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12:00 AM
A person who I know voted for some of my questions had his account deleted recently, but I don't see any lost rep from "user was removed". Why would this be?
12:12 AM
@forestdistrustsStackExchange how can you be certain they actually voted for you?
also, when an account is deleted, what happens to the votes can change
for example, deletion for reasons of sockpuppetry will cause all votes to be destroyed
typically, deletion will remove votes within the last 60 days (IIRC)
but it's also possible to not touch the votes at all (I think CMs can choose when they delete, and I'm not sure what the standard is for self-deletion)
@hyper-neutrino They were a friend of mine on another SE site who got fed up with SE and closed their account. I know they voted for me because they've said "I just voted for you" right after I see a +10.
Was that vote recent?
But on another SE site which they were slightly less active, I did get a -30 (User removed) message.
Not particularly recent?
within 60 days? if you can remember - might be hard if it's been that long already
Probably some times within 60 days, some times prior.
12:15 AM
and to be clear you're sure they deleted their account on that site too? since you can choose to delete some profiles without others
Uh, dunno let me check.
(I don't suppose you necessarily have a way to know what your friend decided to do without asking, but there might be a difference between self-deleting a bunch of profiles and requesting via contact form to delete the whole network profile, if you can do that)
in The DMZ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 2 days ago, by J supports Palestine
Just wanted to let you know, my profile is scheduled for deletion.
That's all I know. Shortly after, his questions/answers were anonymized.
strange. I'll see if I can find anything
My only guess might be that he had enough activity on Sec.SE that his votes weren't removed, but on Crypto.SE he had so few votes that they were removed?
12:30 AM
that's a possibility. I'm not exactly sure what happens when self-deletion occurs
12:46 AM
@Spevacus It's easy to remove the half dozen non-useful reports from The Tavern @Sha, simply:
May 16 at 0:04, by Rob
@above_4 Request a Rooms Configuration for The Tavern, msg_types & no-<reason>: This room won't receive reports with the specified reason (e.g no-all-caps body)
Oh yeah, that is an option. Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't think of that.
1:36 AM
A: How can I delete my account?

Jeff AtwoodIf you want to delete your account on a single site, the Help Center explains how. On your user page (on the main, not child meta, site), click "Edit Profile & Settings". Go to "Delete Profile" link: Read the carefully the page that will appear. If you're sure you still want to delete, mark t...

> If you did cast a lot of votes, your votes may be kept (or more accurately, moved to the Community user) to prevent high-impact, widespread changes to other users' reputation. See the next section for more info.
@forestdistrustsStackExchange FYI ^
That would explain it.
yep. so your speculation was correct, it seems!
1:56 AM
Unrelated, but about a week ago, an 11yo British girl was killed right outside her home when she was hit by a car. Please, always look after your kids. Teach them car safety!
</PSA from concerned parent>
2:10 AM
Oh my god. That goddamn bug happened again, and this time I didn't even try to trigger it.
Q: Bug causing profile picture to change when moving comments to chat

forest distrusts StackExchangeI have a profile picture set on site A, and a different profile picture on site B. Site A is my default parent site, so it's the one that should show in all chat windows. However the image changes to that of site B when I click "automatically move comments to chat" on an answer's comment thread. ...

@forestdistrustsStackExchange is it on Chat.SE? I noticed your current parent user is Security.SE which has Miu profile picture
2:28 AM
@MetaAndrewT. It was changed to the one on this account (but I changed it back).
If I'm not mistaken, that's a merged account?
2:45 AM
It is, but this bug has been triggered before the account was merged.
I reported the bug in April 2019, but only got accounts merged this year.
3:36 AM
I nuked that in 17 seconds and someone still managed to flag it before me :P
3:57 AM
Sara Chipps is no longer working at SO, right?
Her about me still shows "Director of Community at Stack Overflow".
There are countless accounts with outdated profiles mentioning being a mod despite not :( but yes, Sara Chipps left SE on May 11th
@hyper-neutrino Yeah but reading her profile nearly gave me a heart attack.
fair enough
5:00 AM
@Feeds SE users are learning by building chat bots and hacking onebox
2 hours later…
6:34 AM
Umm... did the font revert?
to system font again, on MSE
Q: Is the "Segoe UI" font reverted on Windows OS?

ArulkumarUntil yesterday I saw that the "Segoe UI" font was used on Meta Stack Exchange due to the recent font change: We are switching to system fonts on May 10, 2021. But now I can see "Arial" font applied everywhere on this site. The other Stack Exchange sites still have the "Segoe UI" font. So, is the...

@DavidPostill ah, thanks
13 messages moved to Chimney
6:56 AM
I see Apple/Mac-related fonts on CSS for Windows, perhaps just my imagination...
font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", [...]
7:07 AM
never mind, that's how it's really implemented to prefer system fonts :|
5 hours later…
12:23 PM
3 spam posts in 1/2 an hour: meta.stackexchange.com/users/1017525/sarah
12:35 PM
@Rob only 1 left
@Rob Well they won't be posting any more :)
a toadstool and a cloud?
Mushroom Cloud :D
Sorry, in English 'toadstool' is the word I think of before mushroom XD
1:20 PM
Hey @Catija, sorry about the confusion the other day.
You mean the review vs revision thing?
@Catija yes
Somehow I missed your reply. :)
No worries. :)
Good thing I didn't flag all for deletion yet then ;)
But I think the post I linked there deserves a status tag non the less
You were quicker then I could type :)
Yup. Someone (you?) had flagged it.
1:23 PM
Wasn't me, I only have spam flags on my first page of flags :)
Though, I think it was flagged when you linked me to it yesterday, so maybe not you. I can check easily, it's just not presented to me on the page and I'm being lazy.
No worries, there are more important things to do I guess ;)
The userscript I have for flags was created by Shog and it's slowly dying as the site changes.
@Catija Have our newly appointed stack apps mods take a look at it ;)
1:25 PM
How is life in Texas at the moment? I guess snow storm season is over by now?
Yes, I should see if someone could fix it. I think one of the SO mods was planning to poke at it but maybe doesn't have the time. It's sad that it's not working because it's a truly wonderful script.
We had 2-3 weeks of rain and may have a bit more (the sky is really dark grey currently) but it's headed towards the hot times of summer.
I already mis the rain we had
Were having two weeks of hot weather now, and I'm already sick and tired of it
where hot is 25-30 C
Probably nowhere near as hot as in Texas
Yeah, we're up in the 35 range
I hope we'll stay clear of that this year
last year we had some 40 weeks, that was horrible
1:35 PM
@Feeds Onebox’s exciting next chapter!
@Luuklag Tomorrow will be much better already, end of next week is looking good too :)
Jul 21 '20 at 19:43, by Rob
An AC starts at U$150.
Waste of money and energy. Curtains and sunscreens work just as well, it's 21 degrees inside here now.
@Tinkeringbell I could definetly use one. Our house is so well insulated that no matter how hard you try it always heats up
I hang old curtains on the outside of my windows, and closed the windows and curtains on the inside
Easy for you to say Netherlands
1:42 PM
still getting 25 indoors
Your days don't span over a range of 40 degrees, do they?
It won't cool off at night, cause well our house is propperly insulated
You're doing something wrong :P
Because 'properly insulated' should mean no heat coming in either.
@Tinkeringbell Having a south facing house ;)
I am worried that my apartment will have the same defect though :P
Being too well insulated, so that you never get heat out.
1:44 PM
@Tinkeringbell yeah chances are it will be
Our downside is that we can't open too much windows against each other, as our indoor cats will escape
Maybe I will change my opinions on airconditioners at that time then ;)
@Luuklag Ahhh... yeah that's not so great. I've been opening all windows here in the evenings, and all indoor doors.
Things drop considerably then.
@Tinkeringbell yeah, and our bedroom only has one relatively small window, so that doesn't help either
In good news, I got an appointment to get vaccinated :)
When's it your turn?
That's quite soon :)
They're getting up to speed, it seems.
1:50 PM
yeah, last few days a lot of years were "called"
Fingers crossed things keep going that way :)
I just heard we will be allowing larger events without social distancing soon
I won't be going to those anyways, never did before either XD
@Luuklag Yup, depends on the climate. If you wastefully use your AC for 45 days and chuck it out that's $3.50 / day to live in comfort; needless to say they are sturdy and last decades, especially with infrequent use. - Some people don't need them:
@Rob They might want to switch it to heating mode ;)
Also something really cool is this: linkedin.com/posts/…
Too bad no oneboxing
1:57 PM
Just install it backwards.
@Rob Our office just has a mode on them to use them for heating
Not that I ever find it usefull
Windmills? :D
@Luuklag Don Diablo partnering with Just Diggit. Every 25 streams regreen 1 sq m of africa
> The abbreviation for meter is "m."
> The mile was usually abbreviated m. in the past but is now written as mi to avoid confusion with the SI metre.
2:40 PM
@Rob I've never seen anyone use that here...
11 messages moved to Chimney
@Luuklag I could regreen a square meter in a minute, if you just want it watered.
The mile, sometimes the international mile to distinguish it from other miles, is the British imperial unit and the US customary unit, both systems are based on the older English unit of length equal to 5,280 feet, or 1,760 yards, and standardised as exactly 1,609.344 metres by international agreement in 1959. With qualifiers, "mile" is also used to describe or translate a wide range of units derived from or roughly equivalent to the Roman mile, such as the nautical mile (now 1.852 km exactly), the Italian mile (roughly 1.852 km), and the Chinese mile (now 500 m exactly). The Romans divided their...
A mijl is equivalent to a league, which isn't a mile at all:
The Dutch units of measurement used today are those of the metric system. Before the 19th century, a wide variety of different weights and measures were used by the various Dutch towns and provinces. Despite the country's small size, there was a lack of uniformity. During the Dutch Golden Age, these weights and measures accompanied the Dutch to the farthest corners of their colonial empire, including South Africa, New Amsterdam and the Dutch East Indies. Units of weight included the pond, ons and last. There was also an apothecaries' system of weights. The mijl and roede were measurements of distance...
@Rob with one stream.
Q: Moderator Elections: tools for Community Managers

Anita TaylorWe have just wrapped up our project to make it easier for our community managers to run moderator elections for our Stack Exchange sites. Between April and June, we released a number of administrative improvements that are mostly invisible to users, but that dramatically decrease the amount of ti...

3:11 PM
the internet is a strange place
3:24 PM
@Rob we're pretty famous for all the good things we introduced across the globe ....
4:16 PM
@JourneymanGeek What is @Tink doing on that site???
@Tinkeringbell Shouldn't Toadstool be "πŸ‘"?
(lame pun of the week... done.)
@KevinB thanks
@SPA you know that emoji has uncouth meaning..... or don't you know?
4:37 PM
@SPArcheon Probably not ;)
4:52 PM
Hello! I've seen questions appear in the "unanswered" questions list before, but that was only because they did not have a positive score. Today I'm seeing one that has a score of +5:
Is the problem that the person who answered it, deleted their account? This is enough for the question to go back into the unanswered queue?
might be because it's a self-answer
Self-answers don't show up in the unanswered queue
Even community wiki answers are okay
@hyper-neutrino There's 140 questions in the unanswered queue: mattermodeling.stackexchange.com/unanswered/tagged/?tab=newest , but if you click on the sub-heading "no answers" you'll get 138 questions.
One of the 2 "unanswered" questions that does have an answer, is the one I showed above (with the self-answer from a deleted account), the other is this: mattermodeling.stackexchange.com/q/4828/5 which has a negative score.
Hm. IDRK how that system works exactly, the self-answer part was just my guess
However self-answers like this one, do not show up in the unanswered queue: mattermodeling.stackexchange.com/q/1781/5
5:09 PM
@user1271772 it is also undeleted two days ago. Maybe that is a factor.
@rene Interesting
yeah, I'm not convinced / sure that is the reason but I just noticed.
Maybe there needs to be an answer after it's undeleted, for it to exit the unanswered queue?
For the question about the images appearing on the left rather than the right, I considered to ask here in the Tavern first, but figured it wasn't worth it since it was such a new bug ... but then it turned out there was a dupe from yesterday, so this time I'm asking here first if there's anyone else that's noticed this about questions with positive answers from deleted users appearing in the unanswered queue!
@user1271772 That ... sounds reasonable
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog , @Rob , @ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard have you seen this happen before?
Hi @Ayo how are you?
5:22 PM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard this deserves only a reply, and not event the one you wanted probably.
@Luuklag gone
Q: If the answer has 12 score, why is the question "unanswered"?

LaurelI was browsing page 788 or so of unanswered questions, sorted by votes and I saw the question "Spam. Lots and lots of spam": But why is it considered unanswered? Note that: It has one answer with a score of 12 (+13/-1). Not accepted, but certainly positively scored. The answer is current...

Possibly a variant of this issue, but can't be sure if it's the same cause
@Luuklag oof, that's a lot of profiles... I just reset their profile instead
Q: Answered question with positive scored answer appearing in unanswered question list

AfrThat's a weird title for a bug report: Answered question with positive scored answer appearing in unanswered question list. This question: Wallet initialization failed: basic_string::resize on Monero Stack Exchange beta was recently merged with another thread. Before the merge it had no answers ...

Thanks for finding those @SonictheAnonymousHedgehog !!! You have a talent for finding these things!
5:33 PM
Not going to vote those as duplicates since I'm not sure if they're the same cause on the backend. If they are, staff can close one
@user1271772 Well, all I did was search for "[bug] [unanswered-questions]"
@Luuklag gone
@Luuklag gone
vanishes, hoping a backlog doesn't form over the weekend...
Don't tempt us.
@user1271772 seen what happening before?
53 mins ago, by user1271772
Hello! I've seen questions appear in the "unanswered" questions list before, but that was only because they did not have a positive score. Today I'm seeing one that has a score of +5:
@JNat happy weekend, don't let the backlog disturb your sweet dreams! :D
@hyper-neutrino ohh, didn't delve into it, saw that @user1271772 served is treated well by others. ;)
5:47 PM
(okay that edit makes more sense; I was... about to ask what you meant o.O)
yep :)
Didn't notice you're not the one who asked, at first. :)
@hyper-neutrino It might be because all 5 upvotes were before the question was deleted (and then undeleted). A quick test for this would be, someone new upvotes it, and if this theory is right, the question will exit the unanswered queue. Unfortunately I can't do that because I already upvoted it a long time ago! haha
@rene like the oven!
6:02 PM
@Rob right ...
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Does that have to be 100k on one site, or 100k across SE?
@user1271772 On one site
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Not very realistic for most sites other than SO and a few others.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog That's... not what that says at all.
that is how i interpreted it, but assumed my interpretation was incorrect
(given that noone had reported such occuring)
6:07 PM
@Catija Earning over 100K and being a mod will get multiple identical items - t-shirts
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Yay! See, @hyper-neutrino? Now you can get constellations on the swag too!
@user1271772 well I just upvoted so let's wait and see :D
@DavidPostill That seems like an edge case? I assumed that Sonic was talking about that we'd be including more than one of something in the same swag pack - which we aren't.
So you only ship one sock? ;)
:sigh: the pedantry in here makes me confused at Rand being absent.
6:15 PM
@DavidPostill well there will be a left and a right sock :)
> This meant that if we requested something to be sent to you, you’d get 5 or 10 of them
it's easy to misinterpret, if you're unfamiliar with this kind of shipping
Is that bit of the question necessary?
@hyper-neutrino Thanks! I'm also going to test a different theory, with this "unanswered" question that has an answer with a score of +12 !
Wow, hyper-neutrino's upvote on the answer didn't allow the question to exit the unanswered queue. Now we deleted the answer, and re-posted the answer, and upvoted the new answer, and still the question is in the unanswered queue!
6:33 PM
@KevinB I think the intention is to explain why people aren't getting stickers. Don't even get me started on how idiotic this supplier is.
@KevinB will try CTRL+SHIFT+R to do a hard refresh, but usually when we close questions or upvotes answers to questions, the question immediately exist the unanswered queue.
oh, not caching on your end
most caching issues on SO aren't client-side
I see
Is there a way for us to reset the cache on the SO server?
on SO it seems to be getting updates pretty frequently
at least a few times a minute
6:44 PM
@KevinB It seems the unanswered queue takes longer to update than that, in this specific case where the only answer was from a deleted user.
Usually it updates right away, in my experience
6:56 PM
@user1271772 you can try switching it off and on again .... not sure if they allow you access to the data-centre ....
Yea I was worried that it might be challenging for me to reset the cache on SO's server
worst of all, it is 9 of them ...
I guess we have to shut down all 9 of them for 9 hours, then restart them, in order to test this hypothesis. It seems the only way.
Okay after testing a few theories, I think there indeed is a bug, and there is a way around the bug but it's not a good solution because it involves deleting the answer (along with all votes) and re-answering it:
A: If the answer has 12 score, why is the question "unanswered"?

user1271772This recently happened also on Matter Modeling Stack Exchange (MMSE), for this question. The question had been deleted, and when it got un-deleted, the question re-entered the unanswered queue, despite having an answer with a score of +5. The asker had not downvoted the answer, as Gnemlock sugges...

A final thing that could be tested, would require someone to undelete the account user259867 to see if that takes meta.stackexchange.com/q/253644/391772 out of the unanswered queue, but I'm not sure that's even possible.
7:18 PM
@user1271772 that user would need to rejoin the site and prove their identity and have a moderator merge their profile and copy the posts over
so it's unlikely ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Unless a CM were to undelete the account just to test this, but that's also unlikely.
is that even possible?
If a CM can't do it, maybe a developer such as Adam Lear can do it.
I suppose the accounts are stored in an SQL database, and deleted ones still exist in that database, just with a property changed from "active" to "deleted" or something like that
i mean
i'm not even necessarily sure that's possible
7:20 PM
there's probably an easier solution
like, ignoring it
pretty sure deleting your account purges a lot more than just setting one variable to something else
e.g. all posts get dissociated so even if the account is deleted posts aren't re-attached
pretty sure your PII is scrubbed
It's probably possible for a developer to undelete the account manually, or to associate the answer with an existing account (for example like the account merging that you mentioned), but as @KevinB hinted, this will probably not happen.
8:07 PM
@user1271772 No, deleted accounts are outright removed from the database
We don't have the data for this, we actually delete users - they are not soft deleted. — Nick Craver ♦ Aug 5 '13 at 14:26
Interesting, the account associated with the answer could surely be merged with another one for testing purposes, but I don't think they would do that.
There have been cases of changing the ownership of a given question to another user, but that's exceptionally rare
I think i've seen it once
most likely just a one off manual change
@KevinB The same tool that's used for post dissociations can also be used to reattribute posts to other accounts
There's one regular use for it: if a user who's contributed a lot of content is found to be underage, their account will be removed, but if they later rejoin the site when they become of age, the team will reassociate their past posts to their new account.
This happened to Daniil, not sure if there's any other examples.
8:16 PM
just out here freely sharing people's ages
Were you also a mod before? (I know you're now a mod on Code Review, but what about before age 18)?
Code REVIEW??? I take great offense to that! ( ;) just kidding, I don't )
Code GOLF!
I had my account deleted for being underage (I wasn't actually underage, but it was kind of my fault that a mod thought I was) and then merged like a few days later
8:18 PM
I see
no worries xD two sites have similar names and are... very different in nature :P
Extremely different indeed.
but no, I was not a mod before then; I was elected September last year when I was already 18
Yea I figured that was the case.
8:28 PM
Good night Kevin B
not yet
9 moar hours
8:43 PM
@DavidPostill and half a pair of underwear. βœ‚οΈ
9:00 PM
@hyper-neutrino No. It's not possible to undelete accounts.
okay, that's what i thought. thanks for confirming
9:19 PM
@Catija Makes sense, as re-associating a deleted account's posts to another account isn't undeleting the account. Other than the case of formerly underage users with large amounts of content, is there any other case where that is done, or is it a flat denial for all other cases? (I can recall one other case where it was done and the involved user wasn't deleted as underage initially.)
I've done it in cases where someone left the site because they felt unsafe and then wanted to rejoin. We also have to do it when (rarely) a mod accidentally deletes a profile that shouldn't have been.
9:36 PM
eh, what now
10:50 PM
I've been anonymously reading Meta for a while but only yesterday joined :) Hopefully I'm doing good! Hi folks!

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