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5:00 AM
Q: Sequential UID generation for MySQL Char() or other Field

Aiden BellHi All, Tried Googling but: Question: Best way to externally generate Sequential UID values for a MySQL field which must be representable as a string. Reason: Generic UUID-ish values for in-order inserts for performance of writes and date prefixing for read speed when searching an index of the...

It's the right tool for this job... usually is
not sure where you were going with that question either
if you want rows to be ordered a certain way on disc, use innodb and define your primary key well, since they are stored in primary key order on disc
@DanGrossman - auto_increments are not unique, I need keys for transactions that must be unique ... not just an int
Try sharding complex transactions across disjoint databases with auto_increment
good luck.
@DanGrossman - Primary key order != INSERT order
it is if your primary key is an incrementing number ;)
Hence my question on both counts.
5:02 AM
@AidenBell the problem is you're trying to shard something you need to join back up and you're having a hard time coercing into order over time ...
@DanGrossman he can't use an autoinc on disparate databases that have to rejoin later
he'll have multiple 1's, multiple 2's, etc
@AidenBell so how does it not order by time correctly by the second?
How is anyone here questioning the use of a UUID in a database when you don't know the details. Let's just say, for the sake of argument, I have a valid reason for wanting sequential UUIDs with on-disk insert order and index search order ... and have thought that through.
keep a little counter in memory (memcache or something) to run your own counter for the auto-increment
@drachenstern - I have 10 rows inserted in under a second, and need to know the absolute order.
@DanGrossman - and how is that better than sequential UUIDs?
@AidenBell ah, so they all share the same second
well, it's a lot easier to generate
5:05 AM
@DanGrossman - Sequential UUIDs don't need a central system or arsing around with memcache and are globally unique
@DanGrossman I think you misunderstand something on sharded databases
@DanGrossman - Easier? I don't think.
they're tyring to prevent hanging on one process
you're trying to hang on one process
@drachenstern - yup, same second. So I have Epoch milliseconds in bigint and a non-MySQL function to obtain that number and hang a millisecond. The ID is locked, so it is in one critical section / DB transaction
what mysql ver?
5:07 AM
@drachenstern - +1 for mentioning that memcache would block
oh wait, you have milliseconds? on epoch?
and you can't get a good sort order?
I can with milliseconds
Just not sure it is the best way
scratch that, I see why it doesn't
you're going to have to rely on milliseconds
the question is are they all sync'd to the same time?
datetime fits nicely into 8 bytes when they only store second precision
@drachenstern - Doesn't matter too much in my case, as one process can only insert rows with another column ID ... and I only order on results with that ID so the transaction locks and I only need one-process sequencing
@DanGrossman - Second-level precision isn't enough.
5:11 AM
I know, just saying that's why they do that
Well, I think if you can't use microtime then you're not going to get absolute sorting, and if you can, then you should
Anyone have experience with FlashPaper?
I've got an annoying bug.
Not I
but I do have experience with pillows
and a date with one
@drachenstern - Enjoy, I may not get shut eye tonight.
@Moshe I will try. Thanks and guten abend
2 hours later…
7:11 AM
@TheUnhandledException - If you find this mention: stackoverflow.com/questions/4202175/…
7:21 AM
Wow, the rain is getting pretty..hardcore out there.
@TimStone Yawn... nothing like they have here
@YiJiang Yeah, it's certainly not typhoon-quality rain. Not even black rain. But, still unexpectedly extreme, especially given that I didn't know it would rain. :P
@TimStone It's raining here everyday around 3pm. I can see the clouds gathering outside my window already
Q: What's the status of the matter-transport/sentient-life-form Content-Type?

HarmenSo, I was reading about this old MIME Content-Type of 1993, which type is matter-transport/sentient-life-form. What's the current status of this MIME type 17 years later? From: "Nathaniel S. Borenstein" <[email protected]> To: Mark Linimon <[email protected]> Subject: Think hard b...

8:02 AM
Man, I should stop browsing the homepage questions. The quality of both the answers, questions *and comments are all depressing me
@YIJiang, try this for a change :)
A: Why can you turn clothing right-side-out?

Ryan BudneyFirst, a warning. I suspect this response is likely not going to be immediately comprehensibe. There is a formal set-up for your question, there are tools available to understand what's going on. They're not particularly light tools, but they exist and they're worthy of being mentioned. Befor...

but be warned, your brain may melt
@Benjol Saw that one, had a really fun time reading this
Thanks for reaffirming my faith in the SE system though :P
It's kind of frustrating that there are some things which you just can't explain simply, but I guess programming is the same. Analogies only go so far
Are we just in the wrong time zones, or has chat generally gone very quiet over the last few weeks?
@Benjol Wrong TZ, definitely
I mean, if we keep on going the graph will even out a bit more
yup, oh well, I see that for SO chats I hang in the wrong rooms too
8:12 AM
But two people talking is just so uninteresting
critical mass is always the problem, especially when people can just disappear unexpectedly at any moment
pop! Yi Jiang just disappeared in a puff of purple smoke
Nah, I'm still here, you can talk to me if you want to :P
@Benjol Oh no they didn't! (shakes head)
He'd have been better off promoting his book from a safe distance :)
8:22 AM
My god what are they doing
hope you won't get shot for having read the article :)
(that's a joke, but if you were in Burma, I guess it wouldn't be!)
@Benjol No, although that's little comfort, comparing this country to a military dictatorship!
I can, I'm at a safe distance :)
@Benjol Well, the Singaporean blogosphere is up in arms about this (although I don't see the editorials yet) theonlinecitizen.com
8:45 AM
I guess 6 weeks isn't too much for the added publicity :)
1 hour later…
9:54 AM
Depressing how many questions I can't answer on SO, even with the new home page :(
10:22 AM
I'm going to be pretty tempted to use this on "send me teh codez" questions: plzsendmetehcodez.dyndns.org
10:33 AM
@MichaelMrozek It doesn't work for me :(
oh wait, it did give me a snippet. Why does this thing refuse to scroll.
11:29 AM
A: Conversion from CW to non-CW state?

sbiAs was found in the question linked to, moderators are only human, and as such, they sometimes fail. That's no surprise and to be expected. However, since moderators are humans and can make mistakes, they should have the ability to undo them. I see no harm in allowing moderators to do this, bec...

12:17 PM
I swear the mosquito here are getting lazy
12:56 PM
Hmm, Possible markdown bug?
*This should be italic*
Is it?
Hmm, Possible markdown bug This is italic
Oh, multi-line messages aren't parsed
That's lame.
Just had to launch a pin on SO Tavern about flagging messages just because a light swear word is used.
1:45 PM
@Moshe Hey I was too burnt out last night and didn't come back to work
Good morning everyone
How are we all doing today?
We're all sleeping, apparently ;-)
@TheUnhandledException Nope
I just ate a pineapple and now am spending more time picking all of the fibers out of my teeth
Picking out the fibers is taking longer than the actual act of eating the pineapple
@TheUnhandledException Morning sir.. not sure about the good part.
@YiJiang It's so worth it... Pineapple is the greatest fruit on the planet.
2:04 PM
@Fosco ug, rough morning for you too?
I need more sleep.
I hear you! I got 7 hours last night but had nightmares
XMPP Demons?
daemons ;-)
nice :)
2:10 PM
Actually had very strange nightmares about a video game and my family from back home, hahahaha. I really should quit the Hot Pockets before bed ;-)
what video game?
Metroid prime 3
don't ask me why I was dreaming about it, it was really weird :-)
I guess because I was playing it this weekend
hehe.. I used to dream about Everquest and Planetside all the time..
2:28 PM
My brother used to play everquest constantly
Actually way back when we had dial up, he would call his friend on line 1, and use line 2 for the modem to play everquest with that same friend, so I couldn't get online -- that's how addicted he was. I got so frustrated one day I went into the basement and cut line 2, and rewired it directly into my bedroom. It was so great, everquest didn't work for him for months afterwards (duh) and shortly after that we got a cable modem :-D
Only years later did I reveal to him what I had done :-)
@TheUnhandledException Genius!
and brutal.. lol
I'm working on designing my own ORM solution..
2:50 PM
sorry stepped AFK. Business or pleasure @Fosco?
Since I got no answers to yesterday's XMPP question, time for another one! :-D
This one should be easier
After I ask this question I'd love some help with a good title
@TheUnhandledException For my own stuff... lot of ideas going on (which is odd)..
hahaha. Happens to me also :-) Is it odd that what's "personal leisure code" for us is things like ORM, Active Record systems and event handlers? ;-)
it is a bit odd, but that just means we're cool.
I've done some cool (well, cool to me) dynamic data systems before, but I'm going to try and make this version something that others could understand and use.
@rchern Hello there.. how are you doing?
3:09 PM
@rchern Evening
I'm alright.
Good morning @rchern!
What's up?
@rchern The ceiling
Or a direction that is the opposite of down
3:15 PM
@rchern ^_^
Up, you see. Not left (or right. It's rchern. You'd never know)
@rchern not much. Starting my day off right with an SO question about OOP practices, then off to fix bugs
← having "fun" with RASD
This might be an XMPP question for those who don't know ruby :-)
@radp RASD?
@Fosco Requirements, Analisys and Specification Document
much UML and some Alloy too.
3:17 PM
@radp Ok, now I understand why fun was in quotes :)
bahaha my anti-java answer on programmers.SE is now +11 / -11
hey hey
Enjoyed seeing the tweets from last night. Looks like y'all had fun.
That's awesome, glad to hear it
3:27 PM
tweets ... what tweets ?
I swear these mosquitoes are getting lazy/stupid
One just flew right in front of me and got squashed immediately
I suppose I'm just doing my job moving evolution forward by pruning off the stupid mosquitoes
Too little mass extinction events, er, I mean fumigation means that even dumb mosquitoes can survive and breed
When mosquitoes rule the world, we'll know who to blame
@MichaelMrozek Don't blame me, blame Darwin!
3:32 PM
Aw, man! I have a plumber here to fix a leaking toilet and he just destroyed the tank! >:o
needless to say I'll be back later...
/blame rchern
@TheUnhandledException Revenge of the @rchern, part 2
Hahaha I don't blame @rchern this time :-)
anybody see anything wrong with that billboard?
3:43 PM
the cornucopia?
@drachenstern It's funny how long that this is taking to load
As I type this message, it's still loading
interesting ...
Where do Alloy questions go: CSTheory, Programmers or StackOverflow?
Where are the imgurl servers located anyway?
@drachenstern The first bottle ran out and the pourer opened a new one.
3:44 PM
@radp what sort of question is it?
@PopularDemand eh, I still don't think so
@PopularDemand which was filled absoletely to the top of the cap? and somehow they got it horizontal without losing any?
They are supposed to have air at the top regardless
there should always be a bubble during pouring
@MarcGravell Coke is just that magical.
anyways, that billboard has been bothering me for some time now, that nobody around me seemed to notice
@drachenstern How can I specify in Alloy that a relationship must not create cycles?
3:45 PM
@radp sounds like a SO question to me
It's first order logics, so it's probably Maths even...
although they'd tell me something about powers of the relationship
Is it a question about the theory or about the language?
...both :(
I don't know how much of the first order logics theory is supported by Alloy.
ok, let's rubberduck the question, you can always delete it later if you like. Go ahead and start what you think is the question on SO
Okay, will do. Thanks
3:47 PM
@drachenstern (Seriously though, you (and Marc) are right. I just don't mind suspending disbelief for ads most of the time.)
@PopularDemand oh yeah, I get it. I understand the why of the ad, it's just the audacity of asking me to suspend belief that much is a little ... audacious
but I totally get why they do it. It's a mental game.
@YiJiang oy.
Well that's a $375 bill my landlord wasn't expecting :-p
Well, if it isn't Evan.
3:56 PM
@TheUnhandledException eh?
> This account is temporarily suspended. The suspension period ends on Aug 9 '11 at 20:22.
Can he even post?
@TheUnhandledException not sure, 1 rep should let you do that
@radp But a suspension should prevent that from happening
then suspension should get you 0 reps!! :P
"only 1 comment allowed per 15 seconds" stupid slider ....
3:59 PM
besides, 20- rep user can join chat
and still can only talk if given explicit write access
You have to have 20 rep to write to the chat. Anyone can read. (You don't have to be logged in to read chat) Right?
@rchern Yeah, and you can join without having right to write.
You say join. I say read.
Same difference!
You can read while logged out, then you won't join.
Reading requires no permissions, whether you are logged in or not is irrelevant. Excluding private rooms of course.
4:02 PM
$('.user-135854').hide(); There we go, much better
Alloy can get dangerously addictive.
@radp did you ever rubberduck the question onto SO?
@drachenstern Not yet
I'm phrasing it.
4:13 PM
People please kindly have a look at this thread and express your views. :)
Q: Conversion from CW to non-CW state?

Prasoon SauravThe question is short and simple. Why can't Community Wiki posts(specially questions) be rolled back to non-Wiki state? P.S : Recently my post here was made CW (by mistake I guess) so I was wondering if something like that(conversion from wiki to non-wiki state) could be implemented. Its merely ...

@TheUnhandledException Huh? Where?
@PopularDemand he was in this very room a while ago
@TheUnhandledException Hm, I must have missed the avatar in the big list.
I don't understand why people make it such a big deal.
@TheUnhandledException indeed he was, kids face av and everything
4:39 PM
in Regulator Headquarters, 16 secs ago, by radp
A: Can you disable VLC's font cache?

Nitinnothing but vlc is best than anyother I love vlc accept this bug

↑ free civic duty badge!
@radp Thanks :P
Q: How can one express that a relationship must not be cyclic?

badpConsider a upgrades relationship: I need to make sure that upgrades cannot be circular. How can i do that in Alloy?

@radp I don't know anything at all about Alloy, but... gold --> stone? That seems like a bug.
(In other news, I would be happy to trade you generic stones for pure gold.)
@radp Citizen patrol is the name of the badge, not civic duty, which is the silver voting badge :P
Even citizen patrol doesn't seem to make sense; there is no badge for closing
4:44 PM
It's an answer, so I guess he wanted it flagged?
@MichaelMrozek Nor for deleting, for that matter.
Oh, I didn't realize the link went to an answer. Was the answer deleted?
I guess I should actually read the contents of the onebox; that would help
@radp Erm... congratulations on creating the [alloy] tag. Maybe it's not the best place to ask this question
What is Alloy anyway?
@PopularDemand Minecraft.
@YiJiang I know, I did ask here where to ask
Alloy is an analysis tool used in Software Engineering
My god today is a crazy day
4:48 PM
You tell it what properties must hold in your system and it tries to make scenarios where what you said you want holds
@drachenstern LOL. I know, get a new gravitar damnit! :-)
This helps you discover whether what you said you want differs from what you want.
What was that, from his oh so giant hacking days? ;-)
I need to update mine too. I want to capture the Man in Bowler Hat (or whatever it's called) but with a phone instead of an apple
besides, the iPhone <-> apple is funny and clever
Anyway gonna take 5 minutes to finish my SO question then gotta dive into work
4:50 PM
@YiJiang I encouraged him to let us help him rubberduck it ;)
@drachenstern I know, I saw that. But given that this is an entirely new topic on a site that sees millions of pageviews every month
I'm not sure if there are actually people here to help you
So for slashdot moderation you'll write something like "all p: Post, v : Vote | no t: Thread | p in T.posts and (all p in t.posts | v in p.votes)" to make sure you can't post and mod the same discussion.
true, but where does one go? How can I search all sites to find the prevalence of tags without visiting each site?
Is Alloy a new thing?
4:53 PM
@drachenstern Just tried se.com's cross site tag search, no result
Better title suggestions welcomed:
Q: How can I improve my the hierarchy of my event classes?

JoshFor the XMPP interface for the Stack Overflow chat I am parsing the JSON feed from chat and generating Ruby objects for every chat events, such as messages sent, edits sent, users logging in or out, etc. I also generate events for "slash-commands" sent to the XMPP server, like "/help" or "/auth" ...

I'd expect it to come up somewhere at, say, diy.se or physics.se, but apparently not
@TheUnhandledException Remove the first "my"?
LOL. I am an idiot :-)
Done, thanks @YiJiang
by the way
PlantUML is awesome.
GraphWIZ is probably responsible for much of the awesomeness
but still...
plantuml? app or website?
goog to the win
4:55 PM
have you seen websequencediagrams?
@drachenstern It's websequencediagrams for sequence diagrams, activity diagrams, class diagrams, use case diagrams and some more.
k, cool, I'll keep it in mind
Hey, @Jin posted the designs for English.SE
Q: English Site Design

JinHi all, I am Jin. I'm the designer who works on the design and CSS conversion for the Stack Exchange sites as they graduate from the beta phase. I'm very excited about the design for the English site. The English language has a long and rich history, and I wanted the design to reflect that. Ins...

He must be having a lot of fun with those typografic sites :)
Well, okay, this one isn't Jin's own

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