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10:02 AM
Something to do during your next meeting
I think the only one I have after this one is one after lunch, and that's one where I do need to chat with a new coworker.
Well a nice weekend job then xD
Yeah, right. Weekend is weekend, laptop goes off until Monday morning.
no matter what the bosses think, they only pay for 40 hours of my servitude.
My laptop appears to be on almost 24/7 these last days of the year
10:13 AM
Oof :(
There's of course my desktop I turn on after I shut down the laptop :p
But it's the difference between work and private :)
at least all the extra hours are just extra vacation hours
That's true :)
Well, it's better to have vacation when the weather is nicer, if you ask me :)
Well I couldn't do without a chrismas break
Really need the time to unwind from nov and dec
Oh, I have a break between Christmas and New Year's as well, but just those days... In previous years I took two weeks, now just one because I'm expecting I need less time to recover from family drama :P
I'm expecting an actual break instead of the frantic 'trying to please everyone' that other years are.
Yeah no large family gatherings this year
10:19 AM
Yep. And I'm sorry for everyone that's going to miss theirs, but I'm definitely not going to miss mine.
Don't worry, the energy that isn't spend this year will carry forward to next christmas ...
@Tinkeringbell We're just going to have a very small Christmas with just the two of us and two dogs. Will see family when things open up. Right now we don't want to give anyone any risk of infection. To be on the safe side, I assume at all times that I'm asymptomatic.
@rene I hope not! Hopefully my apartment is built by that time, and I'm living on my own. Which means just having to go 'gourmetten' on Dec. 26th :P
10:24 AM
@Snow Same here for me personally, most of the family is sadly being covidiotic.
@Tinkeringbell Your getting your own place? Congratz
@Luuklag Since July '19th :P
They're taking their time then xD
when is it supposed to be done?
Ehh. Long story. Contractor went broke last September, left me with a 'deurwaarder' and a 'derdenbeslag', now the insurance is looking for a new one and they're having good conversations with a new party, but apparently the company that produced the roofs went bankrupt as well and there's no 'eigendomsvoorbehoud' on the roofs because they weren't delivered yet, so I'll be hearing about the next steps in two weeks hopefully.
well that sucks
Your getting something in almere?
10:30 AM
Nope, Wezep :)
You're sure the house isn't a practice target for the military?
@Luuklag I'm mostly okay with it now that all the legal sh*t is done though. Now it's just a waiting game for me... Though I do want my own place badly at times when I clash with my mother again, it's not like I've already sold this roof over my head and now need to look for something else...
@rene Pretty sure ;)
ARgh stupid intern. Got 5 outlook invites for her final presentaiton in the last 5 mins
write your outlook item before sending it
hey, she's only an intern! Interns these days aren't what they used to be, they don't teach outlook in school anymore :P
@Tinkeringbell So this is you: destentor.nl/oldebroek/… xD
10:42 AM
@Luuklag Shhht! :P But yeah, I'm getting one of the apartments there ;) I'm not in the picture though. If anyone wants pictures of me, go stalk my Twitter, it has a few ;)
@Tinkeringbell haha good to know if i ever wondered who was inside the parrot suit
Heh ;) Poor parrot suit, it has remarkably strong seams if it can contain me :P
@Tinkeringbell wasn't it made to size?
@Luuklag Looking at the avatar, I would say no :P I would need a wider one.
and maybe one with a smaller neck xD
10:47 AM
Or a fatter head... yeah :P
11:00 AM
@MadScientist As I discussed with Catija earlier it comes up from time to time that they do use such tools - they just don't discuss them, nor is it helpful to go into any details.
@Rob I know the existing tools, and they expose the PII to the mods, they don't work in the way I described
Not mod tools, the SpamRam and other security software.
11:14 AM
Sigh. That looks like two for two, but that paragraph really isn't beyond elementary school level.
@Tinkeringbell make a man a sandwich, and you feed him for a day. Make a man sandwich, and it's a breakthrough in physics.
@M.A.R. I thought in genetic engineering ;)
Might fix the overpopulation problem :p
11:39 AM
@Luuklag Yes, a man sandwich or a man eating chicken would be genetics and not physics:
Maybe linguistics.
@Rob you made me hungry :(
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog Found your message from the log. Maybe a sort of "new-user" banner, stating they recently returned from a long supsension, on their first X posts after unsuspension would be helpful?
11:57 AM
@M.A.R. I thought man sandwich would just be called cannibalism.
12:16 PM
@M.A.R. so you're happy?
@Tinkeringbell depends what kind of sandwich. ;)
I have unpopular opinion on the mod age policy. If I can make it into something that makes sense, might post it and watch the rain begins. :D
@Shog9 any chance to get more info about the cryptic "I can read between the lines"? Or is this involving things you can't share due to privacy stuff?
You had many lines that mortals like me could never see.
12:41 PM
@TimPost hi, your network profile still showing your old About Me, can you please sync it with one of the sites?
@Shadow10YearsWizard If you need a hand let me know xD
@Luuklag I'm left handed, so might need your right hand. I'll let you know.
well ill continue with my report on soil compaction :/
so fun to have to pull together all sorts of measurements done by several people who poorly documented their actions in obscure documents and places
12:58 PM
@Luuklag Need an archaeologist? :P
If you're good in digging in bits and bytes ;)
@Luuklag Shouldn't be too different? :P
The conclusion is always 'aliens' though.
1:18 PM
hahaha okay, I don't think the commisioner will like that conclusion
@Luuklag kind of like what I have to do (well, wife mostly do it, but still... ;)) after my kids play: organize everything back to place, picking up toys from unexpected locations. :D
@Shadow10YearsWizard yeah I do that every night as well xD
1:32 PM
@Tinkeringbell There's always the horseman sandwich:
Is that a reference to the horse meat scandal?
Didn't hear about that, did they replace tinned horsemeat with people?
If this, then no.
No, it was something about hamburgers and stuff being 'polluted' with horse meat.
Yeah, that one.
That reply was hooked to this comment:
2 hours ago, by Tinkeringbell
@M.A.R. I thought man sandwich would just be called cannibalism.
Implying that the photo offered a solution.
Well, I don't find that one very tasty looking, I'll pass :P
1:39 PM
Now you both have long faces.
But now I'm feeling like snacking, which is bad because I have chocolate... but the chocolate was sent to me based on my age which goes against my principles so I should really just give it to my brother/dad...
AAGH chocolate life dilemma's.
@Tinkeringbell now I'm curious.... who sent? :D
@Shadow10YearsWizard Company of course.
I save a waffle snack for later
@Tinkeringbell based on age??
Me too!?, do they send a box of adult chocolate?
1:42 PM
@Shadow10YearsWizard Yes. My current company loves grouping people. So, when I joined, I was allocated to an age-based group (young professionals apparently need a group), and a sex-based group (female only).
@Tinkeringbell eat it grudgingly? :D
@JourneymanGeek I think I will abide by the principle that singling people out isn't nice, and as such I shall refuse to eat this.
I'll dump it in the can tomorrow if dad or my brother doesn't want any.
@Rob No, that's the problem. All colleagues over a certain age won't get a thing.
@Tinkeringbell wow. Let me guess, the managers live in a cave? And eat raw meat?
@Shadow10YearsWizard I guess.
I thought European companies aren't so primitive, lol.
1:44 PM
I wish the cave didn't have internet so they couldn't throw meetings that should've been carrier pidgeons ...
So the male groups get beers?
@Shadow10YearsWizard You think the males get a group?! How naive you are.
That's what I save for 5 PM:
@Tinkeringbell I got an SinterHaas yesterday
I have 3 apples
1:46 PM
Bought with my own money. ;)
@rene Mac, iPhone, and the third?
@Shadow10YearsWizard macbook ofcourse ;)
@rene is that cannibalism? :D
I'll have my carefully rationed chocolate later. ._.
1:48 PM
@Shadow10YearsWizard Yes, it seems like stereotyping:
Found the cover:
'40 or '50?
@Luuklag I hate those. Can't eat those without getting splinters of chocolate everywhere, and as such stains XD
@Shadow10YearsWizard pretty sure that would involve screaming and third degree burns
Add the word "syrup" and avoid the issue
maybe that's exactly what they mean
they would love you to have painful chocolate flavoured death.
1:55 PM
You'd really like English Flake. Melts in the hand and breaks into thousands of pieces while being eaten:
isn't that the one they put atop a soft serve?
Looks like a M'kupelet
@Mithical that sounds eidritch
"M'Kupleket - The taste... OF MADNESS!"
Mekupelet (Hebrew: מקופלת‎) (English name: Chocolate Log) is a bar of thinly folded milk chocolate produced in Israel since 1935 by 'Elite' now a subdivision of the Strauss Group. The Hebrew name means "folded". It is known for its crumbliness and thin flakes and has been compared to the British chocolate bar known as Cadbury Flake. Mekupelet is exported to overseas markets. Mekupelet is also produced in a 'Mehadrin' version through the 'Magadim' factory of the Strauss Group. == Variations == Several varieties of Mekupelet have been produced over the years, including: dark chocolate whit...
1:58 PM
@Mithical it is. One of them is a fake. ;)
@Shadow10YearsWizard as opposed to to a flake?
Fake flake.
A 99 Flake can refer to any of three possible items: an ice cream cone with a Cadbury Flake inserted in it; the Cadbury-produced Flake bar itself specially made for insertion into an ice cream cone; or a wrapped ice cream cone product marketed by Cadbury. Created at the Cadbury's factory in Birmingham, England, the flake was originally designed to be a cuboid and to fit into a wafer. By 1930, Cadbury's was selling half-length Flake "99s" specifically for probing a cone. == '99' ice cream == A 99 Flake ice cream, or more commonly a 99 or ninety-nine, is an ice cream cone, usually made with...
2:06 PM
You're all very bad. I'm going to see if there's a banana left downstairs.
Orange you glad I didn't say banana?
Apr 9 '17 at 19:25, by Shadow Wizard
@Mithrandir BTW, just ate מקופלת XL ;)
@Rob bites @Rob. Twice
@JourneymanGeek left and right? Or back and front?
@Shadow10YearsWizard hard and harder?
2:14 PM
Dog bit me when I was 14, in the back of the upper leg.
gotta bite em, make eye contact, then bite em again.
gotta bitem em allll!!!!
@Luuklag astute observers will notice I bite people for 3 reasons.
not posting on meta, joking about cyberpunk 2077 delays and .... really bad puns.
@Shadow10YearsWizard Bite 'em in the upper of the back leg, that'll teach 'em.
@Rob too hairy. Plus, I was busy getting away on the bicycle.
@JourneymanGeek like my fake flake? ;)
2:21 PM
That was bad enough that I could give it a pass
@Tinkeringbell was there a banana?
@Shadow10YearsWizard no special knowledge involved here; I wrote more on twitter: twitter.com/shog9/status/1334244090779582466
It's a "safe" decision.
@Shadow10YearsWizard Could have been worse:
2:25 PM
the dog could have bitten him, then stolen the bicycle and gotten away on it.
that's a really big dog
...Lord help us all if the president gets section 230 revised, because "safe" is gonna get really ugly
@Shog9 that is a MONUMENTAL hissy fit
and blocking military funding for that - not going to work I hope
@Rob no bears in my area. ;)
@JourneymanGeek nah, it wasn't a very big dog. Not small either. Medium. :)
@JohnDvorak does it bite?
2:32 PM
Does it hurt when it bites?
@Shadow10YearsWizard apparently there are occasionally some in the Golan
But I've never seen one
Hello! I have a question: How many rep is required to downvote on Meta Stack Exchange?
Thanks! 100 isn't mentioned here: meta.stackexchange.com/q/178529/773001
2:38 PM
@AnnZen That post is too old to be relevant. It was prior to the split of MSE and MSO
Anyone with a support hammer?
I have a generic hammer.
can we get this dupe closure an modern banner, now that it is on the frontpage: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/69560/…
I do not handle flags on that on principle
this isn't a flag
So where's your principle now ;)
@Shadow10YearsWizard not really. First it claws you until you stop moving, then it bites.
2:43 PM
As in you won't handle a "ban me" flag?
@RyanM I guess a re-open and close please flag
@RyanM especially not those
I don't handle chat requests for that too
Good thing you used your hammer instead of your diamond @JourneymanGeek
@Luuklag details details :D
Hmmm a lost soul deleting their own question, that's a sight seldom seen: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/357416/…
2:56 PM
@Shadow10YearsWizard There was a 'zure bom' :D
@Tinkeringbell that's healthier then chocolate
@Luuklag Is it? :P
I always assumed those were pickled with an unhealthy amount of sugar too
*returns after a long time
oh my god
y e s
Winter Bash is coming!!
Ohohohoho you know what that means
Omg the Winter Bash site looks so cute
@Tinkeringbell Not according to the ingredients: kesbeke.nl/assortiment/augurken-en-uitjes/…
Hmm. I'll add them to the list of things that fit a varied and healthy diet.
3:07 PM
@Luuklag are you pregnant?
Pickles are an any state food
@rene that would turn out very wierd I'm afraid
Cause @Tinkeringbell asked me the same thing when i mentioned pickles and yogurt
As long as eaten without whipped cream, there can be no proof of pregnancy.
3:09 PM
@JourneymanGeek Yeah but that's because your pickles are weird.
Seems I've walked into a pickle situation.
Dill pickles made with cucumbers are the correct sort of pickles. :P
@Catija you're in the wrong kind of neigborhood, with that opinion here ;)
Wait. No. This isn't TSL.
3:14 PM
The Sphinx's Lair really hates pickles.
Ah. That's disappointing. You'd think puzzlers would appreciate them. ... because there's always a correlation between those things.
@Catija indian pickles are often made of things like unripe mangos
or tender mangos (which is something I suspect y'all might have never seen before)
I do still wish to stay away from the topic of pickles though
@JohnDvorak Why? Pickled things are great :D
3:18 PM
Ever had a pickled herring? :D
Or a pickled liverwurst.
@Mithical well, my area is Tel Aviv, so still - not my area. ;)
Pickle Soda!
TSL is talking about pickled cucumbers specifically
still, no fish for me.
@Tinkeringbell zur who?
Back to chocolate! There is actually such a thing "Chocolate body wrap". dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1282910/… no burns. :)
3:23 PM
No, we're not going back to chocolate... please?
@Shadow10YearsWizard I bet there are also places where you could eat chocolate off of somebody... Don't know what disturbes me more
... that sidebar - ew
@JohnDvorak there you have an english tabloid
@JohnDvorak which?
3:26 PM
@Shadow10YearsWizard this sidebar I guess
wdym which?
@JohnDvorak what sidebar? What site?
the one you linked
Oh lol. I didn't notice. Just found a decent (?) article and linked to it.
Sidebar usually list recent articles, no? And 99% ads.
@Shadow10YearsWizard Let's just combine everything, except pickles:
3:28 PM
I considered just oneboxing chocolate body wrap image, but it's on the verge of NSFW so thought better of it. @Ollie's blue monkey doesn't need chocolate. ;)
@Rob missing Shadow. :(
Behind his hand.
@Luuklag for the right price.... yeah. Cheaper to find online though. :P
@Shadow10YearsWizard Running since 15:30:06 UTC (19 seconds)
3:30 PM
sdc location
!!/why did you reboot?
@Shadow10YearsWizard No such command 'why'.
how do you tell a male hand from a female hand @Rob?
3:32 PM
@JohnDvorak nails
It's complicated, and I have to do something in a minute. --- Shortest version, I prefer females with hands not like that.
@JohnDvorak Try this to tide you over:
Ryan Donovan on December 03, 2020
The biggest roadblocks to finishing your hobby project aren’t coding-related. They’re mental.
@Rob I don't know about that one, but most lush products are pretty great :)
3:47 PM
That was tasty!
Planned to eat only half, but couldn't resist. :(
@user400654 long time no toilets, thanks.
Thanks, candy bar.
@Shadow10YearsWizard I had two of the apples. I have only the iPad left.
I would recommend getting home for dinner before starting on that one :)
I'm already home. And dinner doesn't prep itself here ... ;)
It doesn't here either! At least... that's what mom keeps telling me.
4:01 PM
You can at least stare hopeful at your mom when you're getting hungry. I can at best stare at my neighbors ... or my empty kitchen ....
go to the shop. Bring extra bags since you're shopping hungry :P
@rene what songs?
@Tinkeringbell LOL
@M.A.R. isn't the only one eyeing the neighbors:
4 hours ago, by Tinkeringbell
@M.A.R. I thought man sandwich would just be called cannibalism.
@rene or phone? (delivery, duh. ;))
I can't remember the last time I ordered food.
4:11 PM
@rene so order today? :D
@Rob I can neither confirm nor deny eyeing neighbors.
4:53 PM
Product testing has its perks. We got paid £10 to test these.
@Snow Oooh, nice!
I know a guy too :P
That pile was free for whoever wanted some :)
Is that you daily allowance?
hourly ;)
Leave some for me ...
I think the year before that, the pile was even bigger. Sadly, I no longer play the game and as such haven't been to the alliance barbecues anymore ;)
5:05 PM
Sorely tempted....
5:18 PM
Depends though... winter is coming, and they don't say if the 40 pounds are per hour or per month! :P
3 hours later…
7:57 PM
@Tinkeringbell it's probably... Down payment
That's one way to time your jokes ;)
lol :D
I just got woken up 🤣
Dog need walking again? Or are you being sent grocery shopping? :P
It's 3 am so the former
:) Give him my regards ;)
8:04 PM
I got work later so going back to sleep once he is done
Fingers crossed he hurries ;)
8:49 PM
@Snow Career goals.
1 hour later…
9:58 PM
Why do flags on Stack Overflow have capitalization, but on Meta, AskUbuntu, etc. they don't?
10:15 PM
@JohnDvorak Then maybe the CSS could be fdangled with then, if it's the problem.
10:32 PM
... if it's a problem ... fixed
10:43 PM
huh... think that's the second time today i've seen that one
10:55 PM
@user400654 really?
I certainly haven't as I don't have it in my history.
i didn't click into it, so i have no history to look at
may have just been similar
11:11 PM
@Snow Easier said than done, funny that it's posted at ugly duckling eyelevel.
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