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12:15 AM
I must go on another mSE-close-queue-filling rampage.
@Undo or help me with my quest to give Doorknob tons of comment flags. :D
out :(
that userscript makes that so easy
Except it eats all my meta close votes :(
Sorry for insisting but, just a question, why my post didn't went to the review queue after the first edits on On-Hold? meta.stackoverflow.com/q/254374/2284570
@user2284570 Possibilities: 1 It did, and is still there. 2 It did, and was left closed. 3 It hasn't yet; give it time. 4 It didn't, for some arcane reason. My money's on 1 or 2.
12:34 AM
It looks like a hurricane outside right now.
Looks like sun from my end.
Stupid rain keeps cutting off my cable. This is a new episode of Family Guy! Come on!
@michaelb958 I immediately went on the review page and the reopen queue length was 0.
@user2284570 It did. It was invalidated because it was reopened outside of review: meta.stackoverflow.com/review/reopen/238
12:53 AM
Regardless, I don't think you would see your own posts in the review queue, right?
Probably not.
I know queues like First Answers and others don't, for obvious reasons, but I'm not 100% sure if that restriction carries over to the Close/Reopen queues where you can close or reopen your own question.
Flash Flood Warning? Good thing I live at the top of a hill.
You should ride your bike to the bottom of the hill for more excitement.
@animuson you don't
... are you telling @animuson where he lives?
1:05 AM
I don't see this one in the queue, for example askubuntu.com/q/464080/169736
@Undo I don't know how to ride a bike.
Then learn!
Hurricanes are a great time to learn to ride a bike.
@animuson now that is surprising
also, bikes are cheap transportation
shrugs Not something I ever cared about learning.
1:07 AM
Why ride a bike when you can ride a unicorn?
@user2284570 If you want to set a default value for a parameter (that is, a value that's used if none is entered), the syntax you're after is ##parameter?default##. For example, ##MinScore:int?25##.
1:29 AM
Q: You can't see the question owner's special color

hichris123When the owner of a question comments on their question or an answer to their question or self-answers their question, they get a special color for the box around their username. The problem is, you can't see the box: Can you please make this not white on white?

sigh ^ FIX NOW. PLZ?
2:06 AM
Why is the CV queue plummeting?
I know they stopped fuzzying the other day.
But it was going up after that.
@jadarnel27 Decay. Questions get aged out after a bit of nothing happening, or something like that.
@michaelb958 Ah, right!
You're a smart guy, @michaelb958.
Chicken tacos sound really good right now.
Not just tacos, though... chicken tacos.
A: Downloading the Tower Bridge Defence project for Unity 4.3

user3626826;poop efeef fe e fef e f ef efef ef ef efe ef e f poopopopopopop

@animuson That does sound fantastic.
2:17 AM
... uh wut?
grrr @jadarnel27 you horrible message splitter person!
Calm down, @Undo. @animuson is sending us all chicken tacos.
whoa really?
I want three, @animuson
@Undo Ah gosh darn it, I loaded the page and clicked "flag" and it had disappeared in the intervening two seconds.
rofl, wow
All you have to do is pay $19.95 P&H!
2:19 AM
In that case, I want 5000. Assuming the P&H is flat and you can put multiple in a box.
Nope, it's $9.95 P&H for each additional item.
Aw crap
A: How to Sign in to SIP SERVER with Username and Password

Auto call 09362976253Pls.. enter it Pls.. enter it Pls.. enter it

^ Uh..........
@Undo Given the account name I'm casting a spam fl-Not again you FFITW clods!
@bjb568 I can't eat the shell but otherwise DAMN YOU! drools
2:21 AM
(account name: Auto call 09362976253)
@animuson ^ Destroy plz?
Sent that pls enter it one to GFSE
3:14 AM
@bjb568 Awww man.. You make my dinner look like dirt :(
@ɥʇǝS Was it dirt?
No. Eggs and a muffin.
Oh. Same thing, basically.
4:11 AM
Something's bad when I can answer a question in a language I've never seen before just by looking at the error message you post.
@Undo Syntax error at line 666
@michaelb958 I knew it! There's something evil in SO
4:49 AM
@michaelb958 don't you know that the use of goto statements is discouraged, especially with the label hell?
5:15 AM
@jmac not exactly. It's the goto, not the destination, that is offensive to a programmer.
5:51 AM
> Ethical programmers don't write void destroyBaghdad(). They write void DestroyCity(string cityToDestroy).
6:20 AM
6:51 AM
7:01 AM
Finally the morning train has arrived at the mile hi club.
@JanDvorak smartest thing I've heard today ;)
7:23 AM
The first thing I've heard today
Of course, me too :D
7:40 AM
Q: Post doesn't move up after clicking '(less)' in suggested edits review

minerz029When reviewing suggested edits, if you click the (more) link, the post moves down to make space for the editor and reviewer stats, however, if you click (less) to close the stats, the post doesn't move back up. Before clicking (more): After clicking (more) then clicking (less): I...

I've seen that reported before, but I just can't find it..
@3ventic me too, maybe it didn't get any upvotes so got auto deleted
Hi all. If anyone that can do direct edits on SO is in the mood this question needs the answer in the question moved to the OPs "answer". I tried to do it with a suggested edit but it got rejected.
I'll do it, @Peter
@ShadowWizard, thanks
8:11 AM
@Undo Ooh, competing answer I see. Glad that was deleted, otherwise I would have been screwed.
@Bart oh my, noticed this just now. But why was it spam or offensive? Just pointless crap, literally this time! ;)
8:25 AM
My answer, or the deleted one @ShadowWizard?
I guess a lot of people "abuse" spam flags like that. It's nonsense -> spam
I should edit that question into something more generic ... it's valid, but doesn't read like it.
@Bart even if you will try hard, your answers won't be crappy so... the deleted one :)
8:43 AM
Hello I have a basic question : who have access to flag queue?
@user2284570 ♦ Moderators
I think
@Stijn yup
@Stijn And inside it, are there possibilities like choosing the oldest/newest flag?
and/or something like user with the highest reputation?
(which have flags of course)
I don't think there's any sorting in there any more @user2284570
There used to be a thing called flag weight, but that's gone even behind the scenes.
From what I heard, the moderators flag queue is like our review process, they get one item at a time and can choose to handle it or skip it.
Might be wrong though. Any mods around to verify? :)
8:48 AM
Then I know it's not in real time, but for peoples who are interested :
@user2284570, if you're talking about flagging a question as off-topic etc that's handled a different way.
@PeterJ No that's different here. I'm not talking about that : meta.stackoverflow.com/q/254374/2284570
After all, there are lot of other flag reason : SPAM; hate speech... And this queue should also contain flagged answers. (I think)
@user2284570, flagging a question because it's a tool recommendation is the same thing. That one doesn't need a diamond mod, it goes into a close vote queue where 3k users can vote on it. It's just the queue is huge so they can hang around for ages even if your flag is valid.
Sorry think I misunderstood, you're talking about answers. In that case from memory VLQ can be community deleted from a queue, and 6 spam/offensive flags by different users will automatically delete it even though it doesn't go in a queue for non-mods.
@PeterJ My knew query should contain both flagged question and answers. I never used the word "closed" or "hunt" in this. I just created it for statistic purposes. I don't think it would be efficient for targeting questions as many lines can be closed quickly in one week.
@PeterJ Are you sure you went on the link? That's a different query. It is not the same one as yesterday.
By the way, Does anyone know how do I write the query description?
9:11 AM
@user2284570 when composing a query, there is "edit description" link:
Same when editing existing query
@Oded did you change your avatar?? I can swear it was different not long ago! :)
@ShadowWizard yeah. Needed a higher rez one for the new profile page ;)
how was this flagged as spam/offensive?
Hm, it was a review audit no?
@Oded, looks much better now, I'd always assumed the last one was a police mugshot
@AmalMurali It should have been deleted, but not as spam/offensive
9:21 AM
@PeterJ uh. Thanks?
> Comment: readability fxd
@JanDvorak Maybe the original flag was low quality?
@AmalMurali wouldn't have caused the post to get hidden
by itself, that is
@Oded and @PeterJ sitting in a tree
9:28 AM
As if I would ever do that with a blue gravatar!
@JanDvorak probably a single flag by robo spam-flagger
I suggested to not cause it to hide the post like this, but it was gracefully declined by our very @Oded here ;)
oh, oops. Not declined, Shog was actually against the idea not Oded.
Q: Spam masking is over greedy - please do it only if post received at least 3 spam flags

Shadow WizardRecently there was a change causing the contents of any deleted post that received even one single spam/offensive flag to be hidden, along with all actions. Super-ubber-lock. Final death. We can't flag it and need to go to the revisions to find who posted it. While it's good and welcome for actu...

@Oded can moderators decline specific flag while approving others on the same post? In such case the moderator approving the spam flag on the above post was totally wrong.
@ShadowWizard I don't think so - though there are plans in that direction.
Just a question about the data explorer. In SQL how to do an inner join when 2 columns are common to three tables, and each of those columns is common with only 2 tables?
You do two joins if you have 3 tables. Not sure what you are looking for - can you be more specific, @user2284570?
from posts
INNER JOIN PendingFlags on PendingFlags.PostId = Posts.Id
LEFT OUTER JOIN FlagTypes on FlagTypes.Id = PendingFlags.Id

You can see the syntax incorrect...
9:39 AM
LEFT OUTER JOIN FlagTypes on FlagTypes.Id = PendingFlags.FlagTypeId
One error ^^^ Joining on the wrong field. Also - you need a "SELECT *" to begin with
@Oded of course, this is not my whole query
Can only comment on what I see ;)
Do you have a link to the query (should be on the sidebar, under Revisions)
My problem is PendingFlags.PostId is common to Posts.Id but doen't exist FlagTypes,
FlagTypes.Id is common to PendingFlags.Id but doesn't exist in Posts.

The three tables are linked, but not with a single common column.
I don't know how to do a *JOIN* in that case.
Just give a link to your query :)
@AmalMurali I can't, you can save only queries which have a correct syntax.
9:48 AM
Why would FlagTypes have a actual FlagId???
@user2284570 you can't comment out the part which doesn't work?
Change your LEFT JOIN to what I posted.
Sorry :
TOP ##Limit:int?38369##
Posts.Id as [Post Link], -- Question title.
Count(PendingFlags.PostId) as [Number of pending flags], -- Number of pending flags per questions.
Posts.OwnerUserId as [User Link], -- Let click on the colum to see if the same user ask off-topic questions often.
Reputation as [User Reputation], -- Interesting to see that such questions are sometimes asked by high rep users.
Posts.Score as [Votes], -- Interesting to see that some questions have more than 100 upvotes.
Posts.AnswerCount as [Number of Answers], -- I thought we shouldn't answer on off-topic post.
So it has come to this ...
To what?
9:56 AM
You disappoint me @ShadowWizard ... xkcd.com/1022
@user2284570 - I ensured capitalization of Posts and that the WHERE clause actually used Posts.ClosedDate instead of just ClosedDate. data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/revision/193646/250532
Oh. And the correct outer join to FlagTypes
@Bart ohh, guess I'm still not familiar with the Bartish as much as I though :(
And as usual, Oded for the rescue!
Lunch time, I put too much pepper on the mashed potatoes.
@Oded Sorry I was just stupid : there are several flags per questions : I can't show their reason
I can only show they highest used close vote Type
Well, not with that group by, no.
imagine a serie of numbers : {13 13 13 12 12 12 13 11 11 12 13 10 12 12 11 10 12} which would aplly to ony one line. How i can print the number which is the most present in th serie (12 in the current example)?
This is a similar case of this one: stackoverflow.com/q/2581795/2284570
Excepting I want to do this for each lines
10:16 AM
Are you trying to do this with SQL?
@user2284570 I know that - I didn't know if you were asking help with a different language, so I just wanted to confirm.
@AmalMurali I'm counting the number of flags per question and I also want to print the most used type of flag in an another column (the most frequent value of PendingFlags.FlagTypeId for each question).
@Oded : any ideas?
10:34 AM
hi room
So I came across an old post on stackoverflow that was clearly off topic but is also too old to migrate. Which got me thinking about lots of old, garbage posts with no historical significance that still clutter SO
I started to write a MSE post about it when the related questions popped up this:
Q: How to get attention required to close old posts?

Greg HewgillFor various reasons and in various ways, I sometimes wander around looking for old questions to close. (Think of me as the night janitor.) For example, a related question might come up in the list on the right that happens to be a duplicate of a current post that is also a duplicate. I can go to ...

But I only have 7600 rep on SO
So I can't actually see what's been done, as far as the tag in that question
@durron597 in my opinion there's no point to hunt them down. Let it be, nobody will get hurt from the buried trash
Well, it's more if I happen to come across them for one reason or another
I could vote to close, but why? That just clutters the close vote queue. I don't want to waste a moderator's time
10:39 AM
@durron597 I think that has just been status-completed because we have review queues now. If you vote to close them, they will get pushed into the queue for others to do the same (or not).
You don't waste the time of moderators with voting to close
@Bart Oddly, I flagged the question that started me thinking to migrate (before I read about why we don't migrate old questions)
and the moderator declined me, but did nothing with the question
Q: Adding host name to /etc/hosts in Linux

M99Question: Is there an easy way to add DHCP issued IP address and Hostname of a linux machine in /etc/hosts at System startup automatically? Background: My Linux machine has a hostname in /etc/hostname and it won't resolve to anything when I ping. I manually added my hostname and ip address in /e...

Ah, but you don't need to flag it.
Well, I know that now
I mostly came in here to ask "do people with 10k rep have the ability to close these questions without adding ancient posts to the close queue"
@Bart weird. I wonder why that question was marked then
10:43 AM
I guess because the gist of the proposal has been taken care off with the review queues.
@Bart Oh apparently there is a 10k tools "recent close votes"
Ah yeah, true
Never really look at those on MSE
rarely worth looking at in my experience
It seems like that is the question I should be looking at?
10:50 AM
Only for the deletions @3ventic :)
Though there seems to be disagreement over whether we should be wasting moderator's time with such flags or not
Yeah, I check the recent (un)delete votes and recently (un)deleted on a regular basis
Are closed questions less likely to show up in search?
and/or do they get less relevance naturally?
Meh. Seems like I'm spending a lot of energy on a problem that doesn't exist. Thanks for your help everyone.
11:30 AM
Someone is in real panic
A: Better HTTPS support for Stack Exchange sites

FluorocarbonThe Issues with the NSA I say that this is now a requirement with more and more information from leaks with Edward Snowden. Thing's are not getting better in that aspect, it seems like the more information comes out, the more it is getting worse. An example of this is the NSA wanting to infect ...

Should we calm him down or let him keep being afraid of Agent Smith coming to his doorstep at night?
Oh, him again.
Again? He's new in MSE
With a deleted "make SE HTTPS everywhere for everyone. Now".
I don't recall where, but I voted to close/delete something from him a couple of days ago.
@Oded can you please take a look in this answer and verify if it's correct or not? There is some inconsistency with bounties refund as discussed in comments here. Thanks!
11:44 AM
Yeah, that looks right. Reading the user deletion code shows that the actions for starting and awarding bounties get transferred to Community on deletion. If there is only a bounty start, normal bounty rules apply (ie. will get refunded if not awarded). // @Sha @Martjin
@Oded thanks!
11:59 AM
@Oded: tsk tsk, I'd expect someone with a Dutch surname to be able to spell the ij digraph correctly! :-P
@Martijn My mom is Dutch, the name isn't (or if it is, it came through Brazil and Poland unscathed) ;)
It then most probably came via Surinam (ex Dutch colony in South America). :-)
@Martijn do you also often have people spell your name as Martijin? I've lost count of the times I've been called Stijin...
@Stijn All the time.
As for the pronunciations...
@MartijnPieters how you know Oded's surname? ;)
12:03 PM
Okay, Coster with a C is not wholly dutch.
@ShadowWizard odedcoster.com/blog :)
@ShadowWizard See his user profile..
Coster is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: * Anne Vallayer-Coster (1744-1818), French painter * Charles Coster (1837-1888), American soldier and public official * Charles De Coster (1827-1879), Belgian novelist * Dirk Coster (1889–1950), Dutch physicist * Elizabeth Coster, New Zealand swimmer * Francis Coster (1532-1619), Flemish Jesuit theologian * Laurens Janszoon Coster (c. 1370-c. 1440), Dutch printer * Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (born 1970), Danish actor * Nicolas Coster (born 1934), British-born American actor * Salomon Coster (c. 1620-1659), clockmaker * Stan Coster (...
only two dutch
As opposed to
Koster is the Dutch word for sexton or verger, derived from the Latin custos. Koster is a common surname in the Netherlands, ranking 45th in 2007 (15,898 people). People with the surname "Koster" or "De Koster" include: * Adam de Koster (also spelled de Coster) (1586–1643), Flemish painter * Adrie Koster (b. 1954), Dutch footballer * Bo Koster, US rock musician * Chava Koster, Dutch female rabbi * Chris Koster (b. 1964), American politician from the state of Missouri * Chris Koster, Canadian singer-songwriter * Cornelis H. A. Koster (1943–2013), Dutch computer scientist * Daphne Koster (b....
ohhh, trying to be smart! Let's see...
well nothing right now but changing one letter changes everything many times :)
In Dutch, the C and K are pronounced the same in this case, so you see the variation crop up a lot.
And the Belgian in the Coster surname list can be considered Dutch as well; they speak Dutch in the northern half of Belgium. Or Flemish, as they call the local variation. So that makes 4 names in that list (the theologian is from Mechelen, a Belgian town).
@MartijnPieters - some of the family does spell it with a K
OK, but Oded's origin is neither of those. :D
@Oded what about Hebrew? With a ק I guess?
@ShadowWizard - who knows. Our people travel, as you nkow ;)
12:10 PM
Nope, but I remembered he is half-Dutch. The fact that I misremembered what parent is neither here nor there. :-P
Aye - קוסטר @Sha
@Oded Cool, that's what I thought. כוסטר might be considered offensive, lol!
My surname is much less complicated
Wizard. Simple.
12:13 PM
@Bart so true ;)
^^^ ?
@Oded I see you're on a rampage in MSO, if you can take a look on this one it would be great, curious to know what happened there
Q: Negative deletion votes count

Alma DoI have faced this strange issue: As you can see, I've got expiration alert (red box in the bottom) and confirmation dialog which indicates that I have -4 deletion votes count. I'm not sure how that happened and obviously it's a bug (well, I'm sure that I had remaining votes today, but eve...

do I have a surname on SO...??
(thinking while watching unicorns flying around)
@ShadowWizard yeah, was taking a peek. Looks like he managed more DVs than allotted. Something screwy with the accounting.
12:15 PM
@Oded maybe he's the famous hacker? :D
Not directly, but I can find something with minimal clicks.
@MartijnPieters bulls eye
I never thought someone would even open that
100 unicoins to the first who find my real surname! :P
@ShadowWizard done.
@Oded No fair, you can see the Real Name field!
12:17 PM
He never said not to ;)
@Oded how naive of me! OK, 100 unicoins to the first diamondless user who find the name and post it here ;)
No luck so far, I did find this pic of yours
I think this is the time, where my friendship with a diamond user might have been helpful.
but, I am an active user here, there should be special hints to the users who participate actively in that room.
(I want those unicoins)
12:23 PM
@Bart 100 unicoins for you! Available in the nearest Shadow Wizard Bank of Unicoins
Use them wisely!
The question now is... how did @Bart do it ;)
I can upgrade my smitingstick
Check the access logs @Oded
^^ that's how
@ShadowWizard what is the current unicoin/cupcake exchange rate?
12:26 PM
@Bart but how did you know my first name?
Check your profile
@Bart Ah :)
@Bart checked. The email is yahavbr so how did you know only "yahav" is the first name?
@SPArchaeologist 10 unicoins = 1 pink cupcake. 5 unicoins for any other color.
@ShadowWizard because BR is the newline after the name
Can someone check this user's profile? He's been creating several userless chat rooms for off-topic chat.
12:29 PM
Heard the name Yahav before @ShadowWizard. And the "br" after it seemed out of place.
Why @AmalMurali?
> This user has been automatically suspended for posting inappropriate content and cannot chat for 2 hours 43 minutes.
@Bart good! So now another challenge... find why the "br" and not something like "bu". :D
Yeah, many users in this room flagged messages posted by that user.
@ShadowWizard I cottoned on that Yahav was your first name too. Not that bick a leap.
Not bick at all.
12:31 PM
@ShadowWizard From Braverman
@Bart Well, take a look at the list of rooms :-P
@MartijnPieters good! 100 unicoins for you too :)
Spending those unicoins as if they weren't money!
@AmalMurali the guy is lonely it seems. Ahhhwww
Oh, I lost this one. I'll see you next time guys.
12:32 PM
What's the best thing to do in such cases?
Thanks for playing @DroidDev
Is it possible to flag an entire room for mod attention?
I don't want to code anymore, so regardless of work pending, I am here
and I don't want to code, because
@AmalMurali Just flag anything he wrote.
I want to post a similar meme for but I'd rather not :-P
12:34 PM
A post or something.
@DroidDev eat some chocolate, you'll feel better ;-)
He doesn't have the Unicoins to pay for it @ShadowWizard
@ShadowWizard Just had a coffee
Ah @AmalMurali, don't bother. See the profile. stackoverflow.com/users/1458284/nick
Won't be here for long it seems.
@Bart oh, you just touched a nerve there
12:36 PM
@DroidDev not enough, unless it got at least 3 spoons of sugar
Sugar in your coffee? Are you mad!?!
Programmer need something sweet in his/her blood!
well, from the word programmer
Same way that "no woman no cry", "no sugar no code". ;-)
this is taken from SO itself
12:38 PM
Q: What is your best programmer joke?

hmasonWhen I teach introductory computer science courses, I like to lighten the mood with some humor. Having a sense of fun about the material makes it less frustrating and more memorable, and it's even motivating if the joke requires some technical understanding to 'get it'! I'll start off with a cou...

I bet many want to see this deleted
these questions are best time-pass I ever do, while at work
@ShadowWizard I had motichoor ke ladoo just after lunch
@Bart Unicoins can be mined easily, cheap coffee cost only 1 unicoin ;)
Luckily my coffee here is free. And sugar-less.
@DroidDev yummy! I want one too! :(
@ShadowWizard I guess I found a way to earn some unicoins
12:41 PM
@Bart and coming from a machine?!
Yep, but a good one. Not a vending machine
@ShadowWizard 5 unicoins for one, because, these contains silver leaves on top of them for extra flavour
Sure @DroidDev. That's what I'd say too when I could get the tinfoil off of them
@Bart you spoiled my plan of earning more unicoins from less expenditure on Ladoos.
12:49 PM
But a challenge for @ShadowWizard and @Bart to keep them occupied:
100 unicoins for whomever finds my middle name..
Please tell me it's "Danger"
@DroidDev deal! 15 unicoins transferred to your account! (good thing we have permanent chat transcripts to act as archive ;))
The "let's just guess the most common name" approach @Oded?
Heh. The most common starting with J ;)
12:55 PM
@Oded actually now going to ask Siemens something, brb
Hehe, yeah, still stuck at J though ...
@Bart It's a good guess. It's part of his email address.
I know. Got to that part.
Could still be Julia
@ShadowWizard three unicorns are designated with the task of delivering LADOOS to you. Please ping me when you receive them.
P.S. Don't forget to share.
1:21 PM
@DroidDev question is what is their speed? Do they have proper license? ;)
@ShadowWizard do unicorns need license? I guess this scheme for earning unicoins might end up in customs(or some other) department.
@DroidDev give me a call! 1-800-wizard-wizard :P
@MartijnPieters still looking, but in the meanwhile can you explain what's the story behind this picture?
Just playing around with a colleague that pointed a camera at me.
You'll be a while if you are going to guess at it.
Just to verify, you do have a middle name?
I do have a middle name.
1:30 PM
Hehe, okay. Cause I would be evil enough to make you search for mine.
My parents were not going to give me one, but then I was born on the birth date of my grandfather, who died when my father was 7.
So they changed their minds and gave me a middle name, my grandfathers first name.
@ShadowWizard Going home, it is 7:00 pm in gmt +5:30
will call you from there
@AmalMurali Sorry for insisting but I've made things clearer :
Q: How to count the most frequent CloseReasonTypes per posts?

user2284570I started to compose this query and I find it's difficult to see why the question should be closed. select TOP ##Limit:int?38369## -- The maximum value the hardware can handle. Posts.Id as [Post Link], -- Question title. Count(PendingFlags.PostId) as [Number of pending flags], -- Number...

And I checked, my middle name is listed online, but it'll be hard to follow the trail.
@MartijnPieters 500 unicoins if you bake me one of your cakes!
1:33 PM
That's my wife's work, not mine. :-)
She made even more amazing ones..
@MartijnPieters Don't tempt me :-D
Gah, I hate MEL
I should just pick up Python instead
@user2284570 Does this get you closer to what you are looking for?
1:50 PM
@ShadowWizard ah, actually, I did bake that one.
But you are not my better half; there are strict restrictions on whom I bake for ;-P
@MartijnPieters can't be your better half, but you know, I can always be "the other half" ;)
Anyway, need more unicoins to continue the hunt for your middle name!
Get a room you two

Wizards Den

Place for all wizards to share spells, words, and having fun w...
den, not room :D
Nah, I don't think so, Yahav. :-P
@ShadowWizard What, you spent all your own already?
1:54 PM
@MartijnPieters yep, I'm broken. ;-(
All you need is one additional keyword to search on, apart from my name..
"criminal record" .... no, that's two.
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