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10:00 AM
oh. Well, I so thought I could outsmart that...
@InfiniteRecursion let me post one SPAM for you to test it then :p :D
@TGMC: Sure, sell Bart's glasses :)
@Jan once posted a fake spam for my happiness in the tavern.
Jan, have you ever considered being a moderator? You would make an amazing mod. Sites like Drupal really need active mods.
Or even SO for that matter. Maybe you should stand in the next election. You have my vote for sure.
Mine too!
10:19 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Magento 1.99 needs sone cher nike on magento.stackexchange.com
SPAM^ (but nice try)
@InfiniteRecursion try ^
Sorry, missed.
10:30 AM
Oh well, there may always be more.
10:54 AM
How the hell do questions like this get two upvotes?
Q: how do you create 4 random numbers between 0-20 in python

fieldcodIve tried lots of different things and nothing seems to be working! PLEASE HELP!!!

11:06 AM
@Qantas94Heavy Friends.
@SilentKiller Socks
i have not tried anything so far. Actually i am application developer and want to try this. I don't have exposure in this area. I am looking for, how i can start this. which technology to use. It will be microsoft windows desktop application. — Mukesh Kamboj 1 hour ago
i have not tried anything so far.
Welcome to Stack Overflow. Questions here should show research effort or attempts. Please take a tour. — Unihedron 52 secs ago
autocomment ftw
@Unihedron i think i should copy this comment for future. ;)
11:11 AM
Looks more like spam to me.
Here's my setup: pastebin.com/Wc2T7aqA
@InfiniteRecursion Won't waste CV's if I were you, flag as spam / vlq :)
@InfiniteRecursion who will read this much... :/
I cv'ed in review queue, had doubts it may be spam, so I brought it here. Should we nuke it as spam @Jan?
@InfiniteRecursion: looks like obvious spam to me
YES - I flagged it anyway
11:14 AM
@Sam: self-promotion?
when in doubt flag it out :)
mods can give warnings?
11:17 AM
@Unihedron: they can send warnings through the moderator PM system
15 answer and no points.
@Qantas94Heavy Not sure, I've just seen >3 of his posts in the LQP queue. So I checked his other answers out and found 6 link only answers posted in ~30 mins.
I do think flagging is a good idea here..
Diamond flag that is
yes, both plugins promoted are by the same author (the poster), and all of his posts are promoting his product
@Unihedron Wouldn't it be quicker to just ping a mod?
11:19 AM
....... do eet?
I'd say it's not extremely urgent, so I'd just put it into the flag queue
Haven't found a good question... I'll write a self Q&A!
And flagged.
11:23 AM
Picture or it didn't happen :P
hows weekend going on guys..???
In other news: newsok.com/…
Depressed about school starting soon. Seeing all the noise on Math.SE, I'm not looking forward to school.
@SilentKiller Fine thx, just working on a little project of mine, getting ready for a wedding, preparing for studies, etc. And you?
11:39 AM
@Sam Me at Office. today no working so helping on SO.
@InfiniteRecursion did you notice auto downvote concept on flagging as SPAM ?
Yes, I did @TGMC
@SilentKiller Kk
Cheer up @Uni. Still a day and a half is left :)
Waiting for the music recommendation...
11:42 AM
seems all are younger then me. :/
@InfiniteRecursion good, this time you didn't miss it
Don't worry @Silent. Bjb is 94, and Bart is...old.
@Unihedron When you go back, think of it as a time to create more opportunities for your future ;)
I'm 16 (bytes) old.
11:44 AM
@Sam i am 24 bit xD
/me 23 bit
@TGMCians seen your profile. :P
oh I guess you started to keep eye on me
Ducks are timeless
11:46 AM
So now I'm oldest by 13 bytes :/
Sam is ooOOoooOld!
@TGMCians lols. i dont. just read
@TGMC: Stalker alert! ;)
@Sam sami instead of sam looks cool. ;)
11:49 AM
@InfiniteRecursion hmm it's looking like so :)
(doesn't agree, but doesn't bother offending)
@SilentKiller Nah, I prefer Sam.
thats also good
11:50 AM
I prefer Pham.
With a PH.
Sam = Samuel
Pham sounds awesome.
Sam = Samuel = name of a cool person
@SilentKiller was just joking
I'm not Samuel L. Jackson though.
11:52 AM
It's OK, you can be Pham L. Jackson.
@TGMCians samepinch. :P
waits for stalker post on Meta by TGMCians
11:55 AM
waits for bank to hand out free samples of money
waits for code to finish compiling
slacks off work in the meantime
user image
Aww, you were faster than meh. :P
You got late because you were busy compiling @uni :P
There's always next time...
11:58 AM
Second time's the charm!
Q: is getting a downvote achievement?

Amit JokiI just saw that my "Achievements" notification bar showed that I had got two downvotes for my two questions. How does getting downvotes become an achievement? IMHO, getting downvotes doesn't classify as achievement unless there is a badge for getting downvotes. Can it be modified into a more ge...

@InfiniteRecursion thanks for reviewing cv queue :)
Anytime. This one's for you @TGMC:
Q: What to do when you have a Stack Overflow Stalker

ThesisDesignI'm dealing with someone that notoriously answers questions on a topic with criticisms and no help at all. I flagged his comments on my last question because as per usual none of them were helpful and he seemed more interested in arguing and his comments were removed by the moderator. He is now...

12:16 PM
Finally :)
Ugh, caching
12:33 PM
Also, stop misusing Minecraft and Minecraft-Forge tags. You disgrace Minecrafters.Unihedron 7 secs ago
^ That was so rude of me... :S
Cv'ed it.
@InfiniteRecursion Congrats on reaching 3K btw.
@InfiniteRecursion Thanks! You're the best!
Can you patrol the [minecraft] tag and CV the rest of the off-topic questions too?
Thanks @Sam, sure @Uni.
12:56 PM
Hey, the answerer here CV's the question after answering :P unethical user
@Unihedron those appear to be requests
@iStimple How did you KnOw?! I obfuscated them so well!! :o
@Unihedron luck
@Unihedron Maybe you should've added more jQuery.
1 hour later…
2:33 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MYSQL CONNECTION NOT WORKING on stackoverflow.com
2:44 PM
2:45 PM
d- -b
b- -d
2:49 PM
/ ^ \
\ ^ /
2:51 PM
O     ,     O
' o '
2:53 PM
3:01 PM
☆Heyヾ((´∀`))/ Hello!☆
3:07 PM
"̪̥ ̗̣ͅ"̰̝̭̠
3:33 PM
o/ bjb
welcome @hichris123!
3:38 PM
@hichris123 Oy!
o/ hichris
Nooo... futile attempt to continue face-chain
3:40 PM
Today's Listening | EDM / Dubstep / Electro (Mixsets day 30)
@AstroCB looks like a spamagnet
3:56 PM
@AstroCB deleted
done, ping @Jan ^
still need one more vote
who can here ?
I guess @rene ^
Do you guys ever talk about other stuff?
4:07 PM
Like what?
Not things that you want deleted or downvoted
Q: CS 193P Matchismo Assignment 2

HeisenbergIn assignment 2, I must add a restart button to the matching game where the instructor left of in lecture 3. If you happen to have done this assignment before, how did you get a new set of cards (from the model)? Okay, here's what I've done: I added a new (int) method to set the score property ...

How boring is that? Just kidding, sometimes.
cv-pls's, that is.
4:08 PM
> If you happen to have done this assignment before, how did you get a new set of cards (from the model)?
I know, right?
@GnomeSlice We also talk about the weird stuff that happens on SE.
@GnomeSlice as well as side drama.
9 stars on my gif? Wonder what gif that was
Oh. Hahahaha.
4:10 PM
20 points if you figure out whose gravatar that is
@hichris123 IMO it would be an excellent question if not for the do-my-hw-plox wording
@Braiam So take that part out, it's not relevant.
@GnomeSlice It looked like Tim Stone's... but I'm not sure.
@hichris123 Nope.
@GnomeSlice It can't be edited out, it should be reworded from ground up
> I must add a restart button to the matching game where the instructor left of in lecture 3
where's the matching game code?
It's me!
:OOOOO gasp!!!!!
4:13 PM
1 min ago, by SmokeDetector
... gah, my internet must be having problems.
To Wheel of Blame!
I need to make more SE gifs
I made a flag dance one but people said I shouldn't do that
4:16 PM
@GnomeSlice Pretty please with kittens on top...
is @Doorknob pokeable?
hurr durr flags dance
I guess it's an inside joke in the gaming room
@AstroCB gone
although apparently it's not a joke and I was bad for posting that
Wow I got really mad about that in the transcript
4:19 PM
@rene thanks rene :)
I gotta go do some stuff.
31 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
Today's Listening | EDM / Dubstep / Electro (Mixsets day 30)
@hichris123 that what was still open is now closed and that migration to Tex is done as well
4:22 PM
@hichris123 no :P
@rene It didn't get migrated, though.
Maybe he's q banned?
Or maybe it didn't get 4 votes for migration?
@hichris123 strange, I saw 4 votes on the migration target site, I'm pretty sure
That is really weird.
checks if @Doorknob is really poke-proof
It doesn't matter that the OP doesn't have an account there?
4:26 PM
Aug 25 at 23:09, by Doorknob
@hichris123 wears Extra Poke-Proof© Supreme Deluxe™ Super-Supreme® Double-Deluxe™ Cotton Ball Armor™
@rene Oh, I know why. There's no [latex] tag on TeX, and one tag must match the destination sites if it's by non mods.
And now it is too late to add?
Yeah... :/
@Doorknob I will keep poking you until you reply to this >:D
@ProgramFOX Gah, I keep forgetting about that D:
4:29 PM
@hichris123 I saw what you did there....
Now it is migrated
yep. :P
A: Can we have a delete review queue?

Brad LarsonI don't believe this is a good idea. I've seen a disturbing trend lately where I've come across many highly voted closed questions with useful answers that are being deleted by a list of the same users each time. There appear to be several people who are either coordinating their delete votes via...

^Just to make sure that that this post isn't referring to the coordination of delvotes in this chat room.
@InfiniteRecursion always make your own judgement and we should be fine...
If not, everybody in this room will get suspended...
I'm under 10k, I hope I'm fine
4:39 PM
Sure @rene
I'm supposed to be finding ants in this picture:
Q: How to prevent ants from digging near my plants?

JoJoI have an ant infestation in my garden. Whenever I water my containerized plants or in-ground plants, most of the time, ants emerge to the surface. I think they do that because they don't want to drown. First of all, do ants cause problems when they dig near your plants. If so, how do I get rid o...

And it's not working. :/
(no repro- see OP answer) stackoverflow.com/q/25507432
Thanks @bjb @TGM
4:57 PM

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