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12:35 AM
Lobotomy (: "lobe (of brain)"; τομή – tomē: "cut/slice") is a neurosurgical procedure, a form of psychosurgery, also known as a leukotomy or leucotomy (from the Greek λευκός – leukos: "clear/white" and tome). It consists of cutting the connections to and from the prefrontal cortex, the anterior part of the frontal lobes of the brain. While the procedure, initially termed a leucotomy, has been controversial since its inception in 1935, it was a mainstream procedure for more than two decades, prescribed for psychiatric (and occasionally other) conditions—this despite general recognition o...
Why is there and rchern smiley after the word???
Lobotomy (: "lobe (of brain)"; τομή – tomē: "cut/slice") is a neurosurgical procedure, a form of psychosurgery, also known as a leukotomy or leucotomy (from the Greek λευκός – leukos: "clear/white" and tome). It consists of cutting the connections to and from the prefrontal cortex, the anterior part of the frontal lobes of the brain. While the procedure, initially termed a leucotomy, has been controversial since its inception in 1935, it was a mainstream procedure for more than two decades, prescribed for psychiatric (and occasionally other) conditions—this despite general recognition o...
@RebeccaChernoff says "Lobotomy (:" evil grin
@YiJiangsProble_ Exactly
Alright, balpha seems to have addressed this issue already
WP parser is too basic
A: Numbers mysteriously stripped from inlined Wikipedia articles in chat

balphaYes, the Wikipedia oneboxes only do a very simple stripping of the content returned from Wikipedia's API. To show the full content, we'd need a full Wikitext parser and all of Wikipedia's templates. Considering that the current handling works fine in most cases, and that you'd read the actual art...

For you guys, here's a screenshot
with freehand circles
@RebeccaChernoff I wonder what you're planning???
Hopefully I'm not the one being lobotomized(is that a word??) ;-)
12:58 AM
@Manishearth It is, yes
And no, you have most certainly not discovered @RebeccaChernoff's top secret plan to turn all of us into zombies
@YiJiangsProble_ :P
1:15 AM
@Manishearth are you related to @TimStone? I see a bit of a family resemblance.
1:42 AM
@Moot nope, but our gravatars are second cousins once removed :P
@mootinator It's like (=
Unfortunately, reversing :P--> P: makes one look hungry
Wonder how rchern phrases her :Ps...
Aah makes sense.
2:24 AM
The Workplace finally reached 100%! :o
Haha, my cousin's Facebook status:
> What does IDK mean?
What a troll.
IDK :|
"I don't know"
"Then why did you respond?"
"No, no, it means I don't know"
"It's fine if you don't know, but I'm hoping someone will"
Seriously, all of them are totally sincere, what a jackass =)
3:26 AM
A: Rewrite UIDatePicker?

MosheWhat Dave said. That's the answer. :-D

Don't make me flag that. |:
@Moshe Sometimes I feel like doing that as well :P
Whoops. Was just such an epic question and answer.
4:09 AM
@cdeszaq My first question, and I feel that it's going to be closed for being too broad :/ stackoverflow.com/questions/10022546/… @jadarnel27 also
Thanks for the advice, though!
4 hours later…
8:14 AM
@twi - between you and Mr. The Establishment, I'm going to have to keep tabs on you so that I don't get confused who I am talking to! ;)
2 hours later…
10:43 AM
Q: To sample a voice from many voices using matlab

DOn KOpI'm Don, I have a wave file of chicken voices. Among the voices there is a sound of chicken vommit. So I've already convert the audio to matlab plot, but don't have the idea on how to differentiate between the surround chicken voices and the vommit chicken. I hope somebody can give me the ...

suspect this might be a genuine question, but I find it hard to take it seriously
@ShawnChin I... I don't know.
Eeeek! Where did the accounts tab go?
@ShawnChin It's replaced with the SE network profile
Ahh... fair enough.
@YiJiangsProble_ Is this a permanent change? I looked around MSO but couldn't find any official mention of it.
11:02 AM
Don't know, don't see anything official either.
I'm going to assume it's permanent
That does solve issues such as this I suppose.
1 hour later…
12:27 PM
someone flagging every chat intentionally in Android Discussion Room, please have a look at it.
can moderators see who is flagging chats?
@LalitPoptani No.
@lal - I believe that the mods can see who raised the flag... yes
lol, nm then, i'm wrong :)
@balpha Is it "normal" flags that mods can't see the user who raised it? (ie. flags on questions / answers / comments?)
Or is that just spam flags?
@balpha thanks for the info., don't know who was doing that in A/D room.
12:34 PM
only spam i think...
or am I just confused entirely?
@cde - the latter ;)
@Lix - I knew you were gonna get me for that one :)
hehehe - all in good fun :)
Of course
12:59 PM
Hey guys, I have a question: Is having peer pressure bagde good or bad?
Bad: you posted an answer that got >= 3 downvotes
Good: You delete bad content you accidentally generated
Or both, rather than neither
I think it mostly exists to remind / teach new users that they can delete their crap
I see, so it is something tubmleweed
1:02 PM
Yeah, the Tumbleweed badge doesn't really fit with current badge philosophy. It's mostly just around as a relic
So having that Tumbleweed badge depends on how unpopular tags on your question
It is unfair sometimes
It's mostly a consolation prize...
"Hey, at least you tried to ask a question! Here, have a cookie."
a bronze cookie :P
sometimes bage explaniations look like latin language to me, totally don't understand
@Lix I would not buy that for a dollar =P
1:08 PM
@mog - unsung hero always makes me go - "Wait...whaaat?"
@jad - they hand it out for free! Haven't you heard?
@jadarnel27 Depends... Solid bronze vs. plated. And of course size matters. Might make it worth your while.
@moguzalpenel_hak I agree they can be confusing. Having you seen the big list of explanations here on Meta? It is sometimes helpful.
@cdeszaq That's what she said.
Quorum: first time see this word on SO
@jadarnel27 That one was for you, buddy ;-)
then when I got "Student badge" Asked first question with score of 1 or more, I did not figure out if it is something good or bad for a long time :)
1:10 PM
What??? Comment vote limit reached??? Its only 16:00!!
13 UTC, Lix
@cdeszaq I kind thought you might be setting me up for that =)
@Lix There is a comment vote limit? o_O
@Lix Whoa... easy there big guy. Step away from the mouse, nice and slow now. There will be plenty of comments to vote up tomorrow.
@jadarnel27 Yeah, I hit it all the time :-D
@jad - yep yep...
What can I do? I've been busy :P
dont you just love it when mods play along :P
@Lix That you have! Throwin down musical-note unicode and everything!
1:14 PM
Really want to upvote that comment though :/
nudge nudge wink wink hint hint
@Lix upvote but don't say "that's a great comment"
@cde - I do what I can ;)
that is the convenstion on SO&MSO :)
@mog - my thoughts exactly :P
Sometimes I wish I could edit comments for other to make them even better
Q: How come discussion tag made its way into SO?

Lixcommented: ♬ Plays @casperOne's re-tagging montage ♬

1:16 PM
hehe - how would u edit?
Your "action" should be in italics
♬ Plays casperOne's re-tagging montage ♬ or ♬ Plays @casperOne's re-tagging montage
Comment edit suggestion - becuase that's what meta chat was made for :P
Q: Data Explorer should run the query with the Ctrl/Cmd+Enter keyboard shortcut

cdeszaqMany other query editors use Ctrl/⌘ Command + ⏎ Enter to execute the current query, and it would be great if the Data Explorer could do the same. It would save the world so much time if we all didn't have to: Move our hand over to the mouse drag the cursor over to the button Click each time w...

@cde I feel that there should be a direct terminal sort of access to the DE--im very bad at SQL looking at a schema--prefer typing EXPLAIN and figuring it out--
1:29 PM
@ManishEarth If you check "Explain" you get a rough equivalent of the query execution plan (which is all Explain does)
@jadarnel27 Panama's a troll?
@ManishEarth Yes.
(* going for a smoke *) hold my calls please...
1:32 PM
@ManishEarth You can check the "show execution plan" checkbox and then look at the "execution plan" tab that appears. Would that help you?
@cdeszaq Well I usually take a peek at the data inside as well-- My general method of SQLing is thus: Do bunch of EXPLAINs (look at schema if possible), root around in db (check how the data is stored), etc. Probably inefficient, but schemas end up confusing me
@jadarnel27 Nope...
It's just my extremely weird way of using SQL--I'm much more efficient at a terminal (with a schema in front of me preferably)
@ManishEarth I think that's pretty much how most people do it, depending on their level of access to the DB. reverse-engineering tools that can take a DB connection and give you a diagram are fantastic if you have them though.
Cos I can execute chunks of a query
@cdeszaq Most people I know prefer a DBMS or something. PHPMyadmin/MS access &c
@ManishEarth 1.) MS Access is not a DBMS, it's more of a very evil torture device and should not be preferred by anyone. 2.) Yes, PHPMyAdmin and similar things are great, but a diagram (esp. with FK connections) conveys much more information much more quickly.
Something I really like about SQL Server Management Studio is that you can highlight one part of a big query and hit execute and it just runs that portion of the query.
1:38 PM
@cdeszaq Yes, I do like schemas, but I'm not comfortable building big queries from them. I'll probably manage once I get more experience
@jadarnel27 Ooh, that's nice!
@jadarnel27 Yeah, the equivalent for MySQL (mysql workbench) has pretty much the same abilities. But I think SqlServer Mgmt Studio is better. and more fun to work with.
@cdeszaq MS access was just an example--the only one I could remember--I doubt anyone prefers it. There are rather long and weird names I can't recall that I've heard.. PHPMyadmin I've used a tiny bit, so that cropped up. MS-anything is usually an evil-torture-device
Hi all sirs or madams
@ManishEarth Recently, the MS dev tools have gotten loads better, but PHPMyAdmin is fantastic, esp. for a free tool
Hello all canals
1:42 PM
@cdeszaq Yep, its useful--but I'm not good at big queries using a tool like that. :/
@ManishEarth Same here. I haven't really found a good SQL editor that does everything I want, like folding, syntax, auto-suggest, on-the-fly diagramming of the query, etc. (note to self, make this)
@cdeszaq I haven't found the need for such large stuff yet--most of my SQL queries have been to the Wikipedia (replicated) toolserver database, or the userdb for a tool I used to help dev there
(Yes, wikidb is large, but I didn't come across any strange stuff)
@cdeszaq Note to self:make this I find myself doing that a lot. And then it piles up since I don't have time --but that must happen to everyone ;)
Peoples any reason why we don't have bot support on SO?
this could be done in a jiffy
@ManishEarth And it makes you wonder how much overlap there is in these lists from various people. If we could capture that and cross-link it, that might be a great way to get people focused and get things done. (Note to self: make this)
Basically, by bot, I mean an account that does an approved task--silently (don't bump the question)
:"WP:B" redirects here. You might be looking for , , or . :"WP:BOT" redirects here. You might be looking for . A bot (derived from 'robot') is an automated or semi-automated tool that carries out repetitive and mundane tasks in order to maintain the articles of the English Wikipedia. Bots are able to make edits very rapidly and can disrupt Wikipedia if they are incorrectly designed or operated. For these reasons a bot policy has been developed. There are currently bot tasks approved for use on the English Wikipedia; however, they are not all actively carrying out edits. Bots will le...
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Since when do keyboard jockeys exercise? My big brain is too busy thinking big thoughts to waste it's time managing all those muscles! ;-)
1:52 PM
@cdeszaq :-) ehhh not much. I need to lose a few pounds. and some mouse movements should do the trick ^_^
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Ok. Let me know how that works for ya' :)
@cdeszaq There's Schemer-- something based on their model, maybe? :P
mouse clicks mouse moves.... gross... ;) (* sent from Lix's keyboard *)
Got to go, guys (might drop in later)
1:54 PM
We (or at least I) will be here, like always :)
@cde - you are always here!
@Lix Yup. Esp. during my work-hours, when I'm in front of a computer the whole time. Outside of that, not so much.
Since I'm a 1-man dev team, I figure hanging out in here isn't any different than having others in the office to talk to about programming things.
@cde - me too - at work I'm here all the time... although I login at home too...
1:57 PM
I'm usually too busy doing things (or not doing things) to be on-line at home
lol :P
@cde - gahhh... no....comment....votes...left.... grrrrr.... hehehe
1 hour later…
3:02 PM
Does anyone know if there is a clone of the Data Explorer for Java? Perhaps @TimStone might be aware of one?
Nothing that I'm aware of. You'd miss out on some of the tooling doing a port perhaps, but otherwise it should be pretty easy to transition into the Java MVC framework of your choosing.
@TimStone Too bad that one doesn't exist yet, but I'll put this on my list of things to do.
One of these things is just like the other.
@jad - yes - I see a striking resemblance...
3:08 PM
@Lix Pretty much just a few whitespace characters
Can I flag the dupe as a dupe of the dupe that I flagged as a dupe? :P
@Lix yes
Well done gentlemen.
So, I guess the "Possible duplicate" comment I left was automatically deleted? I did not know that happened.
3:11 PM
@jadarnel27 Odd
When it is automagically added it is also automagically deleted I would assume... The links dont have to appear twice...
@jadarnel27 Dude, get to 3k already so you can cast close votes too!
would love to help with that... but I've already hit the limits :P
I gave some bumps for things that I thought were good (ie. that I would find helpful if I had a similar question)
@cdeszaq I'm working on it =) And apparently, someone is helping me ;-)
I've gotten 178 rep this week (which is pretty high for me, honestly).
3:18 PM
@jadarnel27 I find that editing older posts is a great way to bring in more views & votes. (As long as the edits are valid ones)
That's a good point. I think I've done that before...maybe.
Well, now I'm at 3k =P
I honestly was not trolling for votes from the folks in here, although I *do* appreciate it =)
stackoverflow.com/q/140453/20770 Question is just asking for recommendations
Ooh, ooh I'll do that!
uses new privilege
@jad - you want to try out your new found power? Checkout the tag... But put on two pairs of underwear first ;)
stackoverflow.com/q/226469/20770 Pointless "What's the most..." type question of 'yore
3:26 PM
"most clever..."
(* shudder *)
Still in awe of the selected answer to this question.
Man, there's just so many of them!... stackoverflow.com/q/187587/20770 Just soliciting tool suggestions
@cdeszaq You know, there's an app- er, I mean room for that =)
@mos - its a whopper... isn't it...
@jadarnel27 Yeah... but it gets so little traffic. The SO PHP room is good for it too, but they get a bit irked when you ask for closing non-PHP questions
3:27 PM
@cde - I know that is a meta tag - what does it stand for? "cv-please" I assume? right?
yeah, "close vote please"
ahh - makes sense...
@Moshe Yeah, props on getting a iOS dev to respond :)
@Lix Yea, I've written some pretty decent answers, but this was the answer was insanely great.
@cdeszaq Heh, he's been hanging around on SO for a while, but we have a mutual friend and I have been poking him on Twitter and via email. So that helps. :-)
But, it's pretty great.
A wild @Zypher appeared!
Hi a wild @Zypher! waves
nefariously looks in backpack for Pokéball, then thinks better of it
I'm tempted to ditch my game concept and freaking rewrite Pokémon.
Arggggh copyright laws!
howdy @Moshe be careful i may be feral
3:37 PM
Pokémon are never feral.
The correct answer is
@Zypher careful i may not be a Pokémon
@Moshe you should know better than to post this: stackoverflow.com/a/10022287/561731
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Glad you approve. :P
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA What do you know about sefer torahs and website layout? ;-)
3:42 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Like I said. I'm glad.
We need to speak, offline.
But I have a project for a client and small team. If you're smart, you'll have deduced what we're doing based on my question.
I ask because you seem to be somewhat of a web ninja.
@Moshe I am on gchat
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA New email addy? Don't see you.
@Moshe I am at the newer email addy that I told u abt
I don't recall.
Please email it to me. mosheberman at me dot com
@Moshe my full hebrew 1st name + my last name (at) gmail
3:44 PM
4:09 PM
After having read that word, sometimes I cannot get it out of my head.
4:22 PM
@Lix Haha, I just read this. I'm a bit afraid. Also, I'm not sure I'm qualified to vote-to-close Facebook questions.
When you see a question that says "Help sent my crush a friend request and can't find where to cancel it".... You'll know what to do :P
Or - "Halp! I ccant nnot loginto my face's book!"
I gotcha, so I can vote to close the total garbage that comes across. Neat.
Can't find links right now.. .:P But i assure you those are real titles :P
It should be the VTC sparing program :P A test run for your new found privilege :P
2 hours later…
6:33 PM
Face's book?
6:45 PM
Pops-Perturbing Pedantic Problem of the Day: bizarre documentation requirements. I shouldn't be forced to specify things like "press TAB to move to the next field." Is my software going to people who have never used computers before?
@Pop To people who don't remember ever having used a computer before, probably.
And don't tell them to press any key!
7:09 PM
@PopularDemand Haha, that is absurd.
Q: Highlighting a section with color on jump to link

BrinardHere on stackexchange, when you have a new message in your Stackoverflow inbox, and when you click the link and are navigated/jumped-to it, it fades in orange and then fades out. whenever I want to be able to have a fade in-fade out highlight color of a section that was jumped to following a link...

This person asked a question about Stack Overflow here on meta.... but a technical one :P His heart was in the right place :P
7:26 PM
lol @Lix how do u know my name?
@Lix he already asked it on SO yesterday...
Its all in your bio in your profile.. :P
Yea - formulating an answer as we speak :P
@Lix haha i forgot abt that lol. they won't find me in spam bots, unless u tell them
thats why i ws so vague
hehe so yes - first visit to G+ in months :P
haha i am the manager of the Doctor Who page there @Lix
well I know that now :P But i never really inspected your gravatar before :P
7:33 PM
@Lix bad site I made for it: docwho.co hasnt been updated
Oh my.... thanks for reminding me that I left my speakers on LOUD
@Lix there is sound on the site?
are the videos playing by themselves?
no actually :P nothing against him hehe
7:36 PM
see how many ppl rely on me?
but yes - it sounds like a whole bunch of videos are playing at once... cant see them though
@Lix odd, yea the site was made badly. but my posts werent
well i'm using chrome on linux - so Im not too phased by weird shit happening on the web :P
well with flash at least :P
7:39 PM
ahhh haaa
Note to self: never use custom suggested edit reject reasons again. In the time it takes to explain, someone else will have blindly approved the edit.
If it's important, roll back
Out of curiosity, got a link?
7:56 PM
In fairness, it's rare for this to happen to suggestions that actively make a post worse; usually I see this happen to suggestions that keep overall quality about constant, or only fix two out of the 50 errors. I don't have the specific link handy anymore.
Ah, the old, you think they didn't fix enough, somebody else thinks every change is an improvement
That, or the fix is no better than the original (e.g. equally incorrect code formatting), or the fix improves some things while introducing new errors (e.g. turning "how i can this do wit html" into "How cand I to this with HTMl").
That would be a great* rep harvesting strategy for a newbie, though. 1) Find post containing 100 errors 2) Submit suggested edit that fixes only one of the errors 3) Wait for the edit to be approved 4) If rep cap not reached, GOTO 2. *: and by "great," I mean "terrible."
Fixing only one out of 100 is too risky, they would need to fix two in every iteration to be sure.
Ah, of course, how silly of me.
8:47 PM
There is something seriously wrong with you guys =)
Shhh, that's a compliment
Coming from a fellow Tavern dweller, yes.
This is interesting:
I flagged something when I had <3k, then went back and voted to close after reaching 3k.
That dismissed your flag
9:02 PM
Right, I just thought it was interesting that it wasn't marked as "helpful" or "unhelpful".
By the way, congrats and welcome to the cleaning brigade.
Or "disputed". I've just never seen "none"
@DanielFischer Haha, thank you!
Disputed is for when someone disagrees with your flag, the close vote by you, once you could, converted the flag into a close vote. Poof it disappeared.
Very relevant:
Mar 10 at 0:05, by mootinator
I just realized all of the perks for gaining rep come in the form of "more types of free work you can do for us."
Q: What happens if I flag a question that gets closed?

Foo BahI flagged a question with 4 close-votes. It looks like a fifth person came and closed the question. Under flag weight, there seemed to be no effect but the response was none. What exactly does that mean, and under what circumstances will that show up?

9:05 PM
Yup. 10K really was a hit. The 10K tools suck up so much of your time.
See also this comment and the post it's attached to.
Ah, well that answers that. Thanks @Pop
Your ability to find references on Meta is uncanny.
@DanielFischer I bet. I don't think I have to worry about that for a while unless @cdeszaq continues to serial upvote me =P
Hehe. cdeszaq alone would still take a while. You need more fans.
@jadarnel27 It's all in good fun!
@DanielFischer Yeah, quite a while. And with the questions/answers available to be voted on right now, it isn't even possible for one person to do it :)
Most rep a single person can give is (roughly) 10*numAnswers + 5*numQuestions (if we ignore bounties, "accepted" rep, and sug. edits)
Ah, right. Unfortunately, @jad's tags are not mine, so I can't properly judge most of his answers.
9:11 PM
@cdeszaq I know dude =) Just messin' with you.
's all gud
@DanielFischer You can assume they are correct. And awesome.
Ok gents, I'm out. Have a good evening.
Can I quote you on that when the serial upvoting script kicks in?
@DanielFischer absolutely
Some people have strange ideas:
but performance wise, which is the best way to go - All on one line, or using as much as lines as I feel necessary?
9:16 PM
@DanielFischer At some level, that matters. Likely at the compiler or file transfer performance level, not code execution, but who knows. I'm sure there are lots of "flexible" systems for which that question would matter in a big way.
@cdeszaq It's about PHP, so it could have an influence on execution. But if that difference matters, pick something with an optimising compiler anyway.
@DanielFischer Hrm. I was planning to reply with this, which was said by balpha himself, but I can't find the (original) source... even Google is coming up short, which makes me think it's been deleted.
Three letters? What a waste.
I mean, if you need more than 702 variables, there's always upper case.
9:31 PM
@DanielFischer Where'd you get the number 702 from?
Unicode is a computing industry standard for the consistent encoding, representation and handling of text expressed in most of the world's writing systems. Developed in conjunction with the Universal Character Set standard and published in book form as The Unicode Standard, the latest version of Unicode consists of a repertoire of more than 110,000 characters covering 100 scripts, a set of code charts for visual reference, an encoding methodology and set of standard character encodings, an enumeration of character properties such as upper and lower case, a set of reference data compute...
@Pop I'm old. I don't accept newfangled stuff like accented letters.
Legal variable name in Java (used at SE): ανδ
@PopularDemand I should start throwing stuff like this in my code just to mess with coworkers.
@TimStone The following program compiles and runs without errors or warnings:
public class Wont {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        String ಠ_ಠ = "Hello, world! I will destroy you!";
        System.out.println("ಠ_ಠ: " + ಠ_ಠ);
Keep people on their toes by having the code stare back at them.
9:53 PM
Let's try eating Jello again
10:12 PM
What is this tag supposed to be?
Q: Burninate the stackoverflow.com tag?

DavidIn looking at the questions, they pretty much all seem to belong on Meta. Can anybody think of a purpose served by this tag that's on-topic for SO? Maybe if someone attempts to use it they can be notified that: Hey, if you're asking a question about StackOverflow, why not hop over to http:/...

hmm... I guess then Stack Overflow is an acceptable place to post questions about DE...
10:49 PM
Questions (bug reports, feature request, what have you) about things supported by Stack Exchange belong on Meta. Questions about applying things that Stack Exchange uses in your own implementation scenarios belong on Stack Overflow.
agreed - but do they need their own tag?
11:48 PM
Does anyone know where on the body the "back till" is? o.o

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