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1:01 PM
@radp That's because you have to use the more awesomer search interface for that
> "Please logout when you are done to release system resources allocated for you."
It feels like as if, if I closed the tab now without clicking that button, the 4096 bytes of RAM allocated to me in an IBM mainframe somewhere in Washington wouldn't be free()'d.
Maybe the website should first ask the user how many bytes of memory the user needs
Shh, don't give anyone fancy ideas
(×) 1024 bytes (recommended)
( ) 2048 bytes
( ) 4096 bytes (only choose if you're going to perform heavy duty queries)
( ) 5000 bytes (PREMIUM™ ONLY!)
1:07 PM
Next thing you know it, they'll be selling VIP accounts with more memory allocated to you
Should be:
1:19 PM
heh, from the OSQA welcome email:
Howdy and welcome to OSQA. We know you're busy, so we'll keep this real simple.,

Here's your login info (store it in a cool dry place):

Username: badp
Password: As IF we would send your password in cleartext!
> (store it in a cool dry place)
Haha. Does passwords degrade under exposure in direct sunlight?
oh wow, upvotes are public in OSQA.
Have they stolen code from the SE sites? It looks so similar in so many details
1:56 PM
@LasseVKarlsen How can they "steal" code?
Where do they "steal" it from?
and I wasn't aware SO had Python+Django code to be "stolen" to begin with
(Sure, I didn't check the javascript/html/css bits and pieces.)
@radp They desperately need a UX/UI designer, that's the first thing I thought when I saw it
Some other SO clones make me wish they did, however.
@YiJiang You haven't seen PHPancake.
@radp Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch
@radp Why would you do that to my eyes? :(
2:02 PM
@radp Please, you shouldn't be subjecting any more people here to that
We'll have to scrub the Tavern for weeks to get that stain out.
@YiJiang I'm not sure if the header was broken for you guys as well :)
@YiJiang Feel free to flag as offensive -- it definitely is! :D
all in favor of making @radp walk the plank say aye
I don't think that it was, but I don't want to go back to double-check either :P
@radp Not broken for me, though that might just be Adblock Plus doing it's work
2:04 PM
hello folks
@rchern I say aye by starring
why is it that in comments only the first "@nick" is regognized and reported to the nick?
i find I often need to address multiple nicks to inform them of an update of my answer
2:04 PM
hi @litb
because that's the way the feature was coded to work
@radp I'm aware of bydesign but why was this design chosen?
it seems counterintuitive to most people.
I guess it's to avoid having people write "@rchern @litb @radp @tim @yij @waffles @balpha hey yall check out my cool website! "
you should've put yourself first (;
he's talking about comments
it does work in chat
2:06 PM
@radp Woah! My eyes!
@balpha, it works the same way on the sites doesn't it
@rchern I was going in order of activity
That's twice now... there needs to be some sort of punishment for that
on the site, the first one counts
in the chat, all count
2:07 PM
(well, a few more at least)
well, enough to highlight you as well it seems :/
stands corrected
@YiJiang have you tried going all the way ;)
@radp Yes, and that's what killed my eyes
2:08 PM
Next friday's codegolf: rchern(), the emoticon inverter function
@radp isn't it ugly enough to make them tell only rchern the ugly website?
Actually, it's morbidly fascinating trying to inspect that thing with Firebug
@YiJiang the CSS is shown in the textbox btw
it's all the point of notification to notify the user. if the message is spam, just mark it and let the admin delete the user.
@radp LOL
2:10 PM
(i'll accept a -100 for that line however)
(I have too much meta rep anyway.)
@radp Do you get -100 for comment deleted through flagging?
@YiJiang I think so
You definitely get -100 for a question deleted via flagging.
There are rep penalties for messages deleted via flagging too afaik.
I don't feel like experimenting, though. If you do, you know where goatse is :P
Q: Moderators answering question and locking other answers

dalleIs it right for moderators to answer a question and locking other answers to the same question? I think this act is immoral and a sign that the moderator should have their moderator status revoked. Clarification: By locked I mean locked and not closed. Example: Questions on meta.stackoverflow....

Hahah, look at the example he picked..
2:43 PM
'if you find the word "f_ck" offensive, and use the word "f_ck" when other, less cowardly people would use the word "f_ck", you're effectively using the word "f_ck"' I love how this was edited to be entirely nonsensical.
@sepp2k What's so offensive about fsck? :(
@radp Presumably one of the mods once destroyed his disk due to a bug in fsck
3:00 PM
BTW i dislike that some mod has locked the "Hidden features of C++" but did not lock "Hidden features of C#". that's mean
Q: Lost consecutive days status

Daniel Dyson Possible Duplicate: Proposal: Free day in the visit log to account for the Oct 9th downtime Due to the server outage yesterday, my consecutive days status has been reset from 98 days to 1, even though I visited StackOverflow in the morning yesterday. How do I get this status restored?

Should this really have been closed as a dup?
@sepp2k Yeah, that's what he actually asks
...once you remember US morning = UTC afternoon circa
@radp His profile says he's from London. So his morning was before the downtime.
3:15 PM
@rchern In the UK we'll get 20:10 hours on 20/10/2010 later in the month
@rchern And the world didn't end? I'm disappointed.
Did you mean.... 20:10:20.10 20/10/2010?
@radp I'm ashamed to admit I did leave out the seconds and milliseconds - please accept my apology
@ChrisF apology accepted captain needa™
(for the Popular Quotes People Enjoy Even If I Don't Know Where The Hell They Originated From series)
3:28 PM
@Tim I'm sorry :(
@radp Thanks :P
Good morning/afternoon everyone!
I really need to learn not to disagree with people when they make terrible design choices, and instead just pretend to agree, then ignore them and do it my way anyway, heh.
How goes it @Tim?
1 hour ago, by rchern
all in favor of making @radp walk the plank say aye
@rchern Aye
3:37 PM
begins installing the plank from the main chat pane to the sidebar
@TheUnhandledException Well, besides being annoyed by work on a weekend, not too bad. How about yourself?
@Tim Doing well thanks. Having an unusual weekend off from work :-)
@TheUnhandledException Ah, nice! :)
I'm hoping I'll get one of those too before I have to kill someone ;)
@Tim I know that feeling!!!
3:55 PM
Now I just have to hope that I'm not wrong wanting to do things the way I want to do them, otherwise I'll look like a huge fool, heh.
anybody ever used sky's data dump importer?
@rchern Not I...
whatcha doing with it @rchern?
Me either..neat looking tool though.
I hope she's working on a StackExchange™ SpamLiberator DataTransporter™
been playing with WA in the data dump. Comparing numbers to the other sites and SO's is too large to work with the xml files
sky's tools isn't validating the directory i'm passing it. digging into the code to figure out why
4:08 PM
the size of the data dump is mindboggling
@TheUnhandledException How many gigas?
I mean, it's a bit less than 4 million questions.
That makes, how much, 5-10 GBs?
the archive is .99gb, extracted it is 5.86gb
The price is right! \o/
LOL. 5.8Gib is a lot of data!
4:12 PM
i'm wondering if the folder naming structure has changed
@TheUnhandledException It's 1,104k questions, 2,765k answers, a bajillion comments
XML == bloat
@TheUnhandledException I want it as a single, massive JSON file. :(
Then I'll write a jQuery plugin for it.
@Tim that would be smaller, but what could parse it??
4:16 PM
of that, 5.25gb is SO
@Tim HAHA! That would choke even jQuery :-)
you'd have to bring in the big guns and use vapor.js for that
SO clearly has more content, but that's more skewed than I would have thought :P
@TheUnhandledException I dunno, I'm curious to see what sort of horribly inappropriate things Chrome and 12 GB of RAM could do, hahah
and then there's baby WA at 10.4mb
i tried parsing it in linqpad. my 6gb ram choked miserably
4:21 PM
jQuery can bring about world peace, but even still lacks the power to parse the entirety of StackOverflow!
@TheUnhandledException I suspect that's on the roadmap for the next milestone.
If somebody could fill in the blanks...
4:28 PM
11 mins ago, by rchern
of that, 5.25gb is SO
Yeah, that's what it's there :P
^^^ makes my head hurt
anyway, yeah, SO uses a little more than it's supposed to given questions and answer ratios. Probably the comments?
Does the data include the edits as well?
lemme finish setting my fantasy football lineup and i can fill in the rest
4:32 PM
@rchern don't you mean college hoops?
you know you're now UNC fan ;-)
oh gawd the nightmares ):
Okay, not the most appropriate place, but... nowhere to go, so sigh. Given only r, how do you find t ?
and sadly, it isn't college basketball season yet ):
@YiJiang t is on maths.stackexchange.com!
4:37 PM
at one time i could solve that >_>
anyway, there is some info in that problem that that graphic doesn't give
@radp I just need a name for that formulae... It's so stupid I'm not really going to go there just for this
Again, I'm missing some data. What is T? What is H for?
@rchern Yeah, I know. I was just trying to spark a little ire. When you get fired up @rchern your hair in your Gravatar almost looks like it's moving :-D
4:41 PM
@radp The diagram is for something else entirely, I just needed it to illustrate the problem. Erm... Actually, your right, that diagram isn't appropriate
Uh oh, heavy Math questions I could have answered 10 years ago and am embarrassed I now don't know the answers to
Time for me to split before anyone realized I'm not as smart as I pretend to be ;-)
Going to grab lunch and a wireless access point to replace my current one which has a nice toasty smell. catch you guys later on!
Actually, scratch that, I'll just try looking around a bit more
Have fun @TheUnhandledException, heh!
Math.se is actually kind of scary, given that some of the stuff they have there I can't even begin to comprehend
Esp. with all the tex they use...
4:50 PM
@YiJiang It would probably look even scarier as ASCII art (or unrendered TeX)
All of that tex also makes for weird titles and urls
Q: How can I prove $\displaystyle\underbrace{\int \ldots \int}_{n} |x| dx = \frac{x^n |x|}{n+1}+C$?

Eugene BulkinSo I was bored and decided to figure out the indefinite integral of the absolute value function, $|x|$. Using integration by parts ($u=|x|, dv=dx$, $dx = \text{sgn}(x)=\frac{|x|}{x}$), it can be shown that $\displaystyle\int |x| dx = \frac{x |x|}{2}+C$. Now I decided to take the integral again, ...

hey, they can move :)
Hahah, epic
@balpha Who the heck is this "blpha" character?
4:59 PM
@pop balpha was taken, as was b.alpha
And it's just youtube, so ... meh
@balpha, do you know if the folder naming has changed in the data dump? since, say, May?
No idea
hmm yeah, it definitely has
@balpha Are you going to turn StackOverflow in an Unicornify MMORPG with a Q&A site wrapped around it?
5:21 PM
@radp First things first. I'll start with the simple things, like, winning an Oscar or something...
Meta Server Fault
--There are 207 questions
--There are 622 answers
--Directory size is 1.93mb
Meta Stack Overflow
--There are 12659 questions
--There are 39830 answers
--Directory size is 118.64mb
Meta Super User
--There are 411 questions
--There are 1024 answers
--Directory size is 3.23mb
Server Fault
--There are 50009 questions
--There are 123731 answers
--Directory size is 260.90mb
Stack Apps
--There are 586 questions
--There are 887 answers
--Directory size is 5.68mb
Stack Overflow
--Directory size is 5,641.41mb
(i can't edit the spreadsheet)
Weird. Oh well.
@balpha - nice video.
that means something to this effect:
where'd you get the number of q/a for SO?
5:34 PM
Current numbers, since you didn't give them to me
(That graph is dynamically created.)
ah, just pulled from stackexchange.com/sites?
guess you could've pulled everything from there (;
The more I use it, the more I like Mercurial and Kiln :)
@LasseVKarlsen +1. I am working on a blog post on that exact topic :)
@rchern For lack of anything better... :)
What's the blog address @Diago?
5:39 PM
@LasseVKarlsen Not posted yet. Still in draft. But once posted it will be on diago.co.za
@Diago -1 not enough 2
-1, not enough StackFlair (;
@rchern I was waiting for that :P
That poor site is so neglected. I really don't care about it much anymore.
My wife blogs more then I do scarily.
5:43 PM
my last blog post has been awhile ago
My last blog post was a few seconds ago because I consider Buzz to be my blog. Sue me.
@radp I have gotten rid of anything remotely related to social media, with exception to chat.
> Posted by rchern on May 11, 2008
@Diago I don't see them as social. I see them as blogging, as in sharing links to cool stuff.
@rchern I don't have to feel guilty then. I deleted about 50 odd posts off mine when I moved it to blogger.
5:45 PM
A perversion on Google Reader if you will.
@radp Yeah makes sense.
Blogging's overrated anyway! (my excuse for not setting up our developer blogs yet)
Link of the now:
So who thought it'd be a good idea to have Win7 on the fucking iPhone? http://youtu.be/Z2I-jCY4N9I
6:17 PM
@SimonBrown, we need a new status for that question
Anyone here?
Pllaying settlers of catan.
Ever played ?
How do I do those tags?
6:28 PM
you're almost there
Ok, what am I missing? And have you ever played "Settlers of Catan?"
You've missed the status
Oh. Ok.
And no, I haven't. However, there's a Stack for that!
6:29 PM
remove the '
It's actually a board game, not a vidoe game.
oh, then you want rpg.stackexchange.com
Can someone edit my tag for me. Mobile view is not always great for chat.
Rchern is there a stack for backwards smileys?
6:34 PM
This one.
@radp, SO numbers from DD, 225702 and 816891
I had a great idea for a stack but I forgot it.
Is there a stack for that?
@Moshe, A51.
proposal was just a short hop to decent until the last sentence
no clue why you linked it 3 times though
@radp I am stunned -- stunned -- that you're not familiar with Settlers.
7:22 PM
hehe, i'm gonna go with the latter in your comment @PopularDemand q:
@PopularDemand here, have a potion of healing to cure your stun
@PopularDemand - I just lost a game. Although our games get a but annoying when time constraints kick in and somoeone insists on trading.
Feature request - name suggestions in mobile view.
@Moshe Man, I miss Settlers. I played all the time in college but I don't know anyone around where I live now.
@radp Thanks.
@radp - a what of what? To cure @populardemand's what?
7:25 PM
@Moshe, bah. that edit doesn't help
@rchern - ok. Gotcha. I'm on it.
should i be scared?
i feel like i should be
@rchern see my edit.
@populardemand there is an iOS version of Settlers, but its not a great implementation. It doesn't feel iOS-ey enough.
@rchern - better?
@Moshe I've never used any recent Apple device.
There's an Xbox 360 version, too, though.
7:31 PM
@Moshe, is this a serious proposal?
@populardemand o ok. Well, is there a web version? No? Lets make one!
@Moshe Are you familiar with copyright law?
@populardemand enough to know not to make an online settlers lol.
@rchern - now it is.
Rrgh, Redskins and Ravens.
7:33 PM
@populardemand - we can get permission from the creator though. The ios guy did that. And I was thinking of redoing the ios version.
@rchern - better?
@Moshe I'm not motivated enough to ask for permission. But I will totally help you code if you get permission.
@populardemand - Are you familiar with objective-c?
Or are w e going for a web remake first?
do it in monotouch (:
or, alternatively, buy me a license for monotouch...
I can do Flash or HTML based, I've played with vb.net and I guess I could learn c#
Rchern how much is that?
I lately have developed my graphics skills and I could pitch in graphics.
In case you missed it, my link above is the official web-based version of settlers
even if it's German (just like the game itself)
7:37 PM
Oh. Well, thanks then. I still would do it over. Just because I can.
@Moshe, iirc, the single developer license is $400
@balpha - I hate ur username because ios feels removing the b in the beginning. And I recently started learning German, so that link is perfect.
@PopularDemand - what languages can you work with?
@rchern - what other licenses are there?
@Moshe Not too many. Java. PHP, but it's been a few years.
@populardemand - well, I suppose java is a good bet, except for speed and I am sure network interactions will be fun fun fun.
don't remember. out of my budget for now
7:39 PM
I once tried java too.
Ok. I have to study. But I'll be bet I could get Klaus' permission. Does he speak English?
Also,@rchern - look at the a51 again. I changed the description.
@Moshe I don't know.
Ok thanks.
@Moshe We're too late. From Wikipedia:
> An official The Settlers of Catan online game was announced on Dec. 16, 2002.[11] Catan Online World allows players to download a Java application that serves as a portal for the online world and allows online play with other members. The original board game may be played for free, while expansions require a subscription membership.
A facebook version is already in development.
Google TV
Did Jeff & co changed rules again on the domain name issue? or does askubuntu.com have already serverfault traffic levels? (or askubuntu is found to be a great name?)
7:56 PM
@JohntheSeagull I think it got granfathered in due to Canonical blessing.
Q: Why is askubuntu.com not ubuntu.stackexchange.com?

ravenJoel Spolsky just tweeted, "the official ubuntu q&a is live on stack exchange!" However, it's not "on stack exchange". It's at askubuntu.com. Weren't we just informed that all the sites are going to be sub domains of stackexchange.com? Why the exception for this site?

Anyway, I hope it is a great success -- that may get Jeff and Joel to lower the bar for domain names a bit :)
Pre-existing agreement with Canonical
For all the mess this is, it's kind of working. Kudos to SOIS Inc.
@JohntheSeagull I doubt there are any rules regarding domain names, unless the rule is "We decide"
8:05 PM
And that makes two days in a row of me hitting the rep cap
this time on AskUbuntu
my two years' clean record wiped and destroyed like that ._.
@LasseVKarlsen Yes, that is the only rule, indeed.
Sometimes I lose hope for mankind
Just read a Norwegian news article about a man that was killed
Apparently, quite a few drivers had noticed a man lying in the road, because they had to try to avoid him
So a few of them called the cops, but before the cops got there, he had been killed
Which makes me ask... why didn't anyone of those before, that noticed him, stop
8:16 PM
@populardemand - android?
8:27 PM
@LasseVKarlsen at least where I'm from, that's a technique used by thieves. So some people do stop.
That's not normal in Norway
Thieving or stopping to help wounded?
Thieves, I assumed you meant that the wounded guy was bait
8:54 PM
Question: if I linked the UbuntuForums guys to this how many people would swear to never use AskUbuntu ever again? :D
@radp There's only one way to find out. I think an experiment is order ;)
They were already fired up yesterday about SO being for-profit
No thank you, I have somewhat of a life to live for the next 92 hours, I'd rather spend it on Gaming. ...and university. ...and talking with people. Eating, maybe. Some sleeping possibly?

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