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4:08 PM
> Based on the question, we really should stop at either 32 or 64 close votes. It's only fitting. ;) – gnostradamus 37 secs ago
I like how memes on meta are by fiat. Attention everyone: Eeek is now a meme
"x is now a meme" is now a meme.
Further updates on the meme status of Eeek are forthcoming. Stay tuned to The Tavern (General)
sunuva ... I'm sitting here waiting on a process to fork and run, and it's not, and then I remembered it's configged not to ... well, time to wait another five minutes I guess
4:12 PM
Make an Eeeek tag now please
Also how many e's must an Eeeek have without sounding girly?
Two or three are acceptable.
More than three enters girly territory IMO
And God forbid you put more than one exclamation mark.
> closed as off topic by Pascal MARTIN, Gamecat, Emil H, Matthew Slattery, Graviton, Peter Lang, cHao, sixlettervariables, marcog, Adam Davis, Brandon, jjnguy, CanSpice, Bill the Lizard♦, jzd, Sachin Shanbhag, Quintin Robinson, Blorgbeard, Yi Jiang, Moron, drachenstern, Rebecca Chernoff♦, Pekka, BalusC, martin clayton, Pierre 303, Cameron, Michael Mrozek, gnovice, Raynos, ircmaxell, Gordon, David Thornley, Will♦ 35 secs ago
4:16 PM
@YiJiang yesssss!!!!!
hahahah awesome
now how many reopen votes can that question get...?
Wohoo! I'm part of history!
A: Eeeek! How does this question have 28 (and growing!) close votes without being closed?

WillPfft. You guys are pussies. It takes a MAN to close this question.

@ircmaxell wait, there were at least three diamonds in there.
@drachenstern Even @RebeccaChernoff failed! :O
4:24 PM
@PopularDemand, thanks for finding those old questions and adding info about the MeetUps!
Wow, this place is still here?
lol, stronger than ever too @spoulson ;)
:P Maybe I should make more time to visit
4:28 PM
@YiJiang As always
Hmm, "Image not found" ?
> closed as off topic by Will♦, Will♦, Will♦, Will♦ 10 secs ago
@spoulson Yeah, the imgur site is giving me 503s
Is he doing something different to get it to actually close, or is it just arbitrary?
4:30 PM
I think Stack Overflow never expected to find a boss question
@badpssockpuppet lmao, clbuttic
@YiJiang off and on here.
@badpssockpuppet yes, I'm seeing that too
It has been a while. Had to remind myself about clbuttic
@badpssockpuppet you forgot "FINISH IT"
@drachenstern Apparently we haven't really got there yet
We still haven't unlocked the True Boss for migration.
4:33 PM
Yeah, we need a FATALITY
Um, why is that question not closed?
Q: Should I use a 64Bit or 32Bit Linux for a high throughput LAMP server?

thorsten codehoHi, I'm going to have to set up some LAMP servers that will potentially get a lot of traffic, I will most likely put the mysql databases on different boxes (e.g. amazon ec2 or rds). And there will be load balancers and all that good stuff. Now the questions I'm having is, should I use 64Bit or...

and now mortal combat music is playing in everyones head
@Reno even better I have some remixes on my iPod ;)
nice :) any nineties kid here ? You will like this
@drachenstern Will's philosophy - if it didn't work the first time, try try try again!
4:43 PM
ahem .. attention please ...
if I could direct your attention please to the center stage ...
ladies and gentleman, this will only take a moment of your time ...
I have an announcement to make.
Ah, 'ello there @spoulson, long time no see.
@Reno That went straight to "Beat It" for me, so it took me awhile to get it.
Today is @TimStone's birthday.
Woo, I just got Strunk & White
4:44 PM
@drachenstern Well then: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @Tim!
12 hours ago, by Tim Stone
turns 22
@Shog9 Thanks! :P
happy birthday!
@drachenstern This needs to be pinned tomorrow
@TimStone yeah yeah, doing it when everyone is asleep is no fun.
@mootinator I think so ;)
@TimStone get off my lawn, whippersnapper
4:45 PM
Woo, I got my meta Enthusiast badge. Did it start counting visits to chat.meta as actual visits to the site or something?
Cause I don't make a point of going to the main site every day.
@mootinator nice
5:19 PM
I'm sure there are some geeks here that would like seeing the NOAA simulation of the tsunami wave propagation.
in Worldwide MeetUp Day on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by Barry
I have already informed the Twitter
does hacker news let you search submissions? >_<
the footer redirects you to google, so I guess not
I wanted to see if anybody submitted the meetup blog post
so submit it anywas :p
5:34 PM
@GeorgeMarian We did something like that for an extra-curriculum activity; it was more of an introduction to Octave than any serious physics simulation or anything but it was quite fun
@YiJiang I've always had a thing for data modeling/visualization.
@drachenstern you have to have an account to submit? That's fail.
@RebeccaChernoff yeah I don't either. I prefer lurking
@RebeccaChernoff Do they support OpenID?
Ah, yeah.
Is it in bad form to submit your own link? ie, I posted the blog post...
5:38 PM
I don't think so, but I rarely submit, so I'm not a great judge. I find that you are usually the best salesman for you.
I think when you do that they dispatch ninjas to come throw eggs at your house.
(I'm just being a smartass, I have zero idea)
Hmm, it's lunch time..I need to buy more food.
Holy crap, Japan uses two different energy standards? WTF? ... itworld.com/business/140626/…
@TimStone yeah, tonight or tomorrow is grocery time for me.
Hurray, a kernel update. BRB, I hope. ;)
5:42 PM
Happy updating :P
@drachenstern Yeah, that seems like a kind of significant fail.
Ok, that was relatively painless. That said, Gnome sure does seem to take longer to get up and running these days.
shakes his head slowly
I wonder why you're getting used to Gnome 2, when it's becoming obsolescent, @GeorgeMarian.
Although I guess it'd help with the transition towards Gnome 3/Unity, which are even more unlike KDE :P
Heh. I'm considering the move to Fedora/KDE. :)
Heh. I tried searching for it and got no results, and as soon as I put in a nice title and submitted it... news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2340352
Whoops :P
5:49 PM
@badpssockpuppet To answer your question, I didn't want to have to think too much about it, so I went with Ubuntu. I did have a feeling that move would only be a stepping stone, though.
I did a search of the first like 8 pages for "stack" and didn't get it
@GeorgeMarian Oh, then I guess you're aware of what awaits you this April.
and I don't see a way to vote it up.
(You can always choose not to upgdrade ofc)
@badpssockpuppet Yeah, I'm not looking forward to Unity. So far, the reviews have been anything but rave.
5:50 PM
Nah, I've been getting used to it and it isn't that bad
Can anybody else vote it up? Am I just HN-stupid?
@badpssockpuppet Isn't that bad, but does it mean that it's good? ;)
@RebeccaChernoff There's no arrow to the left?
@GeorgeMarian I think it has potential, there are quirks left yet
5:52 PM
waits for imgur
waits longer
they've been having so many issues lately
you guys should totally just build an imgur clone.
@badpssockpuppet My concern isn't so much because of the drastic changes. At least the idea behind is sound. However, I am concerned about the aggressive timeline.
5:53 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Oh, I guess not...it's there for me as a non-logged in user, heh. I don't have an account there though, so I don't know how things there work.
@drachenstern Hmm..my wait didn't seem very long.
ok folks, lunch and I'll be back
so...can anyone here vote on it?
Oh, yeah. I should probably think about some breakfast.
@GeorgeMarian eh, they've been working on it for 1.5 years now...
well 6 months with compiz :)
5:56 PM
@badpssockpuppet That's like 6-months in opensoure years. ;)
bueller? |:
Wait, WTF? Who's Click Pass? Why doesn't hacker news support OpenID directly. And, why does click pass identify itself as "Google Contacts?"
5:58 PM
That entry doesn't appear in their listing. I can't submit the blog entry again. This is not good.
I guess I can submit straight to the meetup page, but really the blog is best.
@Zypher If nothing else, it would make revoking access a touch harder.
@GeorgeMarian click the down arrow to the right of the clickpass options
@RebeccaChernoff OIc
@GeorgeMarian I think that's still marshaled through clickpass, actually, just as an FYI.
Possibly not, though.
Well, it sure doesn't seem to like the google OpenID URL.
Alright, eff dat. Sorry, @RebeccaChernoff but that's just too much friction for me.
It's not so much the fact that they pass it off to click pass, as it is the fact that click pass doesn't identify itself correctly.
6:07 PM
@TimStone Hello, good to be back
@TimStone BTW, Happy b-day
@drachenstern It was my birthday a few days ago. mmyers made me a cake:
user image
heh You're only 3 years old? ;)
6:23 PM
Ah, ok. Those smarter in the ways of HN have explained things to me. stops fretting (:
@RebeccaChernoff I'm curious. Would you provide a summary?
what the hell is going on here: stackoverflow.com/posts/5356050/revisions
5 edits and the post converts to CW, with the change attributed to someone named "Helper Method" who wasn't even editing?
@Shog9 He left a comment. Maybe it was simply an attribution error?
Anway, mods can undo CW now, so for cases like this I think flagging would be appropriate
Also, why I hate, hate, HATE "why the downvotes" comments.
6:46 PM
@Shog9 Funny nobody downvoted the truely useless answer.
I suspect being "accepted" hurt the link answer more than anything.
(the problem being, I now want to down-vote it purely because of the comment. Must... resist... )
7:37 PM
Hiya all
Hi @ChrisF
What's doing @ChrisF?
Not a lot. Checking e-mails etc.
BTW, @drachenstern When you get back, I've sent out the release version via TestFlight. I submitted to Apple, but I have it on "developer release" instead of auto releasing after review.
@ChrisF - Cool.
Longer term trying to work out why I get an unhandled exception in wmpnetwk.exe (which is something to do with Windows Media Player) when I exit my app which uses WMP to playback mp3s
And trying to get another 490 rep on Super User
7:41 PM
@ChrisF Good luck with both of those things. I'm trying to imagine where my iMac is now and how I'm going to pay for a replacement.
That's not good - would insurance cover it?
I'm also trying to work on several iOS apps simultaneously.
@ChrisF There is an insurance claim in the works, but it's taking a little time.
I'm just annoyed. I'm losing about a week of work over this, at least.
It was taken last friday night. That's one week. There's only so much I can do on a 13 inch MacBook.
Anywho, thank G-d, I got Nippon's update submitted today. I have to work on a demo version...
Okay, folks, have a good weekend.
shouts into empty corridor
<plug type="shameless"> blog.ircmaxell.com/2011/03/… </plug>
8:04 PM
@ircmaxell TOO META
@mootinator to?
@mootinator I needed to ask him something. :(
@ircmaxell All of the anti meta venom on meta.
It's not anti-meta. It's just anti-meta-meta
@Jacob :(
8:38 PM
it's just anti(-meta){2,}
The /me command in the userscript is too meta for meta then.
@ircmaxell Excellent blog post..
Thank you!
@Jacob What's up? I got your email, I haven't had a chance to respond. I did read it though.
@Moshe Oh, ok :)
8:41 PM
@ircmaxell /me wonders what scissors have to do with programming.
@MylesGray You around?
@GeorgeMarian - You there?
@mootinator What, did that come up in an ad?
@Jacob - Have you looked at Nippon yet?
Nippon : Game of the Year Edition
Nippon Extreme : A ten day minigame
@Moshe Anyone have a good replacement for "minigame"?
@ircmaxell No, I'm just being a sheer spelling Nazi.
8:44 PM
@Fosco - Remind me to send you a promo code, btw, when you can. I submitted the update and @drachenstern will undoubtedly chastise me for missing some obscure bug.
I was amused by your post :)
@Moshe Yeah, it looks neat...
@Jacob Did I send you a promo code yet?
@Moshe Nope
@Jacob Ok, gotcha.
I need to finish up this description of Nippon Extreme before Shabbos. See you folks later.
8:46 PM
@Moshe Do you have IM? I'd like to ask your ideas on my idea.
@mootinator fixed, thanks
@Jacob Ok, yea, [redacted unless you know where to look]
@Moshe Gamesplosion.
@mootinator Haha. That might work.
@Moshe right
8:47 PM
@mootinator So, Fukushima is suffering from Gamesplosions?
@Moshe So your email then
@Jacob Yes, or the same on the AIM chat service.
@Moshe I prefer to call it a nuclear AWESOMEdown.
This man would appear not to agree with me.
@mootinator Correct. Caption please?
@Moshe > Tokyo Electric Power Co. Managing Director Akio Komori, left, cried as he left a news conference Friday in Fukushima, Japan.
8:57 PM
I see.
Poor fellow.
@Moshe Yeah, there in some deep trouble
9:35 PM
@moshe - well one problem sorted - I've stopped the wmp error
but I've got another one - Wordpress stats has stopped working on my blog.
@Moshe here :)
10:33 PM
@MylesGray Ironically, he doesn't seem to be here. I was just looking for him.
@GeorgeMarian He is(was) on IM...
@Jacob Gchat I'm assuming? (Not that I have his info.)
Thanks, it's nothing urgent. I figure he was pinging me for feedback on Nippon.
@GeorgeMarian Yes.
wonders if there's a vim plugin for nano
@GeorgeMarian He just floated down from the Sky :)
10:46 PM
heh, that he did
*reference to the gravatar floating down
Hi folks, Shabbat starts in a few minutes, what's up @GeorgeMarian?
I just wanted to let the beta testers know that Nippon update is submitted
@Moshe Nothing major, i figured you wanted some feedback on Nippon. I'm actually writting out some notes now that it's on my mind. It can wait for later.
@GeorgeMarian Ok, thanks.
Have a good one folks.
@Moshe You too.
10:48 PM
@GeorgeMarian Thank you. When you can, please rate Nippon.
@Moshe nods
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