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12:25 AM
@bobble Hi folk!
The good news is, the scary ones are already too jaded.
1:06 AM
@hyper-neutrino what if I need someone to review my unreadably obfuscated code? 🤔

Mast It's not fair that 1% of the users hold 75% of the lolcode questions. #OccupyMatsMug ~ user2296177 I agree. Without further ado, here's the LOLCODE version of 99 bottles of beer on the wall: OBTW PRINT TEH LOLCODE VERSHUN OV N BOTTLEZ OV BER ON TEH WALL. TLDR HAI 1.3 HOW IZ I CO...

like this? xD
well played, sir.
someone linked this in our chat room too today, that's why i knew about it lol
now you've got me wondering how poorly it'd go if i submitted some code in a golfing lang to code review for optimizations xD
With the right frame, I could see it working.
the thing is my code is usually either as efficient as hypothetically optimal, or O(N!^(N!))
and golfing tips would definitely be on-topic on my site and not CR, and efficiency isn't really a consideration in most golfing languages :D
but we do actually have both fastest-code and fastest-algorithm as winning criteria tags
1:21 AM
@bobble Looks OK, good catch. Have some Bibble, bobble:
are posts supposed to disappear from front page when they hit -4?
or is that only on main sites
and yet another thing that meta is considered meta for
@hyper-neutrino I'll cite my sources in a minute, but I'm pretty sure at -4 on main sites, questions are hidden from the front page. At -8 they're hidden from the main page on meta.
@hyper-neutrino Here we are: meta.stackexchange.com/a/180093/622284
1:53 AM
ooh, thank you. that makes sense.
2:29 AM
@Spevacus @hyp See: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/106979/… - it's more complicated than ^ that. But it's -8 for every meta.
oh that's quite cool, thanks for pointing me to that.
explains why the most active isn't always on top
2:46 AM
Nicely spotted Rob
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4:28 AM
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6:37 AM
wait Android SE is blue?
12 messages moved to Chimney
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9:07 AM
Q: How about making the header bar and logo green like the Android mascot, instead of blue?

user1306322I feel like people may get the impression that something is wrong with this site because the major color highlight (from the header bar) is blue, which used to be the Windows Phone OS color, and Android is commonly known as the "green" mobile OS. Here's a visual example of how it could be improve...

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12:16 PM
Hey people! What's your opinion on this feature request: meta.stackexchange.com/q/366429
12:57 PM
@RandomPerson why it that needed? Does it matter whether they reviewed a question or answer?
Just an additional observation from tinkering a bit; unlike normal rooms, which have a host field when editing the description, there's no such field on these rooms. presumably because the host site isn't considered a valid option. — Someone_Evil Jun 5 at 15:04
I'd guess that the "host field" mentioned in the above comment is something that is available for moderators - not for regular users, right?
EWAG says it's the thing that says what site the banner in the bottom right should lead to
1:13 PM
EWAS = Educated Wild Ass Guess? I haven't seen this acronym before. :-)
in Codenames on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Jun 6 '17 at 9:13, by Jan Dvorak
WAG = wild-ass guess. EWAG = educated WAG.
Ryan Donovan on June 12, 2021
In the fourth lesson of the series, we’ll talk about the matrix representation of the linear regression problem. In the process, we’ll discuss the basics of matrix multiplication. We’ll also see how this mathematical understanding can prepare us to make sense of error messages that we might encounter when fitting a model in Python. Here…
1:33 PM
@rene It is a nice-to-have feature. It might matter to the reviewer.
The above is related to this feature request: Make it easier to identify if the review task is a question or an answer in the review history. (Just to make the transcript easier to read.)
2:31 PM
@Martin Yup, though most mods refer to it as the 'parent' site... and its a little tricky to find
3:14 PM
@bobb, When something is eight years old leave the editing to someone else unless you are making significant improvements - the improvement looks very minor and you make work for a few people to review and approve or reject your effort.
@Rob someone else already bumped the question
(perhaps I should have noted that in the edit summary, but I only thought to say something after I finished the edit)
I don't see why age should have anything to do with it if the post is already bumped... ?
A few times, regardless you should expect a rejection and if that continues an editing ban. We usually don't discuss / argue review decisions, it's only that you asked for Feedback the other day, to know how are you doing.
What does "A few times" refer to?
You can search on meta to look up standards for editing, and the what / why / whens ....
I know the standards for editing; I'm one of the most prolific editors on two SE sites. And I've never had someone say it was bad to suggest an edit which is a clear improvement to a post which is already bumped
3:33 PM
-shrug- The edit fixes the quote formatting (missed by the commonmark migration maybe?) - I've hit the approve button. Those quotes were pretty mangled.
I found the previous formatting rather confusing (or at least it looked off) and it also took a lot of extra space so I just approved it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Each is free to review as they feel is best, MSE has hidden Review Audits (it doesn't say it was an Audit) and now one or more of us may be subject to that. I'll offer bobble no more Feedback.
The covert review audit police is out to get us!
oh yeah, audits. almost forgot about those...
Does Code Golf have review audits?
3:42 PM
it does not
If one of the other Reviewers enjoyed the edit so much they ought to have chosen "Approve and Edit" then submitted the edit either unchanged or with a further improvement - removing it from the Queue.
Wait, you can Approve and Edit and then not edit further?
Why? That sounds like an inappropriate use of that functionality - the point is to indicate that the original edit is insufficient and more needs to be done, and to combine the two actions, not to manipulate the status of the review item.
@bobble You can make a very tiny edit and then remove it in the grace period if you feel so inclined. It's best to not do that very often, though - That'd be something the actual police would not be too happy with if you did it frequently. ;)
3:45 PM
It shouldn't be in the Queue because it's a minor edit on an eight year old post.
@Spevacus Would there would still be an "Edit removed within grace period" note in the revision history?
All I can say is I accept minor formatting fixes even if it's so much as just adding the syntax highlighting to a post (unless one user is spamming way too many of those edits), and in this case the original formatting was, by my metrics, actually broken. So maybe we just have very different standards for suggesting edits. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
One example, found by expending the minimal amount of searching:
A: Approve as too minor

Shog9There are a couple of problems with this: The meaning of "too minor" varies widely between individuals. Are trivial changes always too minor, or only too minor when they ignore other, more damning problems with the post? The edits you provide as examples illustrate this nicely - even the last o...

(I would have edited to fix other problems with the post if I saw any)
7 hours later…
10:27 PM
Has anyone reported descenders being clipped in the list of revisions you see during a suggested edit? It's only the revision list, and I could have sworn it wasn't happening before i.sstatic.net/Flm23.png (up-to-date Chrome, Windows 10) I'm not trusting my search abilities here...
(they're also occasionally clipped for me on the home-page but that's been reported)
10:51 PM
@bobble Only one I could find is this one and commenters are saying that one was fixed. Your call on whether you'd like to make a new bug report.
Eh, also this one, but that's wrt usernames on question list pages, specifically with Safari.

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