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3:49 AM
Does the OP of a question get pinged / in-boxed for comments in a chat created on their answer? If not can someone please make a chat on this question?
Q: How does a requirement to wear a mask infringe civil liberty?

gatorbackI come from a scientific background, so wearing a mask is second nature in a laboratory & clinical settings: I am biased because I do not want to infect patients or inhale pathogens. That being said, I am trying to understand the viewpoint as to exactly what liberty and how the requirement to we...

Apparently they do not "appreciate input".
They're correct about all the half-answers in the comments, though.
"Add relevant but minor or transient information to a post (e.g. a link to a related question)."
@Mazura Howdy. Here's a list of what triggers an inbox notification.
That's if they join it. I don't mean pinged. I'm mean a red inbox arrow which is what I assume they're tired of.
They get to tell everyone off that "relevant but minor or transient information" doesn't belong here, go away?
I mean, I know where they're coming from (I think) that's why I haven't asked a question 6y
You get on the HNQ... there's going to be some back and forth. As there should.
But IANAL so I guess I'll also take my ball and go home.
4:07 AM
Q: Please don't write answers in comments

MithicalI've been noticing a trend lately of people writing answers in the comment section. What does this mean? When you write an attempt to solve the OPs question - whether it's a fully fleshed out idea or not - and dump it in the comment box. This is not good. Answers in comments are detrimental to ...

4:19 AM
"if there are 30 other people who think it's a terrible idea but can't express it through voting" ... then five of them forgot to flag it. I am "intimidated", and the purpose of any comments I'd make there would be to help me "think things through fully". Which is basically the only reason I post anything except for laughs. And this isn't funny. And I think it 'does matter'. And the worse thing you can do is post an answer that's not thought through.
It's the same reason I asked if it wouldn't bug the OP or not. Having a comment silently deleted is a lot more fun than 6 DVs and calls for deletion. Or posting an answer that starts a comment thread that leads somewhere that I don't want to be a part of. By-design, so be it. I said what I wanted to say, I just had to bug someone else's answer.
In a chat room that no one will ever read anyway....
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7:12 AM
@ArtOfCode YouTube star
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9:04 AM
@Mazura I believe they do and converting comments to chat needs a mod on that site
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12:15 PM
20 messages moved to Chimney
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3:54 PM
@Mazura You can start a discussion or make a feature request, to change the way flagging works or what purpose comments should be used for; if you have any objections to something in that Q&A. Similarly, everyone (with sufficient rep) is allowed to flag comments (or Q&As); one of the choices is: "It's no longer needed. - This comment is outdated, conversational or not relevant to this post." - on some sites the moderators will quickly purge the comments, on a few sites they tend to allow them.
@Spevacus nice answer on that down vote confirmation question.
4:19 PM
@rene Thank you :) That's an awesome query you made. I love the sharp spike on Meta SE not too long ago, hahaha
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5:50 PM
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6:52 PM
didn't twitter use to onebox?
It's been broken for so long, I can't remember how long.
7:14 PM
a looong time ago
Long long time ago
In a galaxy far away
7:37 PM
far far away
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8:49 PM
@bjb568 @Tinkeringbell It was intentionally broken as a result of the May 2019 security compromise.

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