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2:33 PM
Hey there @PopularDemand
@TheUnhandledException Hi.
mmm... cookies
if you're a twitter fan, follow those guys (twitter.com/littlestormys)
Not a twitter fan :-)
2:47 PM
Ugh, meta-list questions just won't die.
@TheUnhandledException nice :)
I <3 ThinkGeek :-)
argh.. i wrote a big answer to a t-sql question, and the work proxy is failing when i try to post it
probably a SQL injection "protection" :)
2:50 PM
@Fosco Ug
@balpha Haha, you're probably right!!!
@Fosco can you use a web proxy?
going to try posting it with my iPad
can someone edit the formatting to fix my post?
what post?
Q: SQL Server Enterprise Manager - Mass Delete of Tables and Changing Ownership of Tables

TobyI have pretty much no experience with SQL Server's Enterprise Manager so I am not sure if this is even possible (or hopefully laughably simple!) During an import into a database something has happened where each table has duplicated itself with two important differences. The first is that the O...

2:53 PM
will do
thank you kindly
@balpha Good man :-)
be sure to capitalize all the keywords while you're at it. It ain't proper SQL unless your eyes bleed while reading
capitalize is always usefull especially if your query are written in strings
I don't know why people hate that
2:55 PM
scroll scroll scroll code code code scroll scroll scroll AAAAH! EMBEDDED SQL!
SELECT field1, field2, field3 FROM TableName WHERE field1 = 1 AND field2 = 2
is more readable then
Select field1, field2, field3 From table_name Where field1=1 And field2=2
@Shog9 It's hard to tell what's SQL and what's the column field / name in the query
2:57 PM
the column / field names are the ones that don't start with capital letters
Yeah I try to capitalize SQL commands
well i dont name any columns select, from, or, or and, so i dont really have any issues.
I also try to always backtick column names
I'll backtick you!
Of course, if you happen to use an editor that syntax-highlights SQL, it's all irrelevant
2:58 PM
SELECT field1, field2, field3 FROM TableName WHERE field1=1 AND field2=2
query = "select username, password from users where username = '" + uname "' and password = '" + pword + "'
@badp EEEEW!
select field1, field2, field3 from tableName where field1 = 1 and field2 = 2
@Shog9 =}
i do like to start keywords on new lines, depending.
2:59 PM
@Fosco DELETE FROM users WHERE id=150168
@badp Your query should be "SELECT username, password FROM users WHERE username=? AND password=?"
I know, @Shog, who in his right mind would abbreviate password to pword?!
@balpha missed a couple lines at the top =\.. posting from ipad sucks, i wonder why?
query = "select username, password from users where username = '" + "' UNION DO EVIL SQL --" + "' and password = '" + pword + "'
3:00 PM
yeah, you had some really weird whitespace
it was gmailed from the desktop, then copy/pasted on the iPad..
@Fosco you should totally drop that and try jQuery
HAHA, I lost my star for changing from @balpha to @Fosco :-)
@TheUnhandledException You were losing it anyway :P
yeah, that auto-unstar-on-edit thing makes it unnecessarily hard to screw with people
@Shog9 There's no auto-unstar on edit. ;)
3:03 PM
edit again
@badp edit again
there shouldn't be, no
There is not
Well well well... I didn't give y'all enough credit for actually paying attention to edits then!
3:05 PM
ah, DOS... I love to miss you so!
That's great
@balpha thanks for doing that.
Out of curiosity, why do contests hate Quebec?
that other guys answer is definitely over-rated for being just a link&copy/paste of half the solution. though I guess I'm just a whiner.
3:14 PM
Oh, right, lawyers.
badp u from there?
oh wow! Clicking on the notification number on IE9 can wipe all text from messages if you're watching an Excitebike TAS just after having rebuilt VLC's font cache!
@Blankman No, I'm in Italy.
hi guys
@SergioTapia hi Sergio
I really like this channel for some reason :3
So it seems that Minecraft is Officially a Big Deal (tm)
3:30 PM
Not until I can eat Minecraft-Os for breakfast is it a Big Deal
Not until it's, oh, at least 65% off is it a Big Deal.
i don't get what minecraft is
the guy is making $$ though right?
he made over a million already
i think
@Blankman Yah, so much so that paypal froze his account.
@Fosco I heard that about 600k was frozen.
I bought it.. haven't really played it yet though.. some people were talking about it at work.
3:34 PM
Yeah, he's a millionaire.
It's crack in Java form.
It takes around an hour for you to know if you'll like it or not thought, it's not for everyone. If you enjoy plaing games with achievements and handholding you won't like this game
You people have to pay for this Minecraft thing? I figured it was a Flash thing.
its like $9
You can play for free but it's a very old and basic version.
3:35 PM
@PopularDemand here's another example of dynamic sql: stackoverflow.com/questions/3736230/…
The paid version has enemies, actual recipes, and time cycles.
@SergioTapia I enjoy playing monotonous and confusing games. Are you saying I would like this "mine craft"?
@Fosco Thanks.
@Shog9 I don't know anything about it other than what's been discussed in this room today and yesterday, so I have no freakin' clue.
... feature request, a larger "reply" button just for Shog.
@Pops - sorry, lousy "forum scrolls while clicking" thing bit me again
's cool.
3:37 PM
really need to get around to greasemonkeying some keyboard support into this thing
@Shog9 scroll up one pixel!
@Shog9 It's a sandbox game. I haven't played it yet either, but I'll likely end up buying it from what I've heard about it.
@TheUnhandledException But then new messages won't automatically move things up.
yeah, you have to scroll up, slightly, click your button, and then scroll back down again
And the next time you look at chat, it's really quiet. And then ten minutes later, you see "(1843) The Tavern (General..."
3:38 PM
@Shog9 I have no idea, why don't you pirate it and give it a try, if you like it buy it.
It's only 9$
I try to avoid playing games. Addictive personality.
afternoon all :)
There's a really cool retro-style game on Steam right now, it's called VVVVV
@PopularDemand Scroll up, click reply, post reply, scroll back down to read reply :-)
@PopularDemand Oh wait, it scrolls down after you post the reply
@Sekhat Welcome back
hey it's Friday, why hasn't the tavern name changed back to The Tavern Of Insanity (General) ?
Yeesh, doesn't Gaming have its own room, with 80% more Grace Note and tzenes no less?
3:39 PM
@TheUnhandledException Thanks :) Been a few days since I logged in to chat :P
@SergioTapia HAHAHA
Huh,. it got quiet in here after I pressed that button...
3:56 PM
@TheUnhandledException You broke Stack Exchange. I was getting the "offline for maintenance" page, and I wasn't the only one.
No more pressing of buttons for you, young man!
That was too f***ing funny
@SergioTapia DO NOT POST THAT LINK!!!!! EVAR!!!
A: Chat offline pages show Stack Overflow.

The Unhandled ExceptionIt showed For about 2 minutes... not it's showing EDIT: FHC FTW!

What would be the best way to increase my score by 6 points exactly?
It's 66,660 now
@Quassnoi Accept 3 more questions
Need to ask them first I think, it's always not easy for me!
Downvote 4 posts and get an answer upvote
4:01 PM
@Quassnoi Beg for an upvote here and downvote four posts.
@PopularDemand that won't work so well ;-)
You're +4 now
cmon @Quassnoi
Ok, so what are the worst questions?
downvote or fail!
or answers?
4:03 PM
Bah to "sorry, comments must contain at least 15 chars" followed by "you must wait 15 secs before submitting comments" when more chars are added. What is it with comments and the number 15? I smell an Illuminati/Stonemason/[your favorite shadow organization here] conspiracy.
@Quassnoi Screenshot now or never
@badp: done!
@PopularDemand the timeout length is stored in a 4 bit constant
66,666 points! Tonight we will write SQL in hell!
memory is expensive, you know
4:04 PM
@Quassnoi *every night
@balpha Hire elephants, they never forget and they'll work for peanuts.
Headed out, be back later...
Bah, I can't find anymore the question of yours I upvoted and now it's too late to undo it.
enjoy the 10 extra rep ;P
@badp Use your activity tab.
@PopularDemand For upvotes given?
4:12 PM
@badp Sorry, misread what you said. I saw "edited" instead of "upvoted."
Indeed, they don't show there.
My most recenty Activity entry is my second yearling badge :D
Well looky who's old and special.
Q: How To Know The Reason Of Down Vote

maheshDear Stack Overflow Community Sir i am not against Down Vote. I know Down Vote is encourages us to modify your self better but sir for that at least you should know what is the mistake we made. if we know that we have wrong on certain points than we should modify it better and avoid from making ...

"Dear Stack Overflow Community Sir"
what if @rchern was the downvoter?
@balpha I believe he was referring to user # -1.
Who is he addressing, exactly?
4:16 PM
@PopularDemand addressing a two-year-old as "sir"? I don't know...
@GeorgeMarian Referring to an unknown person or group of people as "sir" seems to be a common thing for SO users who aren't native English speakers.
He has a decent command of the English languge, even if he overuses "sir."
Perhaps he's in a military.
Now I'm imagining someone I don't know saluting at their monitor. ;)
@GeorgeMarian I used to work in a doctor's office, where it was common to refer to all patients -- well, the men, anyways -- as "sir."
One time, an otherwise quiet guy completely flew off the handle at us when we said that, yelling about how "my military rank was sergeant, you do not call me 'sir'!"
4:26 PM
@PopularDemand Yeah, I understand that. It's all about being formal. However, some of the uses of sir in that post are awkward. Like a non-military person trying to call an police officer "sir."
Well, non-military or someone that isn't in the habit of using "sir."
@GeorgeMarian No question, although I'm not sure what's awkward about that particular example.
@PopularDemand lol
I wonder if it's some archaic holdover in English classes they teach over "there," where I'm not really sure where "there" is.
@PopularDemand About using it when speaking w/ a police officer? It's not awkward itself, if you are using to using the term. Otherwise, it may come off as trying to butter him up. That wouldn't matter if it was just a normal conversation, but it may be wise to use "officer" instead if you've been pulled over or something of that nature.
@PopularDemand British English, so "there" being anywhere but the Americas. :)
yessir, nossir, verygoodsir!
4:33 PM
@GeorgeMarian That's from a tip for dealing w/ speeding tickets. Unless you use the word "sir" regularly (e.g. you are/were in the military) call them "officer" in order to show your respect.
The specific user in question lists India as his location; I regret editing out all those "Hello Sirs" and similar salutations now, it'd be interesting to see if it's an Indian education phenomenon.
The reasoning being that most people don't issue a crisp "sir" and it sounds bad.
@GeorgeMarian Interesting, I was under the impression that it was the other way 'round.
@PopularDemand if it is, there are a shitload of poorly-educated Indians around
@PopularDemand If you can say it correctly, it should be fine. If you don't, it could be worse. Hence, the suggestion to use "officer" instead.
It's an issue of the subtlety of human communication.
I wonder what I did with my short keyboard...
4:37 PM
@GeorgeMarian Short keyboard?
@PopularDemand Yah, I had a sorta compact one w/o the 10-key and all that on the right.
Online review of Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen:
> this book weighs way too much and keeps me from spending time with my new wife. However, it is a fabulous book for what it actually is.
Gah, who changed the room name? Chacha's not even here!
Yah, wtf? That's rather lame name, IMO.
4:45 PM
@GeorgeMarian Great, thanks, way to encourage whoever it was to speak up.
@PopularDemand LOL Fair enough. I was hoping to encourage them to change it back.
I kinda like it
Better then Always Friday in Iceland
This room has a distinct lack of Fridayness.
Oh snap, it's the diamonds! Run!
4:49 PM
Broken image on that last one?
We have arrived.
To bring order and peace to this here room
@GeorgeMarian Read that site name as Ergo No Mickey Boards the first time.
@mmyers Quick. Hide the ray gun and lighsabres
@mmyers lol
waves hand These aren't the diamonds you're looking for.
4:50 PM
@mmyers What is "Disney and HP had a falling-out over licensing terms"?
Anyways, clickey here for a very interesting ergonomic keyboard (the first one in the list, at a whopping $290): ergonomickeyboards.com/product_index.php?product_category_id=18
Gah, the Mickey Boards site is blocked. Can't imagine why.
@mmyers Really? WTF? Maybe they don't want you putting in reqs for pricey keyboards. ;)
@GeorgeMarian Looks like they buy cheap keyboards, break them into three pieces, throw some duct tape on and sell at a significant markup.
4:52 PM
I only wish I'd thought of it first....
Why is this question tagged as a Friday question?
Q: Do @replies to deleted comments work, too?

Tobias KienzlerSay user A posts a comment, B replies harsh to it. A deletes the comment and C decides from B's reply that A deserves better and replies @A. Will A be notified? If this is an open question: I need two volunteers, one (A) to post a comment to which I (B) will reply which (s)he then will delete. T...

@TheUnhandledException Peolple are going to think you have, like a crush on me or something soon.
@PopularDemand Someone figured it would bug you?
@GeorgeMarian Shog! What'd you do that for?
@PopularDemand Cause the question makes no sense and someone wanted a Friday joke
@PopularDemand But I like @GeorgeMarian's explanation better.
Please, I could do better with one of my frontal lobes tied behind my back.
4:59 PM
@PopularDemand That would be true
Hmmm...maybe I should've put the gf's monitor on the left, seeing as it's dedicated to chat. Then again, it will have to be moved to her desk soon enough.
Gradient Selection
HTML Spell Checker
Productivity Power Tools
Spell Checker
@Diago Thanks :)
@Fosco Took a while. But finally got a round to making the list. To lazy to blog about it yet.
Just emailed it to myself to check later
5:01 PM
@Fosco Althought Fix Mixed Tabs and Format is just overkill with PowerCommands.
What is Product ivy Power Tools?
@LasseVKarlsen Productivity. My email spell checker went a bit crazy on that one
@PopularDemand I see what you mean. Boring :\
@LasseVKarlsen Ah, product ivy. Slowly creeps up the side of your software and eventually chokes the life right out of your system. That's why your computer always seems to get slower over time, you know.
@PopularDemand Or you decide to upgrade an OS instead of re-installing like a real geek :) duck
@Diago Laziness > geekiness in this case. Once I do a full, proper backup, I'll do a clean install.
5:11 PM
Now, this is an ergonomic keyboard: ;)
@PopularDemand Fairy snuff
I wish I had space for a proper desk, it's killing my back to keep using my laptop on a coffee table.
@Diago Gonna blame that one on your spellchecker too?
@PopularDemand Do I even want to ask?
@PopularDemand No. That I blame on an ex-gf :P
@Diago What's confusing? I have a very small apartment, there's no room for a desk. So I sit on my couch whenever I have to use my computer, hunched over a coffee table.
@GeorgeMarian The only keyboard I ever need to own
@PopularDemand That makes sense. I am assuming your at work right now thought? Or am I missing a timezone?
5:16 PM
@Diago heh. I think I'm going to buy this one eventually:
A: How To Know The Reason Of Down Vote

EtherI took a quick look through your questions and here are some things I saw, which may have contributed to some downvotes (as others have said, without comments one cannot know for sure what the exact reason was in each circumstance): poor grammar and spelling. This is not Twitter or Facebook; we...

Way to ignore @Ether's advice, OP.
It's short and it splits, though the separate 10-key is almost half the cost of the keyboard. =/
@GeorgeMarian Good luck. My search is over. I have found the keyboard I have been looking for.
@Diago You are correct, sir.
@PopularDemand Language barrier would be an understatement
5:18 PM
@Diago A mac book pro is on my wishlist as well.
@GeorgeMarian I got my new one on Monday :) It's was worth the wait. I am now PC free. On my side of the study anyway
Nice. It's going to be a long wait for me. I have a ton of other necessary items in the queue.
@GeorgeMarian I upgraded from my MacBook 3.1. After 3 years it was time for a new one. So I got the 15" MacBook Pro 6.1 i7. It has been everything I expected and more.
@Diago How much did it run you, if you don't mind my asking?
@GeorgeMarian Around $3000.00 each. Converted. (Missed a zero in my conversion)
5:23 PM
@Diago Yah, I figured as much. :)
No way a new mac book could cost you only $300
@GeorgeMarian In fact I paid $ 800.00 more then what it is in the US. I hate living in a 3rd world country.
@Diago Oh man, that blows. Because of the conversion or shipping?
@GeorgeMarian Import. We have local suppliers.
@Diago At those prices, you'd be better off getting a foreign friend to buy one and ship it to you.
... in a bubble-wrap-lined lead box for protection.
@PopularDemand Yeah. If I waited one of the company buyers could have picked me one up in the States on their next trip.
I had to buy 2.
5:33 PM
Argh, Welbog^H^H^H^H^H^HToronto edit-blocked me.
any ever did a setup for a svn server ?
@Diago What was the rush?
I'm an impulse buyer, there's no way I'd wait for someone to take a trip.
I know, I know.. you didn't ask me.
Yeck, not a quality day in Meta land.
Rebootin' time.
6:03 PM
do JSDoc annotations actually impact code?... i.e. @private, @protected
> to learn better english it will take a long time and which i don't have that means this meta stackoverflow is not for me. in my world every person is respectful and i am not going to leave this good habbit to address someone as sir so it's better to leave this meta stackoverflow.
anybody wanna tell him that Ether is a woman?
that's actually a myth
"Do u Really know the stackoverflow?" - mahesh
@Shog9 says who?
6:11 PM
A: What can StackOverflow do to persuade female programmers to participate more?

EtherHow do you know they aren't participating? A huge number of SO users don't use their real names, so you actually have no idea. Why don't we see more women on SO? I think mostly because there are so few programmers. In my university computer science classes, I think they were about 10% female. W...

@Shog9 What's a myth? JSDoc or Ether?
Aether (also Æthere, ), in Greek mythology, is one of the Protogenoi, the first-born elemental gods. He is the personification of the upper sky, space, and heaven, and is the elemental god of the "Bright, Glowing, Upper Air." He is the pure upper air that the gods breathe, as opposed to the normal air (Ἀήρ, aer) mortals breathe. In Hesiod's Theogony, he was the son of Erebus and Nyx and brother of Hemera. Both were noted in passing in Cicero's De Natura deorum, but Hyginus mentioned Chaos as his parent. The aether was also known as Zeus' defensive wall, the bound that locked Tartarus fro...
now who do you believe more, wikipedia or meta.SO?
@mmyers Yes.
@balpha which do I believe less? Tough call...
6:13 PM
@Shog9 Only one of them publicly allows "<sub>Disclaimer: I've been drinking.</sub>"
oh, that's allowed on both. on the other one, it's just called [citation-needed]
Maybe Mahesh has a Marcie complex.
@mmyers A what now?
Never mind.
Marcie is a bespectacled fictional character featured in Charles M. Schulz's comic strip Peanuts. She serves as comedic foil and best friend to tomboy Peppermint Patty, plays a supporting role in some of Snoopy's heroic fantasies, and displays a romantic interest in Charlie Brown, who seems to love her back. Appearance Marcie is one of the few bespectacled characters in the strip. She has dark brown chin-length hair and she usually wears a t-shirt and shorts, like Peppermint Patty. She and Peppermint Patty were the only girls in the strip to wear a t-shirt and shorts (although the gir...
6:28 PM
@PopularDemand, have you noticed that you bump the meme question quite a lot?
@mmyers Yep.
How about if you save up the changes for, say a month at a time
and then don't post them.
/me wanders off to add "Mmyers is a crotchety old man" to the meme list
LOL WTF? :-) Just returned from lunch to see:
1 hour ago, by Diago
@TheUnhandledException Peolple are going to think you have, like a crush on me or something soon.
And then @Diago ducks out of here before he can explain himself, LOL
6:37 PM
Well, Peolple does sound kinda greek...
@Shog9 ?
Don't it?
oi.. the afternoon crash is upon me
Peolple from Pseudopolis
i should probably eat something
coffee might be getting the better of me
@Shog9 You spelled "Pseudopoles" wrong.
6:40 PM
@PopularDemand You spelled 'You spelled "Pseudopolis" wrong.' wrong.
You spelled Pedophiles wrong
@balpha Not referring to the city.
@Fosco this is why I usually don't leave Ankh.
stuffy nob
@Fosco ROFLMAO I read it that way too at first
I thought I wandered into very much the wrong room!!!
6:43 PM
@TheUnhandledException No, you're right, this is The Tavern.
@PopularDemand Whew. Just wanted to make sure
And just so everyone's aware, I stay in rooms when I go AFK. Check my "About me" to see if I'm really here or not:
A: Individual Status field for chat

The Unhandled ExceptionIn the absence of such a "status" feature I am using the "about me" field on my chat profile to indicate my status. So if you're trying to send me things or if you're going to post love notes to me, before getting offended that I don't respond, check my info box to see if I'm away:

@TheUnhandledException I just go by the opacity of the gravatar in the user list..
@TheUnhandledException the problem with "I like to stay in my rooms all the time so that people feel invited and are more likely to come in and chat." is that your icon gets lightened after some inactivity, so people know whether there's actual conversation taking place.
@Fosco But that could mean "here, waiting for something interesting to happen"
@PopularDemand Right. But I'm still there and might talk if others enter
As opposed to no icon, no response at all
If you're gonna sit in the room just to make folks feel welcome, you owe it to them to also post something periodically
even if it's just "HAI!"
6:50 PM
@Shog9 Yeah, I've been trying to post something at least once or twice a day
This week has been very, very busy
So I've not been a good host recently
hi! HI! HAI!!
(d'ya feel welcome yet?)
what's HE doing back?!
isn't it like 5AM over in Engle Land?
Nearly 8pm, but close.
8PM, 5AM, what's the difference of 9 hours or so?
6:56 PM
@TheUnhandledException About nine hours.
oh, right, GMT - 7
hum. Bolding a dash doesn't do much.
GMT - 7 non-bold
GMT - 7 bold
JST+0, actually

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