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@Feeds Exploring the interesting and strange oneboxes from our 2022 Onebox Survey
5:11 AM
> Today’s Lifeboat badge goes to user Jarzon for their answer to Make a hidden field required.
...which is why this link goes to the other answer on that question!
@Feeds also, no transcript?
1 hour later…
6:29 AM
Greetings from an airplane!
Hi airplane!
7:21 AM
8:15 AM
This prankster keeps editing their post every day to say X days facing this problem: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/379907/…
Well, edit it out! (I just did)
@Tinkeringbell I left a comment on the post
stating about the same as your edit summary
If you see the post bumped again, let me know. Quite a few of those edits seem rather insignificant, so perhaps if they keep bumping the post, a more stern approach will be needed.
9:14 AM
@SmokeDetector whoa that's long
@Tinkeringbell just lock, should put an end to this. It's something on the OP's side anyway, not much we can do any further.
@SonictheSaveUkraine-hog where you flying to?
@ShadowWizardSaysNoMoreWar I prefer to wait and see if more edits will follow after this ;)
10:01 AM
@Tinkeringbell: I was just able to see your comment before staring at a 404 error :)
@Justin 404? where?
A user just deleted a post about being able to view vote counts. Tinkeringbell posted a comment just when the post got deleted.
I don't have the rep to see deleted posts, hence the 404 error
I was writing it when the post got deleted. Thought I'd finish it anyways XD
Commenting on deleted posts is a nice perk.
@Luuklag Self-test is still positive (though not as positive as last time) I guess that's another 10 days of staying inside for me, or until the symptoms have truly vanished.
10:09 AM
How hard is it for y'all to get antigen tests where you are?
@RyanM supplies are good
and at a pinch, there's vending machines outside military camps >_>
@Tinkeringbell what did happen? Did you get a new variant from the air intake?
If you officially have the rona, you also can get someone to collect 3 kits free from a government vending machine
@RyanM Not at all. Go to basically any supermarket or drug store.
Ah nice.
10:12 AM
@rene I tested positive last week, on Tuesday. You need 10 days of isolation then you're apparently good to go out. But I'm still coughing like crazy, and I was supposed to have a party tomorrow so I took another test just to make sure I wouldn't infect anyone... apparently I'm still not virus free.
@Tinkeringbell okay, wow. So uitzieken then? We can throw you a virtual party ...
I guess so, yeah. Though I don't really feel ill any longer...
Just that cough.
Though the GGD site says that self-tests will only be positive after the isolation period if you still carry a significant amount of virus, so I guess the risk that I will infect others is still high this way. I'll let my friend know, have her make a choice :)
@Tinkeringbell That can be annoying as hell and takes time to get over, at least for me and that is for pre-corona coughs ...
Yeah, I can't really clearly remember pre-corona coughs, but I don't think I ever had them for this long.
(not this bad, at least)
They're like 'if I don't try to stop now, my guts will come out' kind of coughing fits. I can also go hours without needing to cough at all XD
Sounds like something in your lower airways still not happy then .... nasty virus
10:21 AM
might be wise to see a docter then?
or at least consult one by phone
Been having on-and-off coughing fits myself...tested negative earlier this week, though...
@Luuklag Sigh... I guess....
I don't like doctors, they never do anything useful XD
@RyanM Can't hurt to try again :P
Or go for a PCR, if any are available.
Yeaaaahhhhhh was gonna do it tomorrow though so it'll be properly 4 days since last exposure.
I have NAAT tests here.
Fingers crossed ;)
10:25 AM
I've had it twice now so if I get it again, I'll be mildly grouchy :-p
This is my first time, and it sincerely pissed me off.
Thought I did almost everything right, and only hung out with people I could (at least sort-of) trust... apparently not, a coworker brought it to work and took out half the team.
2 hours later…
12:32 PM
@Tinkeringbell I hate that that's all it takes :(
Yep, same here.
Also re: The cough, my girlfriend's mom got it from school (she's a special needs teacher) and passed it to the rest of us. She still occasionally has coughing fits months later.
Definitely has died down, but sheesh.
Oh that's encouraging XD
It's not really a "Oh boy someone get the stretcher" kind of cough but it's... Interesting.
XD. I might just get some cough syrup and see what that does.
12:52 PM
@Tinkeringbell My mom's been the vector both times
which is amusing cause I'm the high risk one
@Tinkeringbell Get the good stuff!
1:35 PM
@Sha πŸ”¨!
hammertime is back?

HAMMERTIME err.. something like that.

Feb 18, 2014 at 2:29, 25 minutes total – 198 messages, 10 users, 8 stars

Bookmarked Feb 18, 2014 at 2:54 by Ι₯ʇǝS

πŸ›‘ ... πŸ”¨β°
(and this is another excellent reason to never trust or use userscripts ;))
@Spevacus stop, wait, hammer, time
1:40 PM
@ShadowWizardSaysNoMoreWar This is hilarious.
@Spevacus I know!!!
Possibly the funniest moments ever in the Tavern. :D
And still not sure what you meant with the hammer, the latest usage of my dupe hammer, on the q-ban question?
Zolanda awaits me, time to go save Gigi!
@ShadowWizardSaysNoMoreWar Oh, yeah. Sorry, it took me a few minutes to point it out.
@JourneymanGeek I got something with codeine :)
Or at least codeine based. I don't know, the website lists it under stuff that has codeine, but the packaging says it has 'codeïnefosfaathemihydraat' :P
2:58 PM
@Feeds The 2022 Onebox Survey results!
3:42 PM
@MetaAndrewT. 90% failure 5% success
4:38 PM
Ben Popper on July 01, 2022
Listen up, you can see us now. The Stack Overflow podcast is coming to video.
4:50 PM
@Feeds Live podcasts in 6-8 oneboxes?
5:10 PM
@Feeds it's SOTV!
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9:36 PM
23 messages moved to Chimney
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11:56 PM
@ShadowWizardSaysNoMoreWar I'm in the UK now. The inflight Wi-Fi stopped working shortly after posting that message, so I couldn't respond then.
@SonictheSaveUkraine-hog oh, I see. Nice!
Business, or pleasure?

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