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2:13 AM
I just starred Bart's pinned post for the 13th time. Am I evil?
3 hours later…
5:13 AM
Anyone around? :)
@AmalMurali OK, I know that backtick-quoting not meant to be used for highlighting/emphasizing parts of text, but there are tons of Qs & Ans which have used to highlighting/emphasizing parts of text using backtick-quoting, after all Thanks for your reviewSuper User 2 mins ago
Please take a look at this user's review history. He's been on an edit crusade, adding backticks around things that aren't code.
Even worse, this edits are getting approved =/
5:55 AM
I've looked at a bunch of them, and it's not all bad in the ones that got accepted. Fixed up a few, but I'd say the majority of his edits are ok.
Has a little comment exchange with the user, I don't think flagging's necessary.
6:25 AM
@Mat Yeah, most of them are ok. Some are really stupid ones, though.
@Mat Where? o.O
@SuperUser: you're the one not being civil here. You've already been asked not to highlight plain English with code formatting. Please stop that. Your edits that fix formatting and put code in code blocks etc. are welcome, but not the ones like this here. — Mat 54 mins ago
@Mat Sorry Man! I became frustrated, I agree I became uncivil sorry for that, but please say to Pekka웃 must be civil as well, again I'm Sorry for my fool. — Super User 50 mins ago
Hmm. How did Pekka see it? :O
> *thath right it's work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
lol, nice one.
I did not ask Pekka or admonish him for his tone :-)
6:43 AM
lol, I'm not sure what "admonish" means :-P
Imagine a schoolteacher telling a pupil "Now stop it and behave!" while shaking their finger and with a very serious look.
Q: Live question viewed times

FarzadI have a suggestion for all StackExchange websites. I just want to say it's better to have a live counting on question viewed times number on the question pages sidebar. So there is no need to refresh the page to see the question viewed times.

Anyone understand what's being asked there ^ ?
@Mat I think he's asking to have the view counter on the question page to be updated real-time.
I think I've seen a for the same thing once, but I can't find it now. MSE split messed up my dupe finding skills :(
What happened to the flag review queue in the top bar?
Typing that question into "Ask Question" page immediately gave me the answer :P
Q: What happened to the flag review queue?

0x499602D2I used to have hundreds of pending flag reviews, but just today I see that it has gone down to a staggering two!: Is this a bug in the system or has there been a major change? What happened to all the posts?

7:00 AM
Q: Let's get rid of the 10K flag queue

Shog9The 10K tools are pretty cool... You get a birds-eye view of activity on the site, a "dashboard" view of what's happening. Some of the individual tools haven't scaled particularly well with Stack Overflow's growth, but the concept behind them is still sound: we trust you to enough to be a bee wat...

The 10k flags queue is no more. RIP.
Ohh. In that case, the above answer should be updated, no?
Good idea.
7:50 AM
@Mat R.I.P
Good decision IMO
Fun non-answers over on Cooking: cooking.stackexchange.com/a/44039/10161
8:28 AM
What the frick? Why was this removed? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/254333/…
@Bart deleted by community, but why?
Did the account of the OP get nuked?
Gah, I really need 10k now. :D
@Bart yes account nuked and when it happens, all negative scored questions it had are nuked as well.
@Bart it did
@ShadowWizard this shouldn't happen on metas
Okay. So I guess the OP was still able to nuke his own account @ShadowWizard.
8:31 AM
@JanDvorak why not?
on metas, negative-scored != bad
@JanDvorak the code does not know this (yet)
should it?
@JanDvorak probably
I smell feature request upcoming!
Love the smell :D
Smells like cinnamon.
8:33 AM
@Bart brown cinnamon
@Oded hey you around? (not related to above)
@Bart for what it' s worth, Google was fast enough to cache the account
8:58 AM
@ShadowWizard kinda.
> A moderator has deleted this post and it cannot be undeleted
Worst moderator EVER!
@AmalMurali - looks like a self deletion. Caused the question to get deleted as well.
That is, the OP deleted their account.
@Oded Ohh, sunday! Sorry! Anyway, did you have a look in pasting image into the image upload dialog in Chrome 35? I'm using it a lot and would be really sad to see it broken when 35 will become stable. ;-(
I did look. The solution that SnailBoat gave is too simplistic. If used, it would suggest on Opera and FF that paste was supported when it wouldn't be. And to support paste on both is non-trivial.
Frankly, that Chrome just changes the API in a breaking way is the problem.
@Oded Hehe, I know. I was talking about "Community user", not about a real moderator :)
What do you think? Should the question remain deleted? Or undeleted?
9:07 AM
Ah, well. Community is a real nasty character.
Well, I don't see how it could be helpful to anyone else, so I think it should just remain deleted :-P
@AmalMurali Meh. OP is wondering why their crappy edits get rolled back and they are explained to them. Not seeing huge value in undeleting this.
So, for a change, Community did good ;)
@Oded true, so what it would take to fix it? Should we wait and post bug report when 35 will be the stable version?
What do you think about this answer — I'm not sure if it was taken from the answer linked in the comments or the blog site linked in the answer.
@JanDvorak you want to start the feature request discussed above? If not I'll do it later. :)
9:11 AM
@ShadowWizard that would be standard operation... Perhaps open a bug with Chrome to provide a backwards compatible change... I tried to play around a bit to see if there is anything simple to show if how we handle paste is supported on the browser, but nothing jumped out.
@ShadowWizard please do
Will do @Jan and @Oded, thanks! (will be my first Chrome bug report though so not sure if I'll do it properly)
heh. Good luck with that then :)
9:31 AM
9:52 AM
can you guys vote for dup here , I voted as off-topic-lack-of-information because OP didn't share code to look the issue, that seems now a bit wrong to me. stackoverflow.com/questions/23591033/…
and one crap answer there
@TGMCians I can see two. One deleted and one upvoted twice.
He deleted his answer own once I downvoted, wow he understood from one downvote
yeah, I was talking for deleted one
10:09 AM
@TGMCians: I protected the canonical for the above because it had some crappy low-rep answers.
10:27 AM
Laszlo Papp, the Protector of Canonical Questions
nope, the other was already protected.
10:47 AM
own deletion counts in the question ban?
it does
@JanDvorak only if question had negative score, most likely
@Louis yup and what about the answer ?
@TGMCians There's no flag for "link-only-answer". It would have to be flagged as not-an-answer. As I recall from Shog's post about link answers this would actually be an answer since this is what the OP asked.
Q: Your answer is in another castle: when is an answer not an answer?

Shog9I think we can all agree, this sucks: If you've been around a little while, you've probably encountered hundreds of answers like this in various forums, some of them even marked as "The Answer" by well-meaning1 forum admins looking to close a thread. We could try to enumerate the commonly-obse...

hmm but anyway, I added this there
11:42 AM
@Louis: I flag them low-quality.
1 hour later…
1:08 PM
What have you tried yourself? We are not writing ready-made solutions for you from scratch in here. — Laszlo Papp 6 secs ago
1:19 PM
@LaszloPapp That is rude! You scared a new user away.... :-)
@Louis I think the post @Louis linked to falls in the "So let me be clear: this sort of response is not an answer." category.
It contains zero information besides the link.
Although changing it to say something like "You can use [ExpressJS]" would probably put it in the crappy-but-an-answer category
Hello I'm not an expert in SQL, but how I may count flags per questions on data.stackexchange.com ?
This is for a part of a larger query where many question in my search category have flags.
1:36 PM
@user2284570 I think those are in the Votes table
@rene There's a PendingFlags table.
@rene: yes, he deleted the question.
@rene: did not even get the chance to make it more polite.
@rene: pfff, his other question is also quite poor, stackoverflow.com/questions/23106364/…
I am close voting it.
@user2284570 so...?
@rene There's PendingFlags.PostId and Posts.Id where several PendingFlags.PostId have a same value for a unique question (Posts.Id). I don't how to do may LEFT OUTER JOIN in that case (since a question may also have no pending flags).
1:47 PM
any reason why the delete votes are not ordered like closed votes in the moderator tools?
@user2284570 You better ask a question on meta.SE and share your current sql because I don't understand what you need exactly...
@LaszloPapp what do you mean? Both are ordered by amount of votes.
@LaszloPapp maybe because of this:
Dec 12 '13 at 21:18, by Anna Lear
I'm pretty sure there's no rhyme or reason to that order beyond what SQL Server serves up.
ok, sad.
it would be easier for me if the actual stuff was at the top, and then also posts that require the fewest delete votes to get deleted.
Basically in mssql there are three sort options: desc, asc and Anna.
1:51 PM
@rene you forgot random. ;)
users lists are random for example
That would be less fun...
The answer should fit in one line.
how many percents of the questions are closed and/or deleted on SO?
1:55 PM
yah, I am also want to know that figure
rene is the SQL master here, but I am not sure if it is available from there.
@user2284570 I forked it, give me a minute...
2:13 PM
StackOverflow is unusable in chromium. :(
A: Around how many questions get deleted in Stack Exchange and by who?

Shog9I'm glad you asked this... There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding how much stuff gets deleted, and who is responsible - so I'm going to provide a bit more information than what you asked for, in hopes of clearing this up. Questions deleted during the past 365 days on Stack Overflow 659...

@rene I updated my comments.
@ShadowWizard: the only missing bit is the number of questions in total ...
@user2284570 according to me it should work
@LaszloPapp true, we can see it in Data Explorer though
2:17 PM
pictures or did not happen
@rene That I have currently written?
@user2284570 yes, you get one row for the post, zero or one row for the user and zero to m rows for pndingFlags. due to the grouping you count the number of pending flags.
@rene : I would also like to fix the hack about the User ID at line 3.
Do notice that the lower function is not needed. The db is in CI mode
@rene What do you mean? Does the string search is case insensitive already?
2:27 PM
@user2284570 IIF(Posts.OwnerUserId IS NULL,NULL,'site://users/' + CONVERT(varchar,Posts.OwnerUserId) + '|' + Posts.OwnerDisplayName) as [Asked by],
Before I click "post my question"... does anyone know why a flag will be marked as helpful, the review completed, but the flagged post is not deleted?
@rene look at here, the person who wrote the query simply use Posts.OwnerUserId and it directly create a link to the user page.
Name your columns [User Link] .. that is the help oage of Data.se data.stackexchange.com/help#magic-columns
@Matt It is only recommended for deletion. I assume a 20K-er now has to take action to finally delete it...
2:37 PM
@rene: but the flag has already been marked as helpful.
... and the review has been completed.
@ShadowWizard: ok, that is roughly shitload.
So AFAIK, it can't be brought to the attention of a 20k user to delete it?
well, it is about 5500000 and 2000000 deleted.
so more than 25% of SO is full of crap
@LaszloPapp no no, DE contains only the undeleted questions
oh wait, maybe not?
Think you're right @ShadowWizard
2:40 PM
@rene when post is deleted, is it also deleted from Data Explorer?
@LaszloPapp oh, what?
35+ % crap -> \o/ yay.
@ShadowWizard yes
so is the above a crap-o-meter?
2:40 PM
yes, you can say so, I am afraid....
and this is only the crap that gets deleted
I'd say lots more never get enough attention to be deleted
yes, it is the trivially revealed crap.
Isn't that just select count(*) from posts where tags like '%php%'
@rene not possible to cast delete vote, it's a +3 score
Maybe that's why it wasn't deleted after 6 Recommend Deletion votes as well.
I smell a bug.
Ah @Matt see that ^^^^^^
2:42 PM
oh, wait, my calculation is admittedly unfair.
since you only showed the questions I imagine, or all?
Today's Listening | Electronica
@Bart @rene
Mmmm, guess I'll be posting that question then :P, cheers @ShadowWizard (and @rene)
@Matt go ahead, and post link here when done ;)
if it is all - as it seems -, then yeah, that is our 2013-crap-o-meter.
@LaszloPapp yeah, no filters in there
2:43 PM
well, it is more unfortunate than I thought.
I thought the crap is around 10%.
@LaszloPapp lol, I thought and still think it's 99.99%
To be accurate though, we need to first define "crap" in that context.
crap: shit :P
If it's "questions that should be closed and deleted" maybe it's 90%
2:45 PM
crap: not so good post to be politically correct.
Your question about it got deleted today. Why do you think it will pass this time? — Laszlo Papp 37 secs ago
@ShadowWizard: do not know, I realized i answered a question today which I should not have.
I think I answered that several times, but I was lazy to look for dup.
perhaps I will do it now....
I mean seriously... this dude reposted his question literally after that got downvoted, closed and self-deleted.
@LaszloPapp some people never learn, or desperate enough to the point they don't care.
@LaszloPapp Mister I deleted my question as I realized it was a little bit blurry and it was my first question here so if you have positive comment or you can ignore me thx ! — user3554203 46 secs ago
@rene No the number of results is divided by two when I don't use LOWER().
2:52 PM
lol @rene. :)
That was a killer question :P
@user2284570 oh, hmmm I recall it worked for me before...
@rene you are in stackoverflow for getting points but I am hear to learn new things ! sorry ... — user3554203 24 secs ago
@rene *IIF(Posts.OwnerUserId IS NULL,NULL,'site://users/' + CONVERT(varchar,Posts.OwnerUserId) + '|' + Posts.OwnerDisplayName) as [Asked by]*.
Don't work at all. Try to run the query : There many user rows with reputations but without the user name.
Database is were questions are stored. You can see many questions on Stack Overflow have capital letters in the title.
@LaszloPapp I'm busted...
@ShadowWizard: can we get the crap-o-meter for say... 2009?
see the tendency...
3:01 PM
@LaszloPapp just fork the query, though it can become slow
@LaszloPapp many against one ! there are better ways to advice new persons to this community ! thx .. — user12448 49 secs ago
@ShadowWizard: yeah, but Shog9 only published the 2013 thingie
@LaszloPapp oh, so you'll have to ask him for older stats
@LaszloPapp I joined the party, added my $0,02
yeah, it would be interesting to see the tendency.
Does someone have an idea?
@JanDvorak done, if that's not what you had in mind let me know :)
3:05 PM
@user2284570 Posts.OwnerUserId as [User Link],
@user2284570 if you talk about flags, they are anonymous we can't know who cast what flag.
@rene I already tried it : I don't know why, but it return a number and not the url.
@ShadowWizard Question with more flags have more chance to get them handled.
@ShadowWizard upvoted. Maybe this should only apply to some tags, though?
3:11 PM
@JanDvorak nah, better not make it too complicated
@rene Splendid You striped >4000 off-topic questions to 5 questions. Thanks to you the query became usefull.
@rene What is the purpose of : where Posts.id > 20000000
@ShadowWizard: you reminded him a police officer. :P
@LaszloPapp not him, it's a different user
@rene Any thank you I understood an updated the query with "as [User Link]".
I smelled socks so flagged a post, let's see what happens
But yeah that was a funny comment
> You can accept an answer in 1 minute
3:29 PM
@rene Ok : I think I have the final query.
Just a last question : Why I can't link my account on data.stackexchange.com like on other site stackexchange accounts?
3:49 PM
@user2284570 data.se is not connected to the rest
@user2284570 I have tried string matching to detect spam. It detected a lot of false positives.
4:11 PM
@JanDvorak The aim of the query is to help searching. Anyway the percentage of false positive should be around 20%. Machines are not like humans : you need to carefully read questions to check if they are suitable on stackoverflow.
20% false positive rate is nice. Mine had around 90%+ and still kept missing some spam.
4:26 PM
@JanDvorak LET'S go participate to the hunt. then.
Gah, I hate reviewing suggested edits. There's this user suggesting tons of pointless edits, and they all get accepted.
5:01 PM
Again, hey everyone
@Bart: I mean about yourself, rejecting EVERYTHING. ;)
Now I see there is no way to start the bounty on any question on meta.stackoverflow.com, ?
@TGMCians That's because per-site metas have no bounties, because rep doesn't change on it.
yes but to give more attention of your question, it should be
5:09 PM
well, that is kind of thingie, isn't it?
it would be useful to get more attention to stuff.
sometime might be your question won't receive much attention
later you sure want to start bounty and get more attention
Don't you ?
perhaps offer cookies and brownies.
if you don;t have system to start the bounty then OP will surely duplicate his question on meta.stackoverflow
I am gonna use all my rep points on this question, until the problem is fixed...
Q: Convert diacritics to normal letters in the profile link

Ionică BizăuMy real Romanian name is: Ionică Bizău. You can see ă letter that is very close to a (in both: writing and pronouncing). After setting my username as Ionică Bizău the link to my profile became: http://stackoverflow.com/users/1420197/ionic-bizu I know that if I write http://stackoverflow.com/...

@TGMCians: modify the title to IMPORTANT - IMMEDIATE ATTENTION NEEDED NOW!!! and update the question frequently to keep it on the top.
5:14 PM
oh that's not way to do so, Nobody want to edit the question if there is no need and want to get attention later
What you think if I ask this on meta.stackoverflow.com ?
it would be ironic not to get enough attention :-)
you could ask if it is not discussed yet, why not.
hmm :-)
here suspicious
duplicate question also have same content from different user
5:32 PM
I would personally close the original, too, to be honest.
but it is old question so that why I went for new question
I delete vote it like a boss.
yes you should
I will once I cross 10K+
the user's other questions are pretty creepy, too.
either primary opinion or duplicate, but duplicate is more right here, stackoverflow.com/questions/23595799/…
yes I see, I flagged one answer of him
5:43 PM
and close vote the original pls.
yeah doing, as duplicate of what ?
I mean, the canonical, either opinion based or too broad, but I would go for the first.
yeah doing
6:23 PM
@user2284570 to reduce the number of rows based on a value in the primary key so it won't timeout and I won't have to wait over a minute to get a result...but I see you have a resukt now that satifies your goal...
@TGMCians closed now
@LaszloPapp and a delv from me...
@TGMCians and the 4th cv from me
thanks rene, :-)
Laszlo, didn't you yet ?
Hey friends .......I am here to find a solution to my problem..and i was expecting help from you senior guys.....not vote down...... — Gurpreet singh 44 mins ago
I do not have more close votes for today.
oh okay
6:31 PM
I was casting the last around the morning.
@LaszloPapp but that is already protected? Why should I spend a CV on that?
oh, no problem
@rene: because it is primarily opinion based and/or too broad, but it is up to you.
OK, do I get my peer pressure badge now?
6:34 PM
only the badge-whore badge :P
Great! I don't have that one yet!
is there a way to filter tag edits? Those are usually not as crappy as the rest... so I would help with that, but I will not help with the usual queue.
@LaszloPapp don't think so...
you could go into history view and pick them from there...
@LaszloPapp could be a
6:52 PM
@rene closed
@LaszloPapp here for you stackoverflow.com/a/3859298/1741671
@LaszloPapp done
perhaps you can put the comment into the answer, I do not know.
well, I would be careful with closing the above because the guy has a dangerous stuff in his hands on the profile picture.
7:00 PM
7:41 PM
cya, good night
Q: Close/Clean up questions asking for recommendation

user2284570There are many questions which ask for software recommendations; are too broad; or at least opinion based. Everyone who wants to participate : there are far more questions to close than people who will ever read this post. That said, keep in mind that my knowledge in SQL is very basic. Some quest...

It has been closed as unclear what your're asking. Does anyone have any idea about what is unclear?
7:57 PM
@user2284570 I voted to reopen since it is clear what you're asking.
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