
@JourneymanGeek daddy?
Dedicated server lol
If I had money, I'd just upgrade, move stuff over and move on ;p
The new model has twice the ram
F22 is cool too!
8:36 AM
The home box is on 25 ;p
actually its a funny build
so you got such F22? Impressive.... :D
Fedora 22
I probably should go for centos on the next build. Longer support
And that server dosen't actually run anything
The VM on it does
I guess non programmers reading such conversations think the above things... ;P
8:37 AM
I'm a non programmer.
well, non tech-ish people... you know what I mean! mad :D
I am a bug maker
making bugs not war!
@Telkitty so you're a Bug Queen... is this you?
I am a kitty
8:43 AM
@ShadowWizard so far - fixed up the home server to f25, and added my growl based cross system/platform notification thing for when my torrents finish
I'm having trouble setting up a file share for some odd reason, but that should be fixable.
Updated my webserver VM to ubuntu 16.10
And still waiting for clients?
Next is to make sure the backups on my dedicated work then back it up
lol, applying for jobs yes
You'll find something... sometime... :)
8:46 AM
yanno how it is
the longer you're unemployed, the harder it gets
Unless you're bloody lucky and you come across somewhere that badly needs someone with your skillset
@JourneymanGeek well, somehow I managed to always have a job.... though I didn't move much between jobs.
That would be nice ;p
@JNat what did you do before joining SE? (i.e. what job?)
I only had one other job: I worked for a month, in part-time, at a call center ;)
Lucky then ;)
8:54 AM
@JNat oh wow.... wait... how old are you?? (If I may ask :))
My jobs so far... 5 years in the family business as sort of the "swiss army knife IT guy", took a break to finish my long overdue degree, 1 year or so as tech support in a VFX studio, a few months as a temp desktop engineer at a casino...
Interesting work in both senses of the word.
hehe, guess this isn't our JNat.... ;)
I am somewhat doubtful of that
@JourneymanGeek yup
8:59 AM
@ShadowWizard nope, though I did study in that same college ;)
@ShadowWizard I'd rather not say ;P
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of body: Administrator Permission by Oliver Mason on superuser.com
And now, I'm gonna grab breakfast
@JNat huh... weird! Well, not hard to guess your age... anyway... Bon Appetit! ;)
Until which age would someone call themselves a kid? And what would you call someone of the age of 14 or higher?
9:05 AM
between 14 and 999? ;p
@rene good question... worthy of ELU/ELL question! IMO kid is until 13, then you become "teenager"
(puberty and all)
@rene context?
@rene depends on how old you feel ;p
Definition of kid. Anyone who you tell "Get Off My Lawn"
Well, probably nothing official about it.
@JourneymanGeek get off my lawn
9:08 AM
@ShadowWizard meh, not yet ...
@rene not fair! Teasing flower... mumble
And calling someone kid, is almost as much an expression of the age of the kid, as the senility seniorness of the person calling someone else kid.
Fun fact: @JNat is one of only four SE employees who hide their faces in the team page. :-)
@JourneymanGeek true.
yeah, kids these days ...
@ShadowWizard most of whom are CMs... COINCIDENCE? (Plausibly)
9:14 AM
@JourneymanGeek hehe, good reason I guess. :)
eh. maybe ;p
or part of a running pre cm-hiring joke ;p
For a network of sites which explicitly have no "social" aspect, SE sites often have their own quirky culture
funny how 20 years ago there weren't any community managers around, since the raise of social media ...
super herd
@Telkitty there was no SE 20 years ago ;p
community managers, the fastest growing profession
9:17 AM
@JourneymanGeek not just SE
I've not actually come across the sort of community management we have here elsewhere
Granted, I'm not really into the bigger internet spaces
@Telkitty actually SE is the first place where I saw that term. I was "super moderator" myself in one forum (still am, but forum is dead), guess it's quite close. ;)
@ShadowWizard though I suspect CMs are a little more than "super mods"
@JourneymanGeek yup, they're a mix of super mod and admin.
And Shog is also almost a developer...
@ShadowWizard and to an extent "tech evangelists" and...
9:23 AM
Yeah, and Adam Lear is a CM who transitioned into Dev-ness.
@JourneymanGeek yup, think there are few others as well, it was discussed here a while ago.... :)
@hichris123 pink? Looks purple to me... :D
9:48 AM
doesn't look like the teeth fit for an apex predator
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: No missions available after dying by Gooch on gaming.SE
10:18 AM
OK, I'm missing our trolls now
All we get is stupid blatantly OT stuff.
@M.A.R. what's wrong with Kylo and peter?
don't expect other people will always be there to entertain you, if you really want, you should learn to troll better yourself
@Telkitty :(
You're so insensitive
@M.A.R. is too yellow to troll
@ShadowWizard It seems they haven't thought of a post yet
And I'm bored
10:23 AM
I know right, being rather mean today >_<
mean kitty is mean
@M.A.R. there is new-ish post from Kylo. Might be deleted by now...
@M.A.R. if you are bored, play with your protons... Always fun. ;-)
You're so uncouth
Hello @Derpy sock!
10:25 AM
@ShadowWizard The rep on meta thing?
@M.A.R. yup
That's yesterday
Not his best trolling though
@ShadowWizard Yeah, almost asked a legit question
kylo has 1 rep on meta, enough said ...
10:26 AM
If I would have seen that a month ago I would even upvote. shudder
@Telkitty not really... Enough will be when the 1 will be due to suspnesion.
@shog, is kylo question banned yet?
20K mysql meta.stackexchange.com/questions/294550/… /cc @ShadowWizard @Bart
@rene I read the title as "Skills needed for Data Driven animals"
Date Driven animals
Dat Driven animals
10:33 AM
Da Driven animals
@Telkitty nope think he got a Ban Shield
@rene k
@rene k
@M.A.R. k
@ShadowWizard l
@M.A.R. ;
10:34 AM
@ShadowWizard :
@M.A.R. '
@ShadowWizard ℰ
Hey you mooned me! :(
not going to get that low :D
What is this letter anyway? ;) googling
huh? Standard e?
So weird. giving up
>format @M.A.R. -f
10:43 AM
Eats format
format formatting @M.A.R. from the inside
How many bad sectors you have? @M.A.R.
11:27 AM
@ShadowWizard all of em.
Heh, SE moved to doubleclick.net?!
12:00 PM
@ShadowWizard no, your ISP hi-jacked your connection
12:12 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: Can I join the dark brotherhood as a werewolf? by WESTLEY on gaming.SE
12:32 PM
@rene nope. Pretty sure there was one ad served by them. Bet SE is testing.
1:29 PM
When old top votes question is edited,it becomes HNQ?
@Fawad No.
Mar 24 at 21:46, by Shog9
@NormalHuman completely impossible - question is older than 30 days.
you are so prompt, I was checking out your profile to see when you would be online to discuss that tiny unicorn
Unicorn? Where?
Why tiny?
Who is NormalHuman? :D
Q: What is this colored fiber in my chicken?

user55810I smoked a whole chicken. When I cut into the breast I found this: What is it and is my chicken ruined?

I just now took screenshot
@Fawad OK. What about it? It was asked three days ago. Got lots of upvotes and upvotes on the answer, so it's HNQ. Not related to edits at all.
Three days is not "old". @Faw
There are cases of questions remaining in HNQ for two weeks.
@ShadowWizard ok
I was logged out 5 minutes ago,any reason?
@Fawad dunno, no repro
But it happens, no worry.
@Telkitty so where is that tiny unicorn?
ask Gerry, although he's probably going to ignore you ...
@Telkitty lies. @Gerry never ignores me.
So you say there is a unicorn hiding here? @Telkitty
you need to think outside the box picture
2:18 PM
@SmokeDetector notspam - it answers the question that was asked, and discloses affiliation
@Gerry doesn't disclose affiliation, actually
2:56 PM
in The h Bar on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 4 mins ago, by Secret
Hi guys, I am trying to search for the most highly voted tumbleweed (i.e. no answers and more than a year old) question in PSE, what should I enter as parameters in query SE?
@Fawad Check out data.stackexchange.com/devops/queries?q=tumbleweed for starting points
3:09 PM
I think SE gave up on ultra-localized education sites like CS50... but there is still Georgia Tech OMSCS Program proposal.
Could a general "OMSCS" site be viable?
@ShadowWizard right behind... the shurbbery
Online program, Master's of Science in Computer Science
Interestingly, reddit.com/r/OMSCS is specifically about that Georgia Tech program.
3:12 PM
duplicate ah detected
naw. Its different ahs. You need to consider the nuances
What's the correct pronunciation of the reduced Planck constant ħ?
I don't mean h-bar (as in Physics chat), imagine it was used in a word.
3:18 PM
can pupils ask home work questions there?
it's designed for students, so ...
also, I have this feeling that quora is taking over yahoo answers
I was looking for answers on some rather common everyday questions and quora came first on the search result ...
maybe being too specific isn't very good when many people who mostly use internet to search for something they don't know much about
3:32 PM
@Telkitty quora is roughly yahoo answers. With slightly less being dropped on the head as a baby.
3:49 PM
Excel internationalises function names? Oh god :( — pjc50 2 days ago
@Gerry ħ is pronounced "reduced Planck constant" :P
You could call it the symbol for Saturn, heh.
It's also in the IPA, you could type ħ in an IPA speech synth and see what comes out although it might be hard to pronounce.
I guess it's also one IPA sound from the letter, Heth.
Yes I think the IPA usage matches what you want. I don't think it's actually a letter in any specific alphabet outside of IPA. So it would never be used in a word in any language.
The end.
@SmokeDetector I'm confused. Is the linked site walmartoneloginhelp.com a scam of some sort?
Looks like one of those Gmail / Facebook "help" sites.
But I don't know much about Walmart, for better or worse.
I think it's in the league with customerservicenumber.mobi/walmartone/ and such. Flagged.
4:05 PM
Walmart is big enough for someone to target their employees specifically. (Walmart One is a web app for employees)
4:17 PM
Imagine the size of Walmart HR... and internal IT.
I like Northwest Arkansas, but still would not want to work for Walmart.
4:35 PM
> "The question is whether drones will land or parachute the packages down," said Lieb, a former shipping consultant. "I would see eagles, not dogs, taking out drones." timesunion.com/business/article/…
Fortunately, there aren't as many of those.
5:32 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer, link at end of answer, username similar to website in answer: Can I import the current look of my website to Drupal? by khodbavar on drupal.SE
6:20 PM

I had a client review a design, and all the textarea’s were filled with ‘Lorem Ipsum’. Reply: It looks good, but we don’t understand it.

Me: What don’t you understand?

Reply: The text. What language is that anyway?

Me: It doesn’t mean anything, it’s to fill up the textareas. Just focus on the design, not the content.

Reply, after a day or two: Could you please type the text from our brochure in there, we can’t review the site in a foreign language.
6:46 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Windows network drives not updating by alcomcomputing on serverfault.com
7:25 PM
@Mithrandir BTW, just ate מקופלת XL ;)
@M.A.R. epic facepalm
7:44 PM
@ShadowWizard getting rid of the chametz?
@Mithrandir oh, it's חמץ?? Didn't even notice, lol.. but no, got it today for free from Alonit store when buying other things.
(still not sure why they gave it to me, said something that they had spare items... :))
Maybe they try to poison you?
@TimStone i.snag.gy/cIn2U3.jpg - got an sede error i've never seen before.
(Ignore the fact that the capital T in my thing is a typo)
Seller: hey, want also a Mekupelet?
Me: no thank you, no need. (they always offer to buy more stuff)
Seller: for free.
Me: oh, OK.
@rene I'm still here.... ;)
Q: "Operation cancelled by user" (but I didn't!)

michaelb958I was playing around with the Data Explorer, and formulated the following query (this is not an SQL question; it is about the Data Explorer): SELECT TOP 2000 P.Id as [Post Link], P.Score as [Post Score], C.Id as [Comment Link], C.Score as [Comment Score] FROM Posts as P INNER JOIN Commen...

Q: SQL Server error on update command - "A severe error occurred on the current command"

Paul RowlandRunning the following query in SQL Server Management Studio gives the error below. update table_name set is_active = 0 where id = 3 A severe error occurred on the current command. The results, if any, should be discarded. The logs have been truncated there is an update trigger but this...

(top result)
8:00 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: My Wordpress blog won't load through Tor by D. Joe on tor.SE
@JasonC you get that kind of errors when you run anything that takes too long to get any result from the query processor. Your typo is probably causing that as no rows will match, while it has to do a full table scan. Before anything is ready, the connection from the webserver to the sqlserver is closed/killed and that stops the server processing rather abruptly. It simply recovers a bit whacky from that condition.
also: if you are fighting with lower and upper case, consider using an specific collation: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/276221/…
I expect that to be more performant then a lower on the LHS of an expression
Yay! SEDE lessons for free! ;)
8:26 PM
@rene The weird thing about that is that result came back in roughly a half a second.
Yeah I prefer the collations but I always forget their names, lol.
@JasonC yeah, that caching is awesome
@JasonC waves
I can't figure out why meta.stackexchange.com/questions/287910/… has so much support.
nor do I
I think it's because people enjoy the psychological satisfaction of seeing a question be deleted.
But I do want to pre-register my down vote on every new php answer
8:28 PM
The Strongbad effect:
2 messages moved to Chimney
Before you consider to repost this anywhere else please read and use the Question Checklistrene 3 mins ago
@rene Nice!! How did I not know about that sooner?
Also I wish we had buzzfeed style votes instead of just up and down
Like "fail", "omg", "<3"
Actually I'm sure I've had this conversation before...
@JasonC I dunno ... maybe I'm too much involved?
@JasonC <3
9:00 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer, pattern-matching website in answer: enumeration and MS DCERPC by behnam on security.SE
9:12 PM
I spent way too much time on this just now: data.stackexchange.com/superuser/query/655751/…
1 hour later…
10:21 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: The Gunn diode and the two valley theory by 911electronic on physics.SE
10:32 PM
> If English home fire detectors were named "steak detectors", they'd be awesome. Or "still not deaf warning systems". Or "shoe targets". -- Marco Cecconi at 12:34 PM - 9 Apr 2017
Smoke detectors give a good example of the difference of conditional probabilities P(A|B) and P(B|A)...
A = smoke detector goes off; B = house is on fire.
P(A|B) is very near 1 if you remember to change the batteries and such.
P(B|A) is very near 0.
@ShadowWizard googles Mekuplet. Finds its not a pokemon
11:00 PM
The power of the test of smoke detectors is high, but there is a high type one error rate. (I hope I did that right)
@bjb568 puts a checkmark next to the answer
So I made that presentation for admitted math-oriented students... The audience: 3 students + as many parents.
people_reached += 6
11:03 PM
Sounds like success.
Told them about a few recent capstone projects. One was about integer partitions that I mentioned earlier. Like, the number 100 can be written as the sum of distinct positive integers in 444793 ways.
(And, it can be written as the sum of not-necessarily-distinct odd positive integers in 444793 ways.)
I'd be super happy if most math majors could write a program to determine the above without copying it from SO.
So much possible duplication here: Modulo operation with negative numbers
@bwDraco you got a thank-you note in a non-answer on Photo
11:46 PM
@JasonC a question in your territory: Downloading chat transcripts by Monomeeth on apple.meta.stackexchange.com

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