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12:18 AM
@Lix - Top 100 in Israel!
1:07 AM
@Lix you've got the Top week rep on MSO
Fortunately I found some good questions on P.SE so I'm not wasting more time on MSO
atm, anyway. :P
1:22 AM
Strange, I was posting a comment and suddenly the votes on the page disappeared--I was about to vote for an answer and I'm like "wait, this had 3 votes already". After voting the numbers came back :/
Hey, is there any sandbox Q&A site where we can test out features?
Also develop userscripts &c without fear of consequences of blowing stuff up
Q: Formatting Sandbox

Ólafur WaageAs per Jeff's suggestion here in the comments. You can use this question as a formatting sandbox (if you can edit CW questions) and you can post answers if you want to test out formatting there as well. Beware that since the changes to syntax highlighting in December 2010, and the inline hints ...

@Shog I know that one, but you can't test out closevotes/flagging/etc there. can you?
But of course, real men test live, on their most-upvoted questions
Seriously though, most of the time folks just create a one-off post on meta somewhere for this purpose
get someone to help you first
(i'd offer, but I just injured my elbow)
1:27 AM
Actually, when recently testing a flagging script I wrote, I let it post automated comments on closed posts of 1 rep users
(It wasnt supposed to automatically flag, so that was OK)
then I deleted them
that works too
Hmm, I always thought the mods came after you if you started doing strange stuff
They do, they're like the CIA
They're watching, but you don't know it! O.O
Even worse, Rebecca Chernoff comes after you! Just ask Jeremy Banks. I heard she was on vacation though, so you're probably safe....for now.
1:42 AM
@Manishearth well, that can also happen
2 hours later…
3:18 AM
@TimStone You know that she's already after me
Q: Rebecca Chernoff's evil plan

Tim Stonecommented: I voted to close as "Too Localised" because I think you've successfully focused all evil plans solely on yourself by posting this.

@TimStone Even if she's on vacation, she can still get you: chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/89/conversation/…
And plus she's online O:
/runs away d:
3 hours later…
5:54 AM
Some dude took my open source zmanim code and repackaged it for sale on the App Store.

And they made a sucky iPad UI to boot. Tasteless.
6:18 AM
hi all
any mods here
(im not a mod)
but I can get you one
i have question
@Shog9 We need a mod here.
@Damodar continue..
if one post is posted on another site, can it be again post in stackoverflow again
You mean migrated?
6:20 AM
so, for example www.x.com is one site, i posted one question
Oh, that's OK
same post is posted in another site www.stackoverflow.com
i hear , its voilation of rules? please correct me
I don't think so
(I've seen it somewhere)
You aren't allowed to cross post between sites of the stackexchange network, though
Hey all!
@Lix Hello
6:25 AM
@dam - If you are talking about a question posted on a different stack exchange site then posting it again on stack overflow is not the correct action.
@man - whats up...man? :P
We are both burning up the rep chart this week :P
@Lix Yep :)
Today Physics.SE had some questions that I could solve, so I neglected MSO ^^
Hehe - nice
no iam talking about , for example, i posted in www.javafourm.com. and agian i posted the same in stackoverflow, is not violation?
@Damodar That's fine, I think
No it is not @dam. That's totally fine.
6:28 AM
oh ok....
You'll probably get a faster answer here :)
thanks buddies
no worries :)
Oh wow.... hit the rep cap again yesterday :P
@Lix Yep
Only 2 upvotes away from close votes! whoop whoop!
@man - you not that far either :P
6:33 AM
@Lix I gave you two upvotes, but just to be mean I gave one of them on a question :D
@Lix Well, 500 rep aint that easy
hahahahaha :P thanks man ;)
yea - u are right... they don't just give it away :)
Though closevoting is something that I could actually use on this site--on Physics it's better to just cv-pls a mod on chat
The best way I've found to get rep fast is to use a shed load of formatting in posts... SOpedians love formatting :P
(thanks to me)
Haha ^_^ lets hope you don't trigger any voting algorithms :P
Me leaving for a bit
Have fun man - see you around
6:55 AM
BTW, are ISPs supposed to change dynamic IPs every 5 minutes?
Well its dynamic... so essentially yes... but every 5 mins is a bit excessive..
I've got a dynamic IP at home and it hasn't changed for weeks:P
I guess it depends on your ISP and how many IP;s they have to hand out
I know, its supposed to be ~24 hours.. More if you're using the IP
at that time
yes, but the connection then breaks every five minutes
I set up a program to monitor it, and this is what I get
54 minutes for first IP
5 minutes for next three
then 15,5,20,20
the current one has been going for an hour
You might want to send them an email or something to ask if this is expected behaviour...
sounds a bit excessive to me...
@jadarnel - you might appreciate this: mosheberman.com/wordpress/2012/04/10/ive-been-flattered
(It may even be less than 5 minutes, my program only checks every five mins)
it is excessive
I think the official renewal is 4 hours
6:58 AM
@Lix, please read that. The offending company is in your country. Care to beat em up for me? ;-)
which means that iPad updates are impossible
nearly, anyways
Ima going to give my program to a few friends and find out what's going on :D
@mos - obnoxious chutzpah... hahaha
Can I upvote your blog post?
You can star it here. ;-)
lix, what do you think of the whole thing?
Classic israeli chutzpa... nothing more...
I'm not sure what to be most amused by.
I know. I recognize it in his response too, btw.
"lazy programmer" "ALL your code" (emphasis added)
7:04 AM
Well look - a developer working solo in a company wouldn't get his code reviewed - so possibly no one had any clue what exactly he was doing...
True. But it looks like a lopsided shop. Most are.
But it's not the code.
hehe - whats the company name?
Did you read my email response?
Open source is for copying.
The UI was the offensive part. At least be creative.
"We are closed for Pesach" - I hear this ALL THE F***ING TIME!!! ahhh!!
Not saying, lashon hara.
7:06 AM
Yes I did - great response...
:) ok
So I could care less that people use my library, that's a point of pride. But when they take a demo project, right align it in a split view. That's not right.
definitely not cool.
It's cool when people use that open source code properly. What sucks is when they break the rules.
And playing stupid to your employees actions is absolutely no excuse...
Yea, which is why I stuck up for the employee.
NDA for breakfast, gotta use that more often.
You can comment on the blog if you like, I think I turned comments back on hehe.
7:10 AM
Well keep me posted - i'm interested to hear what they say next :)
Heh. Me too. :p
5 hours later…
11:44 AM
Q: Vote count breakdown is unavailable on "new answers to this question" loaded after page load

Timothy JonesWith the new asynchronous question updating (which is great, btw), there's a feature to show new answers to questions without reloading the page. With the established user privilege, users can click an answer's vote count, and see the breakdown of up and down votes. However, this feature is unav...

This user is really on to something!
12:19 PM
@Lix It's probably part of rchern's plan. Dunno how, but it's part of it. Got to be.
@man - huh? I'm not following...
Q: Rebecca Chernoff's evil plan

ManishearthThe other day, I was messing around in chat, and I came across this: Yes, it's the dreaded rchern smiley: Lobotomy (: This clearly indicates that rchern has some plans for us, and this public service announcement is to spread awareness of the evil lurking within us. I believe that this ...

@Lix If you don't understand that, you may want to know that rchern's smileys are all backwards
Oh... hehe...ok ok :P I seem to have missed that little gem of yours :P
"ASCII FHC".... lolz
It was a friday *shrugs*
I think you mean -
@Lix I think you mean :P
@Moshe Oh, wow. That's a raw deal man. I think you handled it will though. Hopefully they are pretty reasonable about the whole thing. I do think it's funny how the suit totally missed the point of your first e-mail =)
This message was flagged as spam/offensive by 5 users:
@hakre : do u know how to embed a tiff image in html?
Who flags that???
@DanielFischer Haha, wow. Is it sarcastic in context? Perhaps offensive in that way?
12:32 PM
@dan - Links or it didn't happen ;)
@jadarnel27 I don't think so. I clicked on the flagged messages thingy in another room and up it popped. I went WTF??? But then, when I went back I saw there were multiple such messages from the same user, so kind of spam indeed I guess.
Oh, well that makes more sense. That's really confusing out of context.
do u know how to embed a tiff image in html?
do u know how to embed a tiff image in html?
do u know how to embed a tiff image in html?
do u know how to embed a tiff image in html?
do u know how to embed a tiff image in html?
do u know how to embed a tiff image in html?
do u know how to embed a tiff image in html?
do u know how to embed a tiff image in html?
12:47 PM
@Man Actually, I don't know. Would an img tag work or is tiff not supported?
I think embed
@DanielFischer Ooh looks like there's tons of ways here: alternatiff.com/howtoembed.html
Seems that img works in certain browsers
Think I spent a little too much time detailing all the mods here :P
A: Is it possible to merge my accounts?

LixYes, they can indeed merge your accounts. Flag one of your own posts for moderator attention and explain the situation. As soon as a D i a m o n d M o d e r a t o r comes along, they will verify that both of the accounts indeed belong to you and then your accounts will be merged. Yo...

Do you know the tiff'n man, the tiff'n man? Do you know the tiff'n man who lives on drury lane.
@Lix Yep, saw that. ALready +1'd
@jadarnel I've been advised to remove the post. So I have. In case I need to get Apple involved. @lix They've removed the app pending internal review next week.
12:51 PM
@Moshe Yes, but the question is, is his house a common <img> or an <object> manor or a built-up <embed>?? ;-)
@Moshe Aww, that was a nice post :/
@Manishearth Pfft, it's obviously a <td> in the <table> apartment blocks
I now it was. I can probably rewrite. @lix do you have it cached?
@mos - nice... well... not nice about the whole situation... but it seems that they are taking it seriously...
@Moshe link please
Sorta, I'm still feeling chutzpah vibes, but I'll see.
12:53 PM
@mos - no sorry :/ no cached version...
@Lix That is absurd =)
Not in my cache
@man the link should be on the side.
Yeah, i tried, its not in my cache
Well, I'll have to rewrite it later.
12:54 PM
I got it
Maybe. It's dumb to post things online during an argument.
Got it from your cache?
@Moshe Nice, glad to hear things are moving forward.
Would you be so kind as to email me? Mosheberman at me dot com
@ja yea, it's a bit nuts that someone would do that. it's flattering, actually. ;-)
@manish been a second :-)
@jad - I'll take that as a compliment ;)
12:59 PM
Ah. Have it.
Also. I've started randomly tagging posts "angry-birds". Just for laughs.
For some reason Google's normal cache link wasnt showing
@Moshe ^^
Oh, you have it
Easier way to do that is simply - cache:http://mosheberman.com/wordpress/2012/04/10/ive-been-flattered/
I can see everything there...
@Lix Did not know that, thanks
Oh... right... silly me... @man said the same thing...
I had to hack it into a different cache link :/
1:09 PM
@Lix As you should.
@Moshe FYI, you need at least 3 letters to ping someone.
So @Mos would ping you.
But @Mo won't.
I learnt that the hard way :P
I think I will shorten my username.
@DanielFischer How do you @reply to that?
I think you've missed the point @Manishearth =)
1:18 PM
@jadarnel27 I got the point, just wondering what happens when a poor user tries to @reply :P
@jad got it
Now I pity the poor guy with "reply" in his username
hey hey hey hey... lets all just relax with the 3 character @replies! ;)
Well, that post is back but password protected. Email me for that.
SInce everyone's obsessed with three-letter @replies, ima gonna stackapps it
1:19 PM
They have taken it down pending internal review.
whistles and points up Just practicing my mad a-pingin skillz.
For all you meta-lazy people
Q: Reply links in comments--lazy version

ManishearthDerivative of this script Some people are too lazy to type out full usernames in @replies, and they don't use the autocomplete either. This script is for these guys--it leaves the job of being lazy to the script. Now you can be too lazy to be lazy!! All it does is add "reply" links to comment...

@Manish Your example uses four letters. Oops!
@DanielFischer Fixed :) I just decided to steal balpha's example
@Moshe /impressed
2:04 PM
@man - that alteration to the "print-a-post" script is great! I think you should have more than just the user name though...
Possibly the user profile URL and also the post URL...
But I agree that it might look a little weird...
@Lix Imagine someone tapping furiously on a piece of paper
trying to get the link to work
Remember, the post url will come anyway if you print it with it
Well... if you want to get into it that far you could encode all the links into QR codes....
Ahh, it complicates stuff
At one point, a system becomes worse as you add new features to it
the printer is supposed to be simple, otherwise there'll be too many extra thingys
save the trees :P
2:18 PM
In any case printing on paper is not really... well... its not.
but you are right... "more code more problems" ;)
2:36 PM
my MSO rep is quickly gaining ground towards my SO rep... don't know if that's a good thing :/
I'll tell you what I ate for breakfast - after you sign a non disclosure.
@lix, I habitually tap on qr codes to try and load them.
I recently saw that you can embed images into QR codes - now that's cool :P
link unrelated :P lol
Haha. Wow. Nice concept.
2:52 PM
Hahahaa - oh someone HAS to make that! A matzo qr code :P hehehe
But I was serious. I just finished breakfast.
Hehehe - well yea... matza all over here too :P
3:14 PM
@Lix Same here with my MSO and Physics.SE rep. Though I have an excuse-- our community is sleepy and there weren't any questions that I could answer for the past few days :P
Well I have no excuse... :P
@Lix You could start contributing to SO again :P
@Manishearth Laaaaaaaaaaame.
Does anyone in here use OnStar?
Not me
Googles it
Is smarter now
Oh, I've seen those
not used one really
When you use the GPS navigation, it uses inaction as a confirmation mechanism. So you speak your request for directions, and it says "Destination 123 First Street. If this is not correct, say 'start over'"
Thus, if it is correct, you and everyone else in the car has to be quiet for several seconds in order for it to confirm that you're going to the right address.
3:27 PM
@man - yea... I could... but -
Its a madhouse over there :P
I'm not sure who QA'd that user experience decision, but they didn't do a very good job =P
3:47 PM
@jadarnel27 Oh, I've seen worse :P
though not on something with such a large userbase
Here's one of the stupidest thingies I've seen
Normally you see some flaws in applications since they use system time. That's OK.
One webapp I saw would pass the date through the GET of the URL
And it was for an online test-giving app
If you knew how, you could easily get the test a few days earlier
I don't see where "passing the date through the URL" even comes from... The url was for an asp page, and asp must have its own date
That is awful indeed. Yes, ASP ha(s|d) it's own date functions.
I mean, it's easier to just use Date() instead of piping it from javascript-to-GET-to-ASP
@jadarnel27 Most probably someone who copy-pasted code
@Manishearth I wonder what on Earth led them to the conclusion that's what they needed to do?
@Manishearth Oh, yeah that's probably it =)
3:53 PM
@jadarnel27 Yep :/
4:16 PM
@TimStone Is higher up on the "most upvoted posts in a day" ranking than Jeff Atwood on meta.
Although this "TXI" person has that ranking on lock for the most part.
For obvious reasons.
I'll bite. What are these reasons?
(They are not obvious to me)
Alot of TXI's posts were meme-based... so they got shed loads of votes...
( just an observation - I wasn't around back then :P )
Haha, he also has over 900 posts on meta, so he's got volume on his side.
4:22 PM
Hey there @cha!
Were you around when TXI was in action?
You mean a really long time goo? Yes
:P Can you enlighten us to what his claim to fame was?
Ponies and unicrons
So... memes then...
4:25 PM
@Chacha102 "unicrons"? (Picturing a planet-sized transformer unicorn.)
I'm surprised there isn't a series based around equi-bots versus the unicons. Featuring Optimus Corn.
@jadarnel27 O_o
@TimStone Does that make you feel like you use your time wisely? =)
I'm surprised it's that high, hmm.
4:40 PM
Case sensitive username O_o.
@TimStone Oops. I see why.
Ohhh, of course.
Perhaps I should have filtered out CW posts haha.
No no, no need ;)
5:04 PM
Anyone here know anything about Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 08?
unfortunate naming, anyone?
@arseblog, Dublin
Arsenal blogger, committed drinker. Will RT what I like, not what I'm asked
40.3k tweets, 78.5k followers, following 297 users
@balpha Looks intentional to me...
that wouldn't be half as funny, thus I disagree.
Lol. Okay, but I'm going to stick with my initial instinct that someone from Dublin wouldn't miss that.
5:32 PM
I must admit I'm a bit surprised at the sheer amount of grief dynamic typing is causing me. :/
/me imagines a LIFE card: You mistyped a property name. Lose 1 hour.
5:59 PM
close as dupe please -
Q: Auto-redirect to ban page

ChrisWhen a user gets banned and receives this error message: Oops! Your question couldn't be submitted because: Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See http://goo.gl/C1Kwu to learn more. Why doesn't it just redirect to the said URL? I for instance would not trust a short...

Other wise my comment is well... not accurate :P
Question to the floor before reporting a bug...
A user @replied to me but made a mistake with my username...
I'm LIX not LIZ.... however I still got a notification...
any logical explanations?
You were the only other person in the conversation, so the OP's comment was assumed to be directed at you.
@Lix Even without @-notifications, you get a notification if the order of operations is: 1) OP asks question; 2) You comment on question; 3) OP comments on question.
I don't know the other factors considered or at what point that's no longer the case, but in that simple scenario a notification is automatic.
you see??? you see??? I knew I should have asked it here before!
@dav - thanks man... yes - now it all makes sense :P
Whenever the OP comments all other participants get notified... :)
@Lix I would guess that the reason is to make it a little easier for new users to ask questions and improve those questions, since it intuitively makes sense to a new user that a comment would be responded to with another comment.
I think what confused me is that even though he didn't need to use an @reply, he did... the fact that it wasn't to ME is not the issue :P
6:24 PM
@Moshe A very little bit. What's up?
That jadarnel27 guy is crazy.
That @TimStone guy hasn't been pinged by me for no reason in weeks.
Ahhhh.... I really don't like the comment vote limit :( Ever since I found out about it... I've hit it every day :/
@mootinator That's going on your performance review!
6:32 PM
I suppose I should put something other than "Title" as the title of this page before I commit it.
@Lix How much is the comment vote limit?
I have no idea... too low... I can say that much :P
Q: What is the daily comment vote limit?

cletusI just ran out and it feels like I used maybe 10-15 (could've been 20). It seems low if so.

I don't know how up-to-date that info is, though.
30 comment votes :/ felt like more actually...
There's a comment vote limit? lol
6:40 PM
What can I say - People on meta are usually agreeable :P
Or off topic
hehe - that too :P But close votes and flags regenerate themselves if they are found to be accurate...
Q: Tag synonym request [scroll] -> [scrolling]

Charles SprayberryI just submitted a tag wiki for scroll but noticed that there is a scrolling with an already established wiki that is a pretty good synonym for scroll. I don't have points in scroll yet but would like to suggest it as a synonym of scrolling.

@animuson Not sure about the question, but the answers could certainly use some work.
6:55 PM
I voted to close it. Seems kind of worthless IMO, especially since the accepted answer isn't even a programming solution.
@animuson I'm going to refrain from voting. It's kind of a borderline case. He is asking how to do it in PHP, though he could stand to show some code and some effort. The answer is, essentially, "don't do it in PHP." But the question was referring to code.
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