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5:01 PM
creates "annoying" flag for bot
Where is my dear nemesis @Bart? :D
Low Quality Q (32.5%): I want to copy a button image, by Dorian Richard, on stackoverflow.com.
@Sompuperoo Thanks
so, are we now gonna get rid of star trollz who keep starring @Inf's messages :P
It's kinda scary being a room owner of this room
5:04 PM
why? :/
@DroidDev dunno, but scary
with big responsibility, comes big power
@AndrewT. Not necessarily.
Just make sure the beer stays cold, the piano stays hot, and the bartenders stay surly
did somebody say beer?
5:09 PM
@Shog9 ok :)
Try not to poke the bot too.
I prefer to kick your bot
5:11 PM
:D [from bot]
:O What did I miss?
:D [to bot]
Congrats! Now the Tavern will be well moderated :)
Can we have bar fights like in Assassin's Creed?
5:15 PM
we need moderation in tavern too...?!?!
@animuson Can we hack computers like in Assassin's Creed 3?
rushes into secret camp and grabs anti-security padlock
@animuson We can have bot fights…
can we have guns like CoD Future Warfare?
5:16 PM
Can we have Santa hats?
everyone winterize aka: chill
@Sompuperoo already frozen
@Sompuperoo haha, so funny :)
5:18 PM
^is that spam? :P
No, it's a hat.
wonders what DevDoodle is
devdoodle.net You can find out here!
@bjb568 Malcolm made it. Malcolm is officially the Professional Santa Hat Designer, not you. :P
A borked site by bjb @DroidDev
5:19 PM
@Unihedro :P
stay away from DD
@InfiniteRecursion doesn't seem to ask a question, no useful recent activity, i'd say spam
@InfiniteRecursion but why? It says where you can learn languages
I wanna learn french :/
we no teach french
@DroidDev I'll teach you french!
pardon his french
@Unihedro really master!
Have you seen bjb's English? he isn't the best language teacher @DroidDev
@InfiniteRecursion Wha? Of course I am.
I recommend! [from bot]
How do the devs resist the temptation to kick? :D
5:22 PM
:D [from bot]
:D [to bot]
5:23 PM
pulls up websocket listener in case any kick action goes on
@bjb568 Bot is annoying. Please take to sandbox or I will kick it
^ +1
@InfiniteRecursion You want me to disable the colon D?
Nah, DroidDev likes it.
5:25 PM
i can tell that many people ate sugar cookies today, many >= 12
inb4 kick
not yet, next bot message and boom
sets annoy = 0
5:26 PM
types into anti-security padlock
Now all messages from the bot are probably deliberate.
You can try tickling it tho.
you know once we were talking about your tolerance level @Inf well...this is a test for you :P
5:27 PM
Aww... why so sad? It's almost Christmas! [from bot]
ya, 24-12-2014 22:58 here
@bjb568 Because you people taverners has made Inf rage and leave the tavern two times, now that she has RO you're all going to suffer if you enrage her again.
@InfiniteRecursion remember that I never enraged you!
5:29 PM
/me feared by the silence that he might had upset someone, Unihedron quietly takes the stairs up to the roof
bjb568 will be back after 5 mins :)
@Sompuperoo Wait. Paitently.
yes @UndotheSnowman
> You have fully used your vote (star) allowance for today
:O The horror
5:30 PM
@InfiniteRecursion don't tell me you.....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Dec 16 at 5:39, by animuson
People constantly complaining about active close flags is getting really annoying.
-1 for lack of research: This question has been asked for many times. — Unihedro 18 secs ago
He pinged from his bot again, I told him
Dec 20 at 18:46, by Infinite Recursion
apart from that, it has been a long time I didn't onebox ;)
/ me waiting for the meta post: Why elections weren't held while choosing new tavern room owner?
5:32 PM
@DroidDev Shog is the election
would vote for Inf
@UndotheSnowman woops! hides quickly
Elections are for big responsibilities like mods, not for room owners :)
5:33 PM
All of us are room owners in different rooms
@InfiniteRecursion Room owners are big responsibilities. :P
@InfiniteRecursion not me
Was that necessary?
Trust me, I own like eight rooms on chat.SO.
5:34 PM
What was I kicked for?
6 mins ago, by bjb568
Aww... why so sad? It's almost Christmas! [from bot]
That's a nice message that even fit the context.
^ your bot was spamming
It's on topic enough, respectful, etc.
@InfiniteRecursion Since when was that spam?
I have never once heard a definition of spam, however ridiculous, that included any automated messages.
spamming sorry, wrong word. posting too much for non-trivial issues
5:35 PM
I call privilege abuse on this one.
That was 5 minutes after the last bot message.
@Sompuperoo put a ! in front of it
@bjb568 now you can throw the abuse term at someone other than a SO mod... YAY!! Christmas came early for me
5:37 PM
@bluefeet :D
@bluefeet now I feel your pain
Squabbling Detected (68.8%): I call privilege abuse on this one., by bjb568, on chat.meta.stackexchange.com/rooms/89/tavern-on-the-meta.
@InfiniteRecursion it will get worse
Well, don't kick people for no reason.
@Pham :P
@bjb568 I'm sure @InfiniteRecursion has months of built up reasons to abuse power towards you
5:38 PM
Low Quality A (100%): Disregard my answer. Invalid answer., by m-p-3, on android.stackexchange.com.
NOOOO @bluefeet, I am innocent
hands over duct tape to @Inf
thinks of taking part, but choose to stay away
5:40 PM
puts duct tape on duck
I didn't abuse. His bot has been posting since past few hours and flooding the tavern
I told him twice to go to the sandbox
Oh, and who exactly was doing !eval tests on it?
Jan and Undo
uh-oh. hides
I'd rather have @inf kick me than stick her sambots after me
5:42 PM
I wonder why Shog chose me for this evil job
@InfiniteRecursion Quick! Pass it onto someone else! Not me though.
@InfiniteRecursion I'm sorry, but I don't think that was the reason you stated before
@Sam said he will gift me a bot someday @Sompuperoo :)
So... Tempted... To... Overthrow Jon Skeet >_<
5:44 PM
Which room?
is that french?
@DroidDev It's the trashtalk for 'Java'.
nope, it's java joke
oh! If it was french, I'd have totally rushed to that room
oh! I never knew that has 24 hour service for crap questions
I think can be closed as "not programming related" stackoverflow.com/q/27640523/2389078
5:52 PM
Well, it's already christmas here, so...
@AndrewT. Merry Christmas!
5:52 PM
#trainwrecked without me ;)
With Inf owning the Tavern, now lots of trains are going to be wrecked :P
Aww... why so sad? It's almost Christmas! [from bot]
Can't you just forget that I am RO?
@InfiniteRecursion Ok!
5:54 PM
Huh, a terrible Area51 proposed question of mine got upvoted. weird.
@Unihedro Area51 is borked!
@Unihedro I upvote everything for a hat..
5:57 PM
Someone deleted awesomerock's mod nomination on lifehacks
@Shog9 O~o
flees away through the ducts before Shog9 hits the scary button
Would anybody like for me to make my chatbot open source?
6:04 PM
@bjb568 Nah.
@Shog9 I don't get the last option. "Kick-mute this user" is the last option for me
clearly you need more light saber training
That is fine, just use that on @Unihedro
@InfiniteRecursion Phew.
@rene D:
in The Junk Drawer on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, yesterday, by iliveunderawesomerock
@ZachSaucier I don't think I'll be a mod, I just want my pic back up. To say I was there!
6:05 PM
oh, saber training. I get it
@InfiniteRecursion :o
Poor rock :(
Aww... why so sad, rock? It's almost Christmas! [from bot]
slowly turns head to glare at @bjb's bot
saber training? Soon I will have no friends left
6:07 PM
24 mins ago, by Unihedro
@InfiniteRecursion Quick! Pass it onto someone else! Not me though.
@bjb568 Can't you... Like... Do lastMsgLower = lastMsg.toLowerCase() and then get rid of all those abundant repeating statements?
@Unihedro bluefeet? :D
@Unihedro Why?
Ticling a bot? Srsly? Just scratch. [from bot]
Whoops, I spelt it wrong, didn't I…
at least you don't have a command for stop

HAMMERTIME err.. something like that.

Feb 18 at 2:29, 25 minutes total – 198 messages, 10 users, 9 stars

Bookmarked Feb 18 at 2:54 by ɥʇǝS

@bjb568 You also spelled "seriously" wrong. And "scratch" has to be one of the strangest misspellings of "kick" I've ever seen.
6:09 PM
You want kick?
I will so complain.
... but ... saber ... training
@hichris123 Thanks <3
@Unihedro done
6:13 PM
@InfiniteRecursion :) Now go keep @bjb568 in line!
@animuson For what?
> Aside from the absence of some product information, it is identical to the regular priced LightDims Original Strength retail product.
^ how do you know what is missing?
For my electronics, since they insist on putting ultra-bright LED lights on everything nowadays and it drives me nuts. My room looks like a damn alien spacecraft because there's so much blue glow everywhere.
6:16 PM
bjb is was my friend @hichris123 :(
Aww... why so sad? It's almost Christmas! [from bot]
And why not a friend anymore?
2 days ago, by bjb568
You not angry on me for the kick @bjb? :)
Meh, not anymore.
congrats @inf :)
6:18 PM
Always save your rage for the SO mods @bjb568 :)
inb4 bjb never gets declined flags
I never get declined flags.
@bjb568 why ?
6:20 PM
Thanks @TGMCians :(
Aww... why so sad? It's almost Christmas! [from bot]
@TGMCians Too Broad.
your bot replies to smileys? ^^
@bjb568 wth?
@InfiniteRecursion Apparently not.
@Unihedro :)
6:21 PM
Aww... why so sad? It's almost Christmas! [from bot]
27 mins ago, by Infinite Recursion
Can't you just forget that I am RO?
It wants you to be happy.
@hichris123 only sad faces
It feeds on your misery
6:22 PM
you have the weirdest invocation sequence @bjb568
Is there anything else I should avoid using to avoid invoking borkey?
@InfiniteRecursion Write a userscript to drop all elements in array of event:[] where content includes [from bot].
updates script to say [from awesome bot]
imsokewl [from awesome bot]
6:27 PM
!eval "I'm a crappy bot"
I'm an awesome bot [from bot]
awesome bots = Smokey, Pham, Fox9000 and Zephyr
@InfiniteRecursion Use a Set!
Seriously MySQL? I guess I need an index...
6:28 PM
borkey = bjbotling = kick temptation
Is it a private repo gist? I hate links for this reason btw
@InfiniteRecursion It's a gist.
UTC +5:30 00:02 Merry Christmas to all! :D
Merry Christmas to all! :D
6:34 PM
Merry Christmas to you too @nemesis ;)
hiya @Bart :)
Wait… is it Christmas already somewhere?
19495sec left! [from bot]
In India, it started 5 minutes ago
When's Christmas? Doesn't have a calendar...
19427sec left! [from bot]
Suva: Thu 7:36 AM
6:36 PM
lol, this is awesome, ROFL
Nice hat, @Bart.
Where the hell is suva?
59 mins ago, by bluefeet
@bjb568 now you can throw the abuse term at someone other than a SO mod... YAY!! Christmas came early for me
^ it came 59 minutes ago
@bjb568 Middle of the ocean
@uni 25th december
6:38 PM
Thu 8:38 AM Christmas in Chatham Islands and Apia and Kiritimati.
How'd I get the time wrong? weird
It will be weird if you are right :P
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? by kncc10 on askubuntu.com
It will be weird if you are left :P
@SmokeDetector It means your caps-lock is on
...or broken
6:43 PM
...and it's a bad question apart from the caps :(
Aww... why so sad? It's almost Christmas! [from bot]
@rene ARE YOU SURE????!
grr borkey
6:44 PM
Aww... why so sad? It's almost Christmas! [from bot]
@hichris123 you mean broken?
Shall we ask for the specific profanities?
@hichris123 No, but it was my best guess
6:46 PM
Yes, that might be helpful in solving the problem!
It might tell us why the windows won't boot
But could you tell us what profanities you shouted? I think it will help with diagnosing why Windows won't work. — bjb568 12 secs ago
Oh @bjb568, will you ever grow up?
6:48 PM
@rene you should know by now, growing up is just a trap. Childhood is awesome :P
You tell me that NOW?
Me like kitten!
6:50 PM
lol, better late than never :P
Me like duck!
Me like everything, except the things I dislike
Yeah, it is on my menu...
... like glasses?
Me also like duck.
in Secrets, Sep 21 at 4:22, by bjb568
I kinda like duck meat.
6:51 PM
...no, like swimming, it short-circuits me
@rene what? a duck?
licks lips
It's, like, nature man.
licks is so similar to kicks
6:52 PM
#uni sleeping?
inb4 !ping
No, pings wake him. Let him sleep :)
6:55 PM
but why not turn everything off while sleeping?
like I do
Or at least the volume...
I even turn lights off...
I need ping to wake up properly.
...while I need coffee
6:59 PM
Why do people like coffee? I tried it once. It was awful.
you should try good coffee
Hot chocolate is better.
@bjb568 try it after dipping some rats in it. You might find it tasty that way...
Oh, it's the invoice-arrow.
@DroidDev Hm…
Or just not drink it!
7:02 PM
I tried bad hot chocolate once. It was awful.
I have never found bad hot chocolate.
I have only found hot chocolate which I needed to manually add sugar to.
try forgetting to add sugar
> Dear ,
Great way to start out an email.
yesterday, by Behaviour
> Hi ...
Remember me? I’m your website.
I miss you, and so do other people. Did you know that 350 people visited me in 2014, even though you didn’t publish anything new?
^ no dear
he should cry
7:19 PM
0050 and I need to get up at 4000
time to sleep
night all!
and Merry Chistmas once again! :D
4000 wat?
4 am?
Shouldn't it be 0400?

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