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6:26 AM
gem here:
@Benjol Goes double if you're a Lisp programmer.
@ChrisJesterYoung, and the mouseover text is nice too :)
7:14 AM
Q: theory of programming languages

user16854i'm very interested in the theories of programming languages and going to apply a Ph.D in this topic, but i want to know more about the career after the graduate education. besides being a professor, but also what occupation can i get, and what is the level of wage?

Weird, I see the edit link on the answers, but not on the question...
@Benjol Someone else already has a pending edit on it, then
Ahhhh, obviously... :(
Except it wasn't obvious :(
@YiJiang, how come I don't see the approve link then? I'm over 1000 rep...
Weird, I don't actually see a privilege for approving edits - am I not looking right?
@Benjol AFAIK, if you are able to make edits directly, you are also able to approve edits in the queue.
I thought it was 1k for approving and 2k for direct edits, did that change?
7:19 AM
@Benjol I can't imagine why the two levels would ever be different.
7:46 AM
@YiJiang wossat?
@Benjol The Facebook chat plugin I was trying to get working last night
@Benjol It's a Facebook auditing feature that tells you when your account has been signed into.
Meh facebook :)
Apparently, it logs in, gets disconnected, logs in again as a different 'device' and causes Facebook to annoy me
Rinse, lather, repeat
7:48 AM
I dont get what is this myface and spacebook the kids are into these days
8:29 AM
> Incidentally, because Microsoft says it hasn't seen an in-the-wild malware attack that uses CDs or DVDs, AutoPlay will still work with "shiny media."
plus: physical media drives are on the decline
Not sure why I keep hitting 'comment and close' instead of 'comment' on the GitHub issues page :(
8:48 AM
hello hello
I've got an idea for the election stats page - since I'm retrieving the actions of all candidates, I can use the number of items returned by that route to show how many 'actions' have been taken by that user on each of the sites
Oh, wait, I can't - the number currently is an aggregate, because I'm retrieving for all candidates at the same time
Eh? You're polling each of the sites individually?
Oh well, hrump...
1 hour later…
10:00 AM
Not sure whether I should laugh or cry
@MarcGravell, I guess you could take that as a compliment :)
You can't fault him for terseness anyway
I almost expected andrew to be an IP match with PerformanceDBA, but nothing so amusing
@Marc, Just out of curiosity, have you and Jon Skeet ever actually met?
Hello @Earlz, we're not dead, but it's not exactly popping in here right now either :)
10:14 AM
@MarcGravell ahahahahaha!
Is PerformanceDBA still around and active in his usual way?
Speaking of not sure whether one should laugh or cry:
Q: how to use donut chart ?

Dhinesh.BHi all, how to use donut chart in php mysql as client side.

wtf i dont have edit privileges, is there like a limit per day ?
@Pekka, I'm not sure that was cynical, I'd have said sarcastic/ironic/flippant :) Though I can't decide which
@Benjol true!
@Pekka, out of his misery now...
@Benjol thank goodness
10:33 AM
Hi All
Does any one know where we can get the OpenSTV Binerires from meta.stackoverflow.com/q/78203/155190
@Benny If you have enough rep, get it from /election/1
@YiJiang what about meta.so?
@Benny Eh... Meta.SO doesn't have elections
Did we have to vote too?
@Benny No, it should be available to anybody with sufficient reps
10:39 AM
Have any of you seen programmers.stackexchange.com/q/46614/12012 just like Harry Potter
1 hour later…
12:04 PM
12:27 PM

Room owner message stars bug

8 mins ago, 5 minutes total – 7 messages, 2 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked 1 min ago by Yi Jiang

@MarcGravell Bug?
Hm, now we'll all be left with the question of what Marc said under that mysterious (removed)!
Can you not see the history?
No, mere mortals cannot
@TimStone He said something about what benny said
Can't remember anything other than that
Anyway, I'm pretty sure Marc was sharing his new business cards
12:30 PM
meh, (removed) to you too :)
@YiJiang Ah, in that case I'll just mentally fill in a comment for him then.
then a mystery it will have to remain. So sad.
@DanGrossman Oh yes, that old "I've just been attacked by a wild animal" look. One of my favourites :)
I am that wild animal
12:39 PM
@Benjol Nothing like the fear of rabies to get the gears in motion.
@Reno You wish :)
:509212 hey!
I can read that. Not kind!
arrgh chrome why do you crash so much :(
Haha, Wes Dyer FTW :)
A: Rules(Maxims) For Programmers

Benjol Make it correct, make it clear, make it concise, make it fast. In that order. Wes Dyer (I think)

A: Great programming quotes

BenjolWow, I can't believe it. 16 pages and apparently no mention of Wes Dyer's classic: Make it correct, make it clear, make it concise, make it fast. In that order. Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/wesdyer/archive/2007/03/01/immutability-purity-and-referential-transparency.aspx

Duplicate questions, duplicate rep...
12:57 PM
rep wh$$$ ;p
Laughing all the way to the bank
That aside, it's a great quote and I'm astonished it's not more widely known. I'm not even sure it's made in Wes, but I've not seen it anywhere else. And he should blog more often :(
@YiJiang, minor tweak ideas for elections, link gravatar to user profile, and link site icon to elections page... I've intuitively tried both in the past
@Benjol Sure, will add those
@MarcGravell rep ore? wants
some mining and pop collect the falling reps
1:12 PM
user image
1:47 PM
Wow a @donut :)
@Benjol Present and accounted for.
We already have @waffles, now all we need is @icecream ;)
@DanGrossman man, that's awesome. I've often wondered about a minecraft fancydress.
Well it's going to be an exceedingly fun work day for me today... </sarcasm>
Is this what the feed user suppose to do?
1:53 PM
Can anyone rustle up a meta link about asking questions you already know the answers to?
@YiJiang No, it shows oneboxes on Gaming.
Q: Should I not answer my own questions?

flamingLogosI asked a question recently, looking for examples of an online tool. Per the FAQ, I answered my own question with a few examples that I had already found. I did this so that these examples would be included in the answers, along with the rest. The question has received only down votes and insult...

@Nyuszika7H That's because gaming actually uses feeds that contains links that can be onebox'd
I'm asking about 'regular' feeds
@YiJiang ah I see, we should really get these for all sites
@Donut, thanks, looking now
1:56 PM
@Benjol Also this one:
Q: Moving a personal technical blog to Stack Overflow/Server Fault

Bogdan_ChSometimes you spend a day or more to solve a technical problem and when you finally solve it, you may want to post it on your blog (if you have one) to share with the community. However, most developers doesn't have a lot of time to update their blogs, and that is why personal blogs are not rank...

@Donut, thanks, that was the one I needed :)
> You might consider hanging out occasionally on meta.stackoverflow.com, as lots of this stuff has already been debated there. And if you're ever in any doubt about the 'official' line, you can do worse than popping in to The Tavern, where you will generally find knowledgeable "meta-heads" 24/24.
@Benjol No problem.
@Benjol Doesn't sound bad as a comment template
Lol, where was that posted originally?
A: Do we need to clarify that photo-SE 'best practices' may be different than those of other stacks?

Benjol@alexandrui is wrong even by StackOverflow standards. Search meta for 'linkrot' As for @greg, his theories about question quality may be derived from StackOverflow, but his attitude certainly isn't. Be nice (or don't be a jerk) applies everywhere... And the fundamental difference (as I see it) ...

There's prior art on meta-heads - made in @MarcGravell. Though I add the hyphen, otherwise it looks too much like meatheads :)
2:04 PM
@Benjol Isn't it 24/7?
And SO is spelt with a space between the S and the O
Good point, though I'm not often here at the weekend :)
(Yeah, picky, but if you don't, Mortensen will come after you ;)
@YiJiang, ah? missed that meme...
@Benjol Not a meme, but he's one of Meta's most prolific editors
He systematically converts stuff like 'StackOverflow' and 'StackExchange' to 'Stack Overflow' and 'Stack Exchange'
@YiJiang, wow, yes, Copy Editor on meta, way to go!
2:09 PM
Surpised we don't have a bot (a la Wikipedia) for things like that.
2:25 PM
guess whaaaa-aaat he's not a ro-bot - youtube.com/watch?v=S_oMD6-6q5Y
2:52 PM
There's no way to search chat for replies to a message, is there?
@TheRenamedException hover over them
Hi! :)
No, I mean, search
oh! :<id> works!
@DanG permalink please?
3:01 PM
Q: MYSQL : need help with inner join in connecting two tables

johanahChuaThis is my code: mysql_query("SELECT answers FROM tbl_answers INNER JOIN tbl_link_qa ON tbl_answers.a_rec_id=tbl_link_qa.arec_id ") or die(mysql_query()); I need to connect the inserted row number inside arec_id located in tbl_link_qa and connect it with the row numbe...

Across his 9 questions in the past ~day and a half, he's shown all the signs of being a help vampire
@DanG I've seen worse, but I didn't see his other questions.
That question is a copy/paste of the answer to one of his other questions, with "Need help in this" added
How come this guy has a “default avatar”?
Ah. Anyhow... I think he is trying to figure out SQL keys. At least that's what I thought, fro my limited SQL knowledge.
3:04 PM
Second time today a "I'm accepting someone else's answer, but yours is the one I'm implementing" :(
@Nyuszika - he might have uploaded it himself. Alternatively, note the age of that account.
@Moshe Yes, he doesn't understand relational databases at all. I taught him how to insert rows in one table and use the identifier as a key in another table yesterday. And this seems to be a college thesis project. I hope not for a CS degree.
Ah well. I have things to do so... Ttyl.
I think once I get to 10k rep I'm going to a casino and gambling :x
3:23 PM
bet on red and double your rep!
I love it
We should have a way to play roulette with the Wheel of Blame!
3:47 PM
@TheRenamedException I suggest Russian WoB roulette. Spinning your own name automatically results in a chat suspension.
3:59 PM
Dan Grossman, Pennsylvania, USA
10k 1 8 21
@mootinator Somebody just spun his name!
Q: I need to create a program.This is our assignment I need it by 10:00

Liam YorkvilleQuestion 1# (3 marks total) Modularization is an important concept in programming. Make sure you start your program automatically from a main method (2 marks). Print "Welcome to the program" to the console or terminal (depending on your development environment) (1 mark). Question 2# (6 marks) ...

Best comments today
Q: best way to get a date?

frenchieHi, I'm getting a string back from my page and I want to make sure it's a date. This is what I have so far (it works) and I just want to know if this is the "best" way to do it. I'm using .net 4 int TheMonth =0; int TheDay = 0; int TheYear = 0; DateTime NewDate; var TheIncomingP...

user image
I should keep that promise to myself and play some slots or somethin'. I had a dream where I won a jackpot last night.
@DanGrossman The OP there has already posted two more questions, and he's been around for under an hour.
4:14 PM
@DanGrossman Congrats!
Q: 2011 Moderator Election - Town Hall Chat Digest

Josh Status: Town hall #1 answers have been posted. I need to deal with work stuff and will post Town Hall 2 answers shortly. Comment or @Josh in chat with corrections! The following is a "digest" version of the 2011 Moderator Election Town Hall Chat. The format, as described on Meta Stack Overfl...

Town Hall #1 posted; Town Hall #2 coming shortly
Cool, looks good
Thanks. Need to deal with work stuff, will post second hall's answers shortly!
I know the primary closes in <3 hours :-(
SORRY @RebeccaChernoff!!!!!!!!
I think I can still make it in time
Back to work now!
I so hate myself and my timesheets :\ ... why do I never do them on time like I should?
Instead I wait till 10 days later and then try to make stuff up :\
4:28 PM
Updated my StackFlair™ and updated my jQuery on jsLint series. I ran jsLint on jQuery 1.5. Plus, I've unchecked strict white space and checked assume a browser to remove stupid errors.
@Nyuszika7H Hmm :\ "Runned" is not really a word, are you "running" it right now, or you "ran" it earlier?
@TheRenamedException I hate a lot of corporate development "tools" so I feel your pain
> This Monday, February 14, is Valentine's Day. We can't send you chocolate and roses, but we can help you express your true feelings, and also give you a sweet deal.
@drachenstern fixed
4:31 PM
Interesting promotional message Manning.
@Nyuszika7H Ah, so what did jsLint tell you about jQuery 1.5?
The damn site keeps asking me to reset my password even though I have done it 1,000 times. And all I want to do is give them our new SSL cert! RAWR!
@drachenstern See my profile. :)
I am in redirect hell
@Nyuszika7H interesting
4:35 PM
What do you mean updated your StackFlair? The whole point is that you don't have to update it. (:
@TheRenamedException wanna swap for the drivers I just installed that required Mozilla family or IE browsers to install the VPN so I can connect to a client site? Yeah, that's right, because you can only trust Mozilla or IE on the web nowadays. WTF? WHO CHECKS THAT SHIT ANYMORE? You gotta trust the reported capability of the browser insofar as it does the thing you need, but you don't trust me to download and run an EXE (which is what it amounted to, trying to force the install for me)
IDN appreg -> MyIDN Login -> Your password has expriered, change it -> MyIDN Home -> IDN AppReg -> MyIDN Login -> ...
@RebeccaChernoff Erm… I've changed its style…
@drachenstern sounds like your day is going about as well as mine is ;-)
4:36 PM
@TheRenamedException so far. Oh, and I helped track down an infuriating bug that shouldn't have had any business existing, but it did.
@TheRenamedException and I thought today was a good day to update my timesheet. FML
@drachenstern <3 IETab
I thought “you took the words out of my mouth” (Meaning: you've said exactly what I wanted to say – or something like that) was a Hungarian proverb, but I've recently seen someone using it on MSO. :P
@RebeccaChernoff there's one for Chrome? Why would I do that to Chrome?
@Nyuszika7H to whom are you speaking?
4:38 PM
@drachenstern I hear you
@drachenstern nobody
@Nyuszika7H interesting then
The HR/Payroll system at my old job only worked in IE. I despised it because I'd always load it in Chrome, and it didn't yell at you until after you logged in. Setting up IETab with an auto-detect on the url was fantabulous.
@Nyuszika7H Yeah, we get emails when you post something. :)
4:41 PM
@TimStone :)
@Nyuszika7H, what are you, a @TheRenamedException clone?
@RebeccaChernoff no :P why do you ask it?
@RebeccaChernoff I see you have found my Sockpuppet's sockpuppet account...
@TheRenamedException that's so funny, I thought it was turtles ...
4:45 PM
OK @RebeccaChernoff et al, I am going to try and squeeze a few of Gaming's second THC answers now. I have to run to a meeting soon though
Hey look, I have hours for this week, now to last week :\
Happy Birthday, #Egypt!
Congrats, and good luck Egypt. Now, the hard work begins. #revolution
alfajango.com/blog/… <-- does this load for you guys?
5:01 PM
@drachenstern taking too long.
@Moshe same here ... I'll try later
@drachenstern Okay.
Well, I saw someone's high score in Nippon... ;-)
Oh, Egypt's President Mubarak has resigned. Interesting.
@Moshe yeah speaking of which, I have some UI adjustments I'ld like to see, but I may need to go back and look at some older versions of the un-clone.
@drachenstern Okay, no problem.
for starters, I didn't think you could travel to the same burrough day after day
I thought you always had to goto another one
#2 I thought that they put the bank and the loan shark on the same burrough
#3 I thought that there was a menu to access each of those when you were in the appropriate burrough, not just "visit when you get there or not at all", which necessitates leaving and returning, which kills two days
#4 I liked the twist of spoiling fish, but thought it was a bit much. Still chewing on that one, so to speak
5:05 PM
@drachenstern I do think that you may be correct there. I'm not sure about #1 and I'm fairly certain that #2 is incorrect.
The trick is selling off and then paying down, then buying back.
Remember, that this game has gone through several implementations. Some of the gameplay varied from implementation to implementation.
@drachenstern shush, don't tell anyone! :P
@Moshe yeah I know, hence the difficulty in knowing for sure. It may just have been in the clones I played that it was so
@Moshe that's not exactly a game secret, but a UI concern
anyone who has played the other clones is well aware of that playstrategy
@drachenstern Somehow @Zypher scored over 700 million, not sure what strategy he used.
@Moshe I know the strategy he used, but I need more than one run through the game to study your mechanics and to make mental notes of what does what when. Also remembering what neighborhood I'm in so I don't revisit myself helps (see #1) and not having a 9 yo underfoot may help too.
Are you recording these bugs anywhere? You should setup a semi-bugtracker on your website ;)
5:12 PM
@drachenstern Hang on bbiab
Why in the world do I have Mr. Sandman stuck in my head?
@GeorgeMarian oh no, what have you done? Now I need metal, stat.
Is that in recent commercial or something?
@drachenstern lol my bad
Not that I can recall, but noooooooooo it's in my head
That last time I woke up with an old song stuck in my head, it was because of a stupid commercial.
5:15 PM
I am so missing 9 hours from Teusday and Wednseday last week, can I just put MSO chat?
OK I have to run to a meeting. Second town hall digest is ~1/2 completed
Q: 2011 Moderator Election - Town Hall Chat Digest

Josh Status: Town hall #1 answers have been posted. Posting Town Hall #2 answers now. Comment or @Josh in chat with corrections! The following is a "digest" version of the 2011 Moderator Election Town Hall Chat. The format, as described on Meta Stack Overflow, is one answer to this question for e...

Kinda ironic, the song gets stuck in my head, but not the idea of buying the advertised product. :)
starting here chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/89/2011/2/1/16-18 to try and get an idea of what I was doing then
@drachenstern lol
Please @The me with any corrections you see
5:19 PM
@drachenstern /me is back.
@drachenstern Could I use an empty Git Repo for bug tracking?
@TheRenamedException @TheRenamedException @Me :P
@Moshe yeah don't do that
@Moshe I believe you could, I don't know why you couldn't.
Yatta! The transcript did tell me what I was working on!! Chatroom you have a purpose ;)
@drachenstern Ok, I was using Stickies for Mac until now. :-)
Bump Whoring: anyone have any thoughts on this question:
Q: Implement Semi-Round-Robin file which can be expanded and saved on demand

ircmaxellOk, that title is going to be a little bit confusing. Let me try to explain it a little bit better. I am building a logging program. The program will have 3 main states: Write to a round-robin buffer file, keeping only the last 10 minutes of data. Write to a buffer file, ignoring the time ...

alfajango.com.nyud.net/blog/… <-- it's up and it's on .nyud.net now
How do I send an email to someone using their public PGP key?
5:31 PM
@ircmaxell shy of building a specialty datastream that specifically wraps around on reaching the end of the file automagically (like a linked list with the end node linking back to the starting node) I don't think you can pull this off with less than a custom app
but even a linked list wouldn't work right since the number of entries will vary, the storage is time dependent, not spatially dependent...
However, what I would resuggest is to log all your traffic to a database and dump traffic older than 30 minutes every hour (so at most you have 90 minutes of data, at least 30 minutes), then have a function that grabs the data and chunks it out to another table with a tag on calling a function. But that's how I would do this if it were my problem. That may not be tenable for you.
@ircmaxell ah, then in this case you can't do anything more than either the one that's upvoted (but with n+x where x is greater than 1) or the db solution (naturally variable growth)
yeah... Fair enough...
sad, but I hoped there would be a cleaner (or at least more elegant) solution...
How is a database not a clean or elegant solution? The most that it requires is a pretty much constantly open connection, and you should be able to make it stay in memory
I presume you're wanting to actually get something up and working, and not hack a kludge
You know what you need is you need @DanGrossman to peek in here
I bet he knows something about how to get to the bottom of your problem quickly
or did he already respond to this?
Oh I remember what happened on Wednesday now! So do I bill those 5 hours to the client or to the company for the boss sending me on a task and then telling me to NOT do that thing :\
5:49 PM
It is
Dan hasn't responded yet, so I don't know, but I'd be curious
Question. Do you think the ASP.NET and C# tags are relevant to this question? I was discussing it with someone in #PHP and we're not really sure:
Q: How to deal with old web site with security issues ?

Anil NamdeI recently landed on old web application which is full of old school tricks GET param : user info in URL parameters Session informations Hidden elements used for storing information HTML/JS/CSS dumped in the page. Without proper encoding. etc. Window.open to show popups. XSS issues etc. Concate...

> I recently landed on old web application which is full of old school tricks
> Looks like application is old over past 5-7 years (ASP.NET 1.1)
So I vote "yes" it is appropriate.
That is, until a link appears and I know how appropriate the tips are to non ASP.NET devs.
Fair enough...
I figured my view was slightly biased since I need upvotes in both and for generalist. :-D
The bad part about working from home: the city ripping up your neighbor's sidewalk is extremely loud, annoying, and distracting.
The good part about working from home: going to St. Louis Bread Co / Panera to work. (;
Wait, was the "yes" that re-tagging is appropriate, or that the tags are appropriate for the question...?
I read it as he thinks the tags are appropriate.
@RebeccaChernoff Panera is awesome, had dinner there last night.
6:04 PM
the tags are appropriate in my mind for the question until a link to the actual site surfaces. I can't know for sure from the question which is the better way to go.
@Fosco Well, while I am eating lunch here, and yes, the food is good...I'm not primarily here to eat.
Q: PHp Mysql OPtimization using slow-log-query

Angel EstradaHi there i'm trying to fix a speed connection problem of my app located at: sandbox.promls.net try get access by: [email protected] xxxxxx you could se the sql statements on there

6:10 PM
I flagged a post by mistake can I unflag it?
I don't believe so...
@AlexandreJasmin not that I know of, what happens if you try to flag it again?
Slightly amused that I just had an answer accepted - from feb '09
2 years seems to have gone fast
@MarcGravell hehe, at lesat they're coming back?
@drachenstern Same UI as if it was never flagged
6:18 PM
@AlexandreJasmin then link it here and say "I did not mean to flag this, please clear my flag?"
I did not mean to flag this, please clear my flag stackoverflow.com/questions/4971310
@MarcGravell They prob got yelled at for accept-rate when they tried to ask a new question and are playing clean-up duty...
1st Josh a.k.a. The Renamed Exception
6:21 PM
Interesting stats to show on a user.
@Nyuszika7H technically the first Josh you linked was after the second Josh you linked. Technically
@drachenstern not now :P
Q: Tag merge request: [wildcard] and [wildcards]

Nyuszika7HThere are 245 questions tagged wildcard, but only 53 with wildcards. I suggest the latter to be the main tag, and the former to be a synonym.

Q: Would it be ok to paste content from wikipedia into a popular empty tag-wiki?

Mark RogersAssuming that you could make a nice tag-wiki simply by pasting and editing content from Wikipedia, is there any problem with doing something like that? There are a lot of empty tag wikis that would be better off with default content from Wikipedia rather than an empty wall. This would at least ...

should that be an answer?
Does the fact that I'm asking the question mean that the answer is yes?
Huh, thanks! 3 upvotes in some mins? There really should be a badge for that!
6:29 PM
@Nyuszika7H stackoverflow.com/badges/2/student <-- you mean like this?
@drachenstern I mean any question (it doesn't need to be my first one) with X upvotes in Y minutes.
@Nyuszika7H well I was trying to politely say "no, it doesn't need a badge" and so now I'm going to flatly say "no, it doesn't need a badge"
@drachenstern :P
repro? key this query "how long does a page stay in coral cache" into google and tell me if the first page is for clonazepam?
@drachenstern it is indeed.. it has every word except coral
6:35 PM
What an interesting search result ...
can now accept credit card transactions on his phone!
So does anyone else know the answer to that question directly?
apparently The server at wiki.coralcdn.org is taking too long to respond. they could use the same help?
RT @andydiggle: Uninstalling Dictator... 100% Complete ████████████████████████ Continue | Quit ?
ESS detected a Win32/Brontok.BR worm in Notepad++!
oh you can't be serious ... ... or they can't ... ... wtf?
if Notepad++ has a win32 then I'm just gonna say FML and ask the boss for a mac
Is it evil that I downvoted 2 answers for the sole reason of getting my rep to an even 20k (well, the posts deserved to be downvoted, but I wouldn't have added the additional -1 if it wasn't for that)...?
6:52 PM
Oh wow. Chat seems to work very well from the Android Browser
The only problem I'm seeing is that when you scrollup it will automatica|ly scroll back down. Chat is still usable, but annoying
@Moshe Yes, you have corrections?
@Earlz click "don't stay on bottom"
@RebeccaChernoff I don't even get why that feature exists since it's pure evil :P
If you're actually reading the chat, why wouldn't you want to stay on bottom?
And if you're looking at the page, you're probably reading the chat.
I think the feature is great just as it is. If I need to catch up, I switch modes, catch up, and resume normal operation.
Because there's only enough room for one or two messages?
No one will post anything, and I'll be scrolling, and it'll jump back down to the bottom anyway.

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