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1:00 PM
@terdon right, but is that really any different then hereditary wealth?
It's not hard-codified into a law, but it's just as pervasive and powerful, if not more. Why is one different from the other? In neither case the heir has worked for what they got.
Yes. Again, hereditary wealth doesn't give you an automatic seat in the senate with political power over the country.
To be fair, they did make a huge improvement in 1999, and now there are only two people who are born to their senator seat.
I'd say it gives you a lot more
> In 1999, the House of Lords Act abolished the automatic right of hereditary peers to sit in the House of Lords. Out of about 750 hereditary peers, only 92 may sit in the House of Lords. The Act provides that 90 of those 92 seats are to be elected by other
members of the House: 15 by vote of the whole house (including life peers), 42 by the Conservative hereditary peers, two by the Labour hereditary peers, three by the Liberal Democrat hereditary peers, and 28 by the crossbench hereditary peers.
@Magisch That is a completely different point. Sure wealth gives you power, yes. And don't forget that these folks are also usually rich, anyway. But the main difference is that we have political positions that are inherited.
the whole institution of the house of lords is outwardly silly to me tbh
Even U$25K of wealth buys something, probably earns something too.
1:02 PM
Okay, yeah... that's a different kind of royalty than just the royals here, that smile for the camera every once in a while, and are mostly ceremonial relationship makers...
It isn't a question of "power" in general but of holding a political office by dint of being born into a specific family.
@Tinkeringbell I've always thought of the netherland royals as a tourist attraction mainly
@Tinkeringbell Do they not have any political power? I realize they will usually be clever enough not to try and actually use it, but in the UK, the government serves at the pleasure of the Queen, in paper. And she can dissolve parliament at will.
which is also why I think it's appalling. It's like being in a human zoo. A comfortable one, sure, but a Zoo nonetheless.
I have no idea what would happen if she ever actually tried it, but it's the principle of the thing that bothers me.
1:04 PM
Didn't they a couple months ago?
I'd assume she wouldn't be queen much longer after that
> Although the monarch has roles and duties in all parts of the government and in several important places in the rest of society, the primary role of the monarch is within the executive branch of the Dutch government: the monarch is part of the government of the Netherlands.

The role of the monarch within the government of the Netherlands is described in Article 42 of the constitution:[Cons 15]

Article 42
1. The government consists of the King and the ministers.
2. The King is inviolable; the ministers are responsible.
That's for the Netherlands. From en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
You can't vote the Queen out, but it would be like a hand swatting Pope - unpopular.
@terdon Hmm, the king here has a largely representative task (host other hotemetoten, for example ;) ). Then they have the task of assigning the person that's to assemble a new parliament after an election. They also sign laws, but just to say 'this is a properly made law', no power to agree/disagree...
Yes, I know. Even so, the symbolism really bothers me. shrug.
1:08 PM
@Rob That was fairly well-received from what I heard...
I should hope so. That woman almost yanked the old fellow off his feet!
And he's said that that arm pains him at times even before it got yanked. If you yank on an old man's arm... yeah you kinda deserve a slap on the wrist.
And seriously, we're talking about the Pope here. If slapping someone's wrist is the worst you can say about him, he's already better than most.
@Mithical So well received that he handed out an apology.
@terdon Not quite the same, but in 1975, the Governor-General of Australia, who is the appointed representative of the Queen, dismissed the Prime Minister and appointed the leader of the opposition as the head of a caretaker government. See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1975_Australian_constitutional_crisis
1:14 PM
@Rob Yeah well... he is supposed to be the better/bigger person after all, that's why you become a pope ;)
The audience shouldn't be grabbing anyone in that situation, him or others.
Oh, I agree.
But it's a nice pope-y thing to apologize for a moment of losing your temper, even if it probably was entirely justified.
Smite her with his ferula.
@PM2Ring Nice, thanks. Presumably, however, there have been changes since then. For example, at that time in the UK most, or at least very many, of the members of the House of Lords were still hereditary peers born to their seats.
I have personal beef with the catholic church
1:17 PM
I'm assuming Australia has also modernized a bit since then.
@Magisch Oh, I'm not supposed to like it either... But I still want to visit the Vatican some day ;)
@Tinkeringbell Oh, really?
@terdon Sorta kinda?
And here I was thinking it was just a question of politics...
Did you see 'The Two Popes' on Netflix?
1:20 PM
I'm not gonna get started on the catholic church because whenever I do I curse like a sailor
Time for notepad again? :P
ill just curse in code comments
@terdon A bit. The events of 1975 certainly mobilized anti-Monarchist sentiments here.
Yeah, we don't want that kind of cursing.
@Tinkeringbell yes, that was really quite good!
1:24 PM
@terdon ever heard of the black rod? :D
Black Rod (officially known as the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod or, if female, the Lady Usher of the Black Rod) is an official in the parliaments of several Commonwealth countries. The position originates in the House of Lords of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, Black Rod is principally responsible for controlling access to and maintaining order within the House of Lords and its precincts, as well as for ceremonial events within those precincts. Since early 2018, the post has been held for the first time by a woman, Sarah Clarke. == Origin == The office was created...
You would approve of this
@terdon Yep! :) I liked it a lot too
1:41 PM
@terdon Then again, you do have to balance a bit with including things like "K'RÛVÏM" or just going with the known terms ;)
@Mithical No need for balance, you just don't ;)
Remember, the quality of fantasy is inversely proportional to the number of apostrophes.
Then again I write my own name with an apostrophe sometimes, so...
@terdon Not true? :P Do fairy tales count as fantasy? :P
Oh, wait... inversely proportional.
Perhaps, then ;)
1:43 PM
I mean, K'RÛVÏM is more accurate than "cherubs" for a direct transliteration! :P
And "cherubs" brings up totally the wrong image. ;)
> Christian icons, the cherub is depicted as having two pairs of wings, and four faces: that of a lion (representative of all wild animals), an ox (domestic animals), a human (humanity), and an eagle (birds).
That's not at all the chubby baby with angel wings I imagined!
> In Western Christian tradition, cherubim have become associated with the putto (derived from classical Cupid/Eros), resulting in depictions of cherubim as small, plump, winged boys.
Always blame the classics ;)
I mean, here are some of my notes:
> S'RAFÏM. Six winged angels. Two cover their faces, two cover their legs, two they use to fly. They cry "holy, holy, holy". Sources: Y'shayahu 6.

K'RÛVÏM. Four-faced beings. Each has the face of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle. They have cow hooves. Each has four wings. Two wings cover their bodies, and two are joined to another K'rûv on either side. Sources: Y'chezkel 1, Y'chezkel 10.

ØFANÏM. Wheels turning inside wheels, covered in eyes. The wheels are green. Sources: Y'chezkel 1, Y'chezkel 10.
@Tinkeringbell putto!?
1:47 PM
Seraph, Cherubim, and never heard of that last one?
Oh the difference one double "t" can make!
@terdon Yep, putto!
@terdon Hahaha
@Mithical Ah, the angel cookies ;)
aye :D
1:49 PM
@terdon Anyway, such a statement reveals a shocking lack of familiarity with Native works ;)
(I just proved you point, of course, but I don't even know what that is!)
Like... indigenous populations.
(Specifically I had Trail of Lightning in mind when I said that.)
Oh, well, sure I am familiar then. I know Greek literature, for instance, you western-centric-prejudiced-fellow-you!
Fair play, fair play.
On a more serious note, that looks good, thanks!
1:54 PM
It was one of the best books I read in 2019.
@terdon I had to read Dutch 'literature' for school... kinda glad that's over!
Why 'literature'? Surely you have a respectable body of great works in Dutch, don't you?
Everyone else does.
They either have too much sex or no storyline at all ;)
I didn't like most of it.
The books I preferred to read either weren't considered literature or weren't written by Dutch writers.
(Or were not of an appropriate reading level for high school... there's some really good kids writers out there!)
Ah, the old "not considered literature" BS, I know it well!
We had a pretty open-minded teacher, who was willing to allow books that weren't on the list... it's just that most Dutch writers didn't write interesting stories ;)
And if you found a writer you liked, you could only pick one of their books anyway at most, as our books had to fall into certain categories...
like, you were supposed to read one poetry bundle, one pre-WWI book, one or two from another time period, and a few 'recent' ones...
Then he walked us through a load of shorter stories in class (I must admit that was fun, as he would read them to us and wouldn't allow us to read ahead... he'd throw stuff at you if you did.)
But yeah... most stuff wasn't considered literature.
2:03 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in body (1): IELTS Exam - Preparation by Gosh Tosunyan on ell.SE
2:16 PM
Creepy eyes o.O
There's also a ninja
a question for the SQL whizzes in here
@Tinkeringbell At least you liked to read books, I didn't read anything back then :) It's only as late when the first Lord of the Rings movie was announced that I vowed to myself to read the books first before seeing the movies. So I started with the Hobbit and quickly realised that reading... was kind of a whole lot of fun IF you read books you want to read rather than those you are instructed to read...
I have a table with say 100 entries. have a second table with 1000. I need a view that, for each of the 100 entries in the first table, produces a result set with the 1000. so I need 100.000 result rows out of that arrangement
how do I accomplish that?
@Gimby Yep! I always loved reading, to the point that 'you're grounded' came with a threat of 'and you have to hand in your library card' because otherwise I didn't mind being grounded at all XD
@Magisch Is it the same 1000 every time?
@Magisch ping @rene he's the guru... ;)
@Tinkeringbell no, it's 2 tables
But yeah sounds like we need more info about relation between tables
In essence I need to multiply tables by each other
they're unrelated
2:22 PM
Maybe simple example
@Magisch But the same 1000 in the second table to return each time?
Say I have one table "fruits" like this
ID Name
1 - an apple
2 - a pear
3 - a banana
and one table "dairy" like this
ID Name
1 - milk
2 - cheese
@ShadowTheBurningWizard What's that? It looks like a Greek Orthodox priest or monk wielding a Katana, and that's a show I really need to watch!
the result set needs to be
fruit-id dairy-id fruitname dairyname
1 1 an apple milk
1 2 an apple cheese
2 1 a pear milk
2 2 a pear cheese
3 1 a banana milk
3 2 a banana cheese
I know this is atrocious view design and a black hole for performance, that's why I've never done it before and don't know how to
Flagged as offensive. Banana cheese indeed!
What's wrong with you? :P
2:25 PM
@Magisch That's called a Cartesian product. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cartesian_product
@terdon pear cheese sounds more horrible to me personally!
Fair enough. Kinda hard to pick, really.
@PM2Ring thank you! I was searching for the term to look for
it's hard to find a solution when you can't quite define the problem
@PM2Ring Hey! I was working towards that :(
2:26 PM
Why is banana milk so acceptable, but pineapple milk so abhorrent?!
I like strawberry milk best.
Pineapple in milk tends to curdle.
Never had pineapple, most banana stuff is too something for my taste...
@djsmiley2kindarkness If you have to ask...
2:29 PM
@ShadowTheBurningWizard Dang!
@Tinkeringbell banana is a problem, it's usually either too soft or too hard. :(
@terdon I know!
@Magisch The funny part is that you probably just rubber ducked your answer though even without knowing how to call the beast, the result table you define is pretty much the sql query you need. select fruit.id, dairy.id, fruit.name, dairy.name order by fruit.id, dairy.id
@ShadowTheBurningWizard Banana's are the only thing I like that may be slightly green ;)
IPS is offline for maintenance...
MSE seems to be working still :)
What's happening!?
The world is finally ending?
@Tinkeringbell maintaining, not ending
2:34 PM
We have a guy mass-vandalizing his posts on SO. Probably made a mod's head explode again
Check @StackStatus for details... I did! There's nothing there!!!
@Tinkeringbell In that case, you probably wouldn't enjoy the Big Banana. ;) (I lived near Coffs Harbour for about 7 years).
@Tinkeringbell only for big outages
Downtimes up to 15 minutes or so are not logged there
MSO post asking "SO is down, what happened?" in 3... 2... 1...
2:35 PM
@Gimby This should technically work with 3 tables too right?
@Tinkeringbell Banana candy is the worst candy flavor. Period. Thoughts?
@PM2Ring Does sound like that might be fun!
@Rubiksmoose Yes and no, depends on the kind of banana it's flavored after.
And the texture.
@Magisch as many as you want, although the more data, the longer it takes to get the resultset :)
2:36 PM
6-8 hours and the results are yours! ;)
@Machavity Pffft. Get the spare heads, soon, please?
I've never had a good one at least. Banana laffy taffy, banana runts...
I left out a from part in the query I now realise ;)
@Rubiksmoose Did you ever have the Haribo banana candy?
2:37 PM
@Tinkeringbell I haven't!
@bjb568 I'm spying a minion in disguise? :P
@Gimby yeah so if I have a table with 89 rows, one with 1871 and one with 204 the result should be 89 x 1871 x 204 = 33.969.876‬ rows of result for a full product
I'm not sure I've even seen it....
Those are slightly tolerable... they're not the worst candy I've ever tasted, at least ;)
Lets find out how long that takes. If need be I can write it into a table and throw 300GB into the aether.
2:38 PM
banana flavored fruitella's are bad though.
@Tinkeringbell It's ok. My niece enjoyed their ice-skating rink. Sadly, cheap bananas from China had a major impact on the Coffs Harbour banana industry. Many of the former plantations have now converted to growing blueberries.
do they grow in the same climates?
and I didn't even know they grew bananas in china
also fun fact
@PM2Ring Ah, that's bad, though blueberries are also good ;)
@Magisch I think so, although I don't usually go about creating cartesian products on purpose so I'm a little hesitant to say the math is correct ;) Databases tend to surprise me.
@PM2Ring Wait, they grow bananas in China now? TIL
2:41 PM
Most banana flavouring is based off the gros michel, not the cavendish
@Gimby me neither but I need a purely database layer sql solution for a business logic problem and doing it right isn't in the cards atm
so I'll have to work with buffer tables, SPs and carthesian products, it seems
Happy happy, joy joy.
it's only broken code and data, and I'm still getting paid
@JourneymanGeek Wikipedia says "The world's largest producers of bananas in 2017 were India and China, which together accounted for approximately 38% of total production".
@Magisch I'm going to make a guess that doing it right would involve setting up a process which periodically syncs data to a different database which holds the flat data structure. For reporting or analysis purposes, perhaps?
2:44 PM
@Gimby Your country reeks of trees?
@Gimby bingo
specifically, has to be fully operational for the audit next week
@PM2Ring I wouldn't be too surprised if india ate most of theirs :D
@Machavity Hm, is that a Ren & Stimpy reference? It's unfamiliar to me.
(and I mean that a little literally. Fruit, stems and inflorences...)
@Tinkeringbell It's sad to lose that historical connection. OTOH, banana growers used a lot of heavy duty pesticides & fungicides, at least until the later decades of the 20th century. So blueberries are probably friendlier to the environment. Also, blueberry picking is an ok seasonal job for travelers, whereas working on a banana plantation is fairly physically demanding. :)
2:53 PM
@PM2Ring Really? Why is picking blueberries easier? In my ignorance, I would have assumed the opposite since blueberries are bushes and closer to the ground (so picking them involves a lot of bending over) and they're tiny and fragile, so presumably must be picked one by one, whereas bananas can be collected in bunches and are hardier so I guess you can use tools.
@PM2Ring I'm surprised the two grow in the same environment
@terdon banana fruits are in huge clusters
they're heavy :D
True. And you need to get up the tree. But still, no bending over and can be done in batches seems easier to me. But I have 0 experience in picking fruit other than olives, so I don't claim to actually know.
@terdon What JG said. Banana bunches are heavy.
2:56 PM
@terdon I spend some time one spring day picking tulip flowers (So the bulb grows bigger)... horrible job.
@PM2Ring Yeah, OK. I can see how that would make things harder.
@JourneymanGeek Blueberries don't like too much heat. But they like the relatively mild winters in Coffs Harbour. Fruit bats love blueberries, so the blueberry crops are protected by vast nets, which looks a bit surreal.
bananas love the heat :D
@terdon "he hanging cluster is known as a bunch, comprising 3–20 tiers, or commercially as a "banana stem", and can weigh 30–50 kilograms (66–110 lb)"
they get big
3:00 PM
@rene I loved that game
@Machavity nice :) Oh there is so much Ren & Stimpy I have not seen yet, I think the episodes were severely filtered when they ran on Cartoon Network back in the day...
@PM2Ring Hah, they're a summer/autumn crop over here XD
Sure, blueberry picking is tedious, but you get that with any fruit-picking job. I don't know how much bending is required for blueberries, but it's not as bad as strawberries.
@JourneymanGeek bloody hell!
@Gimby You should check out the new Mickey Mouse cartoons. Same animation style. Not quite as gross, but still amusing in many of the same ways
3:04 PM
I was not even aware there were new Mickey Mouse cartoons. Bad me, I've been too distracted with Anime stuff.
@Tinkeringbell In Coffs, people complain about it being cold if the daytime temperature gets below 15°C. I think the coldest temperature I measured up there was one cold winter night when it got just under 10°.
@PM2Ring o.O that's never even enough for the thick blanket to come out!
Cassidy Williams on January 13, 2020

When I graduated college and started my first full-time job in NYC, I was all in. It’s a pretty common occurrence, especially in smaller companies: a junior dev thrown into the deep end, they flounder a bit, they learn a lot, and they use their youthful energy to code and work all over the place.

In my case, not only was I doing that, but I also worked on the developer evangelism side of things, which meant I was also going to hackathons and conferences constantly in addition to my 9-to-5 software engineering role. I loved it. I felt like I was growing at a super fast rate, and I was saying yes …

I'd hate that place.
3:09 PM
Time to sell my soul to the devil and get a Disney+ subscription it seems :)
@Gimby I have one ;) It's okay-ish, but there isn't enough content to keep me entertained for months yet, I guess...
Especially the natgeo content is a bit disappointing.
@Tinkeringbell I suspect for many the baby yoda show mandalorian would be a big draw :D
I mostly get stuff from ... <redacted>
@JourneymanGeek The baby yoda show was fun, yes. More fun than the star wars movies I tried watching but found... disappointing.
I'm watching x-men now. Never saw all of those.
@Tinkeringbell I found the lack of movie plot to be... disturbing
@Machavity For the baby yoda show, or the movies themselves?
Because yeah... the stories seem kinda drawn out too long for the movies
3:14 PM
The movies. Mandalorian was moderately entertaining. I was bummed at the season finale tho.
Yeah, same here... I was a bit like huh, this is it? Where's the next one?
And not in a 'can't wait for the next one' way...
Well, they offed one of the best characters
hey hey hey, la la la
have not seen yet
best is subjective anyways :P
I liked the robot best :D
Well, that's no more a spoiler than Baby Yoda is
3:16 PM
Baby Yoda? Did I miss something?! :P
That show wasn't a day old and Ravelry was already full of (crappy) crochet patterns :P
I rather liked the (spoiler free) Babylon Bee review of ROS
> Disney vendors walking up and down the aisles shouting, "Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda, Get your Baby Yodas here!" distracted a bit from the action onscreen.
Hahaha XD
Though I guess if I had to have a baby, caring for a Baby Yoda sounds more attractive than having a human critter!
So how expensive were they? :P
I loved ROS myself but I'll defend your rights to dislike it to the death. Well... not to the death. I'll likely say something like "Oy, everyone can have their own opinion" and then step out of the way.
@Gimby Aww, how sweet! That gives us room to destroy that movie to the ground ;)
Yeah go ahead, I'll just be over there having fun while watching movies :p
3:20 PM
Don't you have work to do!?
Just as long as you don't feed Baby Yoda after midnight
@Machavity Heh, yeah... he does look a bit like a naked mogwai ;)
@ShadowTheBurningWizard @terdon What's better than one sword?, two, and the student has a homemade weapon. ⚔️
Oh hey, it was supposed to paste the link, not the whole thing...
oh well. Look, CUTE! :D
Gizmo has become a unit
3:24 PM
@Rob but God isn't with him
@Gimby It's the fur! Everyone knows that fur adds 10 pounds ;)
Both succeeded in the end.
@Tinkeringbell can't, it will always onebox unless you [link](https://i.stack.imgur.com/nVcjI.jpg) or add more text... :)
@ShadowTheBurningWizard I mean, I did do 'copy address' then paste it in the text box without pressing 'send' which should allow me to edit the link and add that text!
3:26 PM
@Tinkeringbell I just read the koala is now an endangered specie in Australia... so sad. :(
@ShadowTheBurningWizard (search 'cat absolute unit' on either Reddit or Youtube, you will get extremely fat cats).
@ShadowTheBurningWizard Wasn't it already?
I'm getting hits from 2012 if looking that up..
@Tinkeringbell it was one level before that, now with millions dead and 30% of their territory lost, it's much worse.
As in immediate danger, or something like that.
That's probably true for a list of animals in the next decade :(
@Gimby had my share of fat cats.... but thanks anyway! :D
@Gimby very true, yeah
Cats won't be on that list
3:31 PM
No quite the contrary, more people will want more pets.
@Rob that kind of monk doesn't count! You expect them to be ninjas!
donate.wwf.org.au/adopt/koala/one-off-koala-adoption is about the same as buying a banana-taped-to-the-wall artwork...
But cheaper :P
@JNat hello, as the only pingable CM here, any chance you can use your CM-fu skills to mark this answer as accepted so it's on top? I won't be getting any rep as it's CW already. Thanks! :)
@ShadowTheBurningWizard Flags still work too, btw ;)
3:41 PM
Flag will just sit in queue, waiting for a CM...
(mod can't accept answers... or can they?!)
Sure, on our own questions!
so, I can uninstall this SE iOS app?
@ShadowTheBurningWizard We're pretty good at poking CMs about the flags we can't handle, though :)
3:42 PM
It's truly, utterly, and officially, dead.
As long as notifications still work, I'm keeping my SE app (android though)
I'm thinking of starting a discussion telling it's dead, then close all the open bug reports and feature requests as duplicate of it, since the answer to all is the same. Thoughts?
sounds like you'd be putting more work into that than they did into their apps
Nah, either all those should get a status-declined tag, or just keep them in case there might be future development?
As long as there was hope I was against such idea, but now that it's final.... it will save lots of time to the devs.
@Tinkeringbell that's the thing, no future development.
> Description: An exception occurred while processing your request. Additionally, another exception occurred while executing the custom error page for the first exception. The request has been terminated.
3:45 PM
Yep, seems MSE is down now...
and chat is doing the double message thing.
IPS seems to be crashing again too
I really wonder what kind of GDPR thing causes this! :P
isn't it always in some state of crash?
Not a single dev to ping here
3:46 PM
Except @g3rv4 but doubt he can do much?
@ShadowTheBurningWizard I can confirm we're aware
@g3rv4 oh, thanks! :)
You deserve...
!!/coffee g3r
@ShadowTheBurningWizard brews a cup of Macchiato for @g3r
... Irish macchiato?
3:47 PM
So, db issue? Infrastructure?
@canon doubt it
@ShadowTheBurningWizard Thanos.
Hey! You almost made me disappear :(
It worked!!!1!!!11!
MSE up due to my snap.
@ShadowTheBurningWizard Duh, you just removed half of all traffic!
3:48 PM
@Tink anyway, wanted to post link to this before the Crash:
A: Q&A blank in Stack Exchange Android app v1.0.95 - S10e/Android 10

Yaakov EllisWe are not providing any further support for the mobile apps. There will not be any more builds made for either the Android or the iOS app (even for breaking bugs). We encourage all mobile users to use the responsive website. We hope to continue to incrementally improve the user experience for mo...

This is final. :(
Oh well, if all bugs can really get a status declined... that's a nice task for a boring weekend ;)
(in response to your "or just keep them in case there might be future development")
I don't think closing them all against a duplicate is the way to go though... Perhaps that's a meta MSE question :P
@ShadowTheBurningWizard I'm shocked, I tell you. Shocked
3:51 PM
It'll just save the need to reject them all, closing is something ordinary users can do.
@Machavity yeah we saw it coming for looooong time
The only useful thing about the app, IMO, is getting notifications. I never use it for anything else. But as a way of getting a push notification on my phone when someone leaves me a message it's really useful.
That SO-only app was like a new baby when the couple is already in divorce process: hopeless attempt to save something that both know can't be saved.
So they spend lots of time and efforts, just to say "But hey, we tried our best". :/
@ShadowTheBurningWizard fun locks, long-running tasks exceeding the time on the locks
which caused another machine to grab the task
and when the initial one finished... it released the lock
@g3rv4 locks in db level?
even if machine 2 was doing it
so then... machine 3 jumped on it
nope, app level
3:54 PM
Oh, C# locks? Ouch, Those hurt.
@ShadowTheBurningWizard Oh yeah. That was such a weird thing to do.
"non-yielding scheduler" according to Nick
Hope that Nick will post something, love the way he write stuff about bugs. :D
yup, one of the nicest perks is being able to jump on the call and just listen
3:57 PM
I seem to recall something about them using a home-brew scheduler
maybe I'm thinking of something else
maybe I'm thinking of their monitoring tool, Bosun
@canon no, just beer
@terdon this might still work:
Q: StackX - Android application for Stack Exchange (Free) (UI and optimization upgrade)

PrasannaUpdate: 4/15/2013: Screenshots updated according to latest layout An android application that will allow the user to browse through all of stack exchange websites using API v2.1. Browse any of the Stack Exchange websites with ability to write comment. (NO write for answer or question). Log...

we also have a home made scheduler
locking is hard -just ask Linus
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer (93): How to export product Advance pricing in magento 2 by Alonso on magento.SE

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