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12:00 AM
no, 200 for stackauth.com/auth/global/read, but something is definitely weird. It is telling me jQuery isn't defined on line 1, which is <html><head> and even in the rest of the response I don't see it using jQuery.
Got some userscript on stackauth? Benjol mentioned he'd try something there re saving canned comments
neg, no userscripts
hmmm. I'd love to keep on debugging, but it's past 2 here and my bed is waiting for me :)
good $LOCAL_TIME, all
Hehe, go dream of unicorns. (:
12:15 AM
Here, you can just look at this instead:
@RebeccaChernoff That's bizarre..Maybe jQuery has gained sentience...only to get lost >_>
Of course, the console regularly lies, so I suppose there could be a problem elsewhere which might make more sense.
Hmm, was going to uninstall Chrome and reinstall, but I just remembered IE9 says the same cookie step fails. So, doubtful reinstalling would help q:
12:25 AM
Yeah, probably not, hmm..
curious that IE and Chrome have issues but Firefox does not.
Did you check in the IE developer tools to see if you also get a random error about jQuery?
12:46 AM
Man, that balpha is one crazy cat!
1:06 AM
interesting, uninstalled chrome, unistalled ie, rebooted, installed chrome, installed ie, rebooted. chrome works. ie still doesn't.
Did you delete all the associated caches, stored data, cookies, etc with the two browsers?
Well, I must say that you are harboring a pretty bad problem, and I'm going to disinvite you from my birthday party until you get a clean bill of health.
Don't feel too bad. I just disinvited my kids too (put them to bed). My wife is out of town, so I'm celebrating alone, which is why I was looking forward to your visit, but sadly I can't let you in if you can't make ie behave. I'll call up @balpha instead.
Also I'm no longer pollyanna, and it would be totally awkward explaining having you visit alone to my wife. ;-P
1:11 AM
pffft, balpha went to bed. plus, I beat Chrome into submission, that's all that matters!
Is it only upvoting animation?
@YiJiang There's a downvote animation as well.
It gave me the critic badge on meta, which I thought I already had.
Right, I just tested it
I'm not aware of any other animations, but I'd be interested in finding out if closing, flagging, etc had them.
I've just VtC'd a question, nothing appeared for me
1:13 AM
That's too bad.
@balpha didn't implement the accept rate --> sparkly change I suggested either.
@AdamDavis There's still time!!!
Quick! Wake up @balpha! There's coding to be done!
1:30 AM
Thanks for the fresh grimmace. The old one 8h ago was starting to smell funky.
oy, seriously people?
Hilariously, not seriously.
Too bad we have a 30 day name change limit. I'd be you for a day.
@AdamDavis We'd all be @RebeccaChernoff for a day \o/
1:34 AM
s/Too bad/Thankfully/
@RebeccaChernoff There'll be many lulz later when you find out that it was Zypher playing an early April Fool's joke on you all along. That, or Zypher will mysteriously disappear. I haven't decided yet.
Well, at least I can change my gravatar. brb.
Well, there's the 'copy this profile to all sites' thingy which can be exploited, right?
@YiJiang I'm not sure the chat is spec'ed for that much oy
@TimStone The star menu might not be able to take it, and will go into meltdown
1:35 AM
@YiJiang I thought they closed that loophole...?
@AdamDavis Did they? Last I tested it, it still worked
Really? Huh! Maybe it's worth a try...
Hey, don't quote me on that! The last time I tried it was a few months ago
I think that's how we ended up with @Pekkastrollingaccount network-wide :P
I'll probably get a nice email and a moderator forced change back though.
1:37 AM
@TimStone Ahahahaha, probably, yes
@AdamDavis I am Spartacus Rebecca Chernoff
wasn't that Pekka's name on just the trilogy?
Hmm, I feel like there's a lot of stuff I need to reply to...but this stupid sickness is slowing me down. Meh. I wish my meeting tomorrow was an April Fool's joke, talking is kind of painful.
@TimStone Buy some herbal mint tea. Always helps my throat.
@YiJiang the gravatar caching eventually comes through.
@AdamDavis Yeah, I might run out tomorrow morning and get some, that's a good idea.
1:47 AM
So, eh, does anyone else want to be @RebeccaChernoff? :P
Nothing like going to a meeting talking like a frog, obviously sucking on throat lozenges. But no one complains if you walk around with a cup of tea.
@YiJiang I can only hope. If we get enough people to do it, they may let it stick. But probably only on meta.
Thankfully it's a teleconference, but I might see if I can get it pushed back anyway, heh.
@YiJiang I have a strange desire to not die, so I think I'll pass. :P
Q: in other news, still not april fools day

Chester Possible Duplicate: Coding High and Unicorns From The Year 1990 Media outlets and developers around the world have identified methods for identifying timezones from user profiles. This new technique allows date and time specific messages to be made accordingly Here we...

The recursive close voting is brilliant
@TimStone Awww, come on, what's the wors-
starts planning a @YiJiang memorial
plans on bringing famous unicorn meatball loaf to the after-memorial potluck
1:58 AM
Well, I'm not @RebeccaChernoff yet - gravatar's been giving trouble signing up for a new account
@YiJiang That's hilarious!
wait wtf
you can't be me!
@RebeccaChernoff I'm not you. I'm your willing sockpuppet.
2:06 AM
@AdamDavis So is everyone else; we're just not all aware of it
mouse hovering over Save Profile button
doooo eeeeeeet
No wait, what am I saying. Okay, yeah, I just need to... stop using the gravatar as the primary means of identification here now...
We only need about 5 people or so to be @RebeccaChernoff sockpuppets, and others will follow.
I mean, the unicorns are nice and all, but this would be another awesome aprils fools day joke.
This is going to be very confusing once chat syncs. I'll have to have a table of sockpuppet IDs -> real names
2:10 AM
I do not support these activities. ):
I certainly hope not
i lost count of how many duplicates of the unicorn reports on Meta..
@Jin, HALP
@jin She needs you to become a sockpuppet for her. That's the best way to help.
2:15 AM
If we all become sockpuppets of different people, we can have a alternate universe SE team. Maybe even set up a chat....
9 mins ago, by Rebecca Chernoff
I do not support these activities. ):
I'm actually confusing myself more than a little bit
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah, okay, but you're not really RebeccaChernoff, so... wait, what?
I keep staring at the bottom-left corner thinking "That is not me. That is not me at all"
@MichaelMrozek No sir, you are a Rebecca Chernoff, and rightly so too
2:31 AM
ALL the unicorn posts are closed as duplicates...
i feel like i'm going in circles
yeah, they've been closed in a circle
I've just earned 205 rep points for the stupidest, most uninformative answers I ever gave.
whoa i just saw a unicorn with a lightsaber..
@Trufa That's Meta for you
(Also, some of us are trying to test out the new unicorn vote thingy)
2:33 AM
@Zypher i think my eyes are pregnant
@YiJiang I can't stop up-voting
@Jin What is this I don't even...
@Jin well played good sir, well played
@YiJiang i don't know. i was tortured once by it, so i feel obligated to pass it onto others..
2:39 AM
In the future, do not feel obligated. (;
2:54 AM
Anyone here familiar with free github? (Like the answer isn't "yes, definitely"...)
Wohoo! I am @RebeccaChernoff!
@PopularDemand Huh?
Ha. People on other forums I visit are complaining about my avatar change. It's even on my testflightapp account. A bit mroe widespread a joke than I planned, but it'll do, it'll do.
@GeorgeMarian The no-cost public version of github.
@PopularDemand Yah, I figured that. I don't understand the second part. :)
Anyways, what about it?
3:04 AM
@rchern_sockpuppet419 So that's what Pollyanna looks like, all grown up!
@GeorgeMarian How public is it, exactly? Just read access? Read/write? Read/write/admin?
gah, now there are 3 of me?
@RebeccaChernoff What, no, there should be twenty. We're all @RebeccaChernoff
@PopularDemand By default, it should be just read. (Though anyone can fork your code.) I'm pretty sure you'd have to approve collaborators.
3:07 AM
Yes ^^^
@GeorgeMarian Ah, okay. Question two, then, the harder one: would posting my code publicly be more damaging than beneficial?
That's what we did with the StackExchangeScripts repo
@RebeccaChernoff Thank you.
@PopularDemand Depends how crappy your code is. ;)
Tim and Yi could only add pull requests until I added them as collaborators
3:08 AM
@GeorgeMarian Uhhhhhh... I invoke my fifth amendment rights.
3:34 AM
@PopularDemand I guess it depends on what you consider damaging. For the most part, people will likely just ignore your code (there's a lot of stuff on GitHub), unless you make a point of gathering interest, so.
@RebeccaChernoff Subtext: "I got annoyed at them spamming me with pull requests" ;)
That was a random question to get an up vote on just now..huh.
@TimStone Maybe someone wanted to see the unicorns. :)
Could be, hahah, although it's pretty old and obscure
I don't know if the link in the question still works, but it was kind of neat (although terribly impractical) what the OP was doing..they had 8-bit characters they turned into a series of divs that you could resize, hahah.
3:44 AM
So you could scroll and the little Megaman/Link/what have you would get bigger and such.
Yeah, like they made div-squares for the "pixels".
@TimStone That's odd, looking at the question I just realize that I've upvoated that question before, for no apparently reason
Huh, go figure.
I wonder how well this will go :D
3:46 AM
Also, lmao, I didn't even realize which one of you posted that message.
> The Sydney Morning Herald on Friday reported that negotiations for construction tenders were halted because all the offers on the table were too expecting.
> Speaking to ABC Radio on Friday morning, NBN Co’s Kevin Brown said that the company’s price expectations were based on “extensive benchmarking”, and that “every bid was above what we were expensive”.
@YiJiang We don't run Stack Overflow aren't Rebecca Chernoff. You do are.
is there a way to make careers messages not show up in the inbox?
I don't want to have to stop checking StackOverflow at work :)
3:55 AM
Hmm, I suspect not, but I'm not terribly familiar with Careers.
I think maybe you can have them either on or off (not don't send them to me between 9 and 5). I haven't gotten any, so I can't test, but do you see anything at http://careers.stackoverflow.com/cv/<id>/messages that lets you turn it off?
oh, change the id in there to your own id q:
seeks out Motrin
@PopularDemand @RebeccaChernoff isn't Rebecca Chernoff. I am.
@YiJiang I like your new look.
4:06 AM
@YiJiang he
I just found ( though maybe I'm the last to the party) the site: dontevenreply.com
absolutely brilliant
@YiJiang sighs
1. Tapestry 5 in Action			 1. jQuery in Action, Second Edition
 2. Spring in Action, Third Edition	 2. Hello World!
 3. Scala in Action			 3. Android in Action, Second Edition
 4. Scala in Depth			 4. C# in Depth, Second Edition
 5. Liferay in Action			 5. Ext JS in Action
 6. Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja	 6. iPhone and iPad in Action
 7. Mahout in Action			 7. Silverlight 4 in Action
 8. Activiti in Action			 8. The Art of Unit Testing
 9. Clojure in Action			 9. Lucene in Action, Second Edition
@TimStone Your Amazon wishlist? :P
If anyone wants any of those books, I have a code for half-off. :p
I thought Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja isn't out yet?
It isn't, it's a MEAP :)
4:15 AM
Michigan Educational Assessment Program...?
Manning Early Access Program or something along those lines.
So they send you the unedited eBook with an automatic upgrade to the published copy once it's done, and if you're so inclined you can provide feedback as part of the process.
I bought Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja actually, since it was on sale before.
There's a book called Hello World!?
Well, it's actually Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners
:( I was hoping it was a book with just two words in it.
"Hello World! A lesson in debugging printer drivers", with one letter per page?
No xbox.com, I was not "last seen 1 minute ago playing Xbox.com"
4:27 AM
Q: Why is this program erroneously rejected by three C++ compilers?

James McNellisI am having some difficulty compiling a C++ program that I've written. This program is very simple and, to the best of my knowledge, conforms to all the rules set forth in the C++ Standard. I've read over the entirety of ISO/IEC 14882:2003 twice to be sure. The program is as follows: Here i...

^ Best question ever
5:07 AM
Okay I found one unicorn kiss on upvotes :D
Today everyone gets upvotes from me
@Reno But the unicorn headbutt score one is very epic
wait what ? did you just get merged with Becca ? >_<
1 hour ago, by Yi Jiang
downvote = head butt ?
@Reno Yup, and a few others
5:12 AM
Oh boy I'm going to lose a lot of rep today
@Reno Go and downvote all of the posts in the formatting sandbox :P
@RebeccaChernoff: Is it just me or are Gravatars messed up on the right-hand side of this page?
Try refreshing the page and mousing over them.
Especially look at the tooltips.
@GeorgeEdison :D
See - there's two of you...
...and baplha is Michael Mrozek.
5:21 AM
2 is better than 3 in this case!
@RebeccaChernoff Sad that Polly left, hrump...
To answer your question @GeorgeEdison, certain people think they're being funny on April Fool's day and thus far I haven't gone in and fixed them impersonating staff. q: >_<
@RebeccaChernoff It is, absolutely incredibly funny
I think @YiJiang has been planning this for months, because now I have to say I am the blue one |:
@RebeccaChernoff All hail the almight little blue mod girl! \o/
5:34 AM
shakes head
Me too.
hi team, i've asked this question on p.se without much success - is it OT for SO instead programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/63215/…
Just putting up the finishing touches on the userscript
Eeeek! What is that?
1 hour ago, by Yi Jiang
5:48 AM
@Reno \o/
@RebeccaChernoff: Can you please pass on to baplha that Unicornify is 503'ing.
I was going to mention it myself... but balpha is not really balpha :)
@balpha, @GeorgeEdison would like me pass on that Unicornify is 503ing. (:
Is he here?
I thought that was Michael Mrozek...???
No, but the unicorns will wake him up soon. Almost morning over there.
5:51 AM
@balpha, @RebeccaChernoff would like me to pass on that @GeorgeEdison would like her to pass on that Unicornify is 503'ing
6:05 AM
bah, after pages upon pages of ideas
not even an unicorn on meta
6:21 AM
ah, ok. I have to actually use the site
@JamesMcNellis your question got locked
6:36 AM
@Reno I am aware of this fact.
I'm so disappointed
Q: We're all Rebecca Chernoff \o/

Yi JiangOn this frabjous day, our community manager Rebecca Chernoff has graciously allowed all of us *1 to be her for one day, and one day only. And so, ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you: We're all Rebecca Chernoff \o/ A userscript dedicated to making all of you Rebecca Chernoff's. Real...

@Reno Well, it's all fun and games until a moderator decides that it's not.
I'm wondering why a few people seem immune to rchernification
but awesome
@MarcGravell The diamond are sometimes in their own <span> element. The script doesn't try to replace username links with children in them, lest it replaces something it shouldn't (like the gravatar)
6:42 AM
and badp's sockpuppet?
and James? Reno?
It doesn't quite work on chat, like the post says
Not entirely sure why, I'm still trying to fix that
what, you expect me to read?
fair enough; awesome job
Animated PNGs :|
Who's going to make actual GIFs out of those? :P
@badpssockpuppet Hmmmm?
6:53 AM
Oh no, I thought you were referring to APNGs; this is just a single sprite being moved around very quickly
Yeah, that's what I meant.
Q: Why was this question erroneously rejected by four stackoverflowers?

JerryWhy was this program erroneously rejected by three compilers? I am new to stackoverflow, and trying to grok the culture, but so far it has eluded me. There are many friendly helpful individuals here, and I have learned a lot, but there is also this underlying tone of stern, humorless moderation...

Oh, wait, Tim Post isn't here
I wanted to answer "Because tomorrow's April 2nd", but :P
Ah well... might one of the mods want to answer this? The answer is pretty obvious, but might as well get someone with authority
7:00 AM
whoa something is wrong here, chrome is taking nearly 550 MB of Mem usage
@Reno Just one of the processes or total?
It always confuses me too, because it's not like the fact that it's locked suddenly makes it unfunny. Had it been burninated, sure, but that didn't happen. We can all still laugh. :D
I've got a bad edit in danger of passing through, can someone reject this? stackoverflow.com/suggested-edits/26254
Too late -_-
Rollback time
7:03 AM
@YiJiang Can't you use your mod powers and---
Not all of us are encrusted with diamond, thanks for the reminder :P
@TimStone But we all are Rebecca Chernoff!
Oh, right! Never mind then.
Can we take away their edit approvals?
Its an... half arsed edit
Ah, beat me to it :P
7:07 AM
I just came to test that script..
And it didn't make me or at least my avatar a Rebecca Chernoff!
@Adinia The names in the starred message list and the right side should be all rcherns, the large one on the left of the input should also be rchernified
The left side ones beside the messages are giving me headaches, can't quite get them rchernified
Or maybe the headache is caused by overexposure to Rebecca Chernoff
@Adinia It works on MSO proper too
@YiJiang Just loop through users and change everyone's name? :D
Thank you, I see now
@TimStone No no, its more subtle than that
7:17 AM
Ah :P
The DOM elements have to be processed as they are created, but somehow it only works half the time
There you see me becoming Rebecca Chernoff, but it doesn't quite work all the time
@YiJiang Yes, I just saw I am logged as her..I wish I could also see her reputation and activity there as mine :P
@YiJiang No, I was meaning to see on my page Rebecca's reputation
@Adinia Well, we can always change all of the links to any user profile to hers :P
7:21 AM
@YiJiang That would be a big joke, I think :)
Then maybe retrieve her rep once an hour through the API or something and replace all of the number of badges and reps everywhere with her's
Damn you @YiJiang, beat me again :P
@TimStone Hehe :P Well you can follow up with a link to the 'what is a locked question' faq entry
Heheh, I think I'll go watch TV instead. ;)
Today is Friday and we are all Rebecca. FunFunFun
7:32 AM
Love @jin's new Apple.SE design tweaks :)
7:51 AM
@LoïcWolff thanks. it was for my sanity.
8:11 AM
Hi mods, the combined SE flair when over 10K, upgrades in multiple of 1000 and not 100 like individual site rep, i.e. no 10.1, 10.2 etc

is that by design?
This question makes sense now, but may still be off topic
Q: Is this implementation of the "hot" algorithm correct?

hahaI am trying to rebuild the "Hot" algorithm referenced here in PHP. But it is not giving the expected results. php code function hot($Qviews, $Qanswers, $Qscore, $Ascores, $date_ask, $date_active) { $Qage = (time() - strtotime(gmdate("Y-m-d H:i:s",strtotime($date_ask)))) / 3600; $Qage = ...

What do you think? Any reopen votes? Or should he post on SO proper instead?
@Pekkastrollingaccount Belongs on SO, definitely
8:29 AM
@RebeccaChernoff it's going to continue to do that for a while
looks like a few websites wanted to copy SO's last-year-april-fools
@balpha Eaten up all the quotas, then?
that made them hit the daily quota pretty fast :)
@balpha Oh, wow. Which big site is using this?
that's why it was a good idea that Jeff contacted me in beforehand last year
haven't checked the logs yet
hehe, comment on the unicornify website:
> I did open my website this morning and Unicrons where all over my place. Never install anything or authorised anybody. God damn it I want them removed :-(
there's a billion different sites in the refer(r)ers
@balpha Ahahahaha, so, somebody like Sqaurespace or Wordpress decided to go with this then :P
8:43 AM
I guess those are the biggest offender: liveprofile.com
@balpha Surely you can't say you didn't expect this to happen :P
I could have, but I didn't really think about it either
wouldn't have made a change though
google takes only credit cards, and I don't have one
so I couldn't pay them, even if I wanted to
@balpha Well, maybe some of the sites using the service could - having blank gravatars all round isn't doing them any good :D
well, if they had contacted me in advance saying "this will cause lots requests", I'd just have found a way
Jeff did just that, last year
it's not like it's boatloads of money -- just that google checkout still doesn't take anything else but credit cards
@balpha Clearly you should've switched to the SE Inc. hosting cloud, which is powered by jQuery and thus does all things.
Speaking of which... why is jQuery attached on 404 pages? I guess it's required by the genuine dropdown but...
8:56 AM
@badpssockpuppet It's also loaded on sstatic.com, which is nothing but a landing page explaining what it does with absolutely no JavaScript or even CSS
But hey, any page that has jQuery loaded on it is automatically 100% better, right?
Well, the page can be brought to do all things anyway thanks to jQuery
@YiJiang sstatic.com has nothing to do with us, though :)
and sstatic.net doesn't have jquery
Oh, so this beautiful chock of marketing goodness is not from SOIS after all?
> By leveraging our relevant content and keyword rich advertising network and utilizing our proprietary optimization technology we connect advertisers with their targeted audience at the exact moment that audience is most interested in an advertiser's services.
Too bad
@balpha .net, eh... but hey, you are a next generation internet media whatsit company, right?
@balpha Oh, right. I got that mixed up with stackauth. Hmm, how many of these domain names do you need anyway?
@YiJiang we practically the definition of web 5.0
9:03 AM
@balpha No you didn't, these guys did
It might be web 5.0, but man we still have <table>s
it says "facebook" on there, so they're most definitely avant-garde!
@balpha Meh, by the time we get to Web 5.0, Facebook will be the internet
@YiJiang ohh boy, and SO will be a Facebook app
That'll be the day
Then we'll all be friends.
what about +1 of google
Is it any good ?
Doesn't seem to be in much use yet
That'll decide what it's worth I guess
9:10 AM
Hmm I still cant find that confounded button, they have not rolled it out in this part of the world.
I never made a facebook account so I'm an outcast already =T
Hi folks.
Thank Gd. Today was the culmination of months of research.
Seriously. See this question on SO?
Q: Objective-C Library for Sunrise and Sunset?

MosheIs there an Objective-C (or C) library (that is compatible with core location) that can tell me the time of sunrise and sunset for any given calendar day?

I just finished the library i asked about in that question. It was a port, so I have to work out a license, but expect some news soon.
9:58 AM
@OctavianDamiean hey, did you see the unicornz everywhere
@Reno yea man I love them
I'd like to keep em in
I know I know they are excellent :)
someone will come up with a user-script to keep 'em
@Reno and someone will definitely install it
10:40 AM
Just checkin'
Meh, not animated, nor 3D :(

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