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12:23 AM
@Rob to an extent though - the point of the noise is to drown out anyone who disagrees, which is... sometimes kinda annoying
12:42 AM
5 hours later…
5:36 AM
@Sonic, but you voted "Leave Open". Use the contact link, let them know your thoughts on the matter; if you're not going to write a meta question. — Rob 26 secs ago
@Rob The best I can do is cast a reopen vote. Except in exceptional cases, most mods and employees don't really like contacting them over one of these things.
I'm no different.
@Rob @SonictheAnonymousHedgehog uhm
I read the comments and
there's more than one mod here :D
6:15 AM
More seriously - eh. I see a certain value in that post as it is
2 days ago, by Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog
@ShadowTheBurningWizard I try to respect consensus when there appears to be one, even if it's against what I prefer; I saw the unanimous "Leave Closed" review and thought of upholding that.
In this case, the author self-closed their own question.
Yup, that too. Based off closevotes and comments
But most of the useful information is in comments 🙄
6:40 AM
Also the point of reviews is to make your own decision :D
7:19 AM
Q: Blog posts look like Meta Stack Exchange posts; mistakenly display "Meta Stack Exchange" in the icon tooltip

StormblessedOn Music, I saw this little bar on the right: This is weird. I don't read things closely and thus didn't see "Blog", so I clicked on it thinking "hmm, is this some very unusual announcement?" based on it having the blue-and-white Meta logo. I found this: That's no Meta!! This is a leftover...

I am seriously amused by this
7:31 AM
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8:57 AM
@Rob no dog in the pic
3 hours later…
12:21 PM
@ShadowTheBurningWizard He has a stick, and three balls, yet little interest from the dog.
@Rob three balls? You mean one extra, like @M.A.R. kidney? :D
I don't see any stick
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@JourneymanGeek He's playing with his tiny stick.
12:56 PM
Can we keep it civil please!
This discussion is bullocks!
@Sha my kidneys are off-limits
No, that's bullocks
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ox there's an absolutely glorious image at the bottom of the article I got that from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ox
also TIL indian and eurasian cattle species are different
@Rob at least it's not glowing
@JourneymanGeek Those who are inside the coach, or those who are dragging?
@πάνταῥεῖ or the ones asking dumb questions :D
1:09 PM
that looks like badly rendered shortbread
Blame @M.A.R.
@M.A.R. only what's inside them
@JourneymanGeek this one?
@ShadowTheBurningWizard ... maybe
1:13 PM
I actually meant the one the the guy riding a ox like a horse
> Riding an ox in Hova, Sweden
Just posted on SO. Downvotes in 3...2...1... Sigh. I've done my best to construct a good question but I'll get drummed because of what I don't know.
@ColeValleyGirl Ask better questions and be sure they're on-topic?
And no, I'm not going to stick my head above the SO Meta parapet.
@πάνταῥεῖ Thanks, but they're always on topic, and I spend hours (literally) crafting them. I got to 500+ reputation somehow...
@ColeValleyGirl MSO or SO proper?
1:18 PM
Learn to bear DVs and to improve questions.
@JourneymanGeek SO proper. Where not knowing the answer to your own question is a sin.
If you knew the answer, why would you ask?
@ColeValleyGirl I never expected to get 1000 on SO. Then I started to answer simple questions. Cheating, I know, but... it was fun for a while.
@ShadowTheBurningWizard answers are the dirty little secret of Q&A :D
Everyone is focused on questions. Yet they're actually here for answers :D
@JourneymanGeek hehe... cheating is the "easy" part. It felt wrong to get 100+ rep for one line of code.
1:20 PM
@ShadowTheBurningWizard lol
Happened to me with aibobot
was a stupid one liner I wrote just before I left work
@Cole each line starting with ">" is on purpose? I don't know Lua
@πάνταῥεῖ I have 27 questions in SO and none of them have a negative score.
Or is it markdown error?
@ShadowTheBurningWizard Markdown error. U'll go and try to fix...I
@ColeValleyGirl Yay! Great.
1:22 PM
@ColeValleyGirl can give a hand wand if you want. :)
@ColeValleyGirl so... why are you expecting a DV?
@JourneymanGeek Stack Overflow
@ShadowTheBurningWizard That would be great.
it's like bugs are always expected in Windows
@ShadowTheBurningWizard Precisely this. I spent two hours crafting the quations that I could have spent writing (wrong) code.
1:23 PM
@ColeValleyGirl You've seen this, no?
Tried my best
@Cole is like me: assuming the worst, then glad if the worst isn't happening.
Must admit, recent-ish events on SE were worse than even I ever expected.
What's thy pronoun?
@ShadowTheBurningWizard Thx; and yes, I'm always trepidacious when I post on SO. However much I know, and however much I'm willing to expose what I don't know.... I still expect to get stamped on.
@ShadowTheBurningWizard They were
@πάνταῥεῖ They, although it isn't relevant in this context.
1:27 PM
@ColeValleyGirl I hear ya
@ShadowTheBurningWizard I don't know if entirely unexpected counts as 'worse than expected' ...
@Tinkeringbell same...
Or maybe worse?
@Tinkeringbell if you expected it.... :D
it would be exactly as bad as expected
@ColeValleyGirl At least for SO, for some specific taggs the Q&A available are quite saturated.
I always expect something bad, so when something really bad happens, it hurts less than a sudden blow.
1:28 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ that's a tricker problem
@JourneymanGeek Well, 'worse than expected' kinda implies that you're expecting something 'bad' ...
Or getting ice cream can be worse than expected if you were expecting chocolate... even though neither is bad...
@Tinkeringbell what if its earwax ice cream?
Depends on what you were expecting ;)
1:30 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ Yeah. Lua isn't as popular as some, but I'm not expecting miracles. I have a bad solution I can implement but it offends my programming heart.
@JourneymanGeek yummy
Also.. gross... how do you think of that?
We're boys
We think of stupid things
also, Harry Potter :D
1:30 PM
That wasn't ice cream ;)
Anyhow... I didn't know what I was expecting so it can't really be 'worse than expected' ;)
My son asked me few times already how pee tastes like. I hope it means he didn't taste it himself yet, I'm afraid to ask. :P
@ColeValleyGirl did you ever get helpful answers on SO, that solved what you were trying to solve?
Context: I started programming in 1977 when memory cost three arms and two legs and you had to overwrite old code that had already been executed to advance towards the goal. I continued my career in real-time programming (Coral) and 8086 assembler.
@ColeValleyGirl Well, yes. Lua is a niche. Though for popular programing languages like java, c++, javascript, etc. the repository is quite saturated as mentioned.
@ColeValleyGirl Wow, you're an 'ole chum. I started in the early 80ies IIRC.
@ShadowTheBurningWizard Yes, or I wouldn't keep trying. I did have one epic answer fail which amuses me to this day: apparently I was an idiot even though I solved my own problem -- which has 8 votes and still climbs slowly; the comments are a classic of I'm an expert man so trust me.
@ColeValleyGirl I like the "cat servant" statement from your profile very much :D
1:36 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ So do my cats!
@ShadowTheBurningWizard Probably best if he tastes it and doesn't ask you again!
@ColeValleyGirl May I ask what's your year of birth?
@πάνταῥεῖ Some of my real-time code was only retired in the last 5 years (I worked on some ground-breaking stuff in the electricity industry in the UK). I even got a ropyal award for it.
Rick and Morty - Summer's Ice Cream
@πάνταῥεῖ 1958 -- no secret. Not sure how long I'll keep going, as I have heart failure, but I refuse to give in and lie on the sofa all day -- I like it here (even when it's frankly rubbish).
@ColeValleyGirl I was born 1964, thus a little bit later hit that stuff. And it's still weird and interesting ;-)
1:44 PM
feeling young
Grasshoppers :-P
@ColeValleyGirl so you were 3 on that pony... nice. ;)
@ShadowTheBurningWizard Yep. Or maybe 2 and a half.
Happy Old Times?
@ColeValleyGirl my dad died of heart attack at age of 47, so yeah.... it's pretty scary. But meds these days are much better.
I'd be lying if I said I remembered it :)
1:46 PM
My first memory is from way after 3 too, yeah.
You have kids, @Cole? If I may ask?
@ShadowTheBurningWizard My dad died at 41 and my mother and sister at 61/62... I'm pretty fatalistic -- will do my best to stay alive as long as I can -- and enjoy it.
@ShadowTheBurningWizard No. I have 4 siblings who have 7 children between them (and 9 grandchildren) -- I think that' enough!
@ColeValleyGirl enough for them, no doubt.... ;)
@ColeValleyGirl he might do just that, yeah.... :P
@ColeValleyGirl You're younger than my dad :D
(had a quad bypass.... )
@JourneymanGeek Encouraging -- thanks,
My grandfather lived until 99 with a pacemaker he got when he was 83
and he died of some silly virus, not heart.
2:03 PM
@ShadowTheBurningWizard That's my plan. I have the pacemaker to sort the electrical stuff -- just need to sort out the plumbing/mechanical stuff.
@ColeValleyGirl good luck with that! :)
falling asleep again
2:22 PM
Is there a limit on the number of numbered markdown links? I'm working on a long post and things just don't link anymore starting at [blah][30]. I couldn't quickly find something about this when I searched.
Is it just the preview?
Quite possibly. I guess I'll cross my fingers and post
I think I saw that before once... if you actually post, all links may show...
You can always post and quickly delete if it does keep being messed up, you can still edit it and get rid of the numbered links...
2:33 PM
@Tinkeringbell deletions are rate limited, and many self deletes raise auto mod flag
(as in it's usually sign of bad behavior)
Just doing it once, editing stuff and undeleting it doesn't hurt.
and 2/3rd of the mods are aware of it, assuming its on meta :D
A: Knowing Your Limits: What is the maximum length of a question title, post, image and links used?

Adam LearThe maximum length of a post, question or answer, on Stack Overflow is 30,000 characters. This includes markdown and any other formatting. The limit on the question title is 150 characters. I don't believe there are any upper limits on the number of links and images. I challenge you to make a po...

@MarkS. Link Limit under 10 is 2 and no images. Link Conversion Limit is 5. It's different on SO.
2:37 PM
> I don't believe there are any upper limits on the number of links and images
3:13 PM
@Tinkeringbell unfortunately, while reloading the page seemed to do a bit better (from an older draft?), posting didn't fix the issue. I wonder if there is something in my proposed post that breaks the links. I'll probably try inline links to see if that solves it.
@MarkS. It must be possible... the FAQ index has a load of links and they all look fine to me.
meta.stackexchange.com/questions/7931/… < it does have a way of writing those links down that I haven't seen before...
3:59 PM
@Tinkeringbell FAQ links must be different, so people can cut/paste without breakage. If mark followed those links all would be revealed ...
4:15 PM
This is the problem, explained here. You need to fix some posts.
Fix with hammer and scissors?
Cut here, bang there... all done.
He got hit, I did not. I earned the badge, without all the fixin's.
It's only Bronze, not worth fixing (in their case) for the sake of the badge; worth it for other reasons though.
@ShadowTheBurningWizard No such command 'badge'.
4:21 PM
No soup for you!
@ShadowTheBurningWizard Is that smilie supposed to be this:
1 hour later…
5:35 PM
How do you set up a chat feed for new questions in a particular tag on that site?
I'm not that great with chat feeds...
The URL part is where I'm getting lost.
Hmm. What are you trying to set up?
If I understand that answer correctly, you just search for the tags on the site you want... then get the link from the bottom of the page...
For this room I want a feed of new questions on Mi Yodeya tagged
That should be the link you need then...
5:41 PM
@Tinkeringbell I figured it out! I was on math.SE which uses dollar signs for equations. All URLs worked until the first URL that contained a dollar sign (which didn't link properly) and all later URLs didn't link at all. Changing the dollar signs to %24 fixed my issue.
@Tinkeringbell Thanks! Let's see if that works...
@MarkS. That was a nasty one! Glad to hear it's fixed :)
5:57 PM
Hello folks.
Is that just me, or has overall activity on MSE significantly dropped the last 5, 10 days?
It's back to normal levels, yes.
It almost feels like "nobody around anymore" since new year.
Or at least seems to be.
new years resolution: spend less time on MSE
@GhostCatsalutesMonicaC. Who is nobody?
5:59 PM
Well: just significantly less people than say 4 weeks ago.
Meh, there were a lot of people that only came here because of the drama, now that an agreement is reached, it's likely we'll see a lot less of them.
Not too surprising.
Drama queens :-P
Not necessary...
'the drama' being what happened, not necessarily the way people dealt with it. I should probably have been clearer about that.

Often, it's just to keep an eye on current events, unfinished business, and wanting to be heard....
I am not sure it is worth the effort ...
And honestly, I find that term "drama queen" to be almost offensive in this context.
6:12 PM
\o/ Almost more drama? Let's move on then. I want to finish some crocheting before I run out of weekend.
6:41 PM
@Tinkeringbell Not sure what exactly prevents you from crocheting.
Babysitting chat.
Though technically I could just put the room in timeout/freeze it too...
Btw if I say to move on, don't 'move on' by using stars...
@Tinkeringbell Can I star that?
Rather not ;)
Let's keep the stars for important things like horrible puns ;)
Someone's gotta post horrible puns then...
6:49 PM
What do you call a twitter thread written by a really thick person? A yarn ;)
You like bad puns on twitter?
Guess you will love the endless possibilities here: https://twitter.com/rfreebern/status/1214560971185778693
Good night everybody
Back to crocheting indeed.
To be honest these squares are driving me crazy... Each tiny ball should be enough for 1 square... but I regularly have to redo stuff just because given the same tension, some balls leave me with meters to spare while others run out halfway through the last round :/
looking into it
6:58 PM
I looked at the MSE posts with my 10k+ rep and I believe it's the same troll for all of them (including that one itself).
Deserves an account nuke?
Yeah, probably..
I've asked for a second pair of eyes first... Want to know if I should suspend + delete or just delete ;)
Almost cries out for such.
It'll be sorted, I promise :)
@Tinker Sorry to interrupt you from crotcheting ;-)
7:07 PM
No worries, and learn to spell it right :P
@Tinkeringbell You could destroy it with one of the reasons that levies a 14-day suspension
That said, since the trolling occurs time after time apart, and the user has themselves claimed that they use different email addresses and hop IP addresses and computers, perhaps it's worth blacklisting that email domain (a non-unprecedented action).
7:27 PM
@Rob I didn't even know there was a link conversion limit. Is there a reason for that one? (The link limit for low-rep users makes sense as an anti-spam/abuse measure of sorts.)
@Tinkeringbell Seems mostly normal to me? It just strips out the included user ID from the end of each URL that would be included if you clicked the "share" link on the linked post. (I've actually seen a few users do this manually when including links to other posts on RPG.SE in their comments or posts...)
@V2Blast I'm used to using []() when linking something ;)
I've gotten too used to the keyboard shortcuts
I used to type them manually back when I first joined
but besides the convenience of the hotkeys, the automatic formatting just looks so much cleaner and is easier to update the URLs later
I'm horrible at using shortcuts
Somehow I remember them for a few days, then forget them again.
8:28 PM
would "crotcheting" be correct if someone was crocheting something for the / looking like a crotch? 😂
8:43 PM
@V2Blast Probably prevents huge copy/pastes from pinging the server to make a huge number of conversions simultaneously; I guess they thought 5 is enough, but it's not, I'd rather have them slower than not at all.
@Rob Ah, interesting. And yeah, I'd also prefer it just take time to process/post rather than preventing subsequent links from converting at all. ...That said, I read from one of the Q&As linked from the earlier post you linked that the preview still shows all the URLs as converted to question titles, even if there are more than 5 - it just doesn't convert them in the final post.
@ThiefMaster No, it means this.
Q: Either fix edit preview display to render bare links to more than five sites just like the post renderer, or convert all links

CatijaThis is probably easier to show than tell... On the recent question Is asking for user stories off-topic on meta sites?, I see the following: As you can see, the first five links render properly, but after that, they stop converting. Unfortunately, this isn't obvious to the person writing t...

@ThiefMaster Do I have a link for you!. (Slightly NSFW, I guess. But it comes with a good story :) )
8:49 PM
hahaha nice
(and considering that i have a glittery dickbutt on the desk in my office, i'd probably have opened it there as well)
@V2Blast Sometimes it doesn't. I use the preview conversion to copy/hard-paste the text in, and copy/cut / select/link to fixup; and when the conversion stalls it's annoying (I resort to the muggery because I'm on mobile - and tricks to reduce keystrokes or tab swaps are handy).
9:01 PM
@ThiefMaster Your workplace sounds like fun is still allowed, good :)
@ThiefMaster After we (at the office) gifted the owner a Moonie everything was SFW - or at least the secretary and salesperson thought so, until the boss walked in on them - that left me (the manager) to explain this. Geez!
9:17 PM
Silence of: Everyone is trying to order that toy ...
3 hours later…
11:48 PM
@Tinkeringbell the story behind it sounds... insensitive ☹️

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