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12:19 AM
@AstroCB - Why did you downvote my question ? Just because you had to make some Edits. I have seen far more worst english (probably due to haste in writing) in posted questions here. — Rockoder 58 mins ago
In other words,
Q: Why do people take downvotes so personally?

Jay BlanchardIn a land where imaginary Internet points exist - I have noticed a rash of "why was my question downvoted?" questions and it seems that in every case a small number of downvotes has caused the OP to rant first before someone on Meta can calm them down and get to the heart of helping to improve t...

I really didn't, though: my edit and the downvote were hours apart.
12:46 AM
user image
12:59 AM
1 hour later…
2:00 AM
2 hours later…
3:30 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM on cstheory.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM on mathoverflow.net
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM on cs.stackexchange.com
3:45 AM
I've created a userscript that strips a tag from all of the questions on its tag page.
It's almost too easy.
I'm not going to use it, though, because it deprives the posts of the other edits they need.
4:00 AM
4:34 AM
@bjb568 that's a cool haircut, lol, they should of made a unicorn on the head though
5:22 AM
Good afteryesterday everyone
Good tommorowistodayandyesterdayneverhappened everyone!
lots of people pretending not to be on the internet tonight
Silly people
as well as silly inanimate objects
5:41 AM
why was this question closed? It obviously shows he made an attempt
I have no clue
Since I say goodnight every night, I may as well say it tonight: Goodnight, meta!
5:56 AM
Goodnight metadweller
Catch some sleep. Or sheep. One of those two.
6:24 AM
good morning
Morning @TGMCians!
Good afteryesterday @TGMCians
academia.stackexchange.com/questions/27543/… <-- "Well, you cure her of course... you are a university professor after all. You have the knowledge..."
7:10 AM
@bjb568 "Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose." ~ Garrison Keillor
7:49 AM
Suspicious thread... stackoverflow.com/q/21188530
Look at the username of the answerer, too
hi @Unihedron!
8:19 AM
@rene are you around here ?
This question appears to be off-topic because it shows a lack of research. — Code-Apprentice 3 hours ago
thanks. what reason we should use to close question when op do not research ?
@TGMCians unclear how much you don't know
and if they say they don't know anything, "too broad"
8:24 AM
"This question appears to be off-topic as it shows a lack of effort. Please take a [tour]."
Out of interest, what do people think is the best close reason for that? I usually flag those sorts of questions as blatantly off-topic, but VLQ fits well as well
9:19 AM
@Unihedron haven't researched, but doesn't appear that is the official wiki site either.. so blatant promotion seems like
+1 voted to reopen this again...seems ok to me ! — TGMCians 51 secs ago
9:45 AM
.. that was weird. "put on hold as off-topic by .. You .." ... wait, I didn't ... ah ...
@Unihedron nevermind, didn't notice that it was answered 8 months after the question was asked. Not suspicious at all then.
@TGMCians myeah, saw that. Unfortunately flawed in oh so many ways.
What on earth is wrong with you people? Why is this off-topic? @Infinite you know full well that this isn't in SEDE, so this is a legitimate request for data. Can everyone please re-read the description of what meta's about? — Ben 31 mins ago
@Bart may be I just got to know about this from one SO user. probably you may also know him
Oh I know who the author is @TGMCians
oh okay
10:15 AM
@JanDvorak Closed & Deleted it seems
confirmed - gone
@JanDvorak I blame you for that. Just so you know.
@TGMCians ... nice edit
10:18 AM
disappointed by TGMC's edit
@Bart no secrets in the tavern please , bring it to the secrets room
You being unaware of certain information doesn't make it a secret @iStimple ;)
@InfiniteRecursion do you want to know about author of those articles ?
The secrets room looks like a wishing well @iStimple
@Bart The majority of people do not know the information, so it is a secret. Which makes programming a secret too by the way. And StackOverflow. And my password. Although arguably I have chosen my set of people wrong.
10:24 AM
No thanks @TGMCians. I prefer to remain in the dark. Thanks for asking btw :)
Your face is a secret @Sumurai8.
Like, literally.
yeah that's sounds good.
@Bart says the man with an invisible face
Yet that's no secret @iStimple. There simply isn't a face.
@Bart The majority of people I see regularry know my face, which makes it not a secret in this subset of people.
10:26 AM
@iStimple says a random assortment of polygons that isn't even a semblance of a man.
Actually, if there are entities that do not know my face, I deny their very existance.
All faceless users discussing faces. Interesting.
Can I join?
Why am I talking to myself?
Do humans exist?
Sure, all except TGMC.
10:28 AM
Are there more people like me out there?
I do have a face
actually, I have two faces
I have one face
I'm starting to think @Sumurai8's "people I see regularly" is a set just consisting of himself.
Even my face has a face
10:31 AM
@iStimple Is that a silent hint, entity?
Hah, so the Dart website has a display issue at 100% in Chrome, but not at 90%or 110 ....
You'd guess they would have noticed.
Boooh, deleted by the author. So constructive and appropriate. I hate it.
Hmmmm; needs more drama. *carefully prepares kettle of Unstirred Drama with a drop of Chaos*
10:42 AM
Drama deleted :-(
What? No O_o No way. Undelete it. What do I have to do with my kettle of drama now?
it was deleted and undeleted a while ago, now it's back to deleted
Dramatic OP
Then again, with a question at +7, several positively scored answers, one accepted and one at +15 from another mod, I do see his point.
11:01 AM
Wasn't this guy on meta.SE not too long ago? stackoverflow.com/questions/25470082/…
his question sure seemed to be
Just wondering, but when was the last time an edge case got resolved in this room?
When a user profile had a threat addressed to me and other SO users in it's "about me", which was then deleted by mods. Anything after that?
11:12 AM
Sometimes people post a link to a question here they don't know how to resolve (or people disagree on how to resolve). I would call that an edge case.
It was partially used for plagiarism issue too..
@InfiniteRecursion that person that had a seemingly random list of user names?
Yes @iStimple
Random? No, shadow wizard had found the connection between the user and all the names on his/her "list"
@InfiniteRecursion "seemingly"
@InfiniteRecursion he's a wizard after all
11:23 AM
Plagiarism was discussed too...which qualifies as an edge case I think, before the diamond room was deleted.
Who all have access to edit the contents of a user's profile? User, mods and devs or only the user and devs?
@Sumurai8 he triple posted it cs.stackexchange.com/questions/29355/…
hey I saw my name here!
We were talking behind your back @sha. Please don't scroll up....
@InfiniteRecursion too late - now you are all doomed :D
I'm not included, right? :D
11:36 AM
@Unihedron you are protected due to your WAG participation ;)
meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/269642/… <-- Wow :O I found a sensible person.
12:00 PM
@Sumurai8 hmm...
His question sucks too... cv stackoverflow.com/q/25471498
@ShadowWizard Interesting
@ShadowWizard That guy has a nice profile.
and of course...
@ShadowWizard how did you come through it ?
@TGMCians magic of course :P
12:09 PM
then you might have subscribed magazine of black baba :D
@TGMCians baba is my apprentice of course. Where do you think he learned his magic?
oh you.. O.O
@TGMCians /me cheers
12:59 PM
Am I missing something, or is this a super trivial question? stackoverflow.com/questions/25471927/…
AJAX is doing exactly what the OP asks for
That answerer had 69 rep, so I had to DV him...
That new answer that's just appeared seems a bit crap too
crappy questions tend to attract crappy answers, @JonK.
I'm really hoping that upvote was a misclick
Answer #1 has retreated.
1:06 PM
@JonK nope, many people give upvotes just to compensate for downvotes.
Well it does seem to have disappeared now, so perhaps it was
@Unihedron what is it? It got a typo by the way
Bug report: You can see deleted messages
By the way if there are any parents here, advice is welcome here :-P
@Unihedron by design, one can always see his own deleted messages, accessible via history link. You probably got a userscript that dig it up.
nope... I actually have no userscript installed.
You can see others' deleted messages if they are the last post + You are in another room.
1:15 PM
Oh, I get it now @Unihedron - neat!
note to self: be extra careful when writing in the future ;)
@ShadowWizard Isn't that a little late assuming you have written a lot before this?
@rene nope, only when the deleted message is last in the room it's exposed
Not a parent (yet), but I would steer clear of memory foam pillows
They quite literally take about 10 years to dry out if they get wet, and a 4 year old will quite likely get it wet somehow at some point
@JonK thanks, not that I considered such a fancy pillow but now I won't consider anyway ;)
I'd also avoid feather pillows... but that's a personal preference really. I find the sharp ends of the feathers tend to stick through the fabric and can be quite painful
not ideal for pillow fights if you end up getting scratches from the pillow
1:27 PM
Hmm.... the children throw toys on each other on daily basis, so the pillow would likely be used as well. Point taken, @JonK! Better not have a pillow that can be torn easily.
I'd use kevlar sheets in that case.
Best bet might be to go with a simple cotton filled pillow then, they're light so if/when they do start hitting each other with them they won't pack much of a punch. They're also usually pretty cheap and easy to replace if they end up ruining them
Random advice :) - Press the pillow before you buy. It shouldn't be too hard or too soft. Children's posture and spine gets damaged. An ideal pillow should regain shape as soon as you lift your hand after pressing it. Posture is very important for your daughter, especially if she decides to opt for sports or dance in future, a good strong spine will help her.
anyone here know Islam?
1:31 PM
drops the image anyways i.stack.imgur.com/87tD3.png
Did you try google translate?
@InfiniteRecursion I don't even know how to type those character...
@Braiam Didn't know islam was a language...
@rene Islamic Arabic
@Braiam You only have an image?
Anyone here have a super robot to read that image?
@Braiam only Arabic. Islam is a religion. It's like saying Christian English.
@Unihedron Nope, but I've got Project Naptha's Chrome plug-in. Unfortunately it can't read that.
@ShadowWizard well, what can I say: It is a common Islamic Arabic expression, used in various contexts by Muslims
@InfiniteRecursion thanks, that's a decent advice worth posting as answer, if you can be bothered :)
Something fishy here
This was already suggested three hours before you posted this answer. — Shadow Wizard 28 secs ago
1:47 PM
user image
@InfiniteRecursion That reminds me of a method you can use to gauge the quality of bread.
Try poking the bread through the plastic wrapper or simply directly through the top of the loaf if it has no packaging.
At first there will of course be a dent, but if the bread's good, it will quickly regain its shape.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PLEASE GIVE A SOLUTION FOR THIS on unix.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector closed in 2 mins
@Braiam I tried the 'write' function in google translate but I couldn't get any more out of it than that the first word probably is 'No' translate.google.nl/#ar/en/%D9%84%D8%A7 all other glyphs I tried to replicate returned gibberish...
2:07 PM
@bjb568 Morning!
2:10 PM
2:22 PM
That failed.
now that's a combo breaker :D
2:26 PM
@ShadowWizard -1 have to click "show all"
boohoo :(
@Doorknob "$("#send.php")"?
@Braiam ... that's not the point! :P
@Doorknob I'm wondering if it was a valid id... it isn't
2:46 PM
It's a shame that the rollback doesn't remove the +2 they got for having that edit approved in the first place
2:56 PM
@JonK very true :(
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: UK WORKING VISA on travel.stackexchange.com
Duplicate answers from the same user: stackoverflow.com/questions/25472956/…
Apparently they don't know how to edit...
Nevermind, they appear to have worked it out and deleted the duplicate
3:17 PM
@InfiniteRecursion why did you create new account instead of associating your existing account?
ugh! Now people wants us to go remotely to their PC's and fix their problems... meta.askubuntu.com/a/11837/169736
3:43 PM
@Sha I was on a call and was distracted, signed in with the wrong account into parenting :(
@InfiniteRecursion And that's how auto account merging happens.
You mean the same answer twice in the same question, or something else? — Braiam 1 min ago
@Braiam yes by different user. — Pandya 40 secs ago
4:09 PM
@bjb Thanks, didn't know that.
@InfiniteRecursion (if you do it enough times or something, the algorithm is secret)
... you could request merging yourself, too.
@bjb: No algorithm is ever entirely a secret. All devs around the world come up with almost similar algorithms to solve issues :)
Thanks @hichris
@Braiam: any luck with that arabic text?
4:14 PM
@InfiniteRecursion user pebkac askubuntu.com/questions/515366/…
And the daily music is...
Today's Listening | House / Nu Disco (Mixsets day 24)
I had to run through all the previous ones and make sure I didn't repost anything.
@Unihedron That's your sock?
@bjb568 I'm not a sock
Bella's lullaby from Twilight @Uni :)
4:17 PM
@GnomeSlice Are you sure?
@Inf :O
@bjb568 ಠ_ಠ
Nice reactions :D
Anybody know of a good markdown -> html converter in JS?
Google knows all the good stuff
4:26 PM
@GnomeSlice It has… dependancies…
That sounds bad
I don't know anything about anything, I just googled it.
waits for the wrath of the kitten
@GnomeSlice It's a ball of crap. Here's some good code: github.com/p01/mmd.js/blob/master/mmd.js
I can't imagine why you'd need bootstrap and jQuery to parse simple markdown.
It's awesomeness broke the syntax highlighter in Coda.
4:43 PM
@Uni: Looks like kittens are becoming almost as popular as glasses
@GnomeSlice That... seems like a lot of work.
That was true "lmgify"
function html(input) { //HTML escape
	return input.toString().replaceAll(['&', '<', '"'], ['&amp;', '&lt;', '&quot;']);
function markdown(src) { //Markdown -> HTML
	var h = '';
	function inlineEscape(s) {
		return html(s)
			.replace(/!\[([^\]]*)]\(([^(]+)\)/g, '<img alt="$1" src="$2">')
			.replace(/\[([^\]]+)]\(([^(]+)\)/g, '$1'.link('$2'))
			.replace(/`([^`]+)`/g, '<code>$1</code>')
			.replace(/\*\*([^*]+)\*\*/g, '<strong>$1</strong>')
			.replace(/\*([^*]+)\*/g, '<em>$1</em>');
	src.replace(/^\s+|\r|\s+$/g, '').replace(/\t/g, '    ').split(/\n\n+/).forEach(function(b, f, R) {
Where has @Cupcake been? I haven't seen him lately.
4:52 PM
@hichris123 Eaten.
@bjb568 :O
@bjb568 HOW DARE YOU???
I was… just a spectator.
I was… walking home from the grocery store.
And… there was nothing I could do!
Aug 1 at 4:58, by animuson
user image
@bjb568 I wonder why SE don't use that :P
4:54 PM
@animuson :(
@animuson :..(....
So violent :(
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