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12:12 AM
who do I blame the unicorn for?
Where do I get the unicorn?
I got one about accepting answers
Is it April 1st for you yet?
Curse this UTC-7 timezone.
Anyone been able to get the April 1st joke to work yet?
@GeorgeEdison @Raynos has :)
12:25 AM
@Raynos: Do you see any unusual JS files getting loaded by the page?
its aprial fools for me
I wonder if
its a unicorn clippy
var oldDate = Date; Date = function() { if(arguments.length > 0) return oldDate.apply(this, arguments); var d = new oldDate(); d.setMonth(3); d.setDay(1); return d; }
@Raynos But do you see any unusual JS files getting loaded by the page?
12:27 AM
Would work.
I mean, setDate, not setDay.
Oops, RangeError.
I guess I could look
StackExchange.ready(function () {
    function d(d) {
        b(d, function (a) {
            return a + 1
        }) === (c[d] || d / 1E5 | 0 || 1) && (l ? a(d) : $.post("/clippy/get?id=" + d, {
            fkey: k.fkey
        }).fail(function () {
        }).done(function (b) {
            !b || b.later ? a(d) : (l = !0, e(b))
    function b(a, b) {
        var d = JSON.parse(f["c-c-c-clippy"] || "{}"),
            e = b(d[a] || 0, c[a] || a / 1E5 | 0 || 1);
@GeorgeEdison #clippy-box
12:39 AM
I think I copy-pasted badly... but it is at the bottom of that file.
Now, how to trigger it?
be april 1st
It triggered about the inbox / accepting answers for me
12:58 AM
A: How can I get the April Fool's joke to appear?

George EdisonThis is indeed very mysterious. Jeremy Banks pointed out the following little snippet in http://meta.stackoverflow.com/content/js/full-a.js: $.post("/clippy/get?id="+ So I decided to try /clippy/get?id=1 and received: "It looks like you're trying to reverse-engineer the clippycorn. You're...

^--- We're reverse-engineering it.
1:20 AM
Oh man, I just got one from coming back to a tab when I've left it open for a while
@mootinator are you here?
What's the Canadian "equivalent" of Australia's "land down under"?
The Great White North?
WOOOOOOOO Justin Bieber won Best male Singer on the 2012 Kids Choice Awards!!! cheers
Ah, Bieberland. That must be it.
Great White North may refer to: *Canada *"The Great White North", a recurring SCTV sketch featuring Bob and Doug McKenzie *The Great White North (album), a comedy album by Bob and Doug McKenzie (Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas) *Great White North Records, an extreme metal record label based in Sainte-Julie, Quebec
Haha. Writing a piece on what rim can and should do to survive.
1:35 AM
Get out of the phone business and shove their piles of cash and other business arms in all the sceptics faces?
I must inform @jadarnel27 of this :o
Apparently it's April 1 somewhere.
Sorry, I don't spoon with just anyone. o.o
@moot go to my blog. Just uploaded a post. Please read it and tell me how insane and rant like it is. Thanks.
Well, refresh, there are typos and stuff.
1:54 AM
It's an opinion on RIM.
Everyone has one.
Some people blog about theirs.
Ok, so no opinion on my opinion?
I like the PB.
If lack of developer support is why it doesn't have things like Netflix, which is on every consumer device BUT the Playbook or BB smartphones, you're probably right.
I own a WP7 and a PlayBook.
They're solid platforms but developers of the most popular apps really aren't interested.
Actually the WP7 I have is a piece of junk.
I'm not going to pretend anymore.
Idea: good.
Execution: SUCK
I still like my Playbook aside from the fact it's the only thing in my house I can't watch Netflix on and the thing I want to watch it on the most.
I feel like I'm talking to myself.
Sorry, was afk.
@moot when nature calls, even the great white north must wait.
2:07 AM
@Moshe :P
Anywho, my boss bought a play book for me to look at when designing the app for them.
It's not bad.
Just cramped and uninspired.
It's only cramped if you're a fan of the less portable alternatives :P
@animuson I'm upset that I was just pinged for that -_-
2:39 AM
@jadarnel27 - You can un-upset yourself with this.
settles in to watch an MP and senator punch each other. Why not...
3:15 AM
@mootinator Did that start already?
@JeremyBanks Ended. Trudeau won by TKO, even.
@mootinator No way!
@JeremyBanks Yah, that was surprising =)
Indeed, wow. That's somewhat satisfying (albeit somewhat absurd).
@GeorgeEdison Have you guys been checking out the X-Clippycorn header?
3:27 AM
I can't figure out what requests it appears in.
Q: We're all Rebecca Chernoff \o/

Yi Jiang's Proble_On this frabjous day, our community manager Rebecca Chernoff has graciously allowed all of us *1 to be her for one day, and one day only. And so, ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you: We're all Rebecca Chernoff \o/ A userscript dedicated to making all of you Rebecca Chernoffs. Reall...

I'll be seeing @RebeccaChernoff all day today
3:51 AM
@mootinator This is entirely unrelated to the issue at hand, but heh. Here's Trudeau posing with one of my fellow Katimavik group members and a loaf of bread (the folks in the room at the time were rather amused):
@JeremyBanks Oy!
@JeremyBanks No!
I didn't notice that.
@GeorgeEdison I checked the headers on several different ajax responses, didn't see it in any.
How do you get it to show up?
3:56 AM
@GeorgeEdison I don't know, I just saw it in the code. (It checks for it on all ajax responses.)
It gets worse:
f.getItem("yodawgihearyoulikeunicorns"), JSON.stringify(0)
^---- There's the bullet.
It's not actually called "Clip-cloppy" anywhere, is it?
@GeorgeEdison Was that the base64?
@JeremyBanks Yes.
It's only referred to as Clippy Corn - whatever that is.
^--- Is that what you were referring to?
@GeorgeEdison Yup.
4:22 AM
There's some of the logic de-obfuscated.
2 hours later…
6:45 AM
I wonder if the unicorns feel violated with all you people poking at their underbellies...
Oh, they were expecting that...
I know you guys after all :)
And it seems it was a good idea to minify this file even on dev. Muahahahahahaha
Oh, not me...Too many Data Explorer things left on the to-do list to be poking around with that. @jadarnel27 will be disappointed if I don't finish off his feature request this weekend...although in good news, the users page is slightly less unusable now.
Hahah, well played. ;)
@balpha Damn it. I spent 15 minutes guessing every filename I could think of trying to figure out which one that was generated from
the source files for concatenation aren't copied to the web
at least most aren't
so it wouldn't have helped you...
Really? I was going from the list at the top of dev.meta.stackoverflow.com/content/js/full.js
full-anon.js and realtime.js both exist, so I figured they all did
Curse you, SO build system
6:58 AM
realtime.js may just not have been removed (it used to be served alone), and full-anon.js is (duh) full.js for anons
and it's part of full.js
so it's both served alone and concatenated to something else
Also third-party/event-emitter.js. Basically, everything at the top of that file
So I maintain that my assumptions aren't insane, and this was all an elaborate trick
search for PartialJS
Ah. I should read more
the PartialJS directory is excluded from being copied to the web server directory, so anything that's in there, you won't see
Drat. I had also been guessing filenames earlier.
7:09 AM
Hahah :P
it's PartialJS\clippycorn.js
Not the SEKRETZ!
@balpha Argh. I guessed clippycorn.js :(
Congratulations, you win the Captain Obvious Commemoration Medal!
7:26 AM
I'm running out of room for those, there's only so much space on my shelf
8:12 AM
Q: Am I the only one seeing a paperclip unicorn?

user834When browsing the EE SE I notice a paperclip unicorn come up and ask me whether I want some help with searching through the posts. Ahg, and now it just popped up and said "It looks like you're asking about me. That's nice. - Go on asking - Don't bother me again"!! Is this a virus that I've co...

8:25 AM
Q: Vast majority of questions tagged [asp.net] and [mvc] should be tagged [asp.net-mvc]

abatishchevI see that mvc (13254 so far) is used incorrectly very often. For example, vast majority of the questions tagged by asp.net (or .net) and mvc actually should be tagged by asp.net-mvc, etc. Only minimal amount of all the questions tagged by this tag are MVC framework independent and are about MV...

4 hours later…
12:41 PM
Q: Why did I just get accosted by a unicorn?

ChristiAfter resuming my computer from suspend, and clicking on the scifi.stackexchange tab, a unicorn popped up on my screen welcoming me back? There was no close button on the unicorn, just a couple of options to click on, one which was "don't bother me anymore. Holy ** the unicorn just popped up ag...

This is still the best one I saw :P
Q: Why am I getting an HTTP 437 error when I view this page?

Chuck NorrisThere is most definitely a bug on your site. Apparently my browser is trying to send a POST request to the following URL: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/clippy/get?id=10 But my browser returned the following status code: I don't get it - I am requesting the resource. Do I need to enable some ...

2 hours later…
2:17 PM
Come on people! :P I know I'm not the only one!
A: How to know if I am a serial up voter?

Lixcommented: Accidental serial up/down voting (IMO) would be much more probable here on MSO as there is a relativity small bunch of meta heads that cruise here all the time. You all know who you are! Upvoting this comment is a confession of that. commentVote++ // can't vote on my own comment. :P

2:34 PM
Does anyone know how comment-pinging works on CW answers? Does it ping the poster, all editors, or nobody (I think its the first, not sure)
well... from what I understand -
the OP will always receive a ping...
in the same way - the OP will receive a ping if anyone else posts a comment.
then pinging specific users will be normal - 3 character minimum for user names.
I do not believe that this is any different for CW... But I'm not 100% sure...
@man - forgot to ping you while talking about pinging :P fail....
Np, tab was open :p
Aah so you can ping the other editors with `@reply
Great, thanks!
Yea - you can also ping editors of a post - their username will not be auto-completed though.
Cos most of our community isnt that active--makes sense to be able to ping them with interesting stuff thats in their field of study
Aah, I see
Thanks for the info!
2:52 PM
Grrr... the stupid autoscroll bug from > Firefox 3.6 seems to return in the latest Firefox beta
2 hours later…
4:35 PM
there's a paperclip unicorn thing on StackOverflow asking if I need help :o
@ataulm To be fair, you probably do need help ;)
5:07 PM
It is far too late in the day for me to only be half-awake.
5:37 PM
Aww, clippycorn was about to help me and I navigated away.
Why is there no 400-score April Fools question stuck to the top of the SO main page?
Q: How can I change the UI language to English?

Ivo FlipseI set up an account of Windows 8 for my girl friend only to come to the shocking conclusion that it thinks its from Japan (or well somewhere strange): I noticed she had filled in Swaziland as her location on her Windows Live profile, but I don't recall them speaking Japanese there. Meanwhile...

@PopularDemand Oh right. I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. And by "have to kill you", I mean that the subject matter would bore you to death.
We can fix that, lemmie see.
At least you weren't willfully ignoring me. Things are better than expected!
5:43 PM
Yah no, can't think of anything funny.
I did my best.
@PopularDemand \o/
Oops, wrong chat room.
Ah. There we are.
5:59 PM
flags room as offensive.
Never expected that #stackoverflow would copy @microsoft and show an assistant! and that too a donkey with a horn? http://t.co/nD5lf13x
Everyone please proceed in an orderly fashion to the emergency bunker, balpha is about to go into unicorn attack mode.
Did balpha just out himself as a member of Anonymous?
#stackoverflow would copies @microsoft and shows a stupid assistant! donkey with a horn? ok its a unicorn, but still! http://t.co/gJwFDJkP
6:38 PM
Hi all
Hi, anyone can answer this question plz?
Q: Built-in webcam capture in windows 7 os?

hawkeyeI came across an error in my code I have one dialog box named "Video Source" with three buttons: ok, cancel, apply. When I action upon button then, I get an error: device could not found exception occurred How can I get rid of this?

Q: How do I install jQuery?

NealHow do I do it? What do I press to install jQuery on my computer? I downloaded onto my computer, but it did not install... Halp me please. Thank.

Can anyone help?
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Nobody's helped me with stackoverflow.com/questions/9965709/… yet.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Help you be funny? I'm afraid no...
Hmmmm why is it not constructive?
It definitely has an answer. It is completely constructive no matter how it was asked
6:42 PM
You're right, let's reopen it and close it as too localized instead.
Hah why is it localized?
@mini i had the corre t capitalization...
Man, things seem really harsh this year... perhaps I should abandon my attempt.
@PopularDemand Don't abandon your attempt. Please!
6:52 PM
I want to get downvoted for asking a jQuery question.
Anybody here know BrainF*** inside and out?
It's a rather complicated language.
I read on StackOverflow that jQuery is wonderful and does all things, I was wondering how I use jQuery to do X unrelated to programming thing?
@mootinator It's easy, you just use a plugin!
Q: Why won't this server accept HEAD requests?

minitechI'm working on a simple server to accept GET requests and read them from the standard input. I tried modifying it to add HEAD requests, but it doesn't want to match the pattern. I think I've narrowed down the problem to the number of characters read to check for GET (4 including the space, versus...

Can anyone help?
@minitechη Easy for you to say, you have 30k rep... I'm loath to give up a single point, as I'm still slowly struggling to reach 10k.
7:06 PM
@PopularDemand Oh, you can always delete your question afterwards :)
@PopularDemand Oh, you can always delete your question afterwards :)
Not if it results in upvoted answers.
@PopularDemand Oh, we can always delete your question after it gets closed :)
I'm no James McNellis, but I like to think I'd attract at least one decent response (or else what's the point?).
Very good then!
It's a shame that's locked, it really should be bumped today.
7:20 PM
Any other good ones that I haven't seen?
@GeorgeEdison /posts/0/editor-heartbeat/ask returns X-Clippycorn:294 to trigger the "it looks like you're asking about me!" message. I'm adding a remark about that to your post.
@PopularDemand Agreed.
Alright, @minitech:
Q: Unable to print "Hello, World"; all I get are numbers

Lord TorgamusI can't seem to get a simple "Hello, World!" program running on my computer. I have managed to solve some simple polynomials and generate a few tables of logarithms by copying some tutorials I found online, but every time I try to write a program of my own, I get strange output. I do have prior ...

7:39 PM
@mosh - no takers... sorry :P
@all - hiya ^_^
@Lix Heh. Clippycorn. Sounds like a snack.
8:26 PM
@PopularDemand: How do you have so much MSO reputation? :S
1 hour later…
9:43 PM
Why did a revision by me trigger "[made Community Wiki by George Edison editing at least 10 times]"? He had made 11 revisions before that happened.
I was wondering about that. The first revision isn't an edit, so he had edited 10 times, but I don't know why the message was attached to your revision instead of his
@MichaelMrozek Ahh. I just posted a question about it, I'll correct that.
@minitechη Lots of reasons. To start off, you could look at my answer history (and, to a lesser extent, question history). There's not a lot of activity on MSO, which means less "competition." MSO questions don't require much thinking (most of the time), so I don't feel as bad posting to MSO as I do to SO while I'm waiting for a build to compile or whatever at work. And the reputation is easy to come by in general.
Easy if people agree with you.
I'm too strange to get MSO rep. I have to make lame attempts to be funny in order to get it.
9:59 PM
20% of all meta posts are lame attempts to be funny. The rest are people asking how to get around question bans
10:26 PM
Haha! The pluralization bug returns!
Q: Pluralization bug in chat transcript only

minitech ηIn a normal chat session, time lapses between messages will be represented like so: But in the transcript of the same thing (pixel-perfect, this is the same image except for the pluralization bug (which I'm about to mention)), there's a pluralization bug (freehand circle mine): This is a se...

@Lix Ah, you already noticed.
Mr. Atwood has given me permission to try, however.
Gotta stay up pretty late at night to catch me off my guard ;)
@min - say, have u any experience with fork() in peehpee?
@Lix Peeachepee you mean?
I was unaware that such a function existed.
10:32 PM
yep yep - does too :P
complicated corner there - especially for someone who has had no formal training :P
threads and stuff I know not much of...
yes - its platform dependent...
it actually creates a new process so the OS comes into play..
I don't have it. So no.
:P no worries!
Is it like every other language's fork?
e.g. Perl
10:35 PM
I believe not... I don't know about perl thou...
oh yea - it looks really simmilar...
Is it like pcntl_fork? Is it an alias? ca2.php.net/manual/en/function.pcntl-fork.php
yes - that's exactly what i'm using...
Okay, um... what exactly are you having trouble with? It pretty much works like the example.
I'm tripping up at grasping the method of capturing dead/zombie child processes and ending them gracefully...
Register a handler using signal
Then dispatch a signal to kill using signal_dispatch
Aforementioned handler should die(). Or return. Or something.
10:39 PM
oh yes :) believe me - i've read all of those pages back and forth including the comments which held some invaluable info about the behavior of the mysql connection after a fork in both child and parent processes...
Why do you need to do this anyway?
And why aren't you asking the PHP room? :)
Becuase i've tried that room a few times and was unable to correctly do the secret handshake ;)
The forking is happening within a socket server... so that broadcasts can be made without blocking the next incomming connection...
Why are you making a socket server in PHP?
I'd rather make a socket server in Visual Basic .NET, for goodness' sakes.
Probably because I love VB.NET.
Oh... well now you have come across another reason I dare not enter the room with my question :P
Yes - I realize now that it was not the best choice - but - its been a learning experience :P
and for small scale projects it works quite well for the most part...
Right now its able to run a 10 multiplayer spot the difference "reflex" style game
@TimStone Tick tock Mr. Stone =P
10:49 PM
Au revoir.

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