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4:06 PM
"Closed as too Shoggy and not enough Popular Demand"?
@AndyEshead That's great :-)
Evening all :-)
@AndyEshead Evening? Where? I don't see it!
@Pop: keep looking, it'll turn up eventually
4:10 PM
Whatever you say, Mr. Eshead.
@AndyE'shead does your body have a sockpuppet account?
Andy E's Body
@Josh: nah, it doesn't know the first thing about programming.
@AndyEshead well all the better -- it can ask the questions and you can answer them! ;-)
I've invented a new phrase:
4:14 PM
uh oh
A: What's an "answer" in Stack Overflow culture?

Popular DemandWelcome to Meta, Peter! It's perfectly normal to have <100% accept rate. There are, to oversimplify a bit, two cases here: the first is you, based on this question and your SO profile; the second is the guy who asks dozens of questions — often low-quality — and maintains a 0% acc...

@Josh lol
Really I just cribbed off the old phrase.
not long to home time, and I give up on getting WCF streaming to work for today.
I'm just going to smoke my last 15 minutes away.
@PopularDemand I like it
@Sekhat You've come to the right place ;-)
4:16 PM
So @Fosco even though you left, here's your new contest: come up with a better term than "Accept Rate Police."
@Josh I meant literally :P I've been hovering in chat all day :P
@Sekhat HAHA
@Sekhat Have a good one!
@PopularDemand I can't keep track of all the sub cultures anymore. I think I'll just keep on sitting on my throne and ignoring all the politics :P
@Diago They gave you a throne !? I didn't even qualify for a t-shirt!
I guess I did get the stickers eventually, but not for Meta, which is the one I really deserve (insofar as you can apply the word deserve to anything Meta).
@PopularDemand Blue / Black : Blue / Black. You don't want to know what else I got apart from the stickers and T-Shirt.
I have one Meta sticker I still haven't used
And a How To Geek one that is on my MacBook. Which is being replaced shortly and I have stickers ready for the new one.
4:19 PM
Mmm, hot geeks. There's a gas station near me that, for whatever reason, always has an oxymoron on display under its price list.
I have no S[OFUM] swag and it makes me very sad, very sad indeed
@Josh Being one page 1 or being a moderator has got it's advantages every so often.
@Diago I don't follow "Blue / Black : Blue / Black" though... help?
@Diago I don't know how you guys do it! I am so far away from that :-)
I had a student give me a page that had been copied directly from wikipedia today. And by copied directly I mean with links and citations intact...
4:21 PM
@Josh There is also the SU competition where you can win some cool stuff. Disclaimer: I am one of the judges :P
@PopularDemand Sidebar? Name color? :)
@Diago Yeah I looked at that and man, I am far from those prizes too :-)
@PopularDemand Oh sweet, thanks!
@DanielBingham As, what, his homework?
@Josh Just ask a good question. That's all you need.
4:22 PM
Hmmm... One box has been dodgy lately. Need to speak to @balpha about that
it was a presentation, and they were supposed to give me a paragraph - 4 -5 sentences
I'd told them they were allowed to research on wikipedia - but explicitly said to write it in their own words
@Diago ?
@DanielBingham Well, it is Wikipedia... perhaps he wrote that article, citations and all, and was showing off that it was considered good enough to be posted on Wikipedia!
true that, maybe I should check the edits
@balpha Didn't notice you were here. Is the following link meant to onebox?
4:23 PM
@Diago Not just a good question, a better question than most other questions :-)
@Josh Have you seen the winning question?
Q: Super Contest Winners: Week 1

Jeff AtwoodThis post is to document the week 1 winners of the Super User Super Contest, for the week ending Monday, August 30. Congratulations to our winners this week! Best rookie performance by KronoS Highest reputation produced by digitxp Best meta post: Is there any point answering questions t...

@Diago no
No, blog posts don't onebox.
I suppose I'll add it to the list.
Unless, @balpha, it's [status-declined]?
@balpha Aah. I thought they did for some strange reason. Ignore that. As you were :) Being productive and god-like :)
@Diago LOL! I saw and voted on/commented on that question, but didn't know it was a winner
4:25 PM
@PopularDemand no, sure, add it to the list
@Josh Was also the hottest question interestingly enough
There's an answer to the winners announcement? Easiest 70 rep he ever earned.
@PopularDemand Just sorry he didn't get it hey?
Nice, that makes victory #2 from SO for systempuntoout
after stackprinter
@PopularDemand I take it back, I didn't notice it was MSU instead of SU.
@balpha Actually it's already on the list courtesy of @badp; upvoted, even.
A: What sites should have hyperlinking (onebox) support in chat?

badpStackOverflow (and only SO's) blog posts. For example: http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2010/08/new-tag-info-pages/ Useful when talking about recently announced happenings.

4:28 PM
@Josh I have no clue how I made the front page of Meta.... But I dropped off recently. As for SU, I haven't posted an answer or question in about 6 months to be honest. Moderators don't seem to get much votes.
I wonder if he truly meant to say "and only SO's" though... @badp?
I should maybe start answering questions properly on Meta and stop being sarcastic.
@PopularDemand *trilogy
What's this stackexchange everyone keeps talking about? Is it something you can eat?
4:30 PM
(I know what you meant, it just looked odd.)
@Diago Waffle trading website.
Jeff doesn't yet have a gold badge in status-bydesign? Fail!
@PopularDemand Ooooh. We have a waffle trading website? Can I use unicorns to trade with?
yesterday, by Shog9
@Diago No. Used to be able to, but PETA got involved.
@PopularDemand Darn it. Those PETA people always raining on our unicorn parade.
4:32 PM
StackExchange is where you exchange(d) waffles for unicorns.
Why do ISP`s offer uncapped and then throttle the hell out of you? Seriously? I need to move to another country
@badp Link
@badp Actually your not far off. I hit 100GB's one month and they cut my 4MB line down to 384K. No sense of humour whatsoever
Not Programming Related is at 100% last chance to commit !
@Diago Avoid the US, same issue here.
@HoLyVieRaspx Excellent, looking forward to checking my e-mail when I get home tonight!
4:35 PM
@Diago That's a shame! Moderators deserve rep just like the rest of us!
but... you've already unlocked everything and then some more!
Speaking of unlocking -- is it me or people is kind of scared when upvoting somebody who has 999 rep or 1,999 or 9,999 rep?
@Josh They do. We are also human beings. Working hard to provide answers. Also, if I don't like your answers getting more votes then mine, what am I going to do, destroy your account or something?
@badp I haven't unlocked anything.
@Diago Well +1 for
A: Is there a way to install Windows within itself into another drive?

DiagoYes You can use as first price: Windows 7 XP Mode. Alternatively you can look at running Windows XP in a virtual machine using software like Virtual PC, VMWare, or VirtualBox. XP Mode is the nicest since it integrates straight into your desktop on Windows 7. However you need a fairly high spec ...

Well, the community unlocked it for you
@Josh Appreciated. I hate it when I provide technically correct answers and people change the question.
4:39 PM
@Diago Likewise!
@badp In my case true. I did get voted for.
@Diago also +1 for
A: Is it possible to create Portable VM?

DiagoNo Because virtual machines requires software that simulates and interacts with the host machine, and for networking for example needs to install drivers on the host, a version that will run off a pen drive for example is a long way off still. The biggest limitation is the integration into the ...

Q: Has anyone out there tried to stop gaining rep so as to not surpass 10k?

Popular DemandI recently discovered, or possibly rediscovered, that all deleted items are "forced-visible to all 10k users all the time." I never considered rep gain to be something with a downside before, especially because there's no way to directly message a non-diamond 10k user to ask for something to be ...

I do that -- I have a SD card with a VMware Vm on it
@Diago Have you seen SD cards fail, or just pendrives?
Doublechecking: Do you agree with Xaverjazz on this answer?
A: "Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification Service service"

badpI did nothing to cause the issue and nothing was required to be done to fix the error. Just after I posted this question, I tried rebooted the system again and this time it logged me in just fine. I'm sorry, Googlers, I'm as stumped as you are.

4:40 PM
I may want to rethink this solution I've been using :-)
> This is not an answer, rather a comment or an edit to your question. I suggest you change it.
I'm sorry, did I wander into the Super User room?
@PopularDemand LOL you're right, sorry :-)
@Josh, careful you don't upvote him too much, or you'll hit the tactical voting cap.
@PopularDemand Yeah I only did those two, and because they were good answers :-)
4:42 PM
Also (as I said in a comment) this is probably the best MSO title ever:
Q: I was told there'd be no math

NosrednaA few times I've started to type a question in SO that was pure math or physics or statistics or finance, and then bailed out. I've seen a couple simple math questions get closed (or at least get close votes or complaints) for not being programming related. Obviously, the relationship between ma...

@Josh I don't use SD card much, but the newer models seem quite fast.
> Now we can get the SO family behaving like real live tech support. Ask "I have a math problem I'm trying to code." on SO and get closed and referred to math. Ask it on math and get closed and referred to SO. Ask it on SO and get closed and referred to math. Ask it on math and get closed and referred to SO.Ask it on SO and get closed and referred to math. [...] Ask it on math and get closed and referred... – Jim Leonardo yesterday
@Diago HA I just asked that in the SuperUser room to avoid upsetting @PopularDemand :-)
@Josh Yeah. Switching rooms are going to be a pain tonight
@Josh I was only kidding.
4:45 PM
@PopularDemand hehe ok cool :-)
@PopularDemand I actually agree with you. The Tavern is no place for business talk. It takes up drinking time.
But, the internet is serious business!
And Geoff to the rescue once again
A: Meta Flair #fail

Geoff DalgasThis will be resolved after we deploy tonight.

I get scared when I see them say it will be deployed tonight :]
I wish there was a close option of "Retarded"
4:51 PM
@PopularDemand Why did you delete your answer?
Hm. I just answered an old question and immediately realized that the OP was using a word in a different sense than I interpreted it.
@Diago ... wow, I can't believe you noticed that, much less asked about it while I was already typing the answer.
Headed to lunch. Be back shortly!
@PopularDemand Great minds. I was going to up-vote the answer
I realized that she wanted virtual tabs like the ones that change between active, featured, hot, &c.
Not just a listing of site stats in tabs.
Dinner Time
4:53 PM
But I see that the bump stays on the main page even after the cause of the bump is deleted.
Has that been discussed before?
It sounds familiar.
... also, did @nosredna and @jjnguy get coupons from the same photographer, or what?
@PopularDemand Have you ever looked at @nosredna's blog?
@Diago No... is she famous or something?
And that was some quick dinner.
@PopularDemand Have a read off the latest entry and you decide
Actually I am still eating
@Diago Alright, but don't hold your breath; not going while at work.
Anyone else watching the Stevenote ATM?
5:01 PM
@PopularDemand Fair enough. But worth looking at.
@Diago I put it on my list.
@LessPopMoreFizz The Apple Keynote? Can't get it loaded.
What would I do without Gmail?
(A: Kill a lot more trees.)
@Diago Supposedly only works in Safari 5 /Snow Leopard for some reason
but the stream itself is remarkably smooth atm.
@LessPopMoreFizz Exactly what I am running :P
5:03 PM
DUnno then.
working great for me.
But I live in the wrong country for it to work.
aaaah, that'll do it.
He's showing off stores in London/Shanghai/Paris atm
Which site normally does the live blog?
is the Big One
5:05 PM
Aaah mac nerds...
@LessPop_MoreFizz I have got to stop having this open during the workday.
@PopularDemand why's that? too distracting?
HDR on iPhone cameras is a gimmick, but it's an amazingly fun gimmick.
iPhones are a gimmick
@ArenB but an amazingly fun gimmick!
5:21 PM
@ArenB In small part; it's more that people post NSFW (not blatantly, but why deal with even borderline cases when you don't have to) images, oneboxed videos/XKCDs, &c.
See also
Q: Provide the option to hide funny CAPTCHA images

user142287I'm at work, and I work in one of those "open concept" offices. I'm the only IT person in here. I really don't want people to think I'm watching Flight of the Conchords when I'm just trying to edit a question a few times.

5:31 PM
er, woops
I see what you mean
6:00 PM
Q: Naming convention for database change scripts?

Joe PhilllipsI plan on using a "base script" for my initial database version 1.0.0 but after that I will require change scripts which "upgrade" the database to newer versions. I'm not sure how to name these scripts in my repository. I was envisioning something along the lines of: Baseline-6.0.0.sql Patch-6...

Do people really not know what flags are for, or do they flag things just to irritate others?
Do you mean the flag in chat? or the flags on SO?
Random awesome question of the now:
Q: Who is the hot lady in the ads for IssueTrak on SF?

Who is the hot lady in the ads for IssueTrak on SF?

@devinb Both
I flagged Fosco's comment.
6:08 PM
@devinb Fairy snuff. I was going through another list at the time of posting it :P
@Diago I asked that question yesterday. Never got a good answer.
In general, people flag stuff whenever they're annoyed by it.
"This guy is annoying. He's spamming up my internets."
They use offensive when they're bothered.
"This guy wants to monitor his employees! That's offensive!"
I flag comments that ask for vote explanations. They don't really bother me, I just think they're unhealthy.
that is just the people who think once before flagging. This ignores the people who flag every time thye disagree.
Yep, too much bad flagging going on.
6:10 PM
@Shog apparently my comments "(-1) for the reasons in my answer" were all flagged.
so Jatwood deleted them.
@devinb Oh, right - I also flag comments that give vote explanations. For the same reason.
like that?
except with a 'flagging' motion and not a 'yelling' motion?
No. I don't comment on my flags. Or vote on my comments. Or comment on my votes. Or flag on my comments. Or toast on my jelly.
A: Should moderators be able to see who flags an item?

TroggyI am a bit new to the mod status, but here is my take: I am fine with the way it is currently. I don't mind looking through flags and seeing what people are having problems with. Mods are there for the edge cases and usage issues. I will go in and read the comment trails and find out what the ...

I rarely flag my own comments. Except when I'm really offended by what I said.
6:12 PM
I'm pretty sure Jeff has said this too.
said what too?
Darn it. Now I am going to be refreshing my browser every 10 minutes till the iTunes 10 download is available. I hate you Steve Jobs!
What's an iTunes 10?
I thought they were on version 8
Wait a second, somebody actually likes iTunes?
6:14 PM
@badp You would be surprised.
@badp Diago's drunk.
@Shog9 "Too many flags" is [status-not-an-issue]
I hate having to download an app, just to download MP3s.
@devinb For once I am not :P
Q: Media purchase and download website that doesn't use proprietary software

Lance RobertsThe thing I hate about Itunes is that you have to use proprietary software. What website can you buy the same (mostly) commercial music, and just download mp3's or whatever through a web browser?

6:15 PM
I thought iTunes was the necessary evil iOS-powered device owners more-or-less begrudgingly submitted themselves to, in the (long) wait for the OSS stacks to support those as well :P
@Diago, you're much less boisterous than usual
@devinb Cause I ran out of alcohol. And I have had a very long day.
@badp Why would you pay a premium for a device only to void your warranty by replacing the software that makes it unique?
@Shog9 That's a meaning of "unique" and "premium" I wasn't previously aware of
If nothing else, "must have iTunes (and an iTunes compatible OS)" is a reason against these devices
@badp not an apple fan I take it?
6:20 PM
Not an iTunes fan
I'm not an i* owner so I can't judge
but I have had iTunes installed, so I can judge on it
"Please give us your credit card number so we can fetch you album art" -- wtf?!
@badp Thankfully, in my world everyone is allowed choice and opinions. The day my Apple devices stop working as advertise, is the day I would remotely consider using something else. :)
@Diago, thank you for treating me as an (anti-)fanboi just after I said I'm not judging what I haven't used or owned
heh... I last had iTunes installed when Napster relaunched as a paid service
So i installed the Napster client, and the iTunes client, and bought a few songs
@badp Not intended in that way at all :)
What the... how is this an MSO question?
Q: How old are you, and how old were you when you started coding?

Closed. Yes, this is an interesting question, but there is now over 1200 answers (41 pages). In terms of data (since this is tagged as "research"), there is nothing to gain from having this question remain open (there should be more than any interesting metrics to be retrieved from this many answ...

6:23 PM
Migrate to not programming related, quick!
@badp Plus one.
@PopularDemand weird. No wonder folks started abusing the "migrate" close reasons, when Jeff himself was doing it...
I love how the question says 'closed' at the top when it isn't
@Pop, because it wasn't an SO question.
I got flagged? :(
6:25 PM
@PopularDemand Except you can't migrate to betas
Quick, someone go to A51 and propose "Trash Can," the site that all other SE sites can use as a dumping ground for unwanted questions.
Spam Exchange
@Fosco LOL
@PopularDemand SU already exists.
I hope @Diago didn't hear that ;-)
6:28 PM
@Shog9 Don't make me come over there and beat you with a Trash Can :P
poor SuperUser don't get no respect!
@Josh Too late. He heard.
@Diago you know it's true ;-)
@Diago Maybe I shouldn't have put an @ sign in front of your name, HAHA
@Shog9 I am not drunk enough to respond to that yet.
6:31 PM
I tried to get into SuperUser, but there's nobody good on that site...
kidding! :)
@Diago Well this is the tavern
that should help!
That can be none other than a fat tire
@JoePhillips It looks like it. I like Fat Tire.
@Josh Thanks
I brewed some Phat Tyre a couple weeks ago
6:33 PM
Man, you all want to be hunted down by @Diago, is that it? It's not like he has any reason to stay at home, with the strike and all.
@Shog9 @Fosco Keep it up. I will remember this one day. When I am all important somewhere on the internet :P
@PopularDemand I knew I would get your support.
@Diago Everyone says that when they're unimportant. Important people have bigger problems...
Does anyone get annoyed with recruiters who keep requesting things from you but fail to actually provide information about jobs/etc?
"Please call me back so I can talk about some job opportunities in the area" -- why don't they just email me the damn opportunity info?
@JoePhillips Some people would be happy to have any contact with recruiters.
@JoePhillips Commission.
@JoePhillips Don't get me started on recruiters. How most of them can keep their jobs is beyond me. Recently I spoke to one who made a statement about the "shell" being my preferred flavor of Linux.
6:39 PM
They wont leave me alone :|
@George Haha... seriously? The shell?
@JoePhillips You get used to that. They want to speak to you directly and now show their cards. Not to mention that they send out lots of those emails, so keeping it short is probably a good idea.
@JoePhillips Yup. I was saying that I preferred working in a shell, to which he replied: "Oh, that's your favorite flavor of Linux?"
@JoePhillips The only recruiters I've ever gotten calls from weren't in my area. Or even close to it.
@GeorgeMarian Brilliant.
@GeorgeMarian You should've said yes, just to find out what kind of results he got you.
@Shog9 I've had a few from my area. It seems they all are working for industrial manufacturers of some sort though... I don't really feel like getting into that kind of work
6:43 PM
He seemed like a nice guy. We even spoke a bit about one of the famous local concert venues. So, he was interested in finding out a bit more about me as a person. But, he fell short in my book on the aspect of tech recruiting.
@PopularDemand LOL I just bit my tongue. The only thing that came to mind in the moment was WTF?!?!? :D
A: Stack Overflow and GotW: what happened with this?

Herb SutterWhat James said. The answers to my original question made it clear that there was definitely interest, but also there was definitely some impedance mismatch between GotW and SO. One mismatch was that most GotWs consist of multiple questions that lead into each other, which is an effective tutori...

Herb Sutter considers a GotW.stackexchange.com
@GeorgeMarian Apologies for the trauma.
Random thought: has anyone made a stained glass window of the Windows logo?
Would you commit to a GotW Q&A site? (look into the moustache. Look deeply into the moustache...)
@PopularDemand That would actually be pretty cool.
6:45 PM
here, have a model to work on
@badp Broken image on my end.
I'm off for now. I have to go look for an apt as our original plans fell through. :(
@PopularDemand freakingnews.com/Gates-Glass-Window-Pictures-51271.asp If you want mirroring through dropbox, ask.
6:46 PM
@GeorgeMarian Good luck!
Thanks. I can't wait till I'm actually, finally done moving. :)
bbl dinner
later @badp
@Shog9 Is that Linus Torvalds?
@Josh I think so. That's a penguin up on the right, yeah?
6:49 PM
@Shog9 Not sure, I can't get past the hairdo ;-)
Wait! This is one of those Piet) programs someone mentioned to me earlier, isn't it!?
Gasp! Mr. Linus T orvalds!
@PopularDemand HAHAHAHA
That WoW commercial makes so much more sense now.
@GeorgeMarian, by the way, what version of Windows do you use most frequently? GUI?
what WoW commercial?
WoW has commercials?
Aren't they doing fine without them?
@PopularDemand I'm currently still using Windows XP, as I'm a gamer. That said, I have Ubuntu in a VM for webdev work and would like to switch to it for most of my computing needs, except for gaming.
6:59 PM
@GeorgeMarian Clarity fail on my part.

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