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6:00 PM
Chat can be integral to a site's life :)
@MichaelMyers You can see my ip right... add /SEElections/Election.html I copied it there temporarily.
@RebeccaChernoff Thanks, I'll give it a shot.
Nope. Filter got that too. Good try, though.
@YiJiang meh, it can come close
I'll just hit it tonight if I can remember (was going to do it last night but forgot).
WebNonSense? What category is it blocking on?
6:05 PM
Can someone pin the link to the election page thingadongdong? Pretty please?
@RebeccaChernoff "Category: none"
@badp, I can't, but I starred your request to do so :)
@MichaelMrozek Fixing this abominy
anyway, see you guys/girl later. I'm off to feed the famished hoards. @Moshe, context appropriate salutation.
Thank you, anonymous pinner @balpha.
@MichaelMyers are pastebin/gist.github blocked too?
6:15 PM
@Benjol you have a few options.
Good Shabbos
Shabbat Shalom
The top SO user without Nice Answer.
Quite the achievement...
That's impressive
There was Marc B who had more rep at the time of the snapshot, but he earned the badge in the meantime.
Also, Alejandro doesn't have unsung hero. He does have Tenacious, though.
Oh well.
Top SO user without supporter. Actually, he's never voted yet.
6:30 PM
Revival is a badge Jon Skeet doesn't have.
So I may need more than luck, my GI is bleeding somewhere. Fun. Waiting on contrast in anticipation of a CT scan. Just ready to be done.
Reversal is a badge Marc Gravell doesn't have.
(Alex Martelli doesn't have or need those fancy badges. Getting Python gold 14 times is good enough. :P)
Python gold is clearly more precious than C# gold. Jon Skeet alone has 36 of the darn thing.
@Moshe You'll be happy to know I came up with a less sketchy solution to the problem I had yesterday.
Who wants burnination? This guy does!
@badp lol
gasp I don't have enough rep to downvote on gaming.
This must be rectified.
6:45 PM
I hate tagging questions [status-bydesign]. [status-completed] is more fun :\
How do you do that tag thing? I can't get it to work for me here in the chat... What am I missing?
6:47 PM
@balpha I'm surprised you haven't introduced status-by-unicorn
Heh, you write a square bracket and the word "status" followed by all lowercase words. No quotes allowed.
Don't forget to close the bracket.
@Pollyanna -- what a rare guest in these halls!
Yeah, I've been procrastinating for a few weeks, so I'm around a bit these days.
6:49 PM
wonders if @Zypher did any more testing
Ok but still, some symbols break the tag.
but only here in meta? Not on the other chat sites?
6:50 PM
On all chat sites I assume
The other sites have different easter eggs, I was lead to believe at some point.
Ah well what do I know?
I'm not sure, myself.
ready to incorporate the next round of feedback into his game. Wonders if @Zypher is around because he is on iPhone and can't see current users.
no, that's correct; some (not all -- just where we had ideas) sites have their own easter eggs
(note this depends on the site the room belongs to)
6:52 PM
@balpha - can we get some hints?
Or straight out spoilers?
@Moshe to see current users, tap "menu" -> "this room" -> "users"
as for easter eggs -- ask someone else :)
Q: What Easter Eggs do the chat sites have?

MosheAccording to @balpha, he SE chat sites may have individual Easter eggs, depending on the site. If you find them, please post.

You might try writing a regular expression to parse html in an SO chat room.
pffft lame! go find them!
I heard that's something you should try and do.
6:57 PM
If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it. Want to change the world? There's nothing to it...
@Reb how so? Start typing random stuff?
@Tyler nice quote. "Willy Wonka"
must everything be relevant?
The answer lies in jQuery.
6:58 PM
its a pub. People are suppose to be drunk in here..
jQuery has the answer you seek.
@moot jQuery lies.
@Moshe pshaw
7:00 PM
Nope. @balpha it's "menu"->"people" apparently.
sniffle cough
goes to continue coding
Yep, just noticed that myself
even one less click :)
7:13 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Good to see Popular Demand was the unfun one this time, giving away the answer ;)
I can never remember them so having a reference is a good thing
It didn't work.
The clippy thing. Could be safari mobile.
oh, I asked my 300th question.
Time to start answering a bit more...
really goes to continue coding
7:17 PM
WTF? O_o
Gah. Isn't there a meta post that explains the limits and counts for when comments get folded? Can't find it. ):
I just got some spam email from someone at entergy.com with the subject 'up0x' and the body 'ee9'
is done with meetings for the rest of the day
We had another meeting with the very important prospective partner/reseller. Went well I think.
@RebeccaChernoff Hm, looking now... I was a bit annoyed by that question though, since I expected a link to an actual case where that happened, heh.
@Josh Nifty :)
If you follow the link to the E.SE cross-post, there is an example in that post.
7:21 PM
Yeah, but it was a made up example.
They said some very complementary things about our work, they saw very clearly how hard my partner and I worked to make our software work really well. They said it was "beyond user-friendly, it was joyous to use", which was really nice.
Does this blog post work? reads it
It's nice because we've worked really hard to make our software work really well, and very few people seem to appreciate it
Ah, I haven't seen that blog post before. N is different on meta though which it doesn't mention.
Yeah, it also lies and says "The “# of comments initially shown” will be available as a setting on your user page preferences tab soon."
7:24 PM
@Josh Stop hacking time please:
Q: How does comment voting and flagging work?

Ólafur WaageSince the release of comment upvotes and flagging. Just wondering if you get rep for upvoted comments? Also wondering if upvoted comments have any effect on the comment sorting? And can you see your comment upvote number somewhere? Edit - See the Stack Overflow blog post about comments.

Really? Wow, you're going forward in time?
7:24 PM
Ah, another server time desync
How? Can you teach me? I'll pay!
@ircmaxell No, that's the future. I'm going back to the future.
/blame @balpha @Marc
@ircmaxell Sure, I'll teach you in -42 seconds...
@Shog9 That was what I read first when looking. Unless I skimmed too quickly it doesn't discuss this?
7:25 PM
@Shog9 Yeah, I'm ashamed I didn't see that right under the "How do comments work?" result in the search...WTF brain shakes head at self
So, is it just me, or are bounties on meta verboten?
Q: Can't place a bounty on meta questions?

PollyannaI've done quite a bit of searching but don't see anything regarding it. I am unable to place a bounty on my own, or anyone else's question here on meta. I see the featured tab is still available, with featured (bounty) questions, so it doesn't look like bounty has been turned off here altogether.

well played
@RebeccaChernoff right at the end
That didn't work like I thought it would.
7:26 PM
> Upvoting comments does not change the sort order of comments. But when there are lots of answers, or lots of comments, then comments without any upvote (or comments with less upvotes) might be hidden, until one clicks a link "show x more comments":
Q: What Easter Eggs do the chat sites have?

MosheAccording to @balpha, he SE chat sites may have individual Easter eggs, depending on the site. If you find them, please post. Edit: Because it's so easy to make this stuff up, a screenshot as proof would be nice. (Although Photoshop ain't that hard either...)

That doesn't discuss numbers. I was going for specific numbers.
@George: <(?:"you can't do that").*(?:"So There's No Point Trying").*(?:"There's always a way to break it")>
@GeorgeStocker Works on SO, just not meta.
@GeorgeStocker oh I am so tempted to photoshop a bunch of stuff together :-D
7:27 PM
@RebeccaChernoff They start folding after the 15th comment, IIRC
15th comment on a post precisely if there's only one post in the page
@badp I thought main site is 5 and meta is 20 or something?
Other posts do affect the amount of comments though
For some reason I feel like I've seen a meta post that explicitly lists out all the scenarios.
@RebeccaChernoff Definitely, though I thought it might be the faq page there
but it isn't
A: A little less AJAX?

Jeff Atwood The point is not saving of bandwidth but saving of your brain. There is no reason to show more than 5 comments; if you feel a comment deep in the comment list should be shown, then vote it up, and it will be shown. It's the same theory as the rest of SO: the best content goes to the top, so yo...

> EDIT: I increased the threshold to 15 visible comments for meta.
7:29 PM
in The Comms Room on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 15 mins ago, by Evan Anderson
This is great. We've found a way to make many sysadmins all type "rm -rf /" nearly simultaneously. Just make sure the right window has focus!
There's that, at least.
Ah ha!
Oh well. Y'all can find it. Go forth MSOians and educate!
I refuse to teach! Only to ramble aimlessly and let happen what may!
And now conference call time.
Hey there @Marc
7:33 PM
@TimStone oh, yeah, I counted comments on Gaming meta originally.
15 120mm fans? o_O
Wow, that blows.
At some point there's deminishing returns. There's only so much pressure a fan like that can generate, and once you reach it, adding another isn't going to change anything...
7:48 PM
@ircmaxell Well, with that many fans they can be run at a much slower speed, generate more pressure than just a few fans, and be more quiet.
I don't know about more pressure, but the rest I can believe
Well, at the end of the day you can spin one fan fast and generate a given airflow, or a bunch of fans slow and get the same airflow, and in general the noise will be lower with more fans, given a certain airflow.
I'm looking for the name of an achievement.
If you tell us which one, we can tell you the name. :-P
Er, trying to design a game achievement.
Score x points over 3 consecutive games
Also, what are some good ideas for other ones?
7:52 PM
Depends on the game type, I suppose.
"Wasted 200 hours playing this game" would be some sort of achievement, I suppose.
A trading game.
Where you buy and sell stuff, attempting to profit.
player vs player, player vs AI, or varies?
Ah, I see.
Player VS AI, i guess, no 2 player mode.
Any ideas for an achievement name?
Or other ones? @Josh?
Think about what you are selling/trading, and come up with terms in that product line or industry. Make achievments out of them.
7:58 PM
"No Nori - Meet your goals by selling sushi not wrapped in seaweed"
@Pollyanna, have you set a bounty on MSO since the end of April?
Hrm. My rep graph should show it if I did...
Interesting. I need to see which ones don't have Nori. I like that one.
Nope, my last one was in April.
@Moshe what's this now?
Sorry I was doing actual work :-)
8:01 PM
I'm designing acheivements for my dope wars clone.
Because it is looking like that question was deleted with an open bounty. |: @balpha that shouldn't be possible though?
Sushi is the item.
@Moshe Negative achievements are fun, "Puffered up - Shop closed due to poor quality Puffer fish cuts."
Heh. I didnt get to negatives yet.
Yes they are fun.
8:03 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Anything is possible when @balpha is involved!
@RebeccaChernoff what question is that?
It looks like when @balpha is summoned, he brings backup.
More specifically, any dev with database access can make accidents... I mean miracles happen.
@Diago Hey there!
Dammit. It feels like I haven't written code in years, I can't remember half the stuff I use to be able to do :|
@PopularDemand Howzit
@Pollyanna no, I mean the deleted one with the bounty
@Diago Not bad. You?
@Pollyanna Congrats on owning the longest-running bounty ev-ar!
@PopularDemand Busy. The year has barely started and I have too much on my plate.
@balpha meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/45826/… and you can see my latest query on our sede
8:06 PM
@balpha @RebeccaChernoff A link would be nice...
yeah, just found it
That's hilarious.
@RebeccaChernoff it's also available in the user history
Hey, I'll take any chance I can to get into the code. >_< LOL
please don't return the bounty yet @RebeccaChernoff
you'll get your moneyz back soon, @Pollyanna :)
8:08 PM
I won't (:
Also available from the rep graph, FWIW. Deleted by quack, who is no longer a mod? Odd.
Huh. Interestingly, it says the bounty has ended, but I still have +550 tags on each answer as though I could give the bounty. It won't let me, though, as it's closed.
Well, does Inari have nori in it?
So it seems we should be able to undelete it, award the bounty, then delete it?
it's not a problem to undo this
8:10 PM
just, how did we end up in this state
quack deleted it while the bounty was on
Well I know that. I meant why did it let him. >_<
entertains self while on the phone
@RebeccaChernoff Notice that he no longer has a diamond....
either way; I'll return the bounty
8:11 PM
When you got hired, did your diamond look... used?
will check later if this can still happen
@Pollyanna can you open bounties now?
@balpha - Why yes, yes I can. Thanks!
8:13 PM
to be fair, you provoked the whole situation :)
@Pollyanna Too bad this happened while interest rates were still low, or you would have really made a nice profit there.
> changed question to test another aspect of the system (deleted bounties - what happens?)
@balpha Who, me? Why I would never...!
@balpha - Well, now we know! And knowing is half the battle, right?
8:15 PM
A: Why are comment lists abridged in the middle?

Shog9Short answer: this is by design and unlikely to change. These aren't discussion sites, and the goal of displaying any comments initially is to highlight important information added by a third-party, not provide a lead-in to some tangential discussion. Details: Comments are - at best - second-cla...

^^^ debating whether to explicitly rip on PHPBB/linear forums or just leave that implicit in "most readers only care about the end result of such discussions"
I'm curious if it would have let her award the bounty if we had gotten three 10kers to vote to undelete his question.
@balpha Intentional. (See the second-to-last word.)
@PopularDemand I'm interested to know as well. Alas, it's a very odd case that probably doesn't really require testing.
@PopularDemand I bet you say that to all the ... er, wait, I'm only going to confuse matters further this way, aren't I?
8:18 PM
@balpha - Well, now we know the real answer to this question and response (check out the comments)
A: If a bounty question is deleted after awarding it, what happens?

mafutrctAccepted bounty questions cannot be deleted, regardless of any upvotes. Please see http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/16065/how-does-the-bounty-system-work Jeff made this by design to avoid gaming the system. What happens if a bounty question is closed, or deleted as offensive? Boun...

well, there we go
The question was deleted with the bounty in effect. I was already given the bounty back. But something seems to have become stuck in the DB, thinking that there was still a bounty I needed to have awarded.
yeah, I just checked the code
moderators are allowed to do that
oh what -- you already had the bounty back?
8:21 PM
That's what the comments on that answer seem to imply.
As far as I can tell, the bounty was cancelled and returned at the time quack deleted the question.
So you did make a profit! Nice!
@Pollyanna Yeah, I saw this, but there was no bounty award that I see unless I'm blind.
The bounty was not awarded.
I turned it into a test question where we wanted to find out what would happen if
1. Set bounty
2. Delete question
We found out!
Shhh, don't interrupt the list
8:23 PM
oh, you mean you had the 500rep back
yeah, that makes kinda sense
but the bounty was never closed
@Tim too late, the mood is gone.
3. Profit!
Well, yeah,
/o\ | \o/
although I usually like to hide my illicit activites with the penultimate 3. ... and profit in #4
8:24 PM
@TimStone |o|
"3. ..." is not supported
... doesn't mean it's not fun!
@PopularDemand Ah yes, the arrested pose. Also appropriate.
@TimStone Having never been arrested, I tend to think of it as "field goal," but okay.
@PopularDemand I guess we could link rep laundering to soccer, sure.
8:29 PM
over all the bounty talk, has anyone actually noticed I posted a Duke Nukem Forever trailer up there?
@balpha Lies and fabrications!
I did, and I started to watch it despite being on a conference call :P
@balpha speaking of which... Chat needs more pig-cops. And shotguns.
i support more shotguns
@Zypher I was wondering if you'd pop up to reply to that.
8:32 PM
@Shog9 Yes, those are [status-planned] for Chat.SE Forever -- planned release date immediately after DN Forever and the HTML5 finalization
@PopularDemand "Shotguns" is to @Zypher as "Bacon" is to @Jin
@balpha Will it have a sexy logo like HTML 5 does? So we can know this ain't your grandfather's chat?
@balpha ... nutritious?
shotguns get me some home made bacon
@Zypher hi. Did you have a chance to play any more?
unfortunatly no, got slammed had to spend most of my trip home working on some scripts
8:37 PM
it's what's infront of me now
Ok. When you can, enjoy it. I may send you an update soon.
@Jin Mmm, bacony fresh.
it actually doesn't taste anything like bacon. i got conned
Doesn't exactly look like bacon either. I'd be disappointed all around. :(
Hrm. shakes fist at Schema Compare not succeeding
8:39 PM
but the bacon lip balm i got tastes just like bacon lard. thinkgeek.com/interests/zombies/ce5c
Ahh, I want me some tactical bacon...
@Jin "Ingredients: bacon lard, high fructose bacon lard."
@PopularDemand that explains it
@Jin lmao at the description
I wonder what ingredients are in youtube.com/watch?v=ENNSvDNLFqA
And btw, I do not own baconlube. That's where I draw the line.
8:42 PM
The fact that you're willing to draw a line is just a sign you aren't committed enough.
@TimStone my wife isn't committed enough.
I feel like you should probably be thankful for that.
A: Master thesis topic - mod_security

ircmaxellThere's some sentiment out there that tools like mod_security don't actually increase security at all. Sure, they do "block" common vectors, so they are not useless. But the thing is, the only way to secure code is to make the code secure. Everything else is just a band-aid. That's not to say...

So guys how 'bout that Meta Stack Overflow
I once accidentally mistook congealed bacon grease for mashed potatoes, and took a big heaping spoonful.
It was, without doubt, the worst thing I've ever eaten.
8:49 PM
I couldn't eat, or even stand to smell, bacon for months afterwards.
So, yeah, always check your mashed potatoes carefully.
Finally, something worthy of starring. That is life advice that all people who enter this room should see, right there.
Wait... you call it the worst thing you've ever eaten. You didn't spit it out?
@ircmaxell Good answer
@Pollyanna why is that a problem?
@PopularDemand It's grease. You can spit all you want, but the oils and fats kinda just hang around until you drink something that can wash it away.
I don't think my mouth felt right for a good day or two after. Orange juice just wasn't cutting the grease.
8:53 PM
Like Coke. If it can clean an engine block it'll clean anything!
@Josh - I did try all sorts of pop, but no dice there either.
That is seriously gross @Pollyanna O_o
Gah, ok, one last try on this then I have to do something else, oy.
@Josh: I know it's controversial, since a lot of people swear by tools like mod_security. It's fine, just realize it's nothing more than a band-aid...
8:57 PM
I agree @ircmaxell
@RebeccaChernoff I'm afraid your try failed. No more oy stars!
Here, have a consolation star.
I'm not trying to star things, I'm trying to do a schema compare.
What's not working about it?

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