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12:00 AM
Welcome, 2020 Winter Bash!
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog it's on... any dedicated chat-room you know?
If you don't get a hat immediately, assume caching.
Ohhh, that's the snowflake!
Nicolas Chabanovsky on December 15, 2020
2020 was not an easy year for anyone in the world. As we do with someone who has overstayed their welcome at a party, let’s signal that it’s time for 2020 to leave… by wearing hats!
12:13 AM
Keep going with all these hats and I'll look like Dobby the elf...
First thoughts?
I'm guessing there's a room somewhere I should join.
Four hats already.
@Catija If you find, can you ping me?

 Winter Bash 2020

discussion & mask/hat hunting
12:33 AM
@Glo, or @cat - could you supply the odd URL: meta.stackexchange.com/a/357917/282094
Odd URL?
I don't actually know how y'all usually get the images for that post :P
Ask @Glorfindel
The other URLs are not imgurs, so the size is different; if you "Edit" you'll see.
The images are served as data: URIs in the Winter Bash UI, so they don't have files that can just be embedded.
Clicking with a touchscreen does nothing for me, I imagine he's wiresharking it (or dev console).
12:38 AM
so here we are again, season greetings, stay safe
@Rob sure, hold on a sec
Looks like I'm not the only one who had that problem; a tutorial on how to grab the URL would be better.
12:57 AM
There's still "Take This!" remaining, and a "How to find the CDN URL" tutorial section (on the question).
1:32 AM
If you're aiming to use questions related to Winter Bash to add qualifying days to your total for the asking days badge series (Curious, Inquisitive, and Socratic), those likely won't count in the end because those questions will all be closed by the time Winter Bash ends.
There is a "statute of limitations" of 60 days, but generally those questions get closed immediately after it's over.
4 hours later…
5:43 AM
@Rob and @Ollie I wonder why you guys don't have vexillologist yet
It appears like i did nothing special to get them.
5:58 AM
anyone else's notification that you can play the game won't go unread?
6:17 AM
getting hats without doing anything obvious...
Hmmm smokey definetly helps, got it on a few sites now when going through on smokey links
7:12 AM
Vexillologist seems to be spoiler
I've finally caught up with all posts from overnight, wanted to make the first duplicate...Someone was 20 seconds faster XD
Can't imagine who...
Of course not :P
@Mithical Or have done so in the past? 'Cause I earned it on Travel the moment Winter Bash started.
Well, that notification is driving me crazy enough to turn hats off for a while.
7:18 AM
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog if it's done so in the past I should have gotten a hundred immediately
...huh. I got Social Distancing on SO without visiting the site.
Exactly. That is the spirit! Stay away, get a hat.
Hah, that would be a way more awesome trigger :P Don't visit any sites until January 1st, and you get a bunch of hats too! XD
7:35 AM
That sort of defeats the purpose of WB.
I know ;)
Hmm. Just got the Cordovan hat. No idea what I did for that one, that's the annoying thing about the delayed notification.
Well, all I know is that there isn't a hat for cleaning up a ring of at least 5 sockpuppets. :(
It's obviously just on a delay...
A bunch of hats this year aren't available to established users.
Such as Edward or Carmen.
7:53 AM
I'm pretty sure anyone can get Edward.
The intent isn't "earn the badge" the intent is "do the thing required to get the badge"...
...I see. That's a bit unclear, then.
@Mithical And some are impossible for newbs as well.
There's no way that I will be able to do anything with close/open voting before the new year. Takes a month or two to get that level of rep.
I don't think it's possible for me personally to get the Gimme Space hat, but that might be an uncomm problem :D
@Mithical You're already on matter modelling too? ;)
I think so.
7:58 AM
Ah, hmm. Yeah then you're out of luck :P
Joined seven months ago, apparently.
That's about the time the site was made, IIRC ;)
I kinda wonder if you could delete the profile and re-join.
I could, but I'm not going to... I don't plan on doing things I wouldn't normally do for WB...
Ooh, notification is gone. Thanks Adam!
Booleans, apparently.
8:09 AM
@Mithical Turns hats back on
Woah, 3 new ones XD
@Shadow10YearsWizard My fat fingers. I know negative posts like that gain downvotes, but they do provoke the community into positive answers.
How did I get a helpful flag on MSE?
I haven't flagged anything today :|
You close / delete something?
Not that I remember, no. Only thing I remember doing on MSE so far is making the hat list community wiki.
8:20 AM
giving water to @Cat
sdc water Catija
@Shadow10YearsWizard No such command 'water'.
Glad you feel better! :P
8:21 AM
Sleep now, for me. It's 2:20 ... ugh. I suck at going to bed.
meh, I went to bed at 3:20
maybe 3:10? Not sure.
@Catija I wondered why you were here.
Strewth. Inches away from my 4-digit rep. I'm such a sucker for gamification.
You are welcome to propose anything that strikes your fancy. ... trust me, you don't
How about flabbergasted ?
Sep 3 at 20:13, by Mithical
\o night Cat
8:33 AM
Yeah, sleep well. We turn this place into chaos while you're away ...
You know what I'm talking about Yaakov. Fell free to post a reply :P
<opens box of double-dozen> Right, who wants a donut?
I do
@Snow Have any clues yet. Perhaps you can look at your profile activity about 5 mins before it was awarded
8:45 AM
I happen to be on a donut diet
a donut or a do not diet ;)
I might have misheard the doctors advise ...
@rene just looked at your blog linked on your profile. Appears your images are broken...
Yeah. I had my laptop stolen back in 2013 and the images that were on my former blog host didn't make it into the backup. I could maybe find the photo's again, if I invest time on that.
@Luuklag voting to close as dupe
in Shadow's Den, Oct 25 '18 at 12:25, by Shadow Wizard
hmmm.... nope. no name. @rene all images on your blog are broken! Bug or by design? :(
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе pig also give same result as chicken. Was it same last year?
9:01 AM
Hmmm. Balalika hat as well. No idea where that came from, I just been away making breakfast.
@Luuklag No idea. I can't see my profile activity to that level of granularity.
@rene thats a bummer.
@YaakovEllis the keyboard accessibility of the WB site is very nice
9:24 AM
Soapbox isn't triggered on MSE?
I think that's good, I'm not looking forward to moderating a bunch of soapboxing.
posts on Meta about a mod opposing soapboxing
I'm often allergic to soap as well, so it's a very bad hat anyways.
@Mithical thank you
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе good things come to those who wait
@Mithical Carmen and Chimney Sweep are a pair - any user can only get one (unless they start low rep, get carmen, then get enough rep to earn chimney sweep)
@Luuklag @YaakovEllis could you confirm this?
@YaakovEllis or be active on multiple sites?
9:38 AM
@Luuklag yes
@Luuklag I have a few of them
@Luuklag please post to MSE. I have a whole list of fires to put out right now, can't check this second
Including on MSE
what is the url for the WB chat room?
@YaakovEllis sure, will do. Good luck with being a fire extinguisher ;)
9:39 AM
See Glo's post
lovely when events start at 2am, and I get to wake up to lots of fun
@YaakovEllis haha yeah, lovely how timezone's work ;)
@Luuklag my timezone is both great and amazing
Wake up, and your home's on fire.
@YaakovEllis I didn't read carefull enough, so I'll leave it be.
9:50 AM
I had no idea about Hat Dash. I still have no idea about it.
Also Glrofindel earned the Soapbox on MSE, so it definetly is possible. cc @tink
10:04 AM
@Luuklag Oh. I guess we're in for a wild ride then.
@Tinkeringbell well the trigger isn't as easy as to post something, I forgot to read the extended description
@Tinkeringbell The trigger is: "Ask a question with the [discussion] tag on a meta site that gets a score of 2 or more and receives 2 or more answers."
Anyone know how to activate the Hat Dash game? I'm lost.
@Snow Log in on the winterbash page?
@Snow Click on the hat dash button
winterbash2020.stackexchange.com < You need to be logged in, and then click the hat dash button. It won't show up if you're logged out.
10:08 AM
@Mithical no freehand circle? :(
I'm lazy
logged in, no Hat Dash button.
That's weird ...
10:19 AM
@Snow same here, didn't give it much attention yet.
@Snow Have you clicked on that 'run fast and jump for joy' notification yet?
@Tinkeringbell What dash and run notification?
I got that notification this morning. Apparently the game is right you earn :P
Maybe you need to click it to unlock the game?
You need to log into the Winter Bash site
It does not use the same login cookie as on the sites or chat
10:23 AM
@Tinkeringbell No, I didn't have that notification.
Then not seeing the game makes sense... I don't know why you haven't earned it yet though :|
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog I logged into another browser that's never seen Stack Exchange - same issue there.
Q: No Hat Dash Button

Shadow 10 Years WizardI just realized I should see a "Hat Dash" button on winterbash home page when logged in: However, no such button for me: Can I please get the button too?

Let's hope it will be Yaakoved soon. ;)
Which one of you two wants to be the dupe @Sha @Snow ?
10:27 AM
I deleted mine.
Good dog ;)
Just edited this into the answer on secret hats.
@Snow I can't clearly remember what I did this morning but for the people that don't have it yet: have you read the blog post on winter bash? I think mine came in shortly after I opened a tab with it XD
I did not
I keep trying to duck on the low UFOs and hitting them >.<
You can duck?
10:35 AM
not really, just sort of
it's more useful to cancel a jump
@Tinkeringbell me no dupe! !dupe no me
Q: Why didn't I get a "Jump for Joy" notification this morning?

SnowTo earn the right to play the Hat Dash game, you need to first get the "Jump for Joy" notification: I didn't get this notification in my inbox or Winter-bash drop-down (first notification I got was for a Social Distancing hat). Why didn't I get/earn this notification?

Ahh. Well I can go play that game tonight, I should keep an eye on the meeting :P
Hah, too fast :P
10:42 AM
Thanks, @Tink
Thank you too :)
Hahaha and, do the masks work? I'm curious now ;)
Heh. It seems my latest activity earned me both Disciple and the balalaika.
Was it your answer to Snow's question?
It's possibly related, I think.
Or one of your comments
Thats whats publicly visible ;)
I made 2 comments (1 on my own answer, 1 on the winter bash hat post), and the answer...
10:52 AM
@Tinkeringbell I made comments on the same threads as well, lets see if that does anything
I hope not! :P
If it's comments on my posts, I'm going to complain.
I'll self remove in a bit ;)
Let me upvote it first, see if the score matters ;)
Perhaps you need to comment on one of your own posts ;)
also tried that @Tinkeringbell
10:56 AM
Will this give me a hat? — Luuklag 2 mins ago
Yeah got it @Tinkeringbell
I just upvoted your comment, so I guess that's it then :)
Also got Desciple as well
Hahaha well that helps XD
I just got 'snapchat' XD
I did not do anything except upvote your comment!
Nvm, that was the answer I wrote for Snow.
11:14 AM
Hmmm cryptic haiku from Yaakov on my FR
The Cordovan hat looks like Shog's hat.
That's back?
Would the this is fine hat be recycled?
And in the meanwhile, playing the real game...
11:31 AM
@YaakovEllis and on the other site he said ....
in Winter Bash 2020 on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 2 hours ago, by Yaakov Ellis
@Derpy stay tuned itself is not a clue to anything other than the simple meaning of the sentence. can't say anything though for any hidden characters that may or may not be returned as well.
So, either I was too fast....
Will try again, later.
11:54 AM
^^^ Do they contract so you don't hit the cactus?
1 hour later…
1:38 PM
Having IPS posts on SO might be a welcoming change over the endless fix bug plz ones ....
2:09 PM
There were (and will be, yet to come) excellent years; but this one is great:
A: Is 2020 really great?

TinkeringbellYes, it was a great year... I think it was the greatest year I ever sat through: there seemed to be no end to it!

Make 2020 great again!
@Snow could use a hat
2:26 PM
@Luuklag Now that I read it back... I do sound a bit like the supreme cheeto, yes.
2:44 PM
Quite possibly the bigliest year.
Yeah. I just realized it's been only three months since the contractor went broke, yet it feels like it's been years....
The covfefiest year, certainly.
@Tinkeringbell Supreme Cheeto has their own Twitter:
Well, what's weird is that the year seems so long, but weeks seem to fly by! It's already Wednesday again, just two more days to go and it's weekend again.
@Rob This is actually quite well done, such a thing requires quite a bit of fine motor skills to avoid crushing/crumbling!
Don't forget the fresh air, and peace 'n quiet.
2:48 PM
@Tinkeringbell yeah same here, and the work doesn't appear to get any less
Oh, there's definitely already some Christmas slack starting here, and next week is hopefully even more quiet!
Uncertain of the backstory: as-is out of the bag, carved, drawn, Photoshop, etc. ....
(which is good, as that gives me some time to actually program instead of running after the newest test user telling her she's the one making mistakes, not our software)
3:17 PM
Hi everyone!
So I hear the Winter Bash returns once more
Winter Bash is always a lot of fun
Is the knitting thingy back this year?
doesn't look like it
There is now a jumping unicorn
3:20 PM
I think there's a trigger for that.
Ah interesting
On the winterbash site, but yes there is a trigger ;)
First n hats I suspect or going to the winter bash site
It is documented on the secret hats list if you feel like cheating ;)
3:22 PM
Nah I think I'll find it eventually
Well, I did find a way to access the knitting tool all year round because my procrastination makes me incredibly distracted
w a y b a c k m a c h i n e
I wonder how many hats I can stumble across by accidentally clicking things
@EleezatheCharacterWizard probably a handfull
3:40 PM
Weird how some of the posts in the "show your hats" posts are being downvoted. Just how petty are some people?
Looks like one person though
Two DV for me.
4:01 PM
@EleezatheCharacterWizard There are two triggers, but one can end yup damaging you. If you want to save your scores, do not use any key code on the site. Only play if you receive a notification in your hat box
this one to be precise
Any score you get in the game BEFORE unlocking is the "regular" way will be ignored.
4:42 PM
Gah. I just fell for the Konami curse on the WB page. I feel so dumb.
changes to how mods work
(the rainbow is a script, the italics and diamond is not)
5:29 PM
cool, so we have a hat that further perpetuates the idea that "upvoting" is welcoming and downvoting is "unwelcoming"
@user400654 Yes, that's the way that many users see the voting. Not everyone sees downvotes as helpful.
Except the person doing the downvoting, of course.
is that how SE sees it?
That's how users see it.
i'm not disputing that
@Snow Full know facts here (Disclaimer: my post too.)
5:34 PM
The hat says nothing about downvotes...
if one action is welcoming, the polar opposite is clearly also unwelcoming
@user400654 I somehow don't see SE using a fun mechanic to support something that many users find negative. And downvoting people just to get hats just seems wrong.
iw ouldn't suggest having a hat for downvoting either
Gah. Konmai distracted me from my work
@user400654 That's... not true at all.
5:39 PM
be that as it may be, but perception is everything.
you don't have to explicity say something for the community to take it and use it as a weapon
we've learned this lesson already
@user400654 This seems a tad argumentative. What are you actually saying here?
Just sticking this in here. Do we really need it?
Sure. But it's not really fair to do that. We can't do every single thing with the only goal of not giving the community any ammunition... it's impossible. Even when something is completely benign, someone will find a way to use it against the company... and so we do our best and try to generally improve the experience on the site... and, yeah, some people will throw it in our faces... but a lot of people won't and will see it as what it is...
@Snow The hat brings up pretty nasty memories of what went down with the welcoming wagon blog post
... which was two and a half years ago and we have a completely different Community Structure since that time.
Most of the people involved in that post - don't work here any more.
5:48 PM
that's apparent
@Tinkeringbell thanks for stepping in
:D No problem
@Tinkeringbell Someone told me that chat Mods can change chat users pictures, is that right?
Does that work with names too?
We can change them on the site we moderate and then kick the chat profile so it updates?
No way to directly do so in chat, I think
@Tinkeringbell I am looking for a way to change the name/picture for this account, that as a result of a merge doesn't even have a parent.
5:58 PM
Yeah, I don't think I can do anything for you there.
Someone spoke about a procedure usually used to set pictures for chat bots.
just wanted to doublecheck, don't worry
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе for feeds, yes, not for users
Feed users are special :)
Oh boy.
Look at that flair.
Ohhh yeah.
6:28 PM
@Mithical How are you wearing two hats at once?
magic :eyes:
And another question:
Whenever the "Post with new activity" banner comes up, the post always grays out for a sec or two, then comes into the clear.
It didn't do that before, is that a bug?
It's only here on Meta, though.
I think.
1 hour later…
7:33 PM
Just got
bouncer arms?
Welcoming Hat
Ahh. The warm welcome :D
I got that one this afternoon :)
My head is just barely big enough that I can expand them to silly size.
The arms look good on you. All that exercise at home has paid off!
7:36 PM
I see Smokey changed it's hat 👍
@Tinkeringbell Spoiler: I've hidden my right hand fingers, due to opening beers.
Ai, I've seen those kind of fingers on my brother... those aren't pretty :P
@Rob 6-8 grams?
8:10 PM
I kinda would have thought the Chimney Sweep hat would have been good for Smokey. :P
It would be... IF I COULD GET IT
Community got it. :P
nyeh nyeh fancy Community bot
It's amusing to see how many things get attributed to Community, thus triggering a hat. :D
Right now, just two. I don't think Community can get a mask, though...
A: Community, please show some holiday spirit!

balphaSure, why not! Well, here on Meta at least. Also from now on, moderators can choose their community user's hat. If she has any, of course.

8:20 PM
Props to the coworker of yours that put a hat on the Community user btw.
Unless it was you. In which case, bravo.
Oh, I see. Mods can choose.
Last year Yaakov chose, but I can't find the post; might have been a comment ...
It was me
Yaakov manually awarded Community some hats but I think we changed them up from time to time. I remember picking one at one point.
Seems like only yesterday we had our last Winter Bash...
Hmmm no hats on mobile chat though
This year simultaneously dragged on and flew by.
It feels weird.
8:35 PM
@Spevacus this, exactly this
the parts where you woke early from your hibernation sure seemed to stretch on... but then you went back to your cave and binged netflix and disney+... and time flew by your little temporal cocoon.
9:11 PM
10:06 PM
Q: Do you see a way to cheat at Hat Dash?

Yaakov EllisAs some users have reported, some suspicious scores are beginning to crop up in hat dash. I have some heuristics and rules in place (more to come as well) to catch some of these automatically (or with a few manual steps from me). That said, I am interested in keeping things fun and honest for all...


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