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12:41 AM
A: Should the Latin proposal cover Roman and Greek Mythology?

user71562No, surely that would be better served by a separate Greek and Latin mythology proposal?

This is probably the most useless reply I've ever received on Area 51...
A: Reversing an MD5 Hash

antagoI really don't see how it would be so difficult to render every possible combination of passwords and then simply search for them. With a powerful enough processor, it should be fairly easy to crack any MD5—and not just "dictionary words" or "pre-saved" passwords. There are only so many combinati...

Yay for intuition on big numbers.
3 hours later…
4:03 AM
4:40 AM
Nice dig on Quora, lol..
I for one am relieved to find out the truth about Jesus' flatulence.
2 hours later…
7:24 AM
How my code usually looks like:
I am involuntarily incredibly good at code bloating
8:14 AM
My code ends up behaving like a boxer - bloats up fast and then cuts back to become lean and powerful
4 hours later…
12:30 PM
@Moshe too much horizontal scrolling necessary.
1:19 PM
@ThiefMaster paste it into a text editor. It's not code.
1 hour later…
2:28 PM
@Moshe Just out of curiosity, why aren't you using your blog for that?
3:00 PM
@jadarnel it started as a Facebook rant. I made it into a post a short while ago: blog.mosheberman.com/…
@ThiefMaster ---^
1 hour later…
4:18 PM
@Moshe I agree. I'm apparently some sort of weird political extremist, so that doesn't mean much. I was very good at the college "game". To me that's just a sign it didn't teach me very efficiently. ;)
5:14 PM
@Moshe I have some thoughts about that blog post. I don't completely agree. I'll try and express my thoughts better in a bit (perhaps when I don't have to type with my thumbs).
5:37 PM
I don't completely agree.
I mostly agree.
6:04 PM
You shut up, you.
1 hour later…
7:20 PM
Why did Community just bump this question to the front page?
It was "unanswered".
7:37 PM
Got a scala book today
For the first time In god know how long I'm excited over a language.
Its just so different to what I know but similar at the same time.
7:58 PM
I've never even looked at Scala code.
8:16 PM
Hi @jadarnel27 - perfect timing.
Oooh, party.
@Scrooginator I'm not terrible at it - just don't enjoy all of it.
@jadarnel27 Are you thumb typing now?
Shoot whoot
Apparently I have some sort of autocorrect.
Yeah, still on my mobile.
I may also be a little biased, because I'm one of those people that just enjoys school.
I've seriously considered going back to get a masters and doctorate, just because.
I am overdue for lunch because my daughter is overdue for birth.
8:19 PM
@jadarnel27 I enjoy some of school, hate finals.
I enjoy school. I don't recommend it for people who don't.
I was told that college means a good job.
I'm seeing that in the tech world, that's false.
I find it only means that in general if by "good" you mean "government" :P
My worldview is of course totally skewed by the fact that my grades were supposedly going to get me "anywhere I want" but in reality they don't make up for my utter lack of interview skills.
I'm hit or miss with those things.
I can do well, but depends on the circumstances.
8:27 PM
I usually only do well if I don't really want the position. I can be my own worst enemy.
That's how I ended up doing an internship in IT straight out of college even though I wanted to be a programmer. Got ALL the interviews, only that offer.
Does the system automatically delete extremely downvoted posts by unregistered users?
A: Auto-deleting old, unanswered zero-score questions after a year?

Jeff AtwoodJust to formally document the exact policies we have in place to remove old abandoned / dead questions: If the question is more than 30 days old, and ... has −1 or lower score has no answers is not locked ... it will be automatically deleted. If the question is more than 365 days old, and ....

Whether or not the OP is registered is irrelevant, apparently.
Any policy for answers?
A: Are heavily downvoted answers automatically deleted?

gnostradamusAnswers will only be automatically deleted if they are flagged 6 times as spam or offensive. Downvoting won't delete them. Incidentally, the answer you are asking about (only viewable by 10k+ users) was deleted by the owner. It had 17 downvotes and 7 upvotes.

Nowadays, they can also be deleted from the Low Quality review queue.
8:34 PM
Thanks. I had already found the first post, but the second one evaded me.
The Wheel of Blame keeps choosing Marc Gravell
Nope, I just got Popular demand for the fourth time in a row!
See if I help you again.
Well I think we know who's to blame for that.
Just got Jeff Atwood
Worst Christmas present ever.
8:43 PM
There goes Popular Demand again. By popular demand.
This is way too much fun...
@Luke Sir, are you accusing me of rigging the WoB?
Must resist... urge to ban....
Can 20K users ban other users?
No. I'm one of the owners of this room, though.
8:55 PM
I don't use this room to much so, it can't be too bad.
And room owners can't ban either. But I could set the room to Gallery mode and then manually grant talk permission to the dozens of people who occasionally come through here.
So take that!
I could take it to meta
You're already here.
I could bribe Shog9.
But, then again, I have been nominated for mod on a site. Does that give me extra powers in chat?
When I become mod, i mean?
8:57 PM
If you're elected, you might get some powers on chat.stackexchange.com. I don't remember exactly.
I don't think you'll get anything special on chat.stackoverflow.com or chat.meta.stackoverflow.com (unless SO is the site in question, of course).
You'll also get a key to the teacher's lounge.
I've been guaranteed the position by the devs. Just waiting to get it turned on.
I could bribe Tiny Tim
Good luck with that.
But seriously, congrats. Which site?
Genealogy SE
Ah. Not a topic I know much about.
I've only been researching it for a year or so, but there was only one other user who accepted a nomination.
I'm not exactly an expert in the field
9:06 PM
Eh, being a mod isn't about being a subject matter expert. Just the fact that you're a user of the site means that you're more of an expert than me.
I'll share the blame Put myself in there.
squishes @crickets
9:21 PM
cricket cricket cricket
Sorry, that noise has been getting on my neeeeeeerves.
cricket cricket cricket
Funny. I have can of Black Flag right here.
Let the crickets chirp
Ouch. My reps showing.
Completely coincidental
Oh, I'm not concerned about your cricket sounds. I'm talking about the real crickets that come in here.
Just killed a cricket with my can of Black Flag.
Don't you wish you had a can of Black Falg?
Hey, how do you email the team about a bug?
9:32 PM
Post it on MSO.
Why would it be different than e-mailing the team for any other reason?
@PopularDemand Thought there might be a specific email.
@Luke I did, but it turns out it shouldn't have been public, so it was mod-deleted
There used to be a specific email at the end of the FAQ, but it apparently isn't there anymore.
Found it: team@stackexchange.com
Other emails are found here: stackexchange.com/about/contact
Thanks, already had that one.
9:37 PM
For specific devs, put their first name in instead, like this: chris@stackexchange.com
Not sure if it works for all of them, but I've tried and it works for several.
Does that answer your question?
Yep, thanks
Robert Cartaino is a known exception: rcartaino@stackexchange.com
Jarrod Dixon prefers gmail: jarrod.m.dixon@gmail.com
Is this supposed to be confidential?
Oh well.
If it is classified, go ahead and burninate it...
1 hour later…
10:53 PM
I just heard the chat "new message" sound, and couldn't figure out where it came from
Then I realized it was from the radio recording I'm currently listening to.
A beep from 8 months ago...
I just heard that sounds as well, but it was for realsies.
That is WEIRD
Oh no wait, it actually makes sense.
'Twas the "Happy Hour" notification.
Although you should have heard it thrice.
Ah, I see
11:07 PM
@Moshe So here's my 2 cents about your blog post: I think that those statements you're debunking ("College is important because it rounds you as a person", "...will get you a better job", etc) work better if you throw "can" in there. College can help make you a more well-rounded person, it can help you get a job. It's not a guarantee, and it's not the only way, but it is a way; and it has been successful in many, many cases.
Of course, I see your side too - college is not a magic wand that will make you successful in life (like many people seem to advocate).
I group up in a small town of predominately white, middle to upper-middle class, protestant families. Low crime. Most people were friendly. It was...pretty sheltered.
Going to college was kind of a culture shock at first, but it definitely helped me become a better person in many ways (learning to interact with all kinds of people, being more tolerant, handling situations I had never been exposed to).
Anywho @Moshe, I enjoyed your blog post. It made me think =)
11:48 PM
Did the CSS for the website just change? The vote counts look funny
@Asad It seems so, they're terribly undernourished, the poor things.
I don't like it :(
Nor do I.
I got more or less used to the slimmed top bar font (though I still think the old one looked better), but this is going too far.
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! The reputation counter in the top bar shrunk too.
Just so you know, Jin's on pins and needles about this change. BE GENTLE, YOU BASTARDS!

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