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5:09 PM
1 hour ago, by GnomeSlice
Today's Listening | EDM / Dubstep / Electro (Mixsets day 30)
@GnomeSlice Dubstep is awesome.
Thanks God august is almost over
I am like totally out of mixes
I have like 2 more good ones
sharing is caring :)
@GnomeSlice heh, tuttutchild
5:12 PM
@Braiam Tut Tut Child is the shit
Pretty sure that one's in the mix though, so just listen to that
I love chiptune
What does everyone think of Skrillex? Namely, 'Right In' by Skrillex?
I don't actually know a lot of Skrillex.
I usually like what I hear by him, but for whatever reason I don't really listen to his stuff
@Unihedron Not bad. A little hardstyle for my tastes.
5:17 PM
There's more where that came from, my friend.
@Unihedron lmao
That's mostly chiptune and electronic ^
Essential chiptune listening: fearofdark.bandcamp.com/album/motorway
I need to get that disco.txt album when I get some cash
Anyone else here hate daft punk?
I never really 'got' daft punk's older music
I like how I've already heard of the last three artists, but thanks for the recommendations! :))
They had some good tracks but most of it was just really weird.
@Unihedron You've heard of Vince Kaichan and blitz lunar?
and dunder from sc -> soundcloud.com/dunderpatrullen
And you've probably also heard of syphus
@GnomeSlice repetition... repetition... repetition... <- That's pretty much it.
Q: Definition of a good question

subham soniWhat does Stack Overflow consider as a Good Question? These are some of the questions I have asked, after my account was reopened to ask questions. And I was very careful in asking them. But yet someone or the other downvotes it? I want to know the reason why? If there aren't appropriate reasons...

area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/60952/trolling - someone should just VTC most questions here.
5:26 PM
I'd rather just delvote the entire site
Well, that too.
He "demands" it. lol
Aww, you have to follow to vtc
@Unihedron No, you don't.
5:27 PM
Nvm, I'm logged out. Laugh at me...
points and laughs
There, better? ;P
@Sam uhhh... even Jon got mad
that closing model that A51 uses... I'm starting to feel old
I've just rolled back a vandalising edit preceded by a swift delete
ooo regex
5:33 PM
@hichris123 True, but is it still a bad idea?
@hichris123 Done; I'm out of close votes now.
how exactly did he manage to delete his question?
@JanDvorak Is what a bad idea?
me too @Pro
@JanDvorak why he can't ?
5:35 PM
@hichris123 should I leave self-deleted questions vandalised if I don't intend to undelete?
first owner deleted his answer there
then he deleted his question
oh. then fine
otherwise he could not because of one upvote on answer
@JanDvorak no.
5:37 PM
un-vandalize it.
so apparently doing the new youtube login shit made me lose my chiptune playlist
@hichris123 done. thanks
@JanDvorak welcome. :)
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about big O notation, not a specific programming problem. — bjb568 5 secs ago
Mmm, music for the soul.
@bjb568 computing a program's complexity is a specific programming problem
Why do I have two youtube accounts now?
I managed to find my old one...
Big ass chiptune playlist
kind of out of date though
5:39 PM
@hichris123 sounds plausible
wtf some of the vids are gone
@JanDvorak … is it?
@GnomeSlice /me blames Mystical
Brace yourselves, here comes the CV stream.
Mysticial you mean? :P
5:50 PM
umm.. stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5650850 why was that approved but mines aren't >:(
@Braiam Lol, read bible in lolspeak, not english. Many better.
For me, in Chrome 37.0.2062.94 m, the text goes full screen, but the rest of the page remains -- I can even continue to edit this comment. FYI While the text is Fullscreen the whole page is rendered grey like this question is due to its heavy downvote. Other examples on this page are working fine. (This did cause me to note the scroll bar remains even where the Fullscreen otherwise works correctly.) — Mark Hurd 1 min ago
6:06 PM
(not sure if the question or the site, though)
If you start randomising the button order, not only you will inconvenience the reviewers, you will also help robots hide better because their approve ratios will approach 50% rather than 95%. — Jan Dvorak 2 mins ago
@hichris123 wat
@hichris123 That OP can't read...
@hichris123 dv-pls delv-pls flag-pls
also, cv-pls
who posts a bug report?
6:25 PM
@hichris123 ... how?
Q: Answers deleted via Recommend Deletion votes in review should not be undeletable by the answerer

Brad LarsonIn the last few days, I've come across four instances where a non-answer was left by a new user, that answer was deleted by the system after six Recommend Deletion votes in the review queues, then the poster promptly reversed that deletion with a single vote. In each case, the answer had piled ...

@hichris123 no need to polish the question
@JanDvorak All I was doing is moving the answer to the question.
@hichris123 I realise that.
6:28 PM
@hichris123 there's another answer of his in the same question which is naa
@hichris123 voted and voted
@Inf Wb.
@Braiam too minor but kinda helpful
Thanks @Sam, I toggle in and out all the time, because I am using accessing via mobile.
^Did you start selling glasses @Bart?
6:32 PM
Oh ok @Inf .
@InfiniteRecursion just getting ready for the next election
@InfiniteRecursion Not that SO needs an inexperienced moderator.
Ahh! Very clever @Bart.
@hichris123 paste link of questions which are in your tabs that you want to close
6:43 PM
Hi Talking Tree. You called rene a blurry flower yesterday. Based on your past conversations in this room, I am preemptively letting you know am a female, a rather outspoken one, so please keep that in mind while talking to me.
@InfiniteRecursion Ent, not talking tree. And apologies if I've offended you.
@J.Musser ents are talking trees
@JanDvorak No they are ttttaaaaaaaaalllllllkkkkkkiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg trees.
big difference.
You can tell I'm an ent by the amount of time I take in replying. (in other words, ..........)
@JMusser: No, you haven't offended me. I just let you know "preemptively". I don't want you to say something assuming that I am a man and later apologize.
@InfiniteRecursion Hey man!
6:48 PM
@J.Musser troll
@JanDvorak (pout face)
What are you saying?
Me right now^
Hope you have it in you to take it in public from a gal Miss.Tree.
@InfiniteRecursion Miss.tree me again, and ... something bad!
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: AM ASKING ABOUT DIVORCE on islam.stackexchange.com
You asked for it. I told you not to mess with me.
@InfiniteRecursion /me is deeply offended now
@hichris123 done you can close your chrome tabs, it may increase your pc performance :D
You better not pout
You better not cry
You better not shout
@JanDvorak you better not try.
6:56 PM
Sorry for offending you @JMusser. Let's ignore each other.
@TGMCians :D
Or use IE11 @hichris123
@InfiniteRecursion :D
Not a chance.
@rene lolno
It's impossible to offend me in reality.
6:57 PM
Say, @rene, have you close voted stackoverflow.com/questions/25561488/…? :P
I dare someone to try.
@hichris123 I did now...
My computer thanks you greatly. :P
@hichris123 hahaha
7:00 PM
@hichris123 If SO questions bog down your PC so much maybe you should stop using SO and switch to Yahoo Answers?
@rene ... I usually have 5-7 questions open for close votes at any one time. :P
7:04 PM
@bjb: cv-pls. ^That was rude
If that ^^^^^ is in PT it could be migrated
@InfiniteRecursion :O
7:10 PM


Post questions you want closed here with the same syntax as ex...
@JanDvorak ?
@hichris123 fyi You have no more close votes today; come back in 4 hours.
7:28 PM
That's always good. :P
@hichris123 Fine, but I could always ignore you, you know. :-P
Ohai @Doorknob.
Meh, Android app is bad at closevotes
22 mins ago, by bjb568


Post questions you want closed here with the same syntax as ex...
7:33 PM
Haha well that's slightly overwhelming
Hi, braiam.
My tab count just increased by 10. And it's already at 83 now! D:
There, voted on all of them
I really need to make that closevote bot :P
7:42 PM
@Doorknob Do that. And have it mess up and get kicked off the network.
I get the feeling we are all sock-puppets of @hichris123
Trust me… um… I'm totally not a s-sock pupppet…
@rene And he's a bot written by Jon Skeet, of course.
7:54 PM
@rene Mmm... I can neither confirm nor deny.
8:11 PM
Can anyone remove tags from locked posts (mods, 10k, etc.)?
@AstroCB mods
@Braiam Ah; would @animuson care to remove from this?
to search for questions with no accepted answer is enough with where AcceptedAnswerId is not null
@AstroCB why not better nuke the whole Q instead?
@Braiam That would be even better.
Hmm, I think I managed to get blocked from that stackapps api...
8:16 PM
AcceptedAnswerId can be 0. right?
What circumstance would it be 0?
If it had an answer but got unaccepted?
Why would you set it to 0? Why not set it back to null? o.o
So you can determine if it had been accepted before?
@Braiam Nope.
Pretty sure it gets changed back to null when it's unaccepted.
@animuson weird, I remember that roomba (or the unanswered count, dunno) wasn't removing questions that got unnacepted
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: ember fucks r.js optimizer shim config on stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector new library called "fucks"?
Heh, 2 offensive flags...
People need to learn to read and edit.
8:28 PM
@animuson need a strong nugget stackoverflow.com/posts/25586455/revisions
@hichris123 Stack Overflow is worse than the government. — facebook 1 min ago
my bad, is the IsAnswered
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: INSTALLED UBUNTU 14.04 MOUSE PROBLEM on askubuntu.com
8:42 PM
Hola @Lix
@J.Musser - Shalom :)
How's eveyone doing this GMT+3 evening?
@Lix Awesome, you?
Little bit drunk.... so... v.good :P
Don't believe anything I say!
@Lix Then don't ever speak truth.
@J.Musser - I never do
That was a lie...
8:45 PM
@Lix confusing
Intentional ;)
I prefer "Meta-head" - hehe
It's been too long since my last visit to the Tavern...
How come you've got 15k rep on pure lies?
@J.Musser - I used to speak the truth... but that was before the MSO/MSE split...
8:47 PM
@Lix Ah, and you 'left the faith'?
Naa... I never left the faith :D The Tavern will forever be my temple!
@Lix Was that a lie?
Its the truth! The TRUTH I say!
I swear on my 10Kake!
@Lix But you never tell the truth.
The cake is never a lie
8:51 PM
7 mins ago, by Lix
@J.Musser - I never do
@Lix That cake is totally a lie.
:O back.
My GF will have your gold badges for that blasphemy! ;)
(eats the fake cake)
It'll give you fake indigestion!
8:53 PM
@Lix Your fake GF doesn't want my 8 gold badges. only 8
@Lix I can put up with fake indigestion.
Oh wow... most of them are on Gardening & Landscaping...
I haven't even heard of that site :) cool
@Lix Where I hang out...
I live in a rather urban city... So far only in apartments - no garden to take care of :(
Go on it, we need more traffic. Surely you have plant issues. One house plant? Or we do identification.
@ColeJohnson hey
8:59 PM
@Lix You from SO?
@J.Musser - I actually do have a houseplant related question... Bit I'm not sure it's fit for an Stack Exchange site...
I guess that usually goes without asking.
@Lix Shoot.
@J.Musser - yes... mostly...
@J.Musser - my GF always tell's me to put a teaspoon of sugar in with the water of the flowers I bring home for her...
She claims it's good for them but can't give me any more information (I suspect a old-wives-tale) - Is there any logic in putting sugar in the water?
9:01 PM
Q: Extending Life of Cut Flowers

KyleMitI was reading this article on Extending the Life of Cut Flowers and had a couple of questions. As was also pointed out on How to keep my roses fresh?, you should cut the stems at an angle under running water to prevent air from getting in the stem. Alternatively, some sites actually suggest cut...

@J.Musser - interesting info there... but no mention of the specific additives...
@Lix Basically, no. The sugars only support bacterial life which may not be healthy; plants don't digest simple sugars like sucrose
It has been awhile but I used to be a floral shop manager for a large grocery store chain. My suppliers told me not to use those little 'packets' that always come with fresh cut flowers. I did some experiments and flowers lasted longer in just plain, cold water.
I guess I'll forward that link to her... Thanks :)
from the answer
@Lix If you want a specific answer to your question, ask.
Meh - I'm pretty sure my question would be closed as a dupe of the one you linked to...
But woohoo! Another association bonus! :D
9:09 PM
@Lix Oh yeah, I'm only on like 21 sites, so I don't have to much rep from association bonuses.
I just love seeing that green +100 in the top bar... makes me feel all warm and stackexchangy inside....
@Lix Once I didn't come on for like 15 hours, and it was like [+325]. But then the responses bubble said [34] :(
I usually don't ike letting stuff build up.
15 hours?!?! how did you manage that!? ;)
@Lix What?
15 hours off the site... That's a lot of down time!
So much time for activities...
9:14 PM
`N x 20 + (100 - N) x 50 = 100 * 30

20N + 5000 - 50N = 3000

-30N + 5000 = 3000

-30N = -2000

30N = 2000

N = 2000/30 = 66.67`
Is the above correct?
@Lix I was busy...
Looks legit
@J.Musser Why?
@SantaClaus if that's too much math, I'm loosing faith that you can deliver 7 billion people presents in 24 hours
@J.Musser - In the garden no doubt ;)
9:16 PM
@ColeJohnson I don't do the math, my elves do.
A: How many coffee grounds are too many coffee grounds for composting?

itsmattJust two thoughts on this. First, if we're wanting to arrive at a 30:1 C to N ratio and we're, say, using coffee grounds (20:1) and leaves (50:1), then we can calculate this like so: Let N be the percentage of of the total that will be coffee grounds. Therefore 100 - N is the percentage of the ...

@SantaClaus That^
@ColeJohnson - probably uses the sock sorting algorithm for efficiency...
@Lix I didn't believe anything you said.
@J.Musser - then you were paying attention! Well done! ;)
I hear the same thing all the time on SO ;)
9:28 PM
(/j-musser pats himself on back)
pats himself on the trunk*
Just noticed try.github.io, iz doin
You don't fool me Botonous one... I can see you avatar!
@Lix So you're an elephant?
I am elephant
9:31 PM
I am elephant out of solidarity with @ColeJohnson
trumpet, trumpet I say.... trumpet, trumpet
@Lix I could tell you were an elephant by the way you patted your trunk.
It was actually your tree trunk.... but yeeaaa.... :)
@Lix See new question:
Q: Is it a good idea to add sugar or other things to the water for cut flowers?

J. MusserMostly for future reference, is it helpful to add sugar or other things to the water meant for cut flowers? There seems to be conflicting data from different sources. See How can I preserve a bouquet of flowers for two days before gifting them? Let's get this straight once and for all.

@J.Musser - sounds much better coming from a 14Ker :) I'll be sure to follow that post! Thanks :)
@Lix yup
9:53 PM
@Lix Ohh, you were patting me on the trunk! Why, thanks!
Big trees need love too....
@Lix Yikes! Put down that CHAIN SAW!!
I can't run! I'm rooted to the ground!
@J.Musser I feel your pain!
Excellent timing @animuson. A delete 1 second before I wanted to post an answer. :P shakes fist
Inanimate objects, UNITE!
9:57 PM
Glasses present @Doorknob!
@J.Musser - Oh no no...you've got it all wrong! This little thing? (* looks at saw *)... this... this is for self defense!
@Doorknob But you are imune to the chainsaw that @Lix is holding!
@Bart Post it to Pastebin or something like a normal person!
@animuson I've been posting on Yahoo! Answers. There's no context, but they don't seem to mind.
@animuson - Hi there :) I've already flagged a post... just wanted to bring this to your attention: stackoverflow.com/users/3993628/mamta - looks like this user is all (and only) about self (off-site) promotion...
9:59 PM
@Lix hrrmf. Well, one more noise from that machine, and I'll... drop apples toward you very fast!

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