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1:34 AM
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7:01 AM
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе :)
@JNat thanks!
@Ollie sure you want? Be careful with what you wish for! :D
1 hour later…
8:10 AM
96 messages moved to Chimney
Ooh, that one is even worse XD
@Tinkeringbell Rings a whole set of triggers since that is quite common "cultural washing"for anime localization too.
Gotta love some versions of Doraemon trying to make you believe that dorayaki are krapfen
or onigiri getting called "meatball"
Yep, white meatball
9:00 AM
There's a lot of words in there that I don't understand... and I think I prefer to keep it that way.
@Tinkeringbell like "version" and "believe"? :P
Onigiri and dorayaki are both just Japanese foods.
One is a riceball, and the other is basically a pancake filled with azuki bean paste.
Great. Always nice when people respect your preferences :D
sorry for not realizing if that was a joke or what, either way at least it would provide info for other room dwellers.
That said, I think it is probably for the better if I live up to the name I gave to my meta user. Bye.
9:26 AM
Of course that was a joke, I hope you're not seriously thinking I was serious.
1 hour later…
10:26 AM
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе Doraemon redubbed to Hindi was (and probably still is) a common "cartoon" aired on kid's channels in India
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And another site I joined because of smokey
@rene as soon as you posted this it was deleted, the magic powers of Rene ;)
blame @SonictheK-DayHedgehog ;)
10:51 AM
Huh, the topbar was drunk for a moment... having a "one-button-width" space between the help center (?) and the Stack icon (三)
Maybe a snowflake will appear on that space...
Oh, I was drunk :D
11:04 AM
Specifically, here; and you are.
@Rob that's something I also seen before
11:21 AM
Scrolling wasn't implemented for me, this year / revision. It's commonplace for April Fools, WB, and various updates to be half-baked; requiring a few tweaks after prior months of testing.
11:32 AM
Yeah, like the infamous cookie glitch from April 1, 2019
11:48 AM
@Tinkeringbell you can compete with @M.A.R. who is being more serious about not being serious. :D
@Luuklag well, it's not like you'll ever post anything on the site... so enjoy the +100 points! ;)
sdc join a site
@Shadow10YearsWizard No such command 'join'.
@Shadow10YearsWizard True, just flag along
@Shadow10YearsWizard In any case, I already have an account on every site.
12:24 PM
Should posts in a foreign language be deleted as spam?
12:35 PM
@Luuklag Only if they are actually spam. A machine translation should be enough to check that.
Q: Do posts have to be in English on Stack Exchange?

JimmyOtherwise known as 必须用英语吗?(is English required?) ¿Necesito hablar en inglés? ?האם אני חייב לכתוב באנגלית Muss ich auf Englisch schreiben? Do I have to use English when posting a question, an answer or a comment on a Stack Exchange site? Return to FAQ Index

(see the last section)
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog Or just understand said post ;)
12:59 PM
@Rob In his fairness, the section on how to handle wrong-language posts wasn't edited into that FAQ until much later
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4:20 PM
Chat issues solved: twas something in the tea 😀
2 hours later…
6:00 PM
I'm always confused when I end-up on the tex.se site only to find out that they don't have mathjax enabled. Yes, I get that latex is not the same as mathjax but it doesn't register in my brain for some reason.
@rene lol, true.
!!/coffee Shadow
@Ollie brews a cup of Cappuccino for @Shadow
@rene just the common off topic answer from people who have no idea what Meta Stack Exchange is... they probably think the site is the support forum for mathjax in general.
Since answer can't be flagged as off topic, only thing we can do it vote to delete it.
sdc monkey for @Ollie
@Shadow10YearsWizard No such command 'monkey'.
And just as well...
@Shadow10YearsWizard No such command 'hats'.
Oh! When is the 2020 Winter Bash starting?
6:06 PM
Starts in 5 hours 53 minutes
Where's that link...
Your time or UTC?
@Ollie actual time
That's not an hour, it's amount of time until it starts. ;)
ACT then. Thanks.
6:48 PM
7:23 PM
From now on, I can be back here...
@MetaAndrewT. No such command 'hats'.
@MetaAndrewT. No such command 'chicken'.
8:21 PM
@user400654 ?
8:34 PM
@Mithical ?
why the toilet? it's a decent update
and long overdue
so you're ascribing a meaning to it
8:54 PM
That's... pretty natural.
Why else would you be doing it?
^^^ Wesley again ...
Reading the post by Catija I wonder what value there is in having 3 seperate chat servers? I can imagine how it came to be, and that doing nothing is the cheapest option, but wouldn't it be easier to move everything to one server. In terms of maintainance and user friendliness?
eh, not necessarily... at least without some changes to the way the current moderation tools work.
ID conflicts
technically possible to merge, IIRC, but everything would be assigned new IDs and that messes up permalinks
Flag handling for example, something all 10k users are pinged with, i think it'd be best to keep SO separate from non-programming related chats
9:09 PM
@Mithical Well you could keep the servers you are merging from as read only copies, so you keep the permalinks in tact
@Luuklag The star board explains why:
Dec 11 at 11:01, by Sonic the K-Day Hedgehog
Meta.SE has its own server for two reasons: first, because this server houses some SE-internal chat rooms which contain content that need to be separated from normal moderators (who have mod access on chat.SE but not here), and second, so the team can test changes to chat here on this low-traffic server before rolling them out to the much larger chat.SO and chat.SE servers.
if that could be somehow, controlled, such that rooms for a given site's flags only go to 10k'ers on those sites, that'd work, but also smallers sites have far fewer said people
Dec 11 at 10:58, by Sonic the K-Day Hedgehog
@Martin Originally, the plan was to have separate chat servers for all sites in the network. But that didn't pan out because those individual chat servers had very little traffic each, unlike SO's server which had tons of traffic by comparison. So it was decided to merge all the non-SO servers into a single one. That combined server had the same amount of overall traffic as SO's one.
@user400654 Well perhaps that's something we want to rethink from scratch. As I would love to see CM's and moderators handle flags, rather then other users
SO's a lot of load, for each subject. SE has 175 other sites. Now (the way TL was implemented) we can't move MSE's chats to either. So it has to stay as-is
9:11 PM
i'm pretty sure mods do see all of those flags as well
if they're looking for them
@user400654 yeah ofcourse, but perhaps 10k users shouldn't
I've had no complaints about how I've handled chat flags.
...who handles chat flags is anonymous...
@user400654 I'm feeling perfectly fine with the way we curate content on the site. But chat messages are more then content only, it can also be conflict resolution. Removing a few offensive messages won't stop an argument
9:13 PM
@Luuklag right, flags often just serve to escalate situations in chat IMO
chat doesn't function like main, in terms of moderation. rooms are primarily moderated by the room's owners, not the community, though anyones able to flag rude/abusive things, and letting 10k'ers instantly yes/no it means it gets handled instantly
@user400654 Well as far as room owners go, they are elected in some form, so I'd put them up with mods.
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog I see the first point, but from a UX point of view its a very poor point. Also for testing, that's something that could just as well be done on a testing environment, which could be SE's internal chat at the same time.
^^^ 🛌
@Rob night
I could imagine you create channels within the chat server, and then confine pings to within that channel. A bit like the current Chat.SE implementation. You would just need to decouple them a bit further. For example explicitly having to join a channel to be able to be pinged in it.
i actually kinda wonder if there would be... any interest in having a similar kind of flag scenario to the way chat gives 10k'ers flags to approve/deny, for main flags, in scenarios where a simple yes/no would result in a comment flag being handled without the need for mod involvement
9:18 PM
But that would require a complete rework of Chat, so keeping the status quo intact is far easier for SO, and also cheaper.
not a review queue, but just an instant popup, yay/nay, close type deal like chat has
volume might be too high on SO
@user400654 And I think that most of the time the solution from mods is to just clear an entire commen thread if things get out of hand. They also leave a message then that the thread is purged and urge people to keep things civil / on-topic
If a 10k user had to post such a comment they'd become target for revenge ofcourse
those are the exceptions that 10ker's shouldn't be presented
or should be able to escalate
but things like, "Thanks! <bunch of useless stuff" or "Why is this perfectly fine godly answer downvoted?!?!?" don't need mod intervention
even now they get auto-handled if enough people flag them
"Thanks", ofc, gets auto deleted now, so that's not really an issue
assuming it's short enough
@user400654 There would only be one flag that regular users could deal with ("No longer needed") and that runs the risk of censorship. The first two chat flags carry a penalty and the fourth is a private message to the moderator. --- The flags that a regular user is able to handle (for Q&As) is already implemented, so basically the suggestion is to create a new mechanism for a single flag.
9:45 PM
@Rob Then the quickest solution would be to have the flag of a 10k user carry more weight, for example 4 or 5. So that you still can't unilaterally nuke flag things, but that it only takes a few flags to do it.
Maybe, but if it's spam / RA on a Q|A it's likely to pick up its 6 flags quickly. If it's a comment on SO it will pick up flags from the regulars (whose flags already carry artificially greater weight with the moderators) and go into the moderator's inbox. --- It's only the 175 other sites, many of which have no problem, which are without Biotics.
If over 10K had 2x flag weight then it would take 3, that could be OK - but weighting was done away with for some reason - there's a meta somewhere (MSE | MSO).
Ah, right, in the case of SO it was 'We don't have the tools to do this, and SO isn't building them, so we'll do it ourselves' and now that we have said tools, there's no need for SO to invest time into solving the problem said tools fixed
The Machines operate as we speak.
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog I mean... the MSE mods don't have access to internal rooms, either... so ... uh... not really an issue? Internal rooms are actually built by a dev, not a regular user and they have special features, including a different way of uploading images... Having a diamond is not enough to get in, additionally, low-rep users who are staff can always talk in internal rooms.
As far as I'm aware, in the past, they used to simply be regular private rooms, which is what blocked the team from appointing Meta.SE mods (despite those being in the original 2014 plan), then the devs made a special staff-internal access level which is what allowed them to be appointed in 2018.
9:59 PM
The term "server" is a misnomer. They're not servers. They're three separate chat databases.
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog No, I'm pretty sure that wasn't related.
But... I wasn't on staff at the time - but the internal rooms seem to have features that regular chat rooms don't have and they don't seem to be only two years old.
@Catija They work in a similar manner as Discord "servers", however. Those are separate databases in the strict sense.
Yeah, like the "wheel of blame" Easter egg?
@Catija Huh, that makes sense. I just thought: before the MSO-MSE split, this same chat "server" (database) was called chat.meta.SO, and SO mods had moderator access here.
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog yeah. There's also these weird commands that will take an image and put it into another image...
That Easter egg can actually be accessed on public chat rooms using a user script
10:09 PM
But the last time I asked, non-staff can't be added to internal rooms, so there's not a concern about mods accidentally accessing them.
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog Which one?
Q: Request for a userscript to activate the "Wheel of Blame" Easter egg in chat

gparyaniNote: This is not the same as The Unofficial Wheel of Blame. The Stack Exchange chat sites have an Easter egg called "Wheel of Blame" that activates for the current user only. Right now, the only way to activate it is by entering commands into the JavaScript console. I'm looking for a user scri...

Someone had actually posted the JS commands to access it way earlier in 2014, but it wasn't incorporated into a user script until 2018.
I don't think the WoB is anything like the internal one... it's got graphics and music.
That's the exact one that the user script activates. With the song "You Broke It".
Ah. Ok. I haven't poked at it. The internal one is annoying enough as it is.
From the public's perspective, no one knew how - or why - the eggs.js file served to everyone had that in it, until someone let the cat out of the bag and explained that it was only activated in SE-internal rooms.
That script also triggers other Easter eggs, such as Asteroids and Console, in other chat rooms than the ones that normally have it enabled.
10:48 PM
I'm off, I'm glad I got my script back running. So with midnight approaching its time for bed xD
But it's almost time for Winter Bash!!!!!
i put my hat on on main a week ago
@Catija True, but that would leave less then 5 hours of sleep. Not worth the gain xD
@Catija True, but that would leave less then 5 hours of sleep. Not worth the gain xD
to stay up another hour or not, hmm
Oh god, did I repost twice. Stupid lagging Wifi
I should find a way to make my google home mini tolerate 5GHZ
sorry for the double ping Catija
Now I'm really off o/
10:59 PM
@Catija One hour!!! How long does it last?
@Luuklag No worries.
Unfortunately I won't be able to see the start...
@Ollie until the 4th?
One hour ❄️
@Catija Good.
11:00 PM
@Ollie Sometimes until Jan 2.
@Rob Normally?
There might be a meta ...
but that'd require searching
It's ended too soon the last few years so I recommended we run it through the weekend since we're not going to be here to post the wrap-up until Monday anyway.
Well, >2 weeks is fine for me.
sdc coffee Catija
11:03 PM
The blog should be timed to appear at the hour.
@Ollie brews a cup of Affogato for @Catija
@Catija Any cakes for the 2020 WB? Or hats only?
There's the "how long does it last (work)" and the "how long do you get to wear the last hat selected, which can't be changed" - two different questions. Try searching Ollie: meta.stackexchange.com/search?q=Jan+winterbash
@Ollie there's a really fun collection this year. Even repeats have new art. But we have lots of completely new hats.
11:10 PM
As long as there's a better knitting machine - that can be worth 2K for a few sweaters.
@Rob Reputation or... ?
or $2K whichever you prefer.
No knitting.
11:12 PM
@user400654 I can do one.
Sorry. We just don't have an amazing JS person like balpha to make it.
We had slightly better knitting last year, without balpha; we have Yaakov.
That said, I think y'all might have fun with what Yaakov pulled together.
What was better about the knitting?
I didn't think he changed anything.
A few more colors.
Oh. That was already possible with a userscript.
Art made it. That's how I used all of those colors two years ago for my logos.
11:15 PM
Last year.
Hey @Catija non-winter bashing question:
Poor winter, getting so beat up.
Why does the message you just got starred not show the "@Ollie" bit, but this one shows @Shadow10YearsWizard's name?
@Catija Hey, it's been beating me with -12 C weather and ice, so I'm not feeling merciful.
11:17 PM
@Ollie Reply vs direct ping?
@Catija Star this message
Let's find out.
in one case, the @ is implied, in the other the @ is part of the message
:id vs @ id
@user400654 but both came out with the @username.
Where's my star, then?
11:21 PM
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog Have they posted here on Meta?
Oh wait, 10K.
11:55 PM
Five minutes.
@Luuklag Here's another. Same person, spamming on different sites, just under different account names.

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