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7:02 PM
sd ignore- edited
7:13 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: GREEK YOGURT BAKING by Kakuhiro Kazama on cooking.stackexchange.com (@Unihedron)
[ SmokeDetector ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating words in answer: Windows 10 file explorer continually crashes by Lasse on superuser.com (@bwDraco)
Candidates #18 and #19: our very own josilber and Jason C.
Nominations close in 43 minutes.
Generally, Taverners don't do well in the SO elections but there's a first for everything.
That's because everything they say is recorded! :)
7:21 PM
@NormalHuman Interesting, why would that be? To dominant in their opinions?
This should be an interesting election. Although, it speaks more to look at the other individuals running....
There are a few that you would THINK would already be mods.
Let's see... as a working definition of "Taverner" I can use (privileged SD user ) || bjb
By this definition, 8 out of 19 qualify: Undo, Andy, Jason C, Ed Cottrell, Madara Uchiha, vaultah, josilber, bjb
Not a perfect definition, Madara isn't around often.
So your hypothesis is that none of those will become a moderator, right?
7:37 PM
Well, last time 11 Taverners ran: Qantas 94 Heavy, bjb, Ed Cottrell, hichris123, Andy, Undo, AstroCB, Jason C, Mooseman, Madara Uchiha, Unihedron.
None elected.
Obligatory xkcd.com/1122
Who got elected last time? Scratching head Martjin and?
A: JavaScript replace newline escape sequence with newline

bjb568Don't abuse regex! If you are testing for single strings, test for single strings. Since JavaScript doesn't have a built in replaceAll method (yet) for strings, you can make your own: String.prototype.replaceAll = function(find, replace) { return this.split(find).join(replace); }; Then j...

7:38 PM
one delv pending still from forever ago, do these not age?
Former Taverners who've been elected as SO mods:
Tim Post
George Stocker
Jeremy Banks
(probably others; my memory of who's active in chat ain't perfect and I'm too lazy to query)
@bjb568 they do not
@Shog9 no longer regulars :(
well, what's that tell you?
Oh. If getting elected completely equals not visiting Tavern I don't want them to get elected.
Maybe the Tavern is a training ground for potential mods.
7:41 PM
animuson still drops in now and then to delete spam like a madman
@bjb568 Maybe it was, those times are long gone ... ;)
something something dank memes
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: What are the "musical toys"? by Angel Jackson on gaming.stackexchange.com
sd trueu-
7:56 PM
> Nominations close in 3 minutes.
:o I should nominate.
> Nominations close in 51 seconds.
> Nominations close in 12 seconds.
> Nominations close momentarily.
(ノT_T)ノ ^┻━┻
8:02 PM
will close just now - grammar error
Post bug!
Don't forget me, @nicael. :)
just was going to :D
vote up
Dammit, I want live vote updates and sorting by votes :/
all the zeros are incorrect
Because once a nominee gains the score less than zero, the zero is displayed...
Why is the red line moving up instead of separating top 10 from the rest?
8:06 PM
@NormalHuman The bloody hell is rising.
Oh hay, didn't know I could do this
@Andy anyone please put it in the topic or pin
Meanwhile, the sad election at Japanese Language still doesn't have enough candidates, despited extended nomination period.
Poor Snailboat.
Nov 11 at 19:46, by Ϻ.Λ.Ʀ.
If @BJB gets elected, I'll eat my hat. :P
Poor cat. Gives BJB some tuna
8:12 PM
The last three places are a bit shaky. :(
Yay undo leading!
@Ϻ.Λ.Ʀ. I actually just ordered a tuna salad sandwich at Panera
What are those chips doing there?
8:20 PM
@rene Used for luring fish.
That sounds logical
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: GMail API Emails Bouncing by ANYONOMOUS on stackoverflow.com
Looks like a face...
8:22 PM
Is this a portrait of bjb?
Must be.
@bjb568 yummmmmy!
@nicael appears to be caching
Andy made it to 10. \o/
And I to -25
8:25 PM
@Ϻ.Λ.Ʀ. \o/
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: How did Skynet avoid destroying itself on Judgment Day? by death rocks on scifi.stackexchange.com
Meanwhile, I'm writing a decaffeinating meta post on chem. I myself felt sleepy, so I'll finish it tomorrow.
@SmokeDetector tpu-
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Run Eclipse project from command line by idiots on stackoverflow.com
Cincinnati - University of Cincinnati #203055
120 Calhoun Street
Phone: 513-961-6300
8:31 PM
Google Street View, but I don't see any cats in sunglasses coming or leaving.
@NormalHuman that's because you forget to account for one thing ... who is taking the picture?
I can call them to say that a tuna-eating cat must be stopped at all costs. Don't let him out alive.
Or else, SO is doomed.
Too late
8:46 PM
Hovering just above 0. My nomination dreams have come true <3
Just wait until you moderator nightmares come true
I live for nightmares!
my life is a nightmare
help me pls
I'll trade you nightmares.
Mine is a world without Burt Reynolds
2 months ago I went to the doctor for constant headaches and numbness. I got blood tests and a CT. Nothing showed up. Should have got an MRI but insurance denied it. That's still happening. Yesterday I got a 3/4" splinter stuck in my hand and broken off. Insurance system was down. No customer service on weekends, because who gets hurt on weekends? Had to go to sleep with it.
I checked the site today to make sure my insurance was cool, and got a $3000 bill for the routine blood tests.
I am moving to Canada.
8:52 PM
What the hell!
Dude I'm sorry :(
For some reason it's illegal to not have health insurance. It should be illegal to have it.
That is the joy of the free market ...
Yeah I'm currently uninsured until January.
The customer service lady was mind blowingly heartless. "How do I not pay for this?" "Have the doctor change the procedure codes to something my plan covers." "To what?" "I couldn't tell you." "You don't know what the plan covers?" "You'll have to have the doctor change the codes." "Wait what?"
And they can't actually go back and retroactively change the paperwork anyways.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: cant capture date with Junit Testcase by Meni on stackoverflow.com
8:54 PM
And it's going to cost me $246/m for coverage, because the $165 cheapest option was literally paying all that money for no coverage
Yeah it's retarded.
I'd rather take the $700 tax hit than the $2000 a year and nothing is covered hit
Plus it's like...
I go to the doctor with headaches early. If it turns into something worse, it costs the insurance company more, it strains the system more. I go to get the splinter taken care of right away. If it gets infected, same deal. I don't understand how denying those things is a successful business model.
Healthcare is worse than it ever was
I know.
8:56 PM
Literally everybody I know that had health insurance was either dropped or the plan changed to something terrible or the costs skyrocketed for good coverage
The lady on the phone said "Well that's how insurance works."
what a c-word
I know.
I don't understand what all the health care changes accomplished either other than making buying insurance confusing as hell.
I gotta run. I hope everything turns out ok man
I have a fantasy of sitting down at a table with Obama and the CEO of Highmark and just being like, "So uh... not sure if you guys are aware of this, but your crap doesn't actually, you know, work. Let's talk about this. Did you know this? Did you make a mistake?"
8:59 PM
@JasonC the problem is that "health insurance" should be something you rarely/never need to use. Getting a splinter removed should be a few bucks, something you'd just pay out of pocket. But that's not what we have; health "insurance" has skewed pricing so much that it's impossible to pay what a procedure is worth.
Which is why when I get a splinter I remove it with a razor blade, pour alcohol on it, and then superglue it back together.
(and I have really good insurance)
@Shog9 I'm all about the razor blade but I can't even see the deep end of this one. I'll have to wait until it comes out a bit more and just, not close my hand for a while.
@JasonC palm?
Yeah right in the middle.
ah, so not the fleshy part. That sucks.
Well, closer to the thumb.
9:01 PM
the trick is to cut just the skin
but if you think it's gone deeper than that, that's a problem
It's way deep. I'm going to wait on a dr visit until I get the $3000 thing worked out. I don't really feel like dealing with insurance right now.
Another good trick is cut the surface then dump some wood glue on it.
Then it pulls right out.
(For tiny ones)
Life hack!
yeah, or the duct-tape trick for getting rid of a bunch of tiny fibers
I wish there was some kind of insurance break for like, hardly ever going to doctors. Like when you get car insurance breaks for driving safe.
I worked at a hospital who's food trays didn't hold up well in their dishwasher. They embeded plastic splinters in your palm and were tiny. Duct tape was awesome at getting those out.
Lol that sounds like some kind of poorly thought out conspiracy to get return customers at the hospital.
Looks like your leg healed up just fine. Too bad your hands are full of fiberglass, wonder how that happened? We'll just have to take a look at that.
9:14 PM
@Undo rooting for you ^^
I'm partial to mod candidates with some academic background... Bill was/is a part-time college instructor, and now josilber has a chance of becoming a PhD-bearing mod.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: Help me identify this movie by Babs on movies.stackexchange.com
I still don't know to whom my third vote's going... (aside from Madara and Undo)
If sterling makes the cutoff it's sterline, otherwise IDK. Also Madara and Undo
9:21 PM
deceze looks like a strong candidate.
Yeah, definitely, I'd trust him as a mod
The name sounds vaguely familiar (not just from previous elections), but I don't know why.
@Doorknob SEDE: Have we met?
Let's see if the humor of @JasonC is still ok...
9:24 PM
I take that as yes
The election monitor has Jeremy Banks as candidate #20.
And still doesn't keep the Red Line of Doom in its proper place.
Q: Ghost Haunting the Election Page

Benjamin GruenbaumWell, obviously Jeremy Banks isn't running for moderator this time :D Why am I seeing this? Is this a bug? An illustration?

Maybe that's what happens when someone who already has a diamond submits a nomination
9:26 PM
I think mods can nominate themselves again, there is no check to stop them.
After all, they have to do that as pro-tem mods.
^ yeah, they can
If we elect him will his diamond be removed?
Or does he get two?
One. The diamonds will be merged ;)
9:30 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum Thank you, that means a great deal to me coming from you ;)
@JasonC ... must ... obey ... Jason C ...... will ... haunt ... @bjb568
@Bart Yes, yes. Now, go to the nearest McDonald's. Order 300 Egg McMuffins and ALL of the ketchup. Then, bring it to the compound. I am counting on you.
Congratulations! Emacs is graduating! by Grace Note on meta.emacs.stackexchange.com
9:37 PM
Congratulations, Worldbuilding is graduating! by Grace Note on meta.worldbuilding.stackexchange.com
Congratulations, Aviation is graduating! by Grace Note on meta.aviation.stackexchange.com
Grace Note Spam!
Emacs takes over as the youngest graduated site, started 2014-09-23, graduated 2015-11-16
@JasonC I read that as Eggs Mclarin. I do too much SO.
9:40 PM
@Bart Doesn't seem like you can reason with them...
You must be yoking.
@LynnCrumbling Grace Note? Or MSO Toxic guy?
Ouch, I yoked my eye
Toxic guy.
9:41 PM
Myeah, I'm out of that one.
Signal Processing and Emacs got two exclamation points from Grace Note; Worldbuilding and Aviation only one. Hmmm.
@NormalHuman woah, Emacs is graduating already? O_o
And Vim is not. :P
John Bonham, yoked to death on his own vomit?
@NormalHuman >:(
9:42 PM
Sorry that's no yoke
@rene ^ Nope, sense of humor is busted.
It's a sign that I should get back to work. Peace.
@LynnCrumbling okay, last comment, now I'm out :p
(Yeah, I have nothing better to do)
You sure?
"but... it still itches..."
All part of my toxic grumpy old man quota ... I'm good for today
9:46 PM
Too many really.
@Bart you're not over 50, right?
I said old @rene, not dead.
At least I'm not underwater.
9:53 PM
Lol, when even Pekka is fed up with someone, you know the discussion is over.
Grumpy developers... toxic culture... you run a pretty big mouth for someone who hasn't really, you know, done much on SO, as such. Armchair quarterbacking is always super easy. How about you hang out a couple years, post a couple of thousand comments trying to, you know, help folks (including pointing total newbies the right way, even when that isn't SO yet), try to moderate the stream of incoming questions (10,000+ every day!) productively, and then we'll talk again. — Pekka 웃 3 mins ago
Halt die Klappe.
So that tagging bot I had? Up from 41.47% approved to 88.24%.
@ArtOfCode Not bad at all
@Undo Also, your primary vote thingy is b0rked
500 ISE
@Undo That's better than an average human >:)
10:02 PM
@Undo halp misconfiguration soprimaries.erwaysoftware.com
> Please contact the server administrator at [no address given]
uh oh
@ArtOfCode Fixed, cc @nicael
I just restarted Apache :P
Heh, out of memory
10:04 PM
Oh also you've fixed the links, great!
Well that doesn't help
Am I right in assuming the red line at 10 is for the people who will be eliminated at election?
Top 10 advance.
The line is not always in its proper place.
@NormalHuman I know, that's because I'm being lazy in JS. Give me a sec to fix it
Also, I just gave it 4GB swap. That should be enough for a while
Actually, give me a few hours to fix it. I have more pressing things to deal with right now.
Is it bad if you have a hard drive with 33% fragmentation? :P
10:09 PM
@hichris123 A little.
@hichris123 Sounds bad
DO NOT go ask that on hardwarerecs >:(
Q: How can we discourage over-downvoting on questions?

bjb568Some people go a bit over the top downvoting… It isn't exactly welcoming to new users. My process is this: Is it a good question? Upvote. If not: Spam? Flag. Otherwise: Very obviously bad? …Are you sure? Ok, GOTO 5. Otherwise: Looks hard to answer (code-wall, terrible formatting, etc.)? Leave a...

I tried to downvote this.
Oh… me from the past…
at least it's a canonical dup
It's an external hard drive. 3TB, 1.5 TB used... and it claims there's 500 GB of fragmented files. :P
10:10 PM
@hichris123 just a tad concerning.
Yeah... probably explains why large files were taking slower and slower to save.
Poor Windows people having to deal with fragmentation
One file has 11,511 fragments.
@Undo Easy fix: tr:nth-of-type(11) { border-bottom: 2px solid red }
@Undo I'm on Windows: 0% frag.
10:11 PM
@IlmariKaronen Genius. Thank you!
@Undo It's probably because Windows never auto-defragments it since I never have it plugged in 100% of the time.
@Undo huh, mac user (almost) all my life, never worried about fragmentation
Haven't really thot about it for like 8 years.
@hichris123 I've never done a defrag, and my laptop isn't powered most of the time... yet somehow I'm OK. No idea how.
@ArtOfCode It's not as big of a deal as it used to be. Only if you're dealing with large files/writing large files.
@bjb568 OS X doesn't need defragmentation. It's built different
10:13 PM
@Undo s/different/totally bettah/
Can someone remember - if you offensive flag a message, does it happen in one click or is there a confirmation?
@ArtOfCode A chat message?
There's an alert
@Undo aye
10:14 PM
@hichris123 Is it FAT or NTFS? AFAIK, NTFS handles fragmentation a lot better.
@Undo Except when you're @ɥʇǝS.
@IlmariKaronen OS X has its own system, IIRC
@IlmariKaronen s/a lot better/at all/
btw Any SO mods fancy talking to a creep, and tell them not to be such a farjing creep?
@IlmariKaronen NTFS.
@IlmariKaronen That'll be why I'm OK... all my drives are NTFS.
10:15 PM
@Undo Sorry, that was meant from hichris123, I misclicked... :(
@Danack where, where?
@hichris123 Hey, you shouldn't be talking about accidentally taking mod actions against people in chat... :D
Nick Larsen on November 16, 2015
Targeting your job listing helps us decide who we should show your job listings to. We recently added a widget to the targeting page to help set effective targeting parameters. This is a description of how it achieves that goal.
@Feeds get out of this conversation, Feeds.
@ArtOfCode This guy just keeps asking for personal information chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/26911610#26911610
10:16 PM
@Doorknob Hm... what have you done... ;P
@Danack Sounds fun. I'll jump over, and I'll see if I can attract an SO mod.
I can't point to a single message and say "this guy needs to be banned for this" but it's a pattern of behaviour that creeps me out, and I'm not even the recipient.
Yeah. That's... not good
@Danack Sounds like a mod-flag situation.
The guys promised not to do it before.....but hasn't stopped.
10:17 PM
Mod flag a message and describe what's going on.
I'm a scrub, what's a mod-flag as opposed to a normal flag?
@Undo HFS+
@Danack "flag for a moderator" instead of just "flag as offensive"
the bottom one
@Danack Click the message dropdown. Flag for moderator.
10:18 PM
> I try to behavior like him, so for doing that, I need to more data
well, mucked that up.
@bjb568 how does behavior good plz?
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in answer: "Content-ID" in email attachments by rubofvil on civicrm.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector fp-
@ArtOfCode behavior good change name is now normal human but u no are normal so imitate not
10:21 PM
@bjb568 Reminds me of those old "bad English" jokes.
Been a long time since I've seen bjbish.
Someone comes onto a forum, writes a post in perfect English, adds on the end "English isn't my native language, so please forgive me for any mistakes I made".
Native English speaker comes along: "lol it okay"
sympathy upvotes…
@NormalHuman Yeah, that.
10:25 PM
Q: When's the election coming?

Nathan TuggyCongratulations! Software Recommendations is graduating! mentions that "soon" there will be an election for diamond mods. I'm looking forward to that! But it's been several months with no sign. Over on ELL, we actually got the "congratulations" post after our first election finished.

Nathan is plotting to unseat Undo.
I'm really not sure what the OP expected to happen here:
Q: startIndex cannot be larger than length of string. Parameter name: startIndex vb.net

Md. Didarul IslamI am working with a scale software using vb.net. Everything is going well, I also found the com port but when I click for get weight this error occurs: startIndex cannot be larger than length of string Please read comments which I think they can help you. This is the code: Private Sub btnC...

@hichris123 >.<
@Shog9 kinda off-topic, but was there any talk internally about preventing posts on meta describing how to get each hat?
I kinda think that would be a good idea. Not stopping people from helping and/or telling others but preventing a giant meta thread.
Oh yeah, hats
10:30 PM
What's the process with sites deciding whether they want hats or not?
@ArtOfCode last year the mods got emailed
Ah, makes sense
And it was opt-out, by default the sites are in.
Speaking of which, I should check my emails.
10:31 PM
Only TeX and MathOverflow were hatless.
@ɥʇǝS so... we could sit around for two weeks watching meta like hawks and deleting stuff that's too descriptive...
...or we could have fun.
in CoGro Musings, Mar 31 at 17:15, by Jon Ericson
It's all fun and games until people who are serious about games figure out how to remove that inefficient fun. — Jon Ericson ♦ 13 mins ago
I just hope the Eureka hat is not coming back.
iirc last year I got Eureka by figuring out how to get Eureka. :P
(or maybe that was two years ago)
Or you got it by being nice to someone who's been giving them out.
10:34 PM
One would never know.
@Shog9 Kinda figured that was the answer.
On second thought the whole premise of the question was kinda dumb.
^ what I think when I ask a question on SO, every time
haha same here. Except that weird one about labview where they called their loops "while loops" when they were in fact do while loops.
Googles labview
That was really annoying.
10:38 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive body detected: Extract file extention from URL path in R by Salim Khalil on stackoverflow.com
@Doorknob You'll wish you didn't..
> Execution is determined by the structure of a graphical block diagram (the LabVIEW-source code) on which the programmer connects different function-nodes by drawing wires.
It's a powerful language but the most atrocious I've ever seen or read about.
ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ
[ SmokeDetector ] Few unique characters in answer: Taking off the vest while the jacket is still on by JOHN CENA on math.stackexchange.com
10:39 PM
was this a mistranslation or something?
Q: Extract file extention from URL path in R

Salim KhalilI try to extract file extension (if exist) from URLs like > http://wwww.tttt.com/index.php?option=com&etc > http://wwww.tttt.com/subpage1/subpage2/file.pdf With basename(URL) function i got the file but when i apllying sub() fucking i get this > sub(".*([.*])", "\\1", basename(URL)) > php?op...

@Doorknob Don't shoot the messenger, it wasn't my choice for the project D:
All the power of programming, all the fun of breadboard circuit design?
@bob Probably
@SmokeDetector why
@Doorknob Body - Position 264-271: fucking
10:39 PM
@NormalHuman SE could mess with people's heads by including a totally random secret hat... say, any time you earn another hat, you have a 0.1% chance of earning the random hat too.
@SmokeDetector oh I didn't see that O_o
Then bring some popcorn and wait for the meta speculation to begin. ;)
sd tpu-
@Doorknob [:4204146] That message is not a report.
@SmokeDetector tpu-
10:40 PM
sd - - tpu-
10:52 PM
@Shog9 I smell vhdl; what are you talking about
Oh labview
All the good VHDL programmers I know are completely incapable of communicating with other humans.

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