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5:20 AM
is there a way to filter tag edits out for review? My current workflow is skip everything until I find a tagedit, but it is suboptimal.
5:58 AM
Wow. Cross Validated has a [heteroscedasticity] tag.
7:09 AM
Is the spam filter turned off on MSE or something? Those spams are getting old...
3 hours later…
10:08 AM
Just finished pummeling Firefox N+1 into shape. This browser is going downhill.
And before you suggest Chrome, I actually briefly tried it - the tabs compress too much when you have lots, which is bad for a tab-hoarder like me.
10:56 AM
I find questions and answers made within a minute by the same author. Wouldn't CW suit that better as opposed to actual questions?
Why? It's perfectly fine to do so. You don't even have to post the answer after the question, you can do so at the same time.
sounds rep-whore activity.
Why? If the resulting Q/A is good, that's fine. If it's not, triage as usual.
Meh. If it's good content, you deserve the rep. If it's bad, you deserve the double punishment. CW wasn't really meant to withhold rep anyway.
that is the whole purpose of the CW
10:58 AM
I think CW is withholding the rep-whoreness.
I know the answer for a lot of questions... why would I put up on SO for reps?
Because it might be unique valuable content for which you could be rewarded?
anyway, I gave -1 for both the last time.
Nothing's wrong with posting good content to SO. If you have interesting Q&A pairs, post'em.
I do not like rep-whores.
11:00 AM
So you don't like good content that can help a bunch of people in the long run?
Community Wiki was never meant to be a reputation-denial mechanism. The team said so when they removed auto-CW.
@Mat: read above, and you will get your answer.
Also, what @Mat said. If it's good, it's good. If it's bad, it's bad. Except you get to vote on two things instead of one.
All you said was you don't like rep-whores. That's fine. I don't either.
the very first question was:
6 mins ago, by Laszlo Papp
I find questions and answers made within a minute by the same author. Wouldn't CW suit that better as opposed to actual questions?
CW != good content is not good!
11:03 AM
So why do they need to be CW?
to avoid being a rep-whore.
If it's crap, it wont garner upvotes. And CW also prevents downvotes from taking full effect.
Bla bla rep-whore bla. Nobody cares. If you get rep off of decent content, you deserve it.
If it's good, it deserves rep from upvotes.
well, guaranteed -1 from me, period.
11:05 AM
"Oh no, someone is getting rep from a post" is not and has never been a reason to convert something to community wiki. (cc @RobertH) If it turns out that the canonical question and the answer are being continuously maintained by multiple people, we can think about flipping the switch. In the meantime, calling people rep whores for posting what is objectively good, well-intentioned, and well-written content is, at best, counterproductive. — Anna Lear ♦ May 6 at 16:50
Newsflash: user posts helpful question and helpful answer, user gets rep.
Way to go @LaszloPapp. For someone complaining about downvotes so much that seems like a strange thing to do to further confuse the system.
@Bart: that is quite a non-worthy comment, given that I gave downvote reason, but yeah, feel free to compare me to crap people, much appreciated!
and fwiw, the dude got 4 downvotes already, thanks to justice :)
@LaszloPapp: the primary purpose of votes is to highlight good content and drown bad content. If you downvote good content just because it was posted by user X, you're not doing the system a favor. You shouldn't judge self-answered questions any differently from normal questions. If it's crap, downvote (& close if appropriate).
@Mat: may I decide how I vote? Will you allow me?
11:11 AM
Sure, then stop complaining about the downvotes you get too.
Absolutely @LaszloPapp. Then again, we may tell you
I just get annoyed here.
some really misinterpret what others are saying.
how this situation is any comparable to my complaints of downvote reason... I have no any clue.
Hah, nah, some just really disagree and voice that.
anyway, others agreed with me apparently, and the posts will go to oblivion luckily.
waiting for the confused meta post at which point I'll have to explain some users just have a bug up their butt
11:19 AM
who cares about your explanation ;) You will be downvoted, too. ;)
Nobody. Doesn't stop me from giving it though.
11:32 AM
oh, myeah, and you are talking about good faith.... when most people do this for rep-whoreness.
double-standard, I am telling you.
12:04 PM
This thing's been hanging on SO for years.
@Louis would it be possible to reformulate it to something on-topic? (voted)
@JanDvorak I really don't think so.
12:17 PM
just flag @Stijn
@Bart ah ok :) will do that
:2035953 how have you noticed them, by the way?
@JanDvorak I had edited that question and I often go back to posts I've edited or closed the next day.
12:49 PM
have no any idea why I get 56 in orange, but 0 suggested edits: imagebin.org/310051
Seems quite crazy.
That indicator is not your personal count of actionable items. It's the global count.
actually, it used to be the suggested edit count.
Q: "posts awaiting review" orange counter is way off

Shadow WizardSimple math: 4 + 1 = 5, not 21. I believe there was a recent change counting all posts one can review (except Close queue of course) instead of only suggested edits, but still... there shouldn't be such a big difference.

seems they changed it lately...
perhaps such system changes should provide a notification with information....
heh, people do not seem to like it.
and strictly speaking, even 56 is a lie because there are 7K+ close vote reviews.
A: Notify users of possible reviews on toolbar

Anna LearAs of a few minutes ago, we are replacing the pending suggested edit count in the top bar with the number of pending reviews for diamond moderators and folks with the "moderation tools" privilege (i.e. 10k users on graduated sites and whatever that level's at on betas): We are excluding the Cl...

"We are excluding the Close Vote queue from this on Stack Overflow" in Anna Lear's answer. Not a bug.
as I already commented underneath, it is a bad feature, and I think we should get notified about system changes like on other sites.
fantastic, another high-rep user changing the original question entirely ... stackoverflow.com/questions/23351188/…
dunno why, but the comment display has been crap in Chromium: imagebin.org/310053
it has been like that for ages.... is it being fixed by any chance? It makes the commenting experience quite unpleasant.
1:18 PM
it is kind of bizarre that I do not get a warning about new tags... e.g. it seems I created a lot of new tags due to typo....
@LaszloPapp they appear in the 10k tools and normally die by themselves or get tidied up fairly quickly
@JonClements: that is not my experience.
most of the people do not check that part of stats, or even stats, that is my impression, and it will not die out while used.
I don't check it that often, when I do it's normally to see if something deserves a wiki entry
@Bart: you are the edit king. It is pretty crappy grammar, so you are welcome to help, stackoverflow.com/questions/23581443/…
if it looks like a typo, I'll generally swap out the tag for the right one, or if it looks like a genuine new one then see if I can do a wiki entry for it
1:24 PM
@JonClements: just noticed a typo I did long ago -> signals -> signal, still there, but now fixed.
Thought there was some rule about plural only ?
no idea, but I do lots of typos, and retagging, too, so guess what...
Err.... you're not going to say something obscene like Unicorns aren't real are you ?
they kinda are not, no. :)
1:43 PM
A: Preventing SQL Injection in dynamical SQL

GunsRefrence from here which is a good explanation on SQL Injection Use prepared statements and parameterized queries. These are SQL statements that are sent to and parsed by the database server separately from any parameters. This way it is impossible for an attacker to inject malicious SQL. You b...

Flag or not flag? (Entirely copy pasted from another answer, but includes a link at the top)
flag, downvote.
nice, I will do that stuff soon, too. :)
Huh, do what stuff?
1:49 PM
delv == delete vote.
hmm, the tag score counter has been broken for a while now
@LaszloPapp in that case, I have no idea what you were talking about
@AmalMurali: I do not yet have the privilege to dv.
What exactly do you mean by "dv"? You have 17K rep on SO, so why can't you?
20K is necessary for delete votes.
1:55 PM
because it's an answer
Oh, right. 10kers can only delete vote on questions. I forgot, sorry.
How to rephrase this to make it more polite?
> You understand this isn't a code writing service, yes? Where is the code you've written that you would like help with?
@AmalMurali I'd start by voting to close
Yeah, but I'm talking about the comment.
2:02 PM
"From the way your question is written, some might mistakenly think you want us to write your code for you, which would be off-topic. I guess you simply want help with your own code, so could you please show us what you've written so far?"
depends on what direction you want to take, the average rude SO "helper" or the rare "polite".
hey everyone !
Questions like this make me cry...
2:10 PM
If I had the impression it was only complete beginners asking that, I might disagree @AmalMurali. But there seems to be a surprising amount of hired "professionals" at a similar level.
@TGMCians Saw the comment. Already CV'd with another reason.
OP asking for "If anyone done like this please post your code for my reference.", I should close the question as off-topic right ?
or just delete vote it as makes.senses.you.no.
2:26 PM
I can't because my reputation score is around 8500
yeah working,but both video view play the one URL i cant understand why its play like this — Rajaji subramanian 53 mins ago
yeah, Ikr, I was just expressing my frustration about crap.
oh okay
2:45 PM
good that Linus Torvalds is not on this site ... at least for newcomers :)
@LaszloPapp Maybe he tried but he got scared away by the first comment on his answer?
@rene: I do not recognize Linus' tone in there :)
@rene Far too little insults in that answer about the programmer's utter stupidity
This one is good, too: lkml.org/lkml/2013/7/15/374
"You have controlled your fear. Now, release
your anger. Only your hatred can destroy me.

Come to the dark side, Sarah. We have cookies."
> There aren't enough swear-words in the English language, so now I'll
have to call you perkeleen vittupää just to express my disgust and
frustration with this crap.
so true
I hope you know what "perkeleen vittupää" means :-P
You might not want to post the translation here @AmalMurali ;)
3:02 PM
^ that
a user who changed the question entirely told me that I should delete my upvoted answer now ^^
that's a worse insult than paamayim nekudotayim
@LaszloPapp My intention was to solve the error which message was stated in the question. Further localizing the issue it showed up that building Qt didn't help. While I thank you for your help, I think you should delete this answer. — danijar 1 min ago
@Bart haha, I am not going to. I found out the meaning from the news article above (at the bottom).
3:03 PM
Roll back @LaszloPapp
I could not care less, @Bart.
I do not waste any more time with that user.
he goes to my virtual trash.
"But, but, the light side has brownies. Pot brownies that will make
everyone feel sleepy and peaceful and possibly hungry. For more pot
The problem with such edits is that after a few months (or maybe years), you may get downvoted for not addressing the problem in the question. So I just the edit back (where appropriate).
yeah, it is bad, but it is more demotivating to deal with such users who do not listen to you when coming to the site, at least for me. I think the main problem is not only low-quality questions because collaborative people will improve it, but crap questions married with crap attitude.
I did several rollbacks in the past, and it just brought in nightmare arguments.
You realize that you are telling a person who tried to help you to remove the correct answer for a question which your original question contained? — Laszlo Papp 12 secs ago
@danijar: You are telling a person who tried to help you to remove the correct answer for a question which your original question contained. Do you think it is all OK from your part? — Laszlo Papp 1 min ago
3:10 PM
Add a "kisses" at the end, and you're fine.
oh, wait, this is a user with 4149 rep, oh, then he can do it :)
3:23 PM
Rolled back to the first revision @LaszloPapp.
all the glories to you
I HATE OPs who disappear after asking a question.
I already know I 'm going now to review audit, of course I will pass
tell me about it ... :)
3:39 PM
Please read How to Ask instead of posting the same question over and over again. — rene 13 secs ago
I guess it's too late for that now @rene
I know.... :) don't tell me I'm not nice to new users....
4:25 PM
Hmm, TIL questions with upvoted answers can get auto-deleted by Community♦
Ehm, that shouldn't happen afaik @AmalMurali
Unless an account deletion was involved
Ah right, this user's account was deleted.
@Bart: I have no idea why Brad Larson deleted the post you rolled back.
What? ... Don't get that either @LaszloPapp
You could try and ping him @LaszloPapp. Would be interesting to know why
perhaps the OP asked for deletion and he accepted it, I do not know.
5:12 PM
@LaszloPapp gone
ok, thanks.
5:56 PM
Someone tries to be helpful stackoverflow.com/questions/23581318/…
But wouldn't this be counter productive?
@rene: flagged both.
@rene: while you are at editing, you could make the image inline.
6:53 PM
I'm back
> You have no more close votes today, come back in 4 hours,
/me going now , bye
Hello, where is the meta stackoverflow chat?
@user2284570 there isn't
7:21 PM
That is now Meta Stack Exchange Chat @user2284570
Looking for something in particular?
7:48 PM
@Bart I just wanted to know why my off-topic flag could have been declined : stackoverflow.com/questions/210122/…
(Questions asking us to recommend or find a tool, library or favorite off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow as they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam. Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it.)
don't know
hahaha I'm in the javascript room and theres another @wes there
@user2284570 the question is obsolete along with answers
@user2284570 I'm not sure why that was declined but I just voted to close that question because in my opinion it IS a question to find a tool....only the moderator that declined your flag can explain why it was declined.
@rene It didn't left any reasons. It just say : declined
That's all.
maybe the flag expired...
8:01 PM
@user2284570 If a mod comes along here he might respond or if you really want to know you could post a question on meta.so.
@Braiam such flags don't expire : meta.stackexchange.com/q/228615/242800
Myeah, don't really get that one either @user2284570
> 40 waiting for review
btw, can we close this? stackoverflow.com/q/23405898/792066
I mean... look at that "1" in the title D:
I know that question....
8:07 PM
@Braiam That's not a duplicate though
I cv as unclear...it already had a dv
stackoverflow.com/q/23493897/2284570 RESULT : declined - It was marked as helpful as it was undergoing review in the Close Votes queue. It still is, and I see no urgent reason to close this right now.
8:54 PM
cdhowie, United States
51.8k 3 82 127
@cdhowie why is your rep still 780? — Артём Царионов Nov 10 '10 at 19:43
umm.. not anymore D:
3 hours later…
11:37 PM
Why are people deleting programming-languages tag?
Q: Remove [programming-languages]

nicaelSince all questions on Stack Overflow are about programming, programming-languages is useless.

ok, fine
I'll approve it
@AaronHall does the question needs to be closed?
Too bad you can't changes your votes...
there's another issues with the post otherwise?
11:41 PM
No, I'm looking at edits.
wasn't aware there was a full-on effort in progress.
I rejected a couple from the same guy
(or I assumed was the same guy) Then I saw a different guy.

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