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1:01 PM
well, for him it will be
@Fundamental Well, he could flip a switch and then demand a ransom... SE has some money to spend now...
Not that he would do such thing....
I know! I'm so excited, really hope they start paying me this year
Just saying to prevent I get banned as well with a flip of a switch...
@NickCraver but... we appreciate what you do! Isn't that enough?
There, have a star @NickCraver. That should suffice when those computer thingies do the real work for you anyway.
Well, they let me play with hardware soooo, it's a wash
I'm planning out next week's upgrade now, servers: 1 Git, 11 web, 1 file, 1 LogSQL, 2 redis, 2 tag engine, 1 util, 1 SAN, 1 DAS, and 2 VM blade chassis with 2 blades each
....going to be a fun week, seeing as that's the live data center :)
1:13 PM
tempted to jinx it...
Well, let's enjoy the last week of this site then @Braiam
Wonders if all that hardware is first build-up and tested outside the datacentre...
fresh servers from Dell, completely unconfigured
we automate every aspect of the deploys we can - so a new web server being dropped in is nexus configuration + about an hour to build - mostly hands off
DSC for windows, Puppet for linux at this point
1:19 PM
Let me know if you need a hand, I've got an impressive 6RU setup right behind me (well server is just 1 RU)
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: Archival script as well as tar untar by milan on superuser.com
rollback please ^^^^
I've not enough privileges on SU
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: BITAND NA CLAUSULA WHERE by Marcos on pt.stackoverflow.com
Tnx @Braiam
1:30 PM
NAA superuser.com/a/713182 should-be-comment
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "off-topic, unclear what you're asking, too broad, primarily opinion-based; [linux]"
@Braiam, you may have won the battle but the war will continue
How did the smoke detector miss this, I guess the question feed misses a few things? stackoverflow.com/questions/28068737/…
1:51 PM
I'm interested in what you mean by 'The high rep community members here show a lot of loyalty', because when I look at the front page of high rep users, out of the first ten, 6 of them barely do anything on the site anymore. Out of the entire page there (36 users), 22 of them are rarely seen anymore/have left for good. Is that normal? — J. Musser 6 mins ago
And then there's me, who was gone from June 19, '12 - May 16, '14. Missed almost 2 years here. Not the best track record ever. :D — J. Musser 1 min ago
lol, wonder what Ana meant.
@PeterJ Nice to see editors doing a good job as usual.
@Sam lol, that's terrible.
I'm not gonna edit it either, for fear of getting rep.
@Sam, lol I see what's happened now
@Frank Ikr? And this isn't an isolated case either.
Please note THAT ALL CAPS WRITING is considered shouting, and rude. Plus, leetspeak like "plz" is lazy and childish, IMNSHO. — Jens 5 mins ago
So you leave a comment about it, but don't edit it ... sigh
1:55 PM
@Bart asked him about that...
I predict "bla bla, learning experience, bla" @rene
> complete. Committed users will be invited to the private beta soon.
@Bart I'll give him a learning experience he never forgets...
@rene well, since Bart is here to lend you the stick anyways...
@Bart what's the point? It's crappy question to begin with, typical "fix my code"
@Fundamental Good idea; done.
@ShadowWizard the user did take time to edit the body of the post. And I sometimes do edit for such users as a "this is what we mean" kind of deal.
@ProgramFOX Be careful, you'll pick up FPs on SO/SF and possibly SU.
@Sam I searched; though SO search gave nothing. Do you have an example?
2:02 PM
@Bart "don't use CAPS" sounds trivial enough even for the most... simple... users. Code formatting might be a different story indeed.
@ShadowWizard you'd be surprised
@ProgramFOX Pham's caught a few of them before from those sites. I'll see if I can find the reports...
If there are FPs indeed, I can always exclude those sites from the >>>> part.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HEART RATE MONITOR USING STM32F3 DISCOVERY KIT by sourabh shete on electronics.stackexchange.com
Oh, he caught one just now...
2:04 PM
@Fundamental You can go post a link to the room and the sites you want posted in CHQ, and I'll try to get to it today.
@Sam Let's wait to see what it gives; if there are too many FPs, I'll exclude those sites.
@ProgramFOX Sure. Just wanted to give ya a heads-up. ;)
@Sam Smokey excludes code blocks before checking the patterns, which should help with fps from such character strings.
@Fundamental Oh, right. I wasn't aware of that.
2:14 PM
@Bart we sort of both lost ...
I saw :D
Low Quality Q (80%): Delete this ?Delete this ?Delete this?, by rhill45, on security.stackexchange.com.
^ Shall we help him?
> Research Scientist, University Instructor, Director CMMB Core facility biology.usf.edu/cmmb/research/facility University of South Florida Tampa, Fl.
(user's profile). :-/
Should be able to do so himself @Sam
@Sam Flagged as abusive
@Bart Some people easily miss the obvious.
I'm on mobile and no delete option. I will when on pc. — rhill45 2 mins ago
The user isn't some troll; has 1600 rep on Biology
2:31 PM
@Fundamental He could've asked a mod to delete it for him, via a comment
@Fundamental Ah, I see. Well, after last night we all know that mobile first has to be developed for Windows and after that chat. So I guess a delete button can wait.
@Pham (from Arabic) Does not open the tags on the Ministry's website service launches
2:56 PM
So, shall I change my name back from Frank, or shouldn't I?
@Frank (rolls eyes) why not both?
@Unihedro becuz
Looks like they're using socket.io... that and their min.js returned 404
That means success in IIS....
I'm sure they'll mention that everything's running on Azure if the stream holds up. If it doesn't, it's on GAE.
3:12 PM
@Mooseman socket.io? wow, noobs
What's wrong with socket.io?
3:30 PM
Their player supports Chromecast?
@SmokeDetector fpu
@Fundamental Registered question as false positive, whitelisted user and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
Oof. jQuery 1.7.2...
cast_sender.js was triggered by a hidden youtube player...
@SmokeDetector fpu
@Fundamental Registered question as false positive, whitelisted user and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
4:04 PM
There is a live stream for the Windows 10 briefing starting in an hour: news.microsoft.com/windows10story
Am I the only one not getting excited about that?
It's good to at least be informed about it.
I've been running Win10 TP since day 1 in a VM.
Technical Preview wasn't exactly the best name, now, was it?
how is it?
4:12 PM
how is W10 TP?
I have a bunch of invites to google.com/inbox, any takers?
@Undo WP users such as myself can't even use them... :(
Already have inbox and love it (on my phone)
4:23 PM
@Undo sure
@Bart email?
or you can just email me at undo@erwaysoftware.com
@Undo firstname.lastname @
see my profile ;)
yeah found it
4:24 PM
Got it, thanks!
can't believe someone hasn't come up with this way of email management yet
@NickCraver Gonna do a live hangout? I love watching those.
Morning. Feeling a bit better, still sore throat, cough, etc
sick @bjb568?
if you have to skip school, watch and understand Khan Academy's entire economics section
4:29 PM
@bjb568 +1 (As opposed to the +2 you would've received if you were completely better)
@Undo 2nd skipped skewl day
Econ sounds fun
it really is
Sal does a great job on it
Well, that was his job
Hedge fund somethingorother
@Undo link?
@Braiam google 'khan academy economics'
4:30 PM
@Undo :effort: D:
5:00 PM
@Undo you have mail...
5:15 PM
Is the Win10 stream not working for anybody else?
> <source src="" type="video/mp4"><p>Video content not supported by your browser. Please use a browser with the Flash plugin enabled or HTML5 Video support.</p>
obviously it isn't going to work because src is missing :/
@Mooseman rather crappy, but it works
Started on PC now. Chromecast button seems to be somewhat broken though...
> var wmvUrl = 'http://msstudios-live2.wm.llnwd.net/msstudios_live2';
var flashUrl = 'http://studioshds-f.akamaihd.net/z/Windows10_1@125504/manifest.f4m';
var flashFailUrl = 'http://mps-chan1.msstudios.cshds.lldns.net/msstudios/mps-chan1/mps-chan1.f4m';
var hlsUrl = 'http://studioshds-f.akamaihd.net/i/Windows10_1@125504/master.m3u8';
var hlsFailUrl = 'http://mps-chan1.msstudios.cshls.lldns.net/msstudios/mps-chan1/mps-chan1.m3u8';
var mp4Url = '';
var oggUrl = '';
var vttUrl = '';
var srtUrl = '';
and they want you to use flash... wtf?
@Braiam Y U NO XHTML?
5:21 PM
@bjb568 CUZ MS!
@rene Got it?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: RUN BAT RECURSIVELY IN PYTHON by guru on superuser.com
@SmokeDetector ... I misread that as "Run Bart recursively".
@ProgramFOX that's actually very dangerous, running Bart recursively I mean
5:27 PM
You should run Bart exclusively.
/highfive @jadarnel27
@jadarnel27 in its own thread and without any privilege >:)
So much buffering...
@Mooseman - Well, that was a pretty impressive hack.
I've got that on my profile lol
5:40 PM
@chipChocolate.py "Stream not found." :p
@Braiam Haha, indeed.
@chipChocolate.py Oh that :D
I thought it would be Jon Skeet. :p
5:54 PM
@Undo yep, tnx
@Braiam but ... can I still smite?
6:25 PM
I wanna be a loan shark
That would be a disappointing event: Discovery channel's Loan Shark Week
I wanna wag in the den with someone other than the bot...
@Frank bot is tougher than me
@bluet so...?
waits for bot to wear frank down some more
6:31 PM
I'm tougher than the bot.
oh yea, you're the smartest most special tree in all the 400 billion trees in the world
@bluet but, if I only play with the bot, we will tie for most words in one day.
We don't want that, do we.
@ProgramFOX Recursion :D
What if we could have a rep loan shark in SE
Just imagine, new users slowly spiraling into rep debt after taking out a huge rep loan, spending years just trying repay tidbits, only for the rep sharks to aggressively hound the users for their rep, trashing their profile pages, downvoting without impunity.
And just when it seems like things can't get worse, the repcession hits, and all of a sudden users find they need to pay even more rep to these greedy savage rep dealers, as if caught in a Sisyphean game of rep
6:47 PM
@euphoriaoverlord didn't you just describe Stack Overflow?
@bluet rep in piece ;(
So do any real SO valued employees lurk on here
Employees, sure. Valued ... But yeah, on occasion
Or is this room just full of AIs trying to make conversation as a part of SE's new projects
6:53 PM
Beep boop
@euphoriaoverlord affirmative
That $40 million has to go somewhere! Beep!
I'm bored
Who else thinks Google killed Glass because of Windows Holographic?
6:55 PM
@Mooseman Once you go holograph you can never go glass
Q: Questions on the Related/Linked Sidebar do not reflect an answered/unanswered state

euphoria overlord From here, notice how the sidebars for these three sites are a tad different, notably, Math.SE. I'm not sure if it's just me, but Math.SE clearly shows whether or not a question has been accepted or not in the sidebar. I decided to have a gander at the other sites, because I wasn't sure if i...

So I've been trying to draw attention on this massive bug invading the site making it literally unusable
@Mooseman :D
@euphoriaoverlord attention drawn
7:00 PM
@Bart Thanks, but I don't think it'll be of much help
I posted a bounty earlier and the viewcount went up by 9 during the duration of a week
We'll see. Can't do much else with my rep anyway
@Mooseman never heard of that
I got cybernet points but I'd rather have a fixed issue then points
But thank you though, that's really awesome of you
7:01 PM
@Bart hate speech @inf
@euphoriaoverlord worst case we can ping an employee, but let's wait for a while.
@Bart If I wait another year, can I have a two-year anniversary celebration of the question that has never been seen by an employee?
@euphoriaoverlord if that happens, I'll get a cake and eat it in your honour
@bluet You seem upset, you need a hug
hugs @bluet ... there there
7:03 PM
@Bart wait another year, I'll celebrate your 3 year anniversary
Q: Meta duplicates don't require an answer. Don't suggest there is one when that's not true

BartThis request was sparked by this particular question. The vote to close as a duplicate on Meta, in contrast to the main site, does not require for the duplicate to have an answer. Yet, the closure message still says This question has been asked before and already has an answer. even when t...

Hey, at least we had hats, so the priorities are still correct
wants to clear a few stars from the star wall ... Bart's socks seem to be active today
@InfiniteRecursion you can't handle my awesomeness
@Bart s/awesomeness/success/
@Bart s/awesomeness/sock collection/
7:11 PM
A: How can i implement textbox auto suggest using jquery in my c# asp.net application?

keenanThe above link on jQuery and UI Automcomplete work with ASP.NET redirects me to a spam site. Please remove this link ASAP!!

@InfiniteRecursion you can't handle my awesomeness
I am 100% not a sock puppet. Guaranteed. Or your rep back in the first 30 days.
^ Should I kick the sock?
Be careful @euphoriaoverlord, the duck regularly kicks kittens
socks are made for kicking
@Shog9 stop reading my mind... ¬_¬ puts tinfoil hat
7:14 PM
Don't lie @Braiam. You've been wearing that hat for quite a while now
@Bart picture or it never happened >:)
@Shog9 I am drawing attention to my question by pinging you. Is this okay @Shog9? I hope it is @Shog9
It was nice knowing you
7:18 PM
hides in its bunker
Has anybody else been watching the Windows 10 event?
@Mooseman turned it off after a while. Bad presenters, nothing amazing. Unless I missed something.
@Bart You missed Windows Holographic
I will wait for the written article
7:20 PM
@Braiam the book was better
speaking of written articles, where is the blog post about the most recent podcast?
@bluet It usually takes a week or two to edit the podcast.
Win10 will be 100% free for Win7/8 users.
@bluet ... did I miss something?
Kicked from the tavern? Is this real life?!!!!
7 mins ago, by euphoria overlord
@Shog9 I am drawing attention to my question by pinging you. Is this okay @Shog9? I hope it is @Shog9
@euphoriaoverlord Nope. Just a fantasy.
^^ You brought it upon yourself...
7:24 PM
Goodbye, cruel world
I get kicked from all the taverns I ever go to
this tastes just like deja vu
@bluet ^ I rebooted.
@Mooseman will ie6 be free too?
Now the den is empty and boring :/
Why can't we have separate chat rooms for Meta.SE with really cool names that would almost make it seem like a mansion of chat rooms
7:27 PM
@bluet Yes
"The Foyer", "The Lobby", "The Guesthouse", "The Place Where Hercules Poirot Solved a Murder" and so forth
Hallo. econ is fun.
The rumors about Spartan were rather accurate, but no word on whether or not IE will stay for legacy purposes.
wb bjb
@euphoriaoverlord you can make your own rooms and even invite people to them
hallo @bjb568
7:28 PM
@bjb568 dude
@Mooseman Nobody will be able to approve those. Who on earth has enough rep in Internet-Explorer tags? When we handled those in the close vote room most of them were migrated to superuser.com ...
@rene bobince do
@Braiam Ok, you win, one user...
@rene sorry, I was born with the --pedantic flag
7:40 PM
Q: Custom off-topic reasons sound defensive, not concrete

bjb568 I think this question may be off-topic because This is the new custom off-topic reason text. As mentioned here, this is weak and defensive. The "I think" part is redundant since the comment is already signed by the user. I propose this: This question is off-topic because It is much st...

@rene I was able to suggest them; there are quite a few users with five score...
@Braiam Yeah, I like that a lot! Don't turn off that option...
@rene The dutch come with a --bastard anyway
Yep ...
8:36 PM
Any Markdown experts here?
Related question on TeX - LaTeX Meta:
Q: Quoting codes in a list leaves a </li>

Symbol 1 I found this by accident; If I am writing a list and start quoting \some \codes \then \there \is \an \unexpected </li> Is it a bug or I should not do so?

> experts
@Werner No, but this suggests that balpha didn't see and/or thought anything of it because that question isn't status-completed
@rene Thanks... @balpha: What's your take on this? It seems related, but not sure whether this is something Stack Exchange should be fixing or just write it off as a Markdown quirk.
parenting.stackexchange.com/a/18223/9608 got VLQ helpful but just a friendly mod comment rages
Should I complain on meta?
VLQ is for unsalvageable crap that needs to be deleted after all…
I think this question may be off-topic because I'm indecisive — Martin James 4 mins ago
hmph, was an actual vote
8:52 PM
@Werner Interesting. Definitely a bug (but at least it's in both the preview and and the final version, so you see it in time). Will take a closer look tomorrow.
@balpha M'kay...
@rene I was all "Ooooo a new Markdown bug to poke!" and then clicked through :P
OK ;)
@SmokeDetector fpu
@rene Registered answer as false positive and whitelisted user.
8:55 PM
@TimStone yeah, I don't remember those at all, must've missed them
will look at your stuff first
@balpha Glad I could re-jig the thorn in someone side... poke, poke.
Yeah, I remember the issue being a bit messy unfortunately. But such is Markdown, I suppose.
@Werner Be careful there, we have guaranteed benefits, especially the very last one
@balpha That's only for sharp sticks, though. Anything else is fair game.
@balpha I see... thorns may qualify as a sharp stick.
9:01 PM
Yeah, I should ask HR for a clarification.
(Answer is NAA too)
without the link you can find the plugin, no?
@balpha I decided that a unicorn horn was the obvious work around for that rule.
That makes it a pretty difficult poking device
Yeah, only to be used in extreme cases of course.
1 hour later…
10:17 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PROPOSITIONAL LOGIC by Marcel on math.stackexchange.com
10:33 PM
If you questioned @Nick_Craver and my sanity before … you should see what we are planning to do next week.
Moving remote line cards down the rack while lots of infrastructure is running on them live? Yep. It's all part of the plan.
@Fundamental Much more ominous with that picture...
That should so be part of a Hangout
10:57 PM
when a user is suspended by a mod in the chats, shouldn't there be a reason for the ban? how does the user know what he was banned for in the first place (when it is non-obvious of course)
speaking of chat.stackoverflow.com/users/2312574/mikedidthis he went for a smoke, came back, was banned and no clue why
There you go. Smoking is bad for you.

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