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12:03 AM
The @StackExchange organization is a very good one. Thank you all for everything you do & thanks to @codinghorror too http://t.co/0pxdsbQaHw
12:25 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title: 12 Month Loans quick @ quick12monthpaydayloans.co.uk/Elimination of collateral pledging by Jack bale on drupal.stackexchange.com
Aha! The URL regex is still useful, @Sam
they say that it takes 21 days of doing the same thing for it to become a habit. So I guess 100 days would be definitely an addiction?
shouldn't it be Millions and Millions of pages served each week? — Sompuperoo 8 secs ago
@AnnaLear [feature-request] to move all lines underground
1:01 AM
^ Seems spammer send to @me. Everyone else sends to @icloud so hooray!
Also, what's that ^ ?
@bjb568 Exactly what it says...?
Q: "A graphics problem has been detected"

bjb568MacBookPro11,3 2.5 GHz i7 Intel Iris Pro and NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M (auto graphics switching on, it was on intel) OSX 10.1 The system appeared to freeze. iStat Menu's clock stopped, the cursor wouldn't move, etc. I tried (physically) closing and reopening, but it didn't go to sleep and the apple...

1:50 AM
@hichris123 Downvoted the answer, but the question should be deleted too. stackoverflow.com/q/9359227/1864610
2:13 AM
@bjb568 When I click on  > About This Mac > More Info, it says "OS X 10.9.5 (13F34)". So I guess we're both wrong. ;)Vladimir 7 mins ago
How does he manage to be so wrong?
Using a mac can do this to people.
2:29 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title: Creating a Page like this: azucarottawa.com/classes by Dancer on wordpress.stackexchange.com
@bjb568 I've never seen it written as OS X 9.x or OS X 10.x. Always OS X 10.9.x.
2:55 AM
@hichris123 ^
Oh wait, no, that's leaving out the other side.
Now I'm confused.
3:08 AM
Just made my choice for SE Gives Back. That was tough.
What was it?
What's that?
Robert Cartaino on December 23, 2013

This is a time of year of traditions and celebrations — and we have a tradition at Stack Exchange where we set this time aside each year to give back to the groups and organizations that need our help. Each year, we reach out to our moderators and offer to make a $100 donation to charity on behalf of each moderator for their Stack Exchange community. It’s just a small gesture of thanks for the tremendous amount of work every community has contributed to make this entire thing possible.

This “giving back” program actually goes waaay back to the beginning when we started with on …

@Behaviour You'll find out... when the results are announced. ;) ping me.
3:11 AM
"jQuery Foundation — $1,000.00"
@JanDvorak But... but... I needz teh goldz!
@bjb568 ...
Oh, also, cents.
Grr @Behaviour I keep typing @Raff.
If your vote was jQuery, you know what will be decremented next!
@bjb568 Only charities were on the list. ;)
3:14 AM
Oh, it's raff…
Stop changing names!
@hichris123 Ok that better not be a -nazi group (i.e. one that is several extractions away from actually making the world a better place, stereotypically extreme in views).
@bjb568 ... you just figured that out? lol
@bjb568 Well, I don't think it was, but, I mean...
in Mathematics 2014 Moderator Election on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 9 hours ago, by Behaviour
I know, I'll change the name to Not running for a mod, stop asking.
@Behaviour Perhaps it should be changed to "One of the few sane people on Mathematics"
Though that might be offensive...
@Behaviour Well he doesn't want to say that it's driving you mad.
So that could be taken two ways:
1. You're going mad and he's too nice to say it,
or 2. you're not going mad.
3:21 AM
Dec 4 at 2:25, by Shog9
But, that's probably only because they were borderline to begin with.
user image
Why is that cat so fat?
^ one of the current (and continuing) moderators.
False alarm. Post bumped by Community bot.
^^ Looks like thomas the train.
Looks like "Image not found" to me.
Because you linked to Wikipedia image viewer, not to the image itself.
4:08 AM
Is it possible to decrease the size of everything in yosemite more than the minimum (effective 1920 x 1200) setting in system preferences? Like can I have 1x (effective 2880 x 1800)?
Things are so big!
And my nose is 1" from the screen…
abuse? …
I guess so. Looks like trolling.
4:19 AM
with the comment... yes, troll
Um… it go brokey!
No need to give him hints
Well, I couldn't resist the temptation.
I know he'll never listen.
is his comment NC?
Unicode support confirmed.
@JanDvorak Doesn't matter. Whole thing'll get deleted.
4:21 AM
Went away
Unicode works here too.
Dumfries (/dʌmˈfriːs/ dum-FREESS; possibly from Scottish Gaelic: Dùn Phris) is a market town and former royal burgh within the Dumfries and Galloway council area of Scotland. It is near the mouth of the River Nith into the Solway Firth. Dumfries was a civil parish and became the county town of the former county of Dumfriesshire. Dumfries is nicknamed Queen of the South. People from Dumfries are known colloquially as Doonhamers. == Etymology == There are at least two theories on the etymology of the name. One is that the name Dumfries originates from the Scottish Gaelic name Dún Phris which means...
@JanDvorak I don't see a mention of his Skype name…
not even in about?
Shouldn't there be a recommend deletion flag to replace it? — bjb568 15 secs ago
@JanDvorak no about
4:28 AM
@bjb568 questions are meant to get closed before deletion (unless spam/offensive)
@JanDvorak Why?
Why does "Should be Improved" dispute flags?
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 59.0375: how would i got about printing on plastic lids? on graphicdesign.stackexchange.com
@hichris123 false; I suggested an edit fixing the typos though.
4:43 AM
@bjb I doubt there would be a recommend deletion flag. That's really the point of closing, right?
Don't flag that Skype guy on ELU @bjb568, flag may get declined. That site is strange.
mods are rude to newcomers
@InfiniteHappiness flagged already; let's see
@Behaviour, your current avatar is awesome. Please don't change it to express your opinion on math.se elections ... please
Okay, I'll keep it for 6-8 weeks.
4:49 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: weight loss natural supplement by yukiiyay on askubuntu.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 99.0347: weight loss natural supplement on askubuntu.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
@InfiniteHappiness Waaay to late.
@hichris123 No… Closing is to decrease attention and to give OP a chance to improve while preventing answers to sorta try to not give whores rep and to make it clear to everybody that the question is bad.
@Frank I don't wanna keep derailing the comments on that MSE post... Link me to your A51 association bonus? o.O
4:57 AM
You can fix the URL thing too.
URL is by far not the only thing that needs fixing
^ Is ELU mod post rude, should I edit and remove?
@bjb And what is deletion for?
> meaningless drivel from drive-bys, causing more work for our moderation team to keep tidy.
5:01 AM
@hichris123 Get rid of crap to prevent broken window and remove pollution from home page, tag pages, search, google, etc.
@bjb And so how is that different than closing? Also, if you didn't know, only mods can straight up delete a question without closing.
@hichris123 It's more permanent, it does a better job with limiting visibility, it prevents broken window better, it prevents comments, it undoes rep changes…
"on hold/closed" - this can be salvaged/edited/reopened. most closed questions will still be deleted later, but... for a case like this, I don't see the need to do the formal "close and ask nicely" dance. It's pure trolling, and no good will come of leaving even comments open. Deleted and good riddance.
@bjb But then you've declared the question unsalvageable. Which is very rarely the case (except for obvious trolling like @Anna pointed out).
Oh god youtube.com/watch?v=-DSzHcEBZ40 /r/oddlysatisfying is such a time waster
@hichris123 Ok, "this is crap DELETE NOW", "this is meh, place on hold and delete in a week if no improvements REGARDLESS OF ANSWERS", "meh, it's a bit OT so we should add a notice", "hm… pretty good, just some edits (that really should just open an edit window)", "HOORA… wait a sec, this isn't a real possibility"
Sigh… whatever, I'll put them into DD. Night!
Ugh. Hm… 1 looks like !.
5:13 AM
A: My reputation has dropped 400 points all of a sudden. Can anyone tell me why?

Andrew LeachA couple of questions were deleted. I've undeleted them for the moment as there is nothing immediately obvious to indicate why they were deleted. If something is drawn to moderators’ attention, or otherwise comes to light, they may disappear again. Those questions accounted for the majority of y...

^ could be roomba?
roomba shouldn't cause rep loss
then community deleted and mod undeleted without community concensus :/
5:23 AM
one mod deleted, another undeleted
no idea why the deletions happened, but that's for folks on EL&U to sort out
How many people do you think we could catch if we asked, "Have you ever voted for yourself with a secondary account, or formed a group of co-workers to vote for each other?" — animuson ♦ 5 hours ago
5:43 AM
A: Check for electricity in a socket without tools?

J. MusserPlug in an appliance (like a phone charger) and see if it works.

@JanDvorak gets a star for predicting yahoo answers 2.0
+6? WAT
yes, also all cleaning questions get the same answer - use baby wipes
28 mins ago, by Anna Lear
one mod deleted, another undeleted
Sounds like a day in the life of a Community Manager.
@Behaviour Eh, not as much as you'd think. :)
@Behaviour I thought CM's have an easy life because mods are sensible individuals and seasoned users
@Sompuperoo both look like spam
@SmokeDetector as does this
6:20 AM
@JanDvorak Done, but 3 more neede
@Andy doesn't @AndrewT. speak Chinese? you there sir?
@InfiniteHappiness is lifehacks your new skeptics?
better than cooking.se
Don't you like the cooking.se posts I share?
Off-topic stackoverflow.com/q/26916287/1864610 (just one more needed)
6:25 AM
ok :(
Q: Cooking duck breasts

RobI've just purchased some locally reared organic duck breasts from a local farmers market and have decided to cook them according to the Five-spiced duck breasts with honey and soy recipe. My concern is that having not cooked duck breasts before (yes, I know, shameful! =) and having picked the ...

lots of duck cooking questions, i'd flag them all as offensive if I were a duck, but I'm a dog
WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SET YOUR BED ON FIRE. end psaMooseman 3 hours ago
6:42 AM
I can't speak Chinese, but Google can, so...
who wants to edit that?
@AndrewT. don't you speak more than English? Yea, I normally use translate
@Sompuperoo a little bit Japanese, but that's all...
@AndrewT. ah ok, sorry for my mistake :(
6:46 AM
no prob :p
stupid spammer forgot to put on a shirt this morning
the spammer has reached 4 people
* congrats on changing that from helped , phew
7:41 AM
gone at -10
8:35 AM
Cauliflower smells fishy? — Jefromi ♦ Dec 7 at 8:07
Eat them. The food items. Or the insects. Whatever you prefer ^_^ — Dawnkeeper 38 mins ago
Looks like they can migrate all early questions from NPE to lifehacks
> I have so many friends and i keep making more [on hold]
8:52 AM
@Bart should join lifehacks.se
9:09 AM
@uni welcome to lifehacks :D
Yay! :D
I just got the private invitation email earlier.
start trolling :P
^ cv-pls
I have one&only feedback tag badge! meta.stackexchange.com/help/badges/249/feedback
9:19 AM
You give famous feedbacks @nic :D
@JanDvorak Gone already
9:39 AM
Spam Q (55.6%): Anti-Aging Skincare Solution?, by miyatowa, on askubuntu.com.
@InfiniteHappiness already did
> a minor software of this cream keeps wrinkles from increasing
9:45 AM
Sorry @Bart I stole an answer from you...
@Bart Yay! Start trolling :)
@rene for shame
Let me run a sede query that select all comments from Bart and convert those to answers... shameless...
prepares NAA flag
benefit for all....
@Vogel612'sShadow unexpected EOF. Expected T_START_STMT
~ Too much coffee is bad for you
@InfiniteHappiness Smokey will be happy if they join Lifehacks :D
@Unihedro then there is no such thing as too much coffee
Caffeine is a commonplace central nervous system stimulant drug which occurs in nature as part of the coffee, tea, yerba mate and some other plants. It is also an additive in many consumer products, most notably beverages advertised as energy drinks. Caffeine is also added to sodas such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, where, on the ingredients listing, it is designated as a flavoring agent. Caffeine's mechanism of action is somewhat different from that of cocaine and the substituted amphetamines. Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors A and A2A. Adenosine is a by-product of cellular activity, and stimulation...
10:00 AM
@JanDvorak let me get a coffee and then I'll read that.
^ too broad?
went for unclear
@Bart people have died from too much coffee, I think, research this yahoo answers thread answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100613145944AAlS1Ve
Who else thinks that I should trust a word on Yahoo Answers?
^ that
I already envision the drama when that goes live....
@Sompuperoo should join lifehacks.se
lots of comedy there...
@InfiniteHappiness i followed it but never committed, so I can't yet
You can @Sompuperoo. Just go via Area51
@Sompuperoo Make one of the users with access send you an invitation!
Oh, that works too?
@Unihedro it's by design even
Q: How do I trick my owners into giving me people food?
10:47 AM
flagged. too suspicious
me too
Myeah no doubt
@Sam ^ needs to be in spam tem library
10:50 AM
@InfiniteHappiness removed... also removed metal tag.
11:08 AM
Thanks @Vogel612'sShadow
> I think that using a capital "i" in the middle of a sentence is obsolete. Please don't remove it from my posts.
SE sites have the philosophy of collaborative editing @uni :)
Yes, I just noticed the unique stance :P
individuaL preferenceS takE A backseaT :)
Let's All Start Using German Capitalisation .
11:16 AM
cVplZ useD tO prefeR thiS stylE
omG itS fulL oF stylEs
@JanDvorak This is not German capitalisation..
German Capitalization works a little more differentiated.
only Nouns and Names (and the first Word in a Sentence) are capitalized ;)
11:19 AM
@InfiniteHappiness haskellists Do
My favourite Haskell program: main = do Nothing
inapPropRIate Capitalization
11:20 AM
if I wanted to use copy/paste, I could have just copied a space character
ohai drupal
11:23 AM
> it could get wiped down against blankets and your pillow or as this provides time for that merchandise to enter the skin
How can I spot spam easiest in my inbox?
Use this "Totally spam product name"!
buy some software from JanDvorak
11:29 AM
Thanks to @Sam I can now teach myself Drupal in 24 hours...
user image
I don't like that series at all
@InfiniteHappiness Too much maths, I'm dying
Ikr, I just liked how it had "Sam" :P
11:31 AM
Yes, Sam and drupal :P
How dare they use my name in vain.
inb4 @Sam copyrights his name and sues every author using his name in the titles
11:47 AM
@InfiniteHappiness was that a really really bad and sexist joke there?
[self-help]??? Won't all questions here get that tag? (Ping @Infinite, who apparently created that tag, according to revision history) — Shokhet 15 hours ago
badge hunting @inf? :)
12:25 PM

Super Ping

6 mins ago, 2 minutes total – 9 messages, 1 user, 0 stars

Bookmarked 14 secs ago by Sompuperoo

@Sompuperoo "I present to you suspension exhibit A"
in Sandbox, Oct 22 at 14:48, by Sam
@Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni SUPER PING
@Bart Hey, I thought I was the tour guide!
@Sam that's just one ping, though..
12:28 PM
@Unihedro you said you were dying, so I didn't want to make you work on your deathbed.
@Bart Oh. In that case, thanks!
I wonder what the super ban looks like after that super ping
"User @SPArchaeologist has been suspended from chat for a day, and a day, and a day, and a day, and a day, and a day, ..."
@rene you know, maybe it's just us... but the absence of some users from tavern and their presence in the Den should indicate that they are here for fun, and they may actually have fun pinging each other like they did in the last 6 months?
@Bart how little creativity. You should include some other intricate way to say that
@SPArchaeologist sure ;)
12:34 PM
@SPArchaeologist I'm not paid to be creative here. I'm paid to ... wait ... nobody is paying me ...
@Bart make it suspended for a day, and 24 hours, and 1/365 of a year, and the average time for a beard to grow xyz cm..
@Bart you was already paid four star. Totally overpaid for the effort:P
@SPArchaeologist that's effort that would get in the way of me getting a coffee ... right now ...
settle down, there will be order in here, woof
12:51 PM
too many dogs around here.. growl
1:10 PM
^ free naa flags.
@Vogel612'sShadow no
@Sompuperoo I was just trying to organize the posts :/
Q: no hot water for a shower in the morning

SompuperooI just woke up, it's -20 degrees Fahrenheit outside, I have to be to work soon, and now I just found out that the hot water heater isn't working, so the water is freezing cold! I'm smelly as can be, my hair is a mess and greasy, I can't not take a shower, can I? What should I do?

^ smelly Sompuperoo
all cleaning questions on the site have the same answer, use baby wipes :P
1:26 PM
I assume Kleenex is interested to buy some ads....
they should...if site survives...
Yeah, I don't have high hopes.....
1:49 PM
@InfiniteHappiness do it like they did in the past: make some water boil on the oven
Low Quality A: ************************************************************, by *****, on stats.stackexchange.com.
@Pham clean
^^ offensive
Unless it's a new Transformer
Low Quality A: my user is dbowner and I still get the same error, by user3740654, on stackoverflow.com.
1:58 PM
Today's Listening | Electronic / Experimental / Downtempo
I'm maxed out on flags on SO. I don't need any free NAAs.
Thanks @ElfSlice
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