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1:34 AM
Spreading awareness about the evil of rchern:
Q: Rebecca Chernoff's evil plan

ManishearthThe other day, I was messing around in chat, and I came across this: Yes, it's the dreaded rchern smiley: Lobotomy (: This clearly indicates that rchern has some plans for us, and this public service announcement is to spread awareness of the evil lurking within us. I believe that this ...

6 hours later…
7:44 AM
Whoa I'm topping the leagues(week,month,AND quarter) for MSO... Extremely sad, I have nothing to do but meta-discuss
OK, the real reason I'm on meta is that I'm bored, Physics.SE is too quiet, and everyone knows more than me everywhere else: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/127671/178438
4 hours later…
12:03 PM
To be fair, week, month, and quarter are all currently the same thing. :P
12:20 PM
"I searched for a solution but all i could found is that i have to check for viewstate on each button which is impossible, cause that means there will be a lot of work." - That's a great reason not to fix a problem =)
12:38 PM
How is it recommended to draw attention to old Meta questions?
Apparently flagging is not the right way. My flag was declined saying I should edit, answer, add a bounty...— but what if none of these are really appropriate?
There's nothing I want to change about the question; I don't have much more to add; I don't want to spend much reputation on it. But I'd like to see it get a little new attention.
@TimStone now it makes muuuch more sense :P
@jtbandes Hm, what's the question?
Q: /me command for chat

The Unhandled ExceptionI love the "action" command /me found elsewhere, and think it would be fun to have in the chat. A message like: /me loves the new chat system Would show up as: Josh loves the new chat system Rather than: Josh: loves the new chat system I'm trying to think how it would work with ...

@jtbandes link to question please?
(assuming you have a specific one in mind)
12:43 PM
Also, there have been occasions when I put forward a suggestion on meta, and it gets several upvotes for a couple days.... then it dies out and nothing else happens.
I mean I could edit it, but ideally the question was well-written to start with :)
@jtban you'll get your bump, gimme a min
The note in the flag decline message really covers all the possibilities for what you can do @jtbandes.
Now, of course there are the social solutions. Like bringing it up in here, and hoping possibly that someone else will act on it =)
@jtbandes you rang?
/me did, indeed ;)
Attention from the original author doesn't really solve it though. Moderator or SE employee attention is ideal :)
They declined that request
It will likely never happen
You can install my userscript (now horribly out of date) or, better yet, install...
Q: SE Chat Modifications -- Keyboard navigation and commands for chat

Tim Stone Screenshot Use /command shortcuts to perform common chat tasks: See message history inline: Easily preview replied-to messages: And much, much more... About Legends tell of a prolific Meta Stack Overflow chatter who despised using their mouse above all things. In an effort to keep t...

That's a fantastic userscript and includes (somewhat different) /me support:
likes that script
12:55 PM
@TheUnhandledException (It's secretly horrible, but don't tell anyone)
Also, bonus points to you. ;)
Ooh, neat.
Did they officially decline it though? Because in that case it should be marked
@jtbandes Mixed blessing:I bumped your post by answering it, but my answer is somewhat against the idea. Somewhat.
@jtbandes No, just in chat. I can find a link if you really want
@Manishearth you are a god among men
(how'd you do that?)
12:59 PM
@balpha Heh, I was just about to make a "..." comment about how the instructions clearly explained the proper way to put that blockquote, without it mentally connecting that the actual sample source was off. Thankfully you answered first :D
I blame the title. "Is it a bug in rendering of nested list in Markdown engine?" doesn't really point you towards the issue :)
Passover is tonight.
@jtbandes Check this out.
Which means, among other things, that firstborn people fast today. Which is me. Ugh.
True. And my reading comprehension fails early (for me) in the morning.
1:02 PM
Unless we can find a group celebrating the completion of study of some portion of Torah.
@Moshe My dad is on day 36 of a 40 day fast :o
A: Finding old answers that don't garner upvotes

Tim Stonecommented: @lunboks Yep! Hm, that's a good point. There's a lot of new functionality that should recorded somewhere other than on random Meta posts...I'll make a note (and anyone who wants to help should feel free)!

There usually are such celebrations arranged specifically for people who fast, but I fear I may have missed then. Checking out one last place.
If anyone's inclined to figure out what all hasn't been properly documented. :P
And now I should go to work, before I blissfully forget I have to.
@jtbandes what jadarnel27 said. If you want to use the red for indicating tags in posts, though, use [meta-tag:status-declined]. That will correctly link and format the tag. Eg: -->, --> .. But this will only red-ify the already read meta tags.
Looks like you know that though--man, the formatting on the mobile version is different :/
1:06 PM
And while we're at it:
Q: Instant approval of revisions for users with edit privileges

user150068It's not consistent to leave an edit pending for approval (thus not making available for everyone else and locking its state) after a user who has those privileges have given his endorsement. You could say why don't I improve the edit, but that makes no sense for something that is correct and i...

@jadarnel looks like I found one.
@Moshe happy Pesach!
@Moshe Cool =)
@balpha How appropriate is flagging a post for diamond attention if you want a [status-foobar] tag placed?
1:22 PM
if it's obvious that the tag should be there, go ahead. If you think it should be there, but not everybody may agree... maybe not. Depends I guess.
Yeah, I only do it when its obvious
There are tons of obvious bydesign cases
Once I answer them, I wait a bit for community response. Then I flag it--if nobodys tagged it yet
Done this a few times, but I'm not sure how annoying it is to the mods ;)
well, to comment on a specific flag of yours I'm seeing, there is no "status-resolved" tag (it's called "status-completed"), and that post was clearly "norepro"
I'll give you a "helpful" anyway :)
another one you have flagged to be tagged "bydesign" is a post
Which one?
Q: Why is there a Precognitive badge on Area 51?

CreatorWhat's the point of having a Precognitive badge on Area 51 itself, since no one could have earned it? It's on Stack Overflow to make people aware of Area 51, as mentioned here, but this reason wouldn't apply if you're already on Area 51.

Q: Why are titles showing up as boxes?

SwDevMan81The titles of some of the question I view are showing up as just boxes I'm running Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3 and Google Chrome (18.0.1025.142 m). Let me know if you need more information. Update 2 - So something in Chrome appears to have died. I restarted chrome an...

@balpha well, it got fixed if you check the comments so I decided to flag it as resolved
Yeah, I got the tag mixed up..
Alright, the bydesign is only for [bug]. I'll keep that in mind, thanks :)
1:32 PM
@Manishearth Nothing got fixed on our side. If the user's OS is broken, that's not a bug on the site. The boundaries aren't clear-cut there, but "status-completed" should usually mean that we fixed something
OK, I see.. So:
Bydesign--for bug
Completed--for bug (fixed by SE)
Norepro--ungrokable bug and/or fixed by user
Completed/declined--for feature-request
I'd rather have the logic be "post -> tag that makes sense for the post" instead of making it a checklist
And stuff to flag for tagging:
Obvious bydesign in bugreports
Norepro if comments indicate that lots of people have tried
Oh, I wasn't making a checklist-- Just matching what is applicable where ;)
I think it's a little bit odd that list-style-type is set to "none" in the about me box on network profiles, but not on any of the actual SE site profiles.
For me, the tags make sense in a different manner :P but that's [status:completed] now ;-)
1:38 PM
complains in the presence of SE employees to avoid making an excessively pedantic "bug" report on Meta
@TheUnhandled You too!
@balpha thanks for the advice/clarification!
thinks @jadarnel27's bug-complaint was well played
Seconds that
is glad he can ignore a bug report because it was never posted as one
1:42 PM
Hit repcap again! [Free waffles!]{meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/128351/…)
Can't easily edit on mobile. I meant to say, Free waffles!
@cdeszaq =)
2:03 PM
@balpha this is going to become a bug report tomorrow(possibly today) once I can upload screenshots and draw FHCs(can't on mobile), but you may want a headstart:
Bug: on mobile, the supercolider breaks HTML entities
Which means that if the preview string's last character is a part of &abcd;, it shows the first half of the entity &ab;
Strangely, this cropped up for an apostrophe--nobody uses HTML entities for THAT.. (unless thr system does)
No need to look at it now though, the bug report shall be filed tomorrow ;-) .And then you'll have yo look at it :D
2:27 PM
I'm hesitant to call the list-style thing I pointed out a bug, because it's really just inconsistent. Kinda like this little guy. Which is why I tagged it with [discussion] and [bug]. But, meh.
And I keep thinking "Is inconsistency really a bug?" I guess sometimes it is (especially when it comes to functionality). But with stylesheets, I'm less certain.
In case you all were wondering, I occasionally over-think things.
2:48 PM
@Manishearth You couldn't have left all of those as one comment? =)
@jadarnel I made each comment one browser at a time
So nope :P
OK, maybe I could've, but no fun in doing that, is there
Anyway, I think I'll dive into the CSS in a few minutes-i'm bored
I'd say its ..
Nick Craver said something about the mobile site being limited
@jadarnel27 I complained about the double-encoding of something in a tooltip that probably 50 people have ever actually looked at. Have no fear. :P
@Tim double-encoding? What, they escaped the escapes?
I once had to use `\\\` in JS--that was wierd
@TimStone Oh wow. Fair enough, I suppose mine is fair game then haha.
`\\\` FOUR backslashes
Aah evil chat
`\\\\` FIVE
` ONE; \` TWO
2:59 PM
Q: You got your double-encoded space in my tooltip

Tim StoneIt seems that the process used to generate the title attributes for the image links on the Stack Exchange store encodes an already-encoded string, leading to situations like this: where the title attribute looks like the following: title="Stack Exchange Pens —  Got some serious w...

Oh, I escaped the codeblock meh.
Awesome bug :p
@TimStone Everything about that post is awesome. Especially @Pop's and Pekka's comments.
And Jeff's note about the bug rating :P
Yes, that as well!
3:03 PM
When you say comments by me and Pekka are awesome, I immediately assume you mean the ones under this answer.
Ah, those are classic
Oh no, I've already rep-capped! I'll have to wait until tomorrow to finish @jadarnel27's feature so I can farm the reps!
(just kidding, I'm going to finish it tonight :P)
@PopularDemand Can't...stop...laughing
@TimStone I knew you were only in it for the Benjamins.
I mean...rep.
Lincolns and Hamiltons, I guess.
You hear that, Chacha and five people who agree with Chacha? Tim and new Josh think I'm cool!
If it makes you feel better, I was writing a query yesterday when I went "Oh, hrm...I really wish I had the values for this *Types table handy."
Oh hey @Pop - Turns out I was pretty close on that piano answer the other day. A much more knowledgeable person stepped in later that day.
3:13 PM
@TimStone Yes, your inconvenience makes me feel much better >:)
There's also a new bug and a partial regression (with potentially devastating consequences) pending, free reps for anyone who finds them before I fix them (but you get a gold star if you don't :P)
To be fair, I don't think that's his bug. ;)
But this similar one is! (in the sense it's chat-related)
Q: In-line code tag not properly displayed in chat preview

Johannes Schaub - litbProof of the bug: I'm sorry I have no theory as to what could be the cause.

4:17 PM
Are all the comments escaping from there designated areas on this post for anyone else? I'm in Chrome 18 and this looks weird.
@TimStone Dev on chat=all your bugs are belong to him
@jadarnel27 Yes. People shouldn't post comments like that. :P
@TimStone Kind of what I was thinking =)
I guess useful comments usually have things like...spaces. So that the text can wrap at some point.
Yay, a bugreport sprouting from a bugreport. @jadarnel feel free to report it :p
There are legit cases of a no-space comment.. Code comments, f.e.
It's a duplicate 50 times over, for what it's worth.
4:24 PM
I'm just confused about why the first two are messed up. They have spaces and whatnot.
Cos the bottom ones are
The wrapper div overflowed
It stretches the entire <table> (shudder), so they take up the space available.
So the above ones take up the free space as well
Ok, maybe a table
@Manishearth no-space stuff is handled
just not this BS case
@TimStone Oh, I see. That makes sense.
4:27 PM
@jad if you want to talk about escaping comments, see this: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/128305/…
@balpha Yup, I see ;-)
@Manishearth Ah yes, I've seen that several times.
Panama was kind of obsessed with it for a little while.
Always fun to do in the context of Unicode
Yep, I saw that meta post
At 13K, I don't know why K milestones excite me.
4:30 PM
Congrats! :p
I'm so tantalizingly close to 2k privileges--rep cap
Oh well, free waffles.
Ah, someone posted a bug report about that comment thing anyway.
Didn't they think to check in with the Tavern before doing that?!?!?
@balpha no luck
Q: Comments are still overflowing

NullUserException อ_อJeff tagged this bug as status-completed, and said: because we loop through comments on the fly for rendering anyway, we are now force-inserting a soft hyphen boring unicode spaces every so many characters without a space. So this should be truly fixed now. But it doesn't look that way from...

Oh well..
"inserting a soft hyphen boring unicode spaces" - what is this I don't even.
I've gotten enough entries for a lifetime :p
@Manishearth Well, on SO. On meta, not quite.
4:38 PM
@Manishearth I'm a fan of The Establishment's interpretation of that bug report.
Me too
I want to bounty +50 that
(exemplary answer)
But the system won't let me
@balpha any way of relaxing the bounty guidelines? Super-secret mod tool?
Otherwise I have to wait 2 days
meh I'll do it some other time
4:58 PM
@Manishearth Psst... hey... hey, buddy. How many serial upvotes would you give me for a 50-pt bounty?
@Popular 5
And since i'm a cheapskate, they'll be on questions
5:14 PM
Whoa the nested kbd on that sandbox page looks entirely different(and hypnotosing) on mobile
Gtg guys, cya!
5:55 PM
I wanna stay up all night and jump around, until we see the sun.
Apparently frozen rooms won't onebox.
I just killed another tag.
Someone should reject these
What does get used for?
Oh, it's dead.
Yes, I just killed it lol
PS That was two separate links :P
I got them both.
6:06 PM
Oh nice.
I thought the reject button wasn't working on the first one but then I realized it was because my explanation was too short; that's why I gave different reasons.
If you were looking/cared.
It would have more effect if it were "Rejected by Popular Demand"
* arguably clever
It had about 100 questions. The ones that were incorrectly tagged went to [full-text-search], [fullcallendar], and [fullscreen]
The rest were all meta-use, mainly talking about full images and silly things like that...
@animuson You are person number 24,890 to make such a joke (among all people containing at least 10% human parts).
6:08 PM
But I am the person who made the ultimate joke. I suggested you write the book called "Back"
Oh, yeah, that was you.
Hahaha, if you edit the tags twice using the inline retag, it actually creates "edited tags; edited tags" as the reason? o.o That looks silly...
Feb 9 at 0:26, by animuson
@PopularDemand: Have you considered writing a book called "Back"?
I could've sworn I turned on my TV hours ago...
6:29 PM
@animuson Yeah, sorry. I turned it off.
Why would I do that programmatically? Wire cutters are much simpler.
6:45 PM
Wow. I just got an e-mail from someone at an IT recruiting firm. It says "blah blah blah, Happy Easter blah blah" in big, red font. And then there's a giant picture of Winnie the Pooh characters with a "Happy Easter" sign.
Yeah. This firm has e-mailed me before, but it's usually more...professional.
Not really, they're after his money.
I had a similar situation two days ago.
Were there cartoon characters?
6:53 PM
I'm trying to remember the location of a web page I found once with a security anecdote. The author was so disappointed in the grammar used by a potential employer (or business he was a customer of; it's a pretty vague memory) that he sent them an e-mail along the lines of "I know you guys are professionals, so the terrible grammar on your error page is making me think you've been hacked. You should check your servers ASAP."
They're after me lucky charms!
I think it was an SE page, but I'm not sure.
@PopularDemand I distinctly remember reading that as well. I think maybe someone linked it in here.
My search abilities are failing me. If you manage to find it, I'd appreciate a link.
Sure thing.
7:08 PM
Upcoming events: in 4 hours Meta Stack Overflow Happy Hour
Yes, we have to drink away the insanity.
:) sure, happy hour = drink
7:29 PM
In a way, it's frustrating. I just got six upvotes in five minutes for a trivial int overflow answer, but for answers I put real work in, I can be happy if I get six upvotes in a month.
A well-known problem with SO. And the whole SE model, really, if you generalize the problem.
@TimStone Well, I'll be drinking four cups o' wine tonight. (Assuming I stay awake the whole time. Which should be trivial considering how late I write code sometimes.)
I think people often assume that voters don't appreciate the work that goes into those answers, which I don't believe is true...it's just simply that people are much more inclined to click on questions they feel they can answer, so with more eyes comes the higher likelihood of votes. That said, I did put in a reasonable amount of effort into my second-highest voted answer (courtesy @PopularDemand), so things do "work out" sometimes.
@jadarnel, that post isn't quite a story, but a picture is worth a thousand words.
@TimStone I sometimes click on interesting questions, even of I have zero intention of answering it.
Although today, I posted an easy answer and got a few drive by votes. Easiest answer I wrote in a while.
Only answer in a while, in fact.
I should start answering again.
Not only that, but answers that require more work to write tend to be more technical and/or deal with harder problems, and as such fewer people are qualified to judge their correctness.
7:37 PM
Yup, fewer people see them, fewer can judge them.
It's just a bit disproportional.
Let's have a new metric to complicate the system even more!
My question is mildly, somewhat, very technical.
Rate ALL the THINGS!
Then we can show questions in order of technical expertise.
Well, you could do what I do, and remind yourself that voting is biased against good answers when you lie awake at night fretting about your low SO rep. Er. I mean... what I hypothetically would do. Yeah, that's it.
7:52 PM
@Pop I don't think voting is biased against good answers. It's strongly biased in favour of good(ish) easy answers.
Stop destroying my illusion! Uh, I mean, the hypothetical illusion I was just talking about. That I don't actually believe.
Hello, guys. I have several questions about parameter storage classes in D, but I don't know what is better - ask several questions regarding details of each class interoperability with examples and whatever, so anybody interested will have detailed description on this subject, or ask all this stuff at once and bloat up a question, but provide consolidated source of information in cost of detalization?
Every question should cover a single well-defined topic, so that answers from different users can be compared to each other (among other reasons).
So, it's ok to post a lot of questions in bulk - this will not look goofy and distract others ... ah snap, you've edited your post.
My meaning didn't change, I just made the wording less ambiguous.
But no, that won't look goofy. Although you might run into people who think you're trying to get the SO community to write and/or debug your program one step at a time. It's hard to both behave appropriately and give the appearance of behaving appropriately simultaneously in this situation.
8:07 PM
It's single topic in fact, BUT it has several "subtopics", each of them adressing the same thing in general (interoperability between parameter class storage specifiers in D and C), but different things in detail (const and in, probably, should not be mixed with ref and out).
Definitely, these questions will have different answers, as they are different in nature, but they will share most of contents with a very little change, so it might look as duplicate.
So, I'm confused.
But be aware that you can't post more than six questions per 24 hours and not more than 50 per 30 days.
So don't split them into too small parts.
It might help to link to this conversation or explain your purpose in comments under the questions.
This adds insult to injury :)
"Id like to buy one injury please." "would you like some insult with that?"
8:35 PM
I'm really pissed
because of closing policy
Any particular question?
i hate that. so much time spent in a question and then more or less without a further comment - CLOSE
yeah but not on stack overflow - on the music page
I'm here because i love stack overflow :)
@DanielFischer meta.music.stackexchange.com/questions/331/… if you are interested :)
@Neysor Sorry man, I flagged to too localized today :/
I'll see
It is obvious you worked on your question, however it is too specific
8:47 PM
How is that not a recommendation request?
maybe you should have divide more than one question than it may work better
Aerobic? Blast from the past. I thought that died with Sydne Rome.
You even said "I'm new to this site and hope that my question is fitting to this kind of community," which implies that you realize that your question may not be appropriate.
@DanielFischer it is booming called e.g. zumba and staff. my girlfriend is working on this but to make it not complicated that it is i wrote it in my name :)
Oh well. Then there's hope Sex'n'drugs'n'Rock'n'Roll will come back too :)
8:49 PM
See this question I asked on Meta SU; while it's obviously not about the Music site, it should still mostly apply.
@PopularDemand yes that is true. But under the statement "Where if not there"? its about music and i think recommandations in my opinions is something more unspecific like: I'm looking for a software which could you recommand for making music?" But i described in deatail my functionality and did not know if there is such a software. I know this kind of difference isn't much but i think it is
@PopularDemand will read it now
@PopularDemand okay but if i read the reply i think it fits to my situation. And is also not closing. Because money isn't interesting me. Perhaps i did not find the right words in the question but i think it is about the same
9:10 PM
@PopularDemand did make use of your question and fit it into my description
finally asked (stackoverflow.com/questions/10049343/… ), and decided not to spam SO with similar questions. I've had to compress the stuff as much as I could, but I think that helped more than harmed.
Gahhh what is it with doctors and wanting to cut me open jeez
Lol the Chinese Emigration site xD I honestly don't see that working out at all...
9:26 PM
good confession, well done edward norton
This question belongs on AskDifferent proper, right?
9:40 PM
I keep forgetting I'm already out of close votes today >< Go in and select a reason and click Vote to Close and just dismiss the orange popup not even realizing it's a notice about it... Then wondering why my vote didn't count. Lol
2 hours later…
11:54 PM
Sheesh! Happy hour and nobody came for the free drinks :(
I was actually too busy drinking to open my mouth (or use my hands, as it were)
Pshhh I'm on pain meds I couldn't have alcohol if I wanted xP
@animuson You could, it just wouldn't be a good idea.

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