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12:28 AM
Anyone here?
Just that unicorn over in the corner that keeps staring at me. O.O
What theme were you referring to before?
The new SE Grainy theme?
Where is that?
That's the theme they use on SE.com
12:33 AM
Ah, I see it.
:o Why did I not receive an email about The Workplace?
12:47 AM
What is that?
Why can't you suggest edits on questions in beta?
1:03 AM
@animuson Suggested edits in private beta seem problematic since there's unlikely to be anyone to approve them...
That said, you can certainly suggest edits on public betas.
1:14 AM
@animuson You can
Unless someone already suggested an edit
In which case, you can't.
2 hours later…
3:03 AM
Hey where'd all the chat links go?
Oh, looks like the blog thingy kills chat links :/
yeah, I believe there was a meta post about that somewhere
Its not really a dupe
There's always a metapost on it
Q: Eeeek! Where did the chat top navigation link go?

The Unicorn WhispererThe chat link in the top navigation bar is gone. Instead there is a shiny blog link. Where did the chat link go?

1 hour later…
4:09 AM
Why does the association bonus always show at the top of the list for that day's reputation changes?
Shouldn't it be ordered by time like the rest of the changes?
4:25 AM
@Shog9 Is there any possibility of having a temporary "minor-edit" button (to avoid bumping) on Physics.SE for the duration of a tag cleanup we're going to carry out?
Maybe restrict it to questions that have been retagged but not edited.

Though as a general policy, while carrying out tag cleanup, I tent to try to improve the post as well:/
Otherwise, we have to do something like this: meta.physics.stackexchange.com/questions/1166/tag-cleanup-light
ie, compile a list and slowly plod through it, retagging them five at a time to avoid flooding
2 hours later…
6:02 AM
I agave found something interesting...
@Moshe agave?
What did you find?
I'm poking around Draw Something's application data.
I'm interested in how they store it. Very telling, some of it.
Ooh nice
@balpha do you think this would be possible for you devs? chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/934821#934821
And will it be OK to be done?
that has been declined a million times
Just need an opinion before I MSO-post it
6:15 AM
with two exceptions
@balpha Just for a little while
Do suggested edits rejected for "vandalism" get flagged for moderators in some way?
For a retagging spree
Ooh exceptions
@balpha Which exceptions?
1) for the CHAOS title cleanup, bumping was disabled for them only. There was much discussion around that, since "no bumping" is not something we want, ever.
2) moderators merging tag synonyms. You could call that a retag on all the posts the doesn't bump
@balpha So is there any other way to carry out large tag cleanups?
throw new NinjaEditException() plz?
While doing this cleanup I've had to do it bit by bit because of the bumping
6:21 AM
It's not going to change. Bumping is extremely important so that every edit can be peer-reviewed. Even temporarily disabling it for employees of the company only happened after lots of discussion.
That's how strongly we feel about it.
Ok, I see
Hrm... Ideas floating in my head.
Is there a user script to put me to bed?
@Moshe: NyQuil?
7:00 AM
Another bounty going to waste: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/128068/…
7:57 AM
Why was this deleted...
...while this remains?
True, neither are constructive. But it's clear that lots of people like them.
Jeff Atwood on January 04, 2010

I noticed that the Stack Overflow question Strangest language feature has been closed and reopened several times now. The text of the question is brief:

What is in your opinion the most surprising, weird, strange or really “WTF” language feature you have encountered?

I agree this is not exactly an ideal question for Stack Overflow, per the FAQ:

Avoid asking questions that are subjective, argumentative, or require extended discussion. This is not a discussion board, this is a place for questions that can be answered! …

8:28 AM
@thi - all that rep only from editing huh? :P
4 hours later…
12:20 PM
Why was this migrated to meta?
Q: What is the website where you can build a demo database for stackoverflow questions

TobseyI've seen some people use a website when asking and answering questions on SQL which allows them to build a sample database schema and populate data. A Link is then provided that users can post in questions, comments or answers in order to demonstrate what they are trying to say. I've searched fo...

It is clearly off topic on both SO and MSO...
I think if it was worded more like "How can I provide easily accessible test data when asking SQL questions on Stack Overflow?" it would have been better received. I think that's fairly on-topic for MSO.
He wants to build dummy data for a post on SO...
You can see its off-topic from the answer he got...
sql fiddle has nothing to do with SO, SE or MSO... at the end of the day after he gets what he wants it will jsut be pasted in to an SO question... If someone was looking for an easy way to test code before placing it in an answer - would you think that was on-topic as well?
@Lix It's not about the question-asker testing his code first, it's about providing schema and test data to make things easier for people answering SQL questions. It's about question-asking, which is on-topic for MSO. It's just an awfully worded question =)
If the question was worded in a way that leaned more towards "How can I effectively ask SQL questions on SO? Are their any tools I can use to provide test schema / data to answerers?"
mmmmm.... okay... borderline....
I certainly agree that it's "borderline" =) I just think if the question were asked better, it would have been better received and stayed open.
But I could be wrong. It has happened before.
12:34 PM
"Are there any recommended seating positions that are best suited to asking/answering questions on Stack Overflow"
3 hours later…
3:14 PM
@Lix I recommend listening to this while answering Stack Overflow questions.
3:53 PM
@Moshe YES?
I've been listening to that for 45 minutes and I'm not insane yet. I wonder how long it will take.
4:08 PM
@mootinator It's more likely that you're already insane from listening to it, and thus not able to accurately determine whether or not you're sane.
Was accept rate shown on user profiles at some point?
@jadarnel27 yes no, it's always been shown on the questions you ask
@Shog9 Oh. Gosh, I feel like a chump now.
@jadarnel27 hope you feel better now; I misinterpreted what you were asking
You mean the actual profile page, right? Not the block with your name and rep?
@Shog9 I do, thanks for the update =)
@Shog9 Yeah, there was just a meta question with a guy saying that his accept rate disappeared from his profile.
@Shog9 Right, I do mean profile page, and not usercard-block-thingadongdong.
Q: My accept rate has disappeared from my SO account?

Garrith GrahamMy accept rate has disappeared from my SO account? Where can I find it?

hang on, we might have displayed that on the old profile page design... checking
it wasn't displayed originally, but... something's nagging at me
4:17 PM
That's kind of what I was thinking, I couldn't remember if it was on the old design. I wasn't around here for too long before it all changed to the new profile.
Ah. The lyrics are changing. Insanity has definitely kicked in.
I vaguely recall someone else suggesting that it be re-added, which I was against; but it may have just been "added" not "re-added"
Hm. Well, the dude that posted that question is being rude now, so no reason to keep worrying about it I suppose =)
After I got an answer/comment. But obviously you cant.... as I have just figured out. Owell Lol not like I use meta for anything apart from support, let the folk with daddy issues angrily smash the downvote button if it makes them feel superior :) — Garrith Graham 8 mins ago
Ooh, I love the change to how comment links onebox! I had not seen that yet.
Rude or otherwise, I would walk away simply because of this alone: "Owell Lol"
I really can't find a reference to this
4:24 PM
@David Due to the sentiment, or the..."grammar"?
Yeah, quite a few people have asked for the accept rate to be on the profile.
Apparently Jeff even agreed to do so once upon a time, provided people could come up with other useful information to supplement it.
@jadarnel27 I try not to be a stickler for grammar too much. But if someone can't be bothered to pay attention when attempting to communicate with me then I tend to think I'm wasting my time with them.
Spoken language is one thing, since there's no "undo" or review process. But written language should maintain a higher standard given the inherent ability to proof-read.
Ya'll ain't tolerant to no written bad grammar?
@TimStone Oh, indeed. I really don't see the point of showing someone's accept rate on their profile. The only time it's really relevant to anyone is when looking at a question they've asked, as far as I can tell.
@David That bugged me as well.
I'm trying to find the Penny Arcade comic where Tycho referred to "lol" and its ilk as "the crude truncations of the lower classes," but so far to no avail.
4:48 PM
whoa. Suddenly, G+ looks completely different.
Yaaay I get to do a huge manual merge because someone decided they didn't like the whitespace in this file O_o.
The people at your company seem to like to make things difficult for you on a regular basis. O_o
I'm reminded of the horrible merges we used to have many moons ago when developers would sometimes open ASPX files in "design mode" in Visual Studio 2005 (or was it 2003?).
I nominate this for worst website of the year: componentsystemsinc.com
5:02 PM
@jadarnel27 Sweet Fancy Moses, that is painful.
@David If you can make it to the bottom of the page, there is a link to another page. Which is at least as good.
@jadarnel27 It really is quite the link at that, too.
How did you even find this.... this affront to the internet?
@David Haha, yeah. Link. ALL. The text.
Heh, that's actually been my favorite meme recently.
My daughter asked me how she can learn to read better, and I now have her going around saying "Read ALL THE THINGS!" just before she practices on anything she finds (book, product label, random scrap of paper, etc.).
"Click hear for page 1"
5:09 PM
This past weekend she asked me how I got all this cool stuff at PAX, and I responded with: "Visit ALL THE BOOTHS!"
@David A client told us they wanted us to host their website. He says, "I made it myself, it's pretty good actually. I don't want you to change anything, just thinking about moving from our current hosting provider"
He was completely serious =/
@David Haha, I'm really enjoying that meme as well =P Cracks me up.
I would honestly have a heart-to-heart with my manager and explain that I can't engage the client on that project. The risk of offending him would just be too great.
I'll set up the host. I'll copy the files from one folder to another. I won't look at them. I won't test my work when I'm done. I can't talk to the client.
I can, however, beat the client over the head with a whiffle bat full of quarters if he even thinks about implying that he can build websites just like I can. So, that option is available.
The Dunning-Kruger effect once again rears its ugly head.
5:19 PM
Yeah, all this was second-hand. He was talking to the sales people when he said that stuff. I definitely would have laughed in his face. Or cried. Or possibly the bat-full-of-quarters thing.
@mootinator I'd never seen that defined before. (Familiar with the concept, just not the name for it.) Very interesting read, and explains a lot about people I've known over the years.
1 hour later…
6:46 PM
@moo - THAT is a great find! Added to my ridonkulous playlist...
7:31 PM
please vote to approve my change on :)
8:11 PM
@jadarnel27 Looks like we have another nominee: web.archive.org/web/20110202185711/http://havenworks.com
@David ah...my eyes...MY EYES!
I do believe that is worse than the one I linked.
@jadarnel27 It's all relative. It's worse in some ways, not so much in others. This one kind of reminds me of a political timecube.com for some reason, though less rant-y.
8:29 PM
Haha, I guess there are different levels / areas of awfulness.
That's right up there with the SciFi one. Very, very cool =)
2 hours later…
10:11 PM
Hey, who's here?
10:55 PM
I am here, sort of
11:16 PM
Apparently ?: is evaluated after ==. Who knew.
Aside from anyone who cared to find out.
11:56 PM
:o I only need 9 more reputation in the next 3 minutes! Ahhh
I don't think I'm going to make it. :(

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