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12:10 AM
12:45 AM
Why the long face?
12:51 AM
Did a horse walk into a bar?
1:18 AM
Apparently when a moderator deletes comments too fast, it can cause some of the later ones to error out and not update the CommentCount on the post, causing the "add / show x more comments" button to appear when there aren't actually any (more) comments on the post.
Yay for breaking things!
That's what happens without jQuery.
@animuson Would you like to delete some comments? ;)
5 hours later…
6:11 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: vashikaran specialist in rajasthan +91 9950211818 on english.stackexchange.com
PHP tag? Definitely spam.
"Slim Spray is completely herbal and natural origin." What a bunch of hippies…
Slim Spray ROFL
7:29 AM
@Bart so you still didn't figure out? Good! Guess it better stay my little secret, buried for all eternity in the depths of the den. :D
@ShadowWizard I wish I was little bit better at my searching skills AND english
@DroidDev hmm? why? You know the den better than I do, don't you?
@ShadowWizard do you really want me to post a link here....?? :D
@DroidDev only if you want to see me smacked by a furious Bart! :P
@ShadowWizard well.... I decide to keep it in my How to blackmail Shadow list LOL
7:37 AM
@DroidDev yup, very useful!
why does every update in Android Studio has to be buggy. me=frustrated
13 hours ago, by Bart
@ShadowWizard FOR SHAME good sir. FOR SHAME
@DroidDev You = frustrated? So every time a bug pops up, it's really you that's messing with everyone's minds?
Or do you not know what the equality operator is?
afk: shower
7:44 AM
@bjb568 umm.. you write from shower? Is it safe?
@bjb568 I have the power to Cast shadow, I can really mess up with anyone when I am frustrated, even with equality operator.
and I really don't know why the message is not converting Cast shadow into hyperlink
@DroidDev not accurate, the Cast Shadow spell can use you, when you need it. ;)
@ShadowWizard like it did in equality operator, I am gonna start from some beginner level spells
@DroidDev try "Open Drawer" spell first, level 0. Good luck!
@ShadowWizard How to cast it? Btw, what's the level of Cast Shadow spell?
7:49 AM
oh, try yourself first. Show what you've tried. Buy some books. It's easy! ;)
Cast Shadow is level 12 of course.
OK, all machines should have reported by now. Going to analyze it. Cya!
@ShadowWizard see you
8:23 AM
@ShadowWizard If I was away from keyboard… voice commands? Bot? :P
Well… that was a 40 minute shower. So much for water conservation (CA drought)…
hey @rene
bad morning?
8:29 AM
What's bad mean?
how come
I drove an hour to an appointment with the dentist which turns out to be on july, 2nd...
Did you really do that?
I hate dates.
well it just earned you a star :) so not a total waste!
8:31 AM
stares are supreme
I hate time zones
I hate standard compliant dates.
I hate non-standard-complient dates.
@Stijn tnx :-)
It also has a revision, fixed grammer and improve formatting
I don't see any formatting in it, other then Thnaks to Thanks
8:35 AM
@Stijn And I starred your starring.
Star party
Everyone is earning stars
@bjb568 I starred this one
8:39 AM
May 28 at 8:36, by Bart
HEY, HEY!! Stop starring random messages that are not mine!
cough ^^^^
are tag rename posts or ?
@bjb568 thought so but wasn't sure, thanks
Turning my computer on and off doesn't work @TheDutchMan — Oellemans 1 hour ago
What a bunch of idiots there…
Yeah...not the most helpful comments...
8:43 AM
OP's an idiot. People aren't upvoting the right comments. Editors are idiots. People spending too much time on questions…
Don't call me an idiot, please.
Well, not you. Rollbackers never are idiots.
@bjb568 I don't know php, but I am still laughing at that. LOL!
@bjb568 flagged some as unconstructive
@Stijn you are what you approve, I guess?
Going to get second steward badge (in LQ) soon.
In the mean time, good night.
gn @bjb568
Should I rollback bad edits that are approved by OPs?
@JanDvorak yes.
9:26 AM
I finally edited my worst scoring but still accepted answer into shape...no hope on a peer pressure badge for me...
@rene +1 :) the OP was happy to accept your questionable answer though :)
Is it only my computer or puzzling taking time to load for everyone?
Yeah, that was in my early stages when I was still wondering what the heck is this site
@JanDvorak That was quickly gone?
my browser is still loading the site page and still nothing on puzzling site, even after three refreshes and once reopening tab
9:32 AM
@DroidDev works for me
"puzzling site"?
as in code golf?
yes indeed, but without coding
oh I didn't know of that site yet
are you able to see puzzling in onebox
@Stijn Some people have a life without writing code...
9:35 AM
because for me, it is also still loader there
I see the logo @DroidDev
I don't get it, what's up with my computer?
still no logo, just the loader
@Stijn sadly no, it is also showing only loader and a blank page
Loads on all browsers for me (Safari, FF, Chrome and IE) on a Win7 box.
9:40 AM
Why you guys keep posting site logos?
Indeed, it is Puzzling...
I am on Linux 13.10 and with a chrome browser v34.0
@rene it really is
@rene boo hoo
@DroidDev And when you open the dev tools everything looks fine?
My Hummus will arrive shortly
oh no, the star wall! What happened here?!$%^&
9:43 AM
/me hides
I leave for two hours and the place is a MESS.
@rene now it started loading, might be some issue
@ShadowWizard I'm on it twice, don't think that's ever happened before
@ShadowWizard It ai'nt a mess, everyone earned stars today. :)
@ShadowWizard It all started with my missed appointment...
9:45 AM
funny story really :D
@rene oh, I knew you were to blame somehow! ;)
let's see...
Better now!
Wow, improvement ;-)
Hummus time!
Is that something you made your self?
@ShadowWizard How did it go with analyzing the machine reports?
Why does my Chrome no longer copy/paste URLs with the protocol?
because the chrome devs think protocols are too scary for mere mortal internet users
lunch time, back in a bit
but... MD devs think www.example.com isn't an URL
10:24 AM
@JanDvorak no repro, what version?
Nope ^
Please post a photo after you took that green pepper...
@Stijn only two machines report properly :(
@rene lol, I'm smarter than that. Didn't touch it! :D
10:47 AM
wtf happened to all the good , legit starred comments?
no offense @bjb568 but I don't think "Yup" deserves a star...
@user0000000 they had a star fest
I think this would be a good time for @bart to explain the meaning of inflation to people and why it's bad.
just replace "money" with "stars" while you watch
11:15 AM
Q: Is it possible to merge Meta Stack Exchange and Meta Stackoverflow?

ZaibisI can't feel any difference between meta stack exchange and meta stackoverflow, I (and I think many others too) had used to use MSE as would it be MSO, So now, as there is a specific MSO site, wouldn't it be wise, to give at least the option of moving the own content from MSE to MSO? Or am I eve...

wow, this user has asked 369 questions, and only upvoted a total of 20 times stackoverflow.com/users/1013512/panthro
@user0000000 I'm not sure what you mean?
If those body building spams keep flowing, I would soon be getting Marshal badge on MSE
@Stijn You'd think that 369 questions asked, by that user on SO, would warrant more than a measily 20 upvotes to answers. Just statistics
@user0000000 ah 20 votes casted by the user, I misunderstood :)
He has 49 negative scored questions, shouldn't there be a quality ban?
does anyone remember the script that you could run on the SE live feed that detected spam?
11:28 AM
@Stijn He by far isn't the worst user still around. Seems to be surprisingly difficult to get banned at some point.
@rene yep, thanks
thoughts on this question?
Q: What browsers support the jquery promise stuff?

panthroWhat browsers support the jQuery promise stuff? I can't seem to find the info on the jQuery site.

@Stijn He has more positively scored questions, which balance it out in his favor.
@user0000000 Where is "Too Localized" when you need it?
11:39 AM
flagged as NAA, but mayhaps spam ... stackoverflow.com/questions/5502752/…
Myeah, spam I'd say.
@LaszloPapp Shouldn't the question be closed too?
btw, the answer above is link-only
downvote and flag?
@user0000000: should be closed, yes.
I already voted :-)
I flagged every single answer there, and downvoted everything.
@LaszloPapp I voted to close that other answer too... however, one time I did that, and a moderator rejected my flag vote b.c the mod didn't want to take away the 15 points from the answerer
bad bad mod, deserving smitting stick.
11:43 AM
@user0000000 was that the actual reason that was provided?
@Bart Pretty much. But it's a long story, like he ended up finding a dupllicate to that question and liike merging or something, so in the end the checkmark went away anyways..
it is amusing how a 188K+ rep user edited that question without voting to close.
@LaszloPapp It was 2 and a half years ago.. probably just trying to earn the +2 for quick tag edit only
> asked Mar 31 '11
@LaszloPapp Or his vote expired ...
11:49 AM
that question was crap even 5-10 years ago.
@Bart: then we have a problem with the expiration system...
AFAIK the only reason there is an expiration system, is to keep the close vote queue at a reasonable size.
yes, pretty lame reason IMHO
there should be more power to the experts to handle all this rather than making the votes void.
to keep it "nice".
it's like large OSS projects mass-closing old bug reports because they can't be bothered to go over them
11:51 AM
yeah, we closed "XXXXXX bugs, huzzah!"
btw, it is also amusing how most of the "first posts" is crap :)
it is over 50% on my end.
which I either flag or close vote.
@LaszloPapp I hadn't yet, no
disclaimer: I am not even a gold badge holder, but I would give that power to the experts.
I think it has potential but I'd also like to see some results first, to see if there's not too much abuse
you can only see that by testing that rule.
IMHO, the wrong type of "allowance" is under "long test" now.
12:55 PM
@LaszloPapp Why is it a problem? If no one else votes to close, why should a vote hang around for months?
@Andy depends on why noone votes
The original assumption was (afaik) that if close votes hang around for that long without the post being closed, they are probably not valid.
@Bart I'd say the most likely cause is that the question has few views from people who can vote
@JanDvorak True, but even now, a question posted here over an hour ago has only gathered one close vote.
Go on, prove that wrong, you know you want to :)
@Andy how many views? How many high-rep views?
1:00 PM
Then again, expiration only kicks in after 100 views I think @JanDvorak. But anyway, all a bit of a sideways discussion based on my comment.
@Bart Perhaps only 3k-er views should count, though.
43 views. But, it has still been posted here for a while and only gathered a single close vote.
@Andy not enough views, I'd say
Not sure if there is a problem worth solving @JanDvorak.
Or if there is a problem to begin with.
Heck. Stop listening to me people. You should know that by now.
Anyway, my point was, why shouldn't the votes expire if it can't gather the votes to close? I know that kicks in only after 100 views though, so that's not the case here. The votes didn't expire.
1:21 PM
do you seriously think SO has all the capability to get 5 close votes for every crappy post? If that was the case, we did not have 120K questions in the close vote queue .......
and crap posts are a huge problem to solve.
@LaszloPapp On a question with , you bet I do.
That tag has over 46K followers.
Pfff, people complaining about variable naming in a question someone asked, I edit the question, "but now the answers don't make sense", I revert my edit, "why don't you edit the answers instead?"
I wish those people spent their time doing things instead of talking about them
Today's Listening | Misc Electronic/Chiptune
@Andy: numbers do not matter.
1:27 PM
I can tell you most of the 3K+ users in the qt tag do not care about close votes, but they go for hunting reputation with crappy answers for crappy questions. It really is a misleading measure of yours.
Thanks @GnomeSlice. :)
it does not matter what 100 people think if they do not obey the rules on SO. That does not mean they are right.
also, I heard that most of the jquery questions are also crap ....
@Bart Good Monday morning tunes
@LaszloPapp How do you know they aren't obeying the rules? Maybe they think the questions are somewhat decent. You are implying that your 1 vote should be worth more than their 100 because you are right and they are not.
and many times, by the time you get a crappy question closed, there are several crappy answers... way too late to prevent that issue.
1:30 PM
@LaszloPapp No it's not. Close and delete the question.
that is exactly my point, the trust goes with the expert, and not the rep-whores or unprivileged people.
close and delete -> made my day :)
you sure do not do much closure?!
You guys really need a new hobby.
@GnomeSlice you need to come at other times ;)
20-30%, I am fighting against rep-whores, and by the time, stuff gets closed, there are 3-4 answers ...
@LaszloPapp So, what makes you an expert and the people with 3K not an expert? 3K isn't something to sneeze at. They have put some time into SO. It may not be how you want them to put time in, but they have done more than simply edit questions for reputation.
1:32 PM
I don't think it's a 'fight'.
It's not a contest.
@Andy: scores make expert, obviously, and useful contribution. That was one of the easiest questions ever. ;-)
@GnomeSlice You are right, it's not a mere contest, nor a fight ... IT'S A BATTLE TO DEATH!!
@Bart =[
@LaszloPapp Do they? Score mean you've spent more time on SO and have been able to answer more questions the fastest. Sounds like a rep whore to me. Expert means you have shown, consistently, that your answers are helpful to multiple people. Forgive this jab, but I recall you getting unexplained downvotes. Perhaps that's people saying your answers aren't correct.
That said, higher scores imply you are an expert
but they don't guarentee it
Higher scores just mean you have a good answer.
1:36 PM
Look around at many 10K+ users and you still see they rep-whoring and begging for upvotes and accepted answers.
meh, the only reason I "ask for upvotes" is when I'm moving the answer from the body of the question
@Andy: You are telling the fisher man how to fish; I know this all inside and out.
@GnomeSlice Or a popular one. Or a simple one which a lot of users could verify as being correct.
and yes, scores do make experts, just like moderator thought when giving them additional rights. I cannot simply think any other measure for becoming a tag expert, honestly, nor could the moderators, but you are free to enlighten me and them. :-)
1:38 PM
@LaszloPapp Oh, okay.
@Andy: and anyway, your fundamental concept of close vote queue being OK is not justified by the site owners who have made several recent changes in that regard, and there is likely more to come.
I suggested some of the changes they have made recently, e.g. more power to experts, but back then I ran into objection, still they came to the same conclusion months later. ;)
@LaszloPapp I wasn't arguing it was OK. I was arguing that the idea of votes expiring makes sense, especially if a question has 100 views and can't garner 5 people to close it.
@LaszloPapp you are just too avant garde for the times ;)
@Braiam: I would phrase that so they are too conservative ;)
@Andy: you are contradictory, sorry. You are telling me yourself that many high-rep users do crappy things to hunt rep, and then you claim view numbers matter.
I do not trust "100" mostly non-authorized, non-expert and rep-hunter views, honestly. I trust experts lotta more.
@LaszloPapp View numbers matter for the vote expiration, yes. You only need 15 rep to flag a post. In a tag like or , you have more than enough users that have 15 rep to issue a flag. If, in 100 views, you can't get 5 15 rep users to flag a post as close worthy, then the votes should start expiring.
1:54 PM
I haven't really been following the conversation; do flags prevent close votes from expiring?
@Stijn no, only another close vote
@Andy: it is hard when you do not read the conversation ...
have you even seen the above thread where everything was rubbish?
crappy question with crappy answers
it caused at least 7 additional votes per answer to remove the crap, and that is twice.
7 votes/flags
@Braiam Then I don't get Andy's point
1:57 PM
i.e. ~15 votes/flags
> If, in 100 views, you can't get 5 15 rep users to flag a post as close worthy, then the votes should start expiring.
which could have been avoided by one binding close vote in time.
@Stijn I didn't realize the flags didn't prevent the expiration. I'm hunting for the meta question right now
@Andy: no, I do not mean.
but put it this way, usually a crappy answer requires 7 votes/flags.
there were two, but it is not unreasonable to see 3-4 or more.
so many people involved when one expert could close the crap instantly.
GoT ended with another cliffhanger dammit!
2:01 PM
@Stijn I stand corrected. It is just the votes not the flags
A: How do close votes age away?

Shog9 Start to age away at one per day immediately after there are 100 views* This. There's no "view history" that'd tell us when a post crosses 100 views, so when the aging task fires it just looks at every post that has at least 100 views where all outstanding close votes are older than 4 days. ...

Which means you need 5 people with 250 rep to keep the votes from expiring
@Andy at 250 you can view the close votes, at 3k you can cast them.
@Stijn For jquery, that means there are 11,278 users that can cast a close vote. If 5 of those can't be bothered to do so, why should the close votes stick around?
For , there are 2,246 users
@Stijn In related news, again, you are correct. The 250 is for your own question. :\
2:16 PM
Is @ManishBot running?
this is all caps
@DroidDev the bot is feeding on this, so maybe it was edited before having chance to appear there
2:44 PM
Anyone know if it's possible to disable the "TV" mode on a Samsung TV? xP
@animuson sure, but you need a hammer first
I have one of those!
But we have cable boxes now and it's really annoying to change the source now because you have to skip past that one.
@animuson doesn't it remember the source after turning it off and on?
Yes, but I have two HDMI sources: PS3, Cable Box. I use both of them pretty evenly.
ah yeah, that's a problem most if not all TVs have in my experience
2:48 PM
So Switching from PS3 to Cable Box works normally, but switching from Cable Box to PS3 requires me to go by that TV mode which for some reason doesn't let me move past until it loads the fuzz.
I should just buy a second TV and use one for PS3 and one for cable box.
Problem solved, right?
"When I'm on stackoverflow I pass the time upvoting all the questions and answers which get unfairly downvoted." ... sigh
@Bart Who does that guy remind you of? Oh, his name is at the tip of my tongue... ;P
Tell me @animuson :p
3:52 PM
I think someone is in trouble with his girlfriend, or soon to be ex-girlfriend from the looks of it.
so catchy
4:52 PM
I'm confused.
@Gnomeslice just oneboxed a YouTube music video. And I'm not looking at a chick in a bikini.
@jadarnel27 ಠ_ಠ
5:09 PM
@jadarnel27 You spelled "disappointed" wrong.
@Bart almost all the letters wrong
Can happen @Braiam. They are like, right next to each other.
@Bart ...
5:26 PM
@Bart My mistake.
5:39 PM
I need two more upvotes to have a reputation of 77,777.
upvotes two CW post of animuson
6:24 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: !!HELP PLEASE!! on android.stackexchange.com
@ManishBot ಠ_ಠ
6:48 PM
Unbricking? Why are we broadening the definition of terms?
because we have the uninstallable word that means that is not able to install
7:13 PM
@animuson are you still the lowest rep mod on SO?
@user0000000 Yes.
and while you are at it, please cv the question, too.
have any of you watched that show "catfish"? It's so funny, b.c like nev and the other guy act like their geniuses because they know how to google image search
and flag the other link-only answer, etc.
7:33 PM
Hmm, the software I use got upgraded to a new higher version with less functionality...
Oh don't you just love when they remove functionality?
Gives you something new to complain about.
@rene lemme guess: there's a new paid version that adds the same functionality that you just saw disappear?
:) it is a sort of internal release...but yeah, on the plusside: no visible bugs in the now non-existing functionality....
Then it seems it was a duck
7:37 PM
a feature that only exists to be deleted
Isn't the rm command the universal fix for bug reports?
It is one of the strategies to deliver with less bugs...
Omgosh these speakers... I need to buy new ones... Then throw these ones against a hard wall until they shatter...
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